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  1. John A

    Bob Weir and Wolf Bros Tour

    That is curious. Santa Barbara straight to Portland.
  2. John A

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    Right - Richfield. Better than 8-1-94....check it out!
  3. John A

    Hampton Beach #1

    Without looking it up I'm, going to say no. Wouldn't surprised if they did Gimme Some Lovin -> ballad -> Gold Lovin though That 1st set is cool in that it could almost be a non-elective. I'd even believe the Foolish -> Box closer, but not in combination with the Midnight Hour opener, which might not have happened post Saratoga '85 which of course was a few years before Foolish showed up.
  4. John A

    Deadbase 50 discount

    I was involved in the beta testing for an app called DEADSHOWZ which is essentially an online and searchable version of Deadbase. For example, you could search a song and it would return all the times that song appeared. You could also call up the audio for whatever show you'd pulled up via archive.org. It was pretty slick, and seemed close to releasable. But, the beta expired and the app hasn't been released. Not sure what the issue is. But should this come to fruition I'll post a link.
  5. John A

    Now Listening...

    That Shoreline show was a fun one. Did Jerry ever leave stage during the second set?
  6. John A

    Deadbase 50 discount

    It's quite unfortunate that John Scott fell off the grid. While the other partners were able to have the final Deadbase reprinted (apparently Scott was reachable to the point of signing off on that), no updates were possible. Who knows if the software used to create it even runs on any modern machine. So while the hundreds of upgrades to the database are there, there was no way to incorporate them into the main base, making the whole thing incredibly cumbersome. But to rude's point, I think I'd take the chance at the book blowing away if the trade off meant losing all those Ratdog and Phil & Friends lists. 😬 Nonetheless, at 50% off the price is right.
  7. John A


    The Ultra-Matrix tapes of those '89 Alpines are really good. Great bass.
  8. John A

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    Wow I had no idea there was a video of 8-1-94. Someone really needs to sync up a soundboard with that (a DSBD of set 2 does circulate). One of the two great latter era Stella Blues, along with 3-21-94 Richmond, which to me is the crowning jewel of Jerry's last year with us.
  9. John A

    Red Rocks 7-8-18

    That would be an awkward recreation for DSO because they'd have to just mill around backstage looking concerned and then leave. Not great for their professional reputation of consistently going above and beyond. (Side trivia: The Dead had a show at the Fillmore the night of Altamont. Not only did they smartly bail from the speedway prior to playing, but they voted, while back in San Francisco, that they would not play their scheduled show either. That's how shaken they were by the experience of Altamont.)
  10. John A

    Atlantic City

    Jeez did everyone spend summers in Ocean City growing up? (I did.). When I went back years later at 19, it was only then that I realized why there were so many liquor stores on the traffic circle before the bridge to get to Ocean City. As for food in Atlantic City, 3 words: White House Subs.
  11. John A

    Just a theory

    Piling on the the tempo-is-Weir chorus, there is sentiment attributed to him in the new Joel Selvin book about why he likes to play slower. I forget the exact quotes, but essentially he wants the songs to have time to better seep into the listener's consciousness, which he feels is better accomplished by slowing things down. As a tangent to this discussion, Selvin describes the main issues between Bobby and Phil in Furthur is that Bobby wanted to play slower while Phil wanted to sound louder, and these two concepts were constantly butting heads with one another.
  12. PG - And speaking of fashion, it's amazing how instantly you just made me think of, and re-watch, this absolute classic: https://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/girls-trying-on-clothes/n12243
  13. Benjy Eisen often pushes it over the top on his Thoughts On The Dead blog, but if his brand of humor strikes your fancy then the posts can be hilarious. Here is his take on Dead & Company Merchandising. Poor Cousin Jumpy.... https://www.thoughtsonthedead.com/i-got-the-trash-and-you-got-the-cash-so-baby-we-should-get-along-fine/
  14. John A

    Red Rocks 2018

    Filler: Box of Rain; China -> Rider. Rider was incendiary.
  15. John A

    Red Rocks 2018

    Best snippet of the video: a woman in the front row dancing in her wheelchair. Not just shaking her upper body, but bobbing the chair back and forth and on a swivel with her arms. Some beautiful and heartwarming stuff were wrapped up in that quick shot..