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  1. Check out the sample images. Good stuff! https://eyesoftheworldbook.com/
  2. Cool alternate lyrics

    So Many Roads: At the 10/1/94 Boston show (which made the 30 Trips Box Set) Jerry replaces "ease my soul" with "heal my soul". Did he do this on other versions in this period?
  3. Dead & Co. - Fall Tour 2017

    Before we put the MSG Lay Me Down to rest...Barry, I hear and respect everything you say about opinions, subjective impressions, etc. And I'm even open to the line of thought that Jerry's flourishes generally this night weren't to your taste. But the concept that any hardcore, discerning Dead Head doesn't have their brain blown open by the single line "I want you to lay me down" seems shocking. If you'll indulge me (DesertDead as well), please take a listen to the vocal flourishes at the end of He's Gone from 9-16-87. If that doesn't rock your boat I submit you just aren't fans of Jerry deviating from the script with his vocals. (The script, of course, mandating the upmost emotion possible when lyrics call for them.) As a solid general rule, anytime Jerry embellishes with a "well", an "ooh", or a "lord" at the start of a line I'm down with it big time. All that said, I've decided that no Lay Me Down with Vince can possibly be anointed King (or would Lay Me Down more appropriately be Queen?). A Brent version is likely the candidate for that. The great thing about the '88 Hampton, mentioned up thread, is that besides being a 5 year bust out it came in a wave of unusual pairing and transitions. Thin Man bust out > Cumberland > Uncle > Lay Me Down > Let It Grow. Damn. When I joined the tour in the Meadowlands people were buzzing about those Hampton shows. Also Barry, I love the discussion about tape trading back in the day. As a taper, I resembled most of what you say, although I drew the line short of sneaking in with the handicapped! If you couldn't trust an "A" rating on a tape list, than that wasn't anybody you wanted to trade with. Sure enough those lists were out there! And if you think cassette costs added up, a 120 min DAT tape at the format's onset was $10 if you had a wholesale connection. That's $20 a show!
  4. Dead & Co. - Fall Tour 2017

    No kidding. First I've heard that conclusion of 9-18-90 TLMD discussed in the pejorative. To this set of ears it's an unscripted slice of paradise.
  5. Good Jerry links

    It's tea right here on Taper Ron's forums, and ya'll know 'bout those little girls....
  6. Dead & Co. - Fall Tour 2017

    I gave that a fresh listen last night. Without a doubt, it's in the conversation. Just beautiful. The problem is competing with Garcia's mindboggling outburst at the end of the 9-18-90 version. If you were to stop me on the street and say "I want you to laaaaay me down" I'd go right to 9-18 and instantly have goosebumps. But once you let those 30 or so seconds of 9-18 slip from your consciousness (IF that is indeed possible), Lake Placid is left with an enormous trump card - Brent. Contrasting Brent's gorgeous colorations with the dreadful noises coming out of Vince's keyboards at MSG '90 levels the playing field in a hurry. BTW, if anyone hasn't heard Tom Darian's B&K 4011 recordings of the MSG '90 run that needs to be rectified ASAP. There are only a small subset of audience tapes that render boards useless and these are some of them. Anybody else have another favorite Lay Me Down?
  7. RIP Tiff Garcia

    That obit get Jerry birth year wrong (they cite 1941), but it has an awesome shot of Jerry and Tiff when Jerry is about a year old. https://twitter.com/jerrygarcia/status/907356588947771392/photo/1
  8. Dead & Co. - Fall Tour 2017

    Interesting hypothesis I'd not heard that. Were it true, than that farewell statement was a hundred times more powerful than anything Jerry could have overtly said on stage! It's tough to find many post-coma Garcia moments any bigger than that version of Lay Me Down... The only thing that WAS said on stage was a brief acknowledgment by Jerry to the tune of "Vince Welnick is on keyboards" after Bird Song during the 9/7 Cleveland show.
  9. Dead & Co. - Fall Tour 2017

    Barry - recall that Keith was very much alive when he left the band (not always so alive while sitting at the keys sadly). He didn't pass until summer 1980, well after Brent was already nicely integrated. It did seem like a "show must go on" scenario after Brent's death. The business of being The Dead had long since enveloped everyone. I think the only shows that were cancelled were the Shoreline run. (For which I'd waited overnight on Telegraph Ave in front of Tower Records to score orchestra section seats.) After all, there was a Europe Tour already booked. I think part of the reason they hired Vince was that Jerry just couldn't deal with the process and made a knee jerk decision.
  10. RIP Tiff Garcia

    Tiff was at the 70th birthday gig for Jerry that Weir did at his TRI studios. I spoke to him briefly. Really nice guy. I think Mojo is right. While he and Jerry may not have been particularly close, there was never any overt falling out, just living a different lives. I want to say Tiff was employed in some capacities overt the years by the Dead in their San Rafael offices.
  11. One of the strangest versions ever, as the Playin' Reprise launches into Playin'. If one times Playin' from the opening notes post Reprise, it clocks in at barely 3 minutes. Shortest ever? Then onto a somewhat rough Day Tripper to close the set. Please opine as to whether (A) because Bobby screws up the end of the Reprise, never singing the "wave upon the sand" line, he gets further confused and decides to launch into the full song, or (B) they planned to do this from the get go. I don't think there's any year in the Dead's career that was more up and down than '85. It's a rare era where the terms "clumsy" and "scintillating" are so intertwined! https://archive.org/details/gd85-03-31.oade.connor.8244.sbeok.shnf/gd85-03-31d2t09.shn
  12. Rob Eaton

    I saw Bobby play lead. On 2-26-94 at Oakland Coliseum, Jerry broke a string toward the end of Standing On The Moon. Parish repaired it, during the final jam, as Bobby was taking the solo. Novelty aside, and bless his heart, trust me - you don't want Bobby to play lead. Certainly not with Garcia on stage.
  13. 08/10/17 Pittsburgh, PA

    The story I read somewhere was that the Dead wanted to unveil the entire Terrapin Suite at this show. But Mickey thwarted it, because he was still recovering from his auto accident earlier that summer and the drumming for the entire suite was too demanding. And of course the rest is history, as The Dead never did play the entire suite. Good on DSO for righting this historical atrocity!
  14. 22 Years Ago

    Holy shit I listened last night to that Wharf Rat. The 3-4 minute "intro" if you could call it that embodies everything musically sad and painful about the final stage of Jerry's decline. In a way, it should be required listening every August 9th. Followed by a moment of silence. Followed by either 12-11-94 Days Between (greatest version) or 7-9-95 So Many Roads (absolute mind bender) or preferably both. Now there's a cathartic half hour for you.
  15. 22 Years Ago

    I had a trip to Six Flags Great America scheduled with my pregnant girlfriend (now wife), two women she did childcare for, and a few of their young children. The news came through just after we woke up. We went ahead to Great American because what else could one do, but man what a weird day to go to an amusement park.