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  1. San Francisco Night #1

    I had an unfortunately mistimed vacation to Santa Fe, so I'm not at the Warfield this weekend. But a report at set break indicated it's an elective, the set closing with Here Comes Sunshine > China > Rider. The jam in HCS was said to be the first set highlight. Of course it's an elective, because those are my favorites. I hope the crowds are good for these Warfield shows. Easily the biggest venue they've booked in the Bay Area.
  2. Dead and co has lost their mind

    The $3,000 blanket says SOLD OUT. WTF? At least they didn't leave any profits on the table. The shirts are extortion, but I vote the $105 red rose hat the greatest karmic violation on that site.
  3. Portland #1

    That's 3 decades of The Dead plus some JGB seasoned in. Very cool. Only thing missing is a So Many Roads or a Days Between for a 4 decade festival.
  4. Westy Coasty Winter Tour

    Make that mid 70s and sunny in the Bay Area.
  5. RIP John Perry Barlow

    I too saw Gentlemen Start You Engines (in Pittsburgh). If we can blame Brent for that then we can absolve blame for Hunter for Wave To The Wind. It was Phil's fault! Here's a glimpse into another side of John Barlow: https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2018/02/john-perry-barlow-internet-pioneer-1947-2018
  6. RIP John Perry Barlow

    RIP indeed. Especially after a string of one illness after the next. Lazy lightning That sleepy fire in your eyes Is that desire in disguise I keep on trying but I I can't get through Lazy lightning I'd like to find the proper potion To try to capture your emotion You're right beside me but I I can't get through You're a loop of lazy lightning Just a loop of lazy lighting Must admit you're kind of frightening But you really get me high So exciting When I hear your velvet thunder You seem so near I start to wonder Would you come closer if I If I asked you to So exciting The way you're messing with my reason It's an obsession but it's pleasing Tell me a lie and I will swear I will swear it's true You're a loop of lazy lightning Liquid loop of lazy lightning Must admit you're kind of frightening You're a loop of lazy lightning Rope of fire round my heart (lightning) Rope of fire ever tightening Rope of fire round my heart (tightening) Come on come on lazy lightning You're a loop of lazy lightning Lazy lightning You say you never start the same place I want a double dose in any case I'd fly a kite if I thought Thought that would do Here's to lightning Well you always electrify me Someday I know you'll satisfy me And all that lightning will be My lightning too
  7. JITS - Night 4

    Has DSO ever played Baby What You Want before?
  8. Night 1 Jamaica

    That was a bizarre tour. California Central Valley in mid January. No other year featured such a thing.
  9. Dead + Co - Spring/Summer 2018

    I feel for people who think enough of Dead & Co that they would want to do the whole tour. Not that there's anything wrong with Dead & Co. I note that the venue In Noblesville, which was once our beloved Deer Creek Music Center, is now called the Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center. Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.
  10. TIGDH

    Wow, Tea, that 1-12-79 is an interesting listen. I was unfamiliar as well with this show. For a '79 show without a soundboard source, this Jim Wise FOB with Sony mics holds its own nicely. And yes, the evening is all about the Dancin' and the NFA, both of which are stunning. Unfortunately during the final GDTRFB jam Bobby is way too loud in the mix, and he kills what would perhaps have been a huge Jerry scrub. The set list here could make one look the other way but that would be a mistake.
  11. Drums Space 2017 >

    Moreover, it was a later day addition facilitated by Mickey becoming the recipient, thanks to Francis Ford Coppola, of the hardware used in making the Apocalypse Now soundtrack. aka The Beast.
  12. China Rider

    This got me thinking - what's the most abusive "I saw run x and missed the next run"? Off the top of my head, a good nomination is Fall '90. If you were at Philly, but missed MSG, well that just plains sucks! I got a taste of said phenomena in the reverse on Spring Tour '88, missing Hampton and joining the tour at Brendan Bryne. Not nearly as wide a gap as Philly vs. MSG Fall '90 however.
  13. China Rider

    Yeah I guess that's funny to throw around "modern times" randomly like that. We could all throw our definitions. For a dark definition, how about once Jerry 's addictions became a problem? For a more basic chronological defintion, maybe post Keith/Donna is more appealing.
  14. China Rider

    Of the modern anomalies, Laguna Seca (the only split of China>Rider where both were played but not directly together) is by far the most interesting. You could really feel the boys working through those transitions. The fact that the only post '76 complete Playin' came next shows the degree to which they were pushing the envelop that day. The China Cat>Cumberland from '85 BCT is a curiosity is that not only is Rider omitted but that may be the shortest 2nd set in modern times. I think without the encore set 2 that night clocks in at just under an hour!
  15. 12/29/2017, Electric Factory

    The China Rider bust-out. Hard to believe The Dead hadn't played it since '74, or that it wouldn't join the rotation again until '79.