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  1. Believe It Or Not fans should head straight to Rochester, 6-30-88. Do not pass go. Mesmerizing. Indeed, what did Jerry have against this song such that it didn't stick?
  2. Interesting. The original Tiger was played publicly for the first time since 7-9-95 Box of Rain in 2016 by Warren Haynes. In none other than Red Rocks.
  3. That Bird Song looks like it came out of nowhere in the second set. And set 2, for that matter, seems fat even without it.
  4. I recommend becoming familiar with 12-6-89, the CA Earthquake Benefit at the Oakland Coliseum, the jam coming out of Terrapin. Check out the DSBD, which is actually an Ultra-Matrix but isn't labeled as so. This is a great example of Garcia playing with his new sonic toy. Any other nominations for Dead MIDI action?
  5. For my money 6-18-74 contained the greatest encore the Dead ever played. Not only was it Morning Dew, but it was an all-time version at that.
  6. John A

    Westbrook, ME

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's a rare filler that encompasses stuff that should have been in the original show. That New Speedway belonged before drums, and the proper Playin' Reprise belonged after space. So, creative filler! Ragging on the somewhat truncated 2nd set aside, that Reuben is perhaps the best of the 3 Dead versions.
  7. Honky Tonk Woman! The good ol' NRPS. Bust out?
  8. Good sound, if wanting for some low bass, in San Rafael. I will distill my review into 2 words: Bobby's shoes. Those who attended the screening will understand.
  9. John A

    Utica, NY > 7.30.19

    Eaton wasn't making lists for the Dead in '78.
  10. John A

    Hampton Beach 7/27/19

    Correct. There were many other times they started and finished it later in the set/show, but just 5 times when they split it with just one song in the middle.
  11. John A

    Hampton Beach 7/27/19

    Today in Grateful Dead trivia: the Dead split Sugar Mags/SSDD only 5 times, 3 of which were summer '76.
  12. That's almost true for 6+ years with the Dead. Didn't go to So Cal Jerry shows because there was so much to see at Orphuem, Warfield, etc. I did skip an LA Dead show summer '91. It was a single night at the LA Coliseum. That feels forgivable, even in hindsight. But the real ballers, they hit entire years and/or had streaks of 100+ consecutive shows. Now that's Deadication.
  13. Well, the nasty underbelly of the Bay Area, after housing prices, is traffic. Otherwise Petaluma is 20 min. I did see many an Oakland Coliseum show with a 15 min commute. Best commute though was JGB Halloween at the Kaiser '88. I was briefly living in neighboring Piedmont, and I walked home! And I lived about 1 1/2 miles as the crow flies from Barton Hall for all 3 Dead shows there - that I didn't see. Good excuse in '77 because I was 11. But at 15 in '81 the excuses get pretty flimsy.
  14. All this Oregon talk as "west coast" but where's the love for the Bay Area? That's where The Dead are from for goodness sake. DSO needs to recreate the Muir Beach Acid Test. On Muir Beach. Given it's a 15 minute drive, I'm in.
  15. There are a couple vicious rumors going around.... (a) this is a really awesome spot for music and camping, and (b) the Dark Star dug particularly deep into the re-imagined consciousness realm.
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