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  1. acududeman

    Red Rocks 2019

    I vote for an elective set in the spirit of '69-'70.....;)
  2. acududeman

    Red Rocks 2018

  3. acududeman

    Scott Larned - 11 years today

    still grateful......
  4. acududeman


    I watched the episode yesterday......it has been hard to watch the last few episodes since his death. This one hit me pretty hard...….
  5. acududeman

    Fall Tour

    Great football at Clemson...….Go Gamecocks!
  6. acududeman


    Thanks DD 😎
  7. acududeman


    At fucking last...….now if the Nats can follow suit in October DC will really freak out!
  8. acududeman

    My first dead$co show

    I hear you Brian. Your sentiment is exactly the reason why I decided to stick with the DSO recipe over a decade ago, with the exception of a couple of Furthur shows. My recommendation to all......take what you need, and leave the rest.
  9. acududeman


    3 down.....1 to go.....and the Beltway Curse will be broken
  10. acududeman

    2018 NBA Finals

    Definite punch to the gut....given the outcome of game 1, I now predict a sweep.
  11. acududeman


    Helluva game tonight...…"The Save" by Holtby was epic
  12. acududeman


    Perhaps.....but I'll take the Caps in 7
  13. acududeman


    Really proud of the Caps for getting this far. It would be so awesome if they can break the Beltway Curse.....26 year drought in all pro sports.....uggh
  14. acududeman


    Well I'll be damned......it's about time!