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  1. Rob Eaton

    I saw Bobby play lead. On 2-26-94 at Oakland Coliseum, Jerry broke a string toward the end of Standing On The Moon. Parish repaired it, during the final jam, as Bobby was taking the solo. Novelty aside, and bless his heart, trust me - you don't want Bobby to play lead. Certainly not with Garcia on stage.
  2. 08/10/17 Pittsburgh, PA

    The story I read somewhere was that the Dead wanted to unveil the entire Terrapin Suite at this show. But Mickey thwarted it, because he was still recovering from his auto accident earlier that summer and the drumming for the entire suite was too demanding. And of course the rest is history, as The Dead never did play the entire suite. Good on DSO for righting this historical atrocity!
  3. 22 Years Ago

    Holy shit I listened last night to that Wharf Rat. The 3-4 minute "intro" if you could call it that embodies everything musically sad and painful about the final stage of Jerry's decline. In a way, it should be required listening every August 9th. Followed by a moment of silence. Followed by either 12-11-94 Days Between (greatest version) or 7-9-95 So Many Roads (absolute mind bender) or preferably both. Now there's a cathartic half hour for you.
  4. 22 Years Ago

    I had a trip to Six Flags Great America scheduled with my pregnant girlfriend (now wife), two women she did childcare for, and a few of their young children. The news came through just after we woke up. We went ahead to Great American because what else could one do, but man what a weird day to go to an amusement park.
  5. Bluegrass Boy

    This McNally quote is gold: “With that first tape, you’re hearing him mostly strum. And what’s striking about that tape, among other things, is the way people glued onto this 18-year-old kid. He had a presence as a performer that was way beyond his skills as a player from day one. There’s just something about his personality, and that’s why he had an audience spellbound at 18.” https://www.relix.com/articles/detail/bluegrass_boy_inside_the_new_box_set_exploring_jerry_garcias_early_acoustic_era
  6. 08/01/17 Utica, NY

    I agree 100% about Days. A haunting and incredible song, even if, I sheepishly admit, I was too dumb to understand that out the gate. Some thing are best appreciated through the lens of time. And BTW, Hunter also wrote Long Way Home. To complete the trifecta!
  7. 08/01/17 Utica, NY

    To say that's not Hunter's greatest moment is the understatement of the day. Keep in mind, however, that Hunter also penned Wave To The Wind. Talk about a nasty one-two punch!
  8. 08/01/17 Utica, NY

    What's up with the second set starting mid way through the first set?
  9. 7th Annual Greatful Dead Meet Up

    Dead.net is releasing the two Summer '89 RFK shows as a package. At over $70 delivered, I need this like another hole in my head (there are great audience tapes of both shows), but they had me right where they wanted me at "from 24 track masters". CD package ordered.
  10. 07-29-17 HAMPTON BEACH, NH

    According to the Dead, the "official" title to that Brent song is Never Trust A Woman. That's how they list it on releases and online. But it perhaps more often shows up in set lists as Good Time Blues. Including DeadBase, where they shorten it to Good Times. And supposedly Brent called it Good Time Blues also. Another mini-mystery from The Grateful Dead.
  11. Dave's Picks Vol. 23

    Taping every 1990 JGB Warfield show would be quite the accomplishment. Security was on the warpath for awhile there, especially in the Spring and Summer runs. Finally by about 1992 Chuck Vasseur had the place dialed. He had a connection that got him in with the handicapped, so he was able to secure the center drink rail spot on a nightly basis. And he stuffed his Neumann tube mics under his armpits, thus making detectable virtually impossible. Of course that didn't exactly help the sound out, but his recordings are more than respectable.
  12. Dave's Picks Vol. 23

    Crew, I believe your story is accurate except there was also a Beta deck copying the reels via a PCM encoder, thus making Betty digital masters. A friend lent his newly purchased PCM/Beta rig to the cause. There were 65 shows or so as I recall, so this guy suddenly had a windfall of reference digital masters and was therefore instantly very popular among even the most guarded tape traders. Perhaps in conjunction with this the DBX Nak copies were being made, as of course there were few folks in the PCM world in the mid 80s. The problem with those original Beta transfers is that the reels were not being played back with the Dolby A decoders that had been used to encode them. Thus the new transfers, while still sounding fantastic, didn't have any meat to the bass. Enter folks like Rob Eaton at a later date, and the digital clones were redone using the proper Dolby A and/or DBX decoding equipment. And now we have the final frontier. The Betty masters, restored as never before via the Plagent process, being remastered on modern digital hardware.
  13. Dave's Picks Vol. 23

    Given the releases tend to sell out in less than a day, I wonder why they can't (or won't) bump the numbers by a few thousand. Go from 16,500 to an even 20k. Do any not sell out reasonably fast?
  14. Dave's Picks Vol. 23

    Lemieux drops a big one: 1/22/78 Eugene. The "Close Encounters" show http://www.dead.net/store/special-edition-shops/almanac/daves-picks-volume-23?cmpid=dn/2017July24/DavidLemieuxsVo-main-image-1&eml=2017July24/4057206/6131962&etsubid=136384719
  15. Now Listening...

    PoetryGirl is on fire! Not only is that '67 Midnight Hour an all-timer, but I cued up 5-14-78 Samson. Somebody (everybody?) may have done a little extra cocaine between sets. The intro drummer section is double speed for Christ's sake. Not to mention the final jam. Whoa.