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  1. TIGDH

    I had a session with the Schoeps 12-12-90 tonight. Dark Star>Terrapin, lights out concert level. Complete immersion. Really intense stuff. When Jerry drops into Dark Star from Iko it's game on.
  2. TIGDH

    Don't listen to the Sennheiser shotguns of 12-12-90! An FOB Schoeps spaced omni recording has been seeded to eTree recently. Phenomenal sound.
  3. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    Phil will sing and plenty I see his shows no more
  4. Dead & Co Boston Review

    Weir's tragic mistake is no blue fin. And Mickey's as well. Are these guys in cahoots?
  5. Dead & Co Boston Review

    How ironic is it that Mayer joins forces with these 70 something guys and derails the tour with a health emergency? Crazy!
  6. 12/2/17 - The Anthem, DC

    Help Slip Franklin's Estimated Dark Star is ho-hum?
  7. JRAD....???

    I like my music to have a setlist. A box score, I'm not so sure. Box scores can make such little sense. Take for example a runner on second and less than 2 outs. Guy comes to bat, bunts him over, and you have a sacrifice. But let's say guy comes to bat, jacks one to the warning track, and the runner on second tags up and goes to third. Same end result, in far more impressive fashion, and you have an 0-1. Stupid box score.
  8. Red Rocks 2018!!

    Wow, 1st The Warfield and now Red Rocks. So hard work and dedication pay off after all. Very impressive.
  9. Dead & Co Boston Review

    This write up has so many great lines I don't know where to start. My favorite though might be the description of Morning Dew: "Weir sang it so good, I wondered why they ever had Garcia in the first place." http://gratefuldean.com/the-official-no-butthurt-boston-review/
  10. 11/17 - New Haven

    Ha! Perhaps my post coupled with the newly unveiled Day Tripper? Although something tells me DSO mustered a little more than 3 minutes of the Playin' post reprise.
  11. JRAD....???

    Wow that sounds repulsive. Since I'm fully OCD I'm with you 100%. I would never have seen them but armed with that info I can't second guess my disinterest. Hopefully things don''t completely dissolve into the dreaded medley??
  12. DSO video compilation 1999-2005

    Wow - that's a serious compilation. Skipping about through the 1st half hour or so, a few random things of note: *a Bobby guy with a seriously long beard and hair to match. Who is that? *an impossibly youthful looking Rob Eaton. *Vince Welnick! *Lisa in a half shirt!!
  13. Epic essay! http://deadessays.blogspot.com/2017/03/bird-song-guest-post.html
  14. Get your early bird pricing now! First 2018 release will be 11/6/77. http://www.dead.net/store/music/new-releases/daves-picks-2018-subscription?cmpid=dn/2017October24/DontYouLetThisD-main-image-2&eml=2017October24/4155647/6131962&etsubid=136384719
  15. Dave’s Picks - Vol 24

    This release is solid gold. (Note however the oddly short 2nd set. Although they sure as hell made good use of the time.) DSO did an earlier show from this 4 night August '72 BCT run at the UC Berkeley Theater a couple years back. Also solid gold.