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  1. So, I caught Leonid & Friends this afternoon at the Rams Head in Annapolis. It was a great show, and if you are a fan of Terry Kath I highly recommend that you catch this band. Not only are they ace musicians but they are in it for all the right reasons.....lots of great vibes popping off the stage. AA++
  2. acududeman


    Not sure, but I agree that having a week off is janky......too much time to start thinking!
  3. acududeman


    Nats are going to the WS!!!!
  4. I'm going to see them Saturday in Annapolis......I will report back! 😉
  5. So proud of my Gamecocks.....playing the second half with the 3rd string QB no less!
  6. Nice! Love the encore!
  7. I was in attendance at most of the Hampton shows from '83 - '88, but I unfortunately missed the infamous Warlocks shows in '89. Epic shows indeed!
  8. acududeman


    So proud of my Nats…...finally got the monkey off our back and actually won a playoff series!! On to the Cards......should be tons 'o' fun!
  9. Beware Mr. Baker indeed! Baker was an animal, in the best possible way.
  10. acududeman


    The Nats are still alive!
  11. Assuming that we are resetting from the beginning...…. 1) Seahawks
  12. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I'm in for the duration. Burns' docs are always a marathon, but well worth it!
  13. I was at said show in Columbia......poignant to say the least.
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