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  1. Come on, man! Who exactly has done such comparing? http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-pol-trump-rally-anatomy-20181010-story.html
  2. John A

    Free Bird?

    If Dark Star Orchestra were to play Free Bird then the Make-A-Wish Foundation would have to be involved. Right?
  3. John A

    Mercury Ballroom 10/03/18

    Hey, in fairness to that fool in the bathroom maybe he was at the '85 Kaiser show where The Dead played Big Boy Pete. Can't help him with Golden Road, Doin' That Rag, or Alligator though.
  4. John A

    Milwaukee (9/28)

    Ah...a new wrinkle? The "based loosely off' show?
  5. John A

    1st Ave Minneapolis, Minnesota

    To "lose" a Franklin's following Stranger? As if Franklin's is the divine right of all concert goers after Stranger? Or that there's anything whatsoever wrong with Stranger -> Candyman? Come on, man. That's the kind of ridiculous statement that invalidates your entire thesis.
  6. John A


    Maybe it's not fair to call Fall Tour '76 under the radar, but maybe it's kinda/sorta under the radar? In any event, that last week of Sept/first week of October is some stunning stuff.
  7. I opened up the He's Gone->Truckin' from '73 Vancouver on the big stereo last night. Holy shit. How these recordings can sound so open, nuanced and powerful is ridiculous. That jam after Truckin', complete with epic Phil solo, is about as deep into the Grateful Dead's core as you can travel. The sleeper element may be Weir, who sounds off the charts good.
  8. John A


    Fall '91 was solid, then Bill Graham's passing seemed to take another helping of air out of the sails. The October '91 Oakland run was some of the last truly excellent Dead I saw.
  9. I took this photo from the booklet. Hope it's readable. Minutes from a band meeting in January '74. Just awesome on many levels. If you need more money, then just tell us honestly. The Advance Man! Bear on salary, no review. $27,500 for the Seastones "computer". And more... Oh, and the music is unsurprisingly incredible with stunning sound to match.
  10. John A


    Stereo equipment. Gotta set your priorities.
  11. John A


    So I see we have here a $28,000 steal your face pool table. Forgive my ignorance, but what's a good pool table cost these days minus the Stealie? Here is one answer:
  12. John A

    Bob Weir and Wolf Bros Tour

    That is curious. Santa Barbara straight to Portland.
  13. John A

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    Right - Richfield. Better than 8-1-94....check it out!
  14. John A

    Hampton Beach #1

    Without looking it up I'm, going to say no. Wouldn't surprised if they did Gimme Some Lovin -> ballad -> Gold Lovin though That 1st set is cool in that it could almost be a non-elective. I'd even believe the Foolish -> Box closer, but not in combination with the Midnight Hour opener, which might not have happened post Saratoga '85 which of course was a few years before Foolish showed up.
  15. John A

    Deadbase 50 discount

    I was involved in the beta testing for an app called DEADSHOWZ which is essentially an online and searchable version of Deadbase. For example, you could search a song and it would return all the times that song appeared. You could also call up the audio for whatever show you'd pulled up via archive.org. It was pretty slick, and seemed close to releasable. But, the beta expired and the app hasn't been released. Not sure what the issue is. But should this come to fruition I'll post a link.