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  1. Ron - As for the first paragraph I quoted: well said, succinct, and I couldn't agree more. The fact that it took Florida's Republican governor until today to fully enact sensible measures is yet another body blow in the partisan world of Trump. I mean, why shut down while the President is so optimistic it'll be business as usual by Easter? As for the second paragraph I'm confused about how we got there, acrimonious moments in this tread or otherwise. There's no reason you should bear 100% of the costs around here.
  2. Not sure if I'm reading this correctly. But are you saying that people shouldn't be taking this seriously and that current shelter-in-place ordinances aren't a prudent course of action?
  3. John A

    Anyone Know?

    I got a review for you. Jerry drops a series of mind boggling, you-gotta-be-kidding-me notes that make your jaw drop. Does that do the trick? 😛
  4. Hopefully California put restrictions in place just in time. We shall see. We'll also see whether there's an inherent differences between NYC and CA (be it density, lifestyle, time when restrictions were enacted, or whatever). And then we'll see if the rest of country's reluctance to put further restrictions bites us and how hard. But to take this less than as seriously as possible is mind boggling stupidity. Here's something to consider about Trump that would be almost funny if it wasn't. He proclaims himself a "wartime president", undoubtedly just because that moniker makes him feel important. Well, if he eases up on this thing prematurely he's going down as a wartime leader favoring retreat. More Neville Chamberlain than Winston Churchill, if you will.
  5. A bit of light shone into this new reality when this package landed over the weekend. What a treasure. The best release since the Pacific Northwest '72 through '74 and one of the best of them all. This is simply a shining jewel. It's 2 shows from Boston Music Hall, 2 from the Beacon Theatre, and 1 from Passaic. Jesse Jarnow did a great job with the extensive liner notes. The sound is as clean, crisp, and open as one could fathom. The soundstage is particularly astounding, with Garcia's guitar shimmering from the left channel. Here's a self-isolating listening assignment: cue up Slipknot from 6-14. If you don't have the box than the circulating Betty board will do fine. 10 minutes of utter majesty. My new moniker for '76 Dead is "understated perfection."
  6. Nothin' shakin' on Skakedown Street, used to be the heart of town
  7. John A


    I think the Victim jam then into Standing is the best music The Boys played on Spring Tour '90. And that is no small statement, given all that happened on the tour. Best heard via the 24 track Box Set release.
  8. Oh it's work alright. But to a cat like this the journey is as rewarding as the destination. I like the idea of throwing a retro jukebox in there.
  9. This insanity makes your run of the mill audiophile not even want to try. Rude - of course it still can't mimic the power of a PA system in a mid sized theater, but the detail will stomp on said PA and the listener fatigue is gonna be much gentler. 😉 https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/615 Notice based on the outdoor establishing shot it's in a converted barn in some rural location. Dude probably has more invested in his systems' cabling than in his property. 😲
  10. Agree with Rude's statement but only if we specify "amplified live sound." Home systems can do a frighteningly good job of replicating live acoustic sounds. But as for replicating the power and grandiosity of a large PA at a modest to medium sized theater, no, that's absolutely not possible. With the caveat that said PA sound might be shit, and no one would ever want to replicate it. 😛 Fortunately with a band like DSO, in today's technological age, that's rarely if ever going to be the case.
  11. Yeah that 7-15-88 Sean Weber tape is next level stuff. There's a particular Phil load in the Eaton / Silberman 4-21-84 that is haunting. I want to say it's right before China Doll.
  12. Wow when you put the "trifecta of devotion" like that it's got an impressive ring to it. Ignoring the sharing and playing, has Rob ever made a more seminal Dead tape than with Jeff Silberman in Philly 4-21-84? Beyond this recording in and of itself, the capture seemed to open the door to more spaced omni efforts and even even more large diaphragm microphone efforts.
  13. The experience in Italy is one to heed. Here in San Francisco and the surrounding counties, we're already in shelter in place mode. Only so called "essential businesses" are open. I expect more of the country to follow suit sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, I'm here at work in borderline violation of civil orders. But since I'm the only one here, social distancing in very much in play! Here's a weird one - auto repair shops are still open but I was not expecting an auto showroom to be as well. And my car lease is coming due. But lo and below, I'm apparently able to go to the dealership and drive what I want...just not with a salesman in the car with me. Social distancing, you know. Time to hit the grocery store (they're still open) on the way home. This is a convenient time to know how to cook. Rude - where is all that bourbon I asked you to send me? Need it.
  14. John A


    At least a show in August sounds like it could happen. I'll go rogue and pivot this into a catch all cancellation thread. When the 300 seat Mill Valley Sweetwater suspends events, and the NCAA won't even play a tournament to empty seats, things have gotten surreal. Never seen anything like this. When will DSO's spring tour be called off? That announcement has to be inevitable.
  15. To channel the Dos Equis guy, "I don't listen to '95 Dead often, but when I do it had better be well curated." I just got a new copy of this RKF show, a Schoeps FOB uses capsules in a hat. It's pretty respectable, especially since one should expect no good audio quality out of a board or an audience in '95. This is the final Days Between, and it's pretty damn solid. Jerry misses no more than a syllable here and there throughout all 4 verses. He's definitely under the hood of the song's pathos. There's a few good notes in the instrumental. The most fun a '95 listen I've had in memory! A recording one should seek out.
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