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  1. Anaheim

    Chad Wackerman......wow, awesome drummer!
  2. Winter Olympics

    DVR is the ONLY way to watch the Olympics imo......I typically watch the prime time 4 hour broadcast in 2 hours.
  3. Winter Olympics

    Impressions so far? I'm most impressed with the two 17-year old snow boarding US gold medalists.....great stuff. Shawn White looks poised to reclaim his perch atop the half pipe world......tonight should be fun!
  4. College hoops

    Carolina played great, Duke not so much. Should be a fun run up to March.
  5. College hoops

    Virginia played great Saturday and deserved the W.......I hope Duke gets another shot at the Cavs in the ACC tourney.
  6. College hoops

    K is definitely on a recruiting tear lately. I have a sense that Jeff Capel has played a huge part in the recruiting wins these last few years.
  7. College hoops

    Agreed, no team looks like it wants to grab the reigns and stay on top.....yet. Should make for a fun tourney come March......probably 20 teams that could make a run for the ring.
  8. Drums Space 2017 >

    Drums/Space can be very cool, yet I prefer the earlier years before the requisite drums/space break......there could still be "drums" within an Other One or Alligator back then, or space within a Dark Star......my preference any way.
  9. Efactory 2

    Tasty indeed !! Have a blast tonight everyone......Happy New Year!!
  10. Just got a report

  11. Wellmont

    Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion......yours, as you predicted, is not terribly common around here.....
  12. Does Lager still post here?

    Calling Taper Ron, calling Taper Ron.......mobilize the phasers!
  13. Favorite Dance Songs?

    PG Tips +1
  14. 2018 Jubilee!

    VIP potty trucks are in the VIP area (up the hill).....the only VIP perk near the stage is the designated viewing area near the sound board (with covered shelter from the sun if you choose).....a nice perk!
  15. 2018 Jubilee!

    From my experience, as someone who is 52 years old and stone cold sober, the VIP ticket was well worth it for the access to a hot shower and upgraded potties. I also appreciated being able to retreat to my tent at a "reasonable" hour to get some sleep (ear plugs help!). Camping next to my car also awesome.