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  1. I count 11 shows that opened with Music -> Sugaree, the last one being Shoreline '94 which was a Music Sugaree Music sandwich. Most of these were in '76 and '77.
  2. So often these releases (GarciaLive, Dave's Pick's, etc) just provide a slight sonic upgrade to a circulating master board. This, on the other hand, is from a 16 track Betty recording of a date that is completely uncirculated. Now that's the kind of shit I can get behind!
  3. What's the Grateful Dead's relationship to Season of the Witch? Is it legal for DSO to play that, and if not how are fines levied?
  4. Perhaps, but that's completely off-set by having to listen to Phil sing them.
  5. Tea, Due to your disrespectful "sizzling garbage" remark, in relation to a Grateful Dead song of all things, you need to make amends by ranking these songs in order of preference. The penance being that it will make you contemplate the material. Rate 'em 1 thru 4. Samba Shoe Fits Childhood's End Wave To The Wind
  6. A rare release I will sit out. Although at least they got the Days Between right. 12-11-94 Oakland is without question the definitive version. This makes me want to revisit the '92 Star Lake So Many Roads. I wonder what happened to Shoe Fits, Childhood's End, and Wave to the Wind?
  7. Maybe it's because there wasn't much of an instrumental section, but both this and Push Comes To Shove were far from revered by my crew upon their introductions. But boy has Black Muddy River stood the test of time. And it's just one of those cosmic things that Jerry chose to revive it in what would prove to be his last tour. A minor, technical correction to the piece above - Push was the first new song from Garcia after his coma, debuting one set prior to Muddy River. Muddy River moved around the second set a bit, trying to find its position both pre-drums and in the ballad slot, before it settled perfectly as an encore. Thanks for sharing that essay.
  8. John A

    Red Rocks 9/8/19

    Man, this Vegas character has got some serious street cred!
  9. It would be easy to sleep on this release given the era involved, but that would be a big mistake. The sound here is absolutely glorious, and the playing quite solid. Although I don't think the '91 shows sound any better than the others, these were the only live Dead shows to be mastered in 48 tracks. Nice little footnote. I cued up the Black Peter from '91 upon Hunter's passing and was thoroughly haunted by it. There's a little jam at the end, led by Phil, before they go into Throwing Stones, that was one of those true Dead moments where it seemed they were giving it some extra effort because Black Peter had suddenly become somewhat autobiographical and The Boys were playing for Robert. Funny how The Dead can hit you like that again, and again, and again....
  10. Here's an obituary on Hunter well worth reading: https://variety.com/2019/music/news/robert-hunter-appreciation-grateful-dead-lyricist-1203348513/
  11. If the extra Hunter verses were added that would be the cherry to a serious looking Hunter-fest. Thanks for the report. The Jerry Garcia recording on "Cats Under The Stars" includes only the following verse: The river so white, the mountain so red and with the sunshine over my head The honky-tonks are all closed and hushed It looks like Palm Sunday again It looks like Palm Sunday again It looks like Palm Sunday again Hunter subsequently wrote the following two additional verses: The sky is so green, clouds of canary Blood moon rise like a fat ripe cherry Sunset quiet as a benediction One true love, the rest is fiction If I stay longer, trouble will find me An epitaph and a sheet to wind me A passable day for the least of men it must be Palm Sunday again
  12. This is a good time to point folks to a Robert Hunter recording I made with my late friend Rob Darroch at the Warfield Theatre in 1990. Raise a glass to the great poet as you cue up Mountains of the Moon, which was a duet with Tom Constanten who had opened the show. I submit that it's a thoroughly haunting rendition. My other go to here is Reuben & Cherise, where Hunter does a falsetto voice for the Cherise lines. The stunning quality of the recording (if I may say so) really gives the Mountains extra oomph. https://archive.org/details/roberthunternovember261990warfieldtheatersanfranciscocasetiii
  13. Phil penned a poignant tribute. Good on you, Phil.
  14. Wow is right. Just....wow. Hard hitting indeed.
  15. Believe It Or Not fans should head straight to Rochester, 6-30-88. Do not pass go. Mesmerizing. Indeed, what did Jerry have against this song such that it didn't stick?
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