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  1. John A


    While '93 was generally tough, December '93 is exceedingly so. But to your question, it was the ambience. The Grateful Dead were on stage. Anything seemed possible. (And as of Dec '93 I generally believed that, although that belief would erode rapidly.)
  2. John A

    Channel separation

    When Jerry is coming out of one channel only, it makes that loudspeaker sound like it's his guitar stack. And that's a good thing.
  3. John A

    Channel separation

    6-18-74 recorded by Kidd Candelario.
  4. John A

    Channel separation

    Well, in '74 the Wall of Sound did the separating of the musician by its very nature. The recording would presumably be a separate reel to reel feed, be it Betty, or in this era perhaps Kidd or someone else. There was a discreet mix to the recording through the late 70s. As for Louisville, yes, what a marvel. And a Morning Dew encore!!
  5. I vividly recall being turned away at the gates at Laguna Seca in '88 because David Lindley, one of the opening acts, forbid taping. And I'm thinking, "who does this jackass think he is stopping folks from recording a Dead show?" I hadn't graduated to the clandestine tape at all costs mode of operation yet, so I simply walked back to the car and put my gear away. Then I realized during the Dead show folks were openly taping with impunity, although there was of course no official taping section. I'm surprised Hot Tuna is down on taping. It's not like there aren't hundreds of Tuna recordings out there to be had.
  6. John A

    The Anthem

    Not pathetic at all. For a taper at a Dead show, one of the treats was listening to the evening's work in the hotel room during after show partying.
  7. John A

    The Anthem

    Based on the lineage in the link to the recordings, it looks like you used the Nak shotgun capsules (CP-4). These are designed to cancel sound other than what the mics are pointed directly toward, so any talkers should indeed be minimized. But note that these capsules were not designed to capture full frequency ambient space. They're typically used to record dialog in situations were a mic can't be placed directly in front of an actor.
  8. John A

    Norfolk 11/30

    Ratdog played Masters of War, usually acoustically, on a fairly regular basis from about 2005-2008. As for Broken Arrow, I thought Phil's '93 versions were quite nice.
  9. John A

    Richmond #2

    Words that should not be spoken, written, nor read. Ouch.
  10. John A


    Hmmm...I've got Bob Wagner's FOB Nak 700 recording of this show. I'll have to revisit the Wise capture. The Beyer M160s are ribbon mics. Dead recording with them tend to be somewhat hit or miss, but when they hit they can indeed be fantastic.
  11. John A

    Touch Heads

    I think that pretty much boils it down. Remember, although the '86 New Year's run was at Kaiser, the '85 run was at Oakland Coliseum. As were the '86 comeback shows. There was already no turning back before In The Dark was released.
  12. John A

    Long island 1

    Plus I think that was the first west coast Box after the breakout. What a huge 1-2 punch to open with. And at about the best venue The Boys still played at that stage. Random curiosity: I wonder if Red Rooster appeared that late in a 1st set again.
  13. John A

    Penns Peak

    Never heard Jerry play the opening bars of St Stephen, but have been privy to a few ribcage raps. Here's what I need for enlightenment: what are the world's top 3 rock bands ever?
  14. John A


    Last show chronologically that's not available to listen to is Tulsa 2-6-79. Going backwards from there, other than 1 or 2 in each from '72 through '74, you need to go back to '71 to find any appreciable gaps. But to the point, yeah, what a jackass that Facebook tool is.
  15. John A

    Portland 11/15/18

    Isn't that the "reprise before the main verses of the song" Playin'? Those '85 set lists can be quite fun.