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  1. acududeman

    NFL 2018

    2 exciting and great games......yes, Saints jobbed by the refs....and the Pats.....uggh GO RAMS!!!
  2. acududeman

    Jam night 4

    Sounds like lift off was achieved.....well done!
  3. acududeman

    The Who

    Zak Starkey is one of my favorite working drummers.
  4. acududeman

    NFL 2018

    "Anybody but the Patriots" is my motto this year.....I'm fine with anyone else winning it.
  5. acududeman

    NFL 2018

    The best 4 teams make the Final 4...….who wins it all?
  6. acududeman

    NFL 2018

    Bears kicker won't sleep for a week......poor guy
  7. acududeman

    Littlefeat worth checking out these days?

    Without Lowell George and Ritchie Hayward (drummer), any current rendition of LF will be but a semblance of the original lineup circa '77. However the original bass player, percussionist, keyboardist and rhythm guitarist are still in the band to my knowledge. So.....if it's close by and affordable go check it out!
  8. acududeman

    College football

    Clemson by 3
  9. acududeman


    Yowza…...that looks like a fantastic feast of a set list!
  10. acududeman

    NFL 2018

    Da Bears are damn good this year!
  11. acududeman

    Top 10 albums

    Coltrane - A Love Supreme Miles Davis - Kind of Blue Dave Brubeck - Take Five Little Feat - Waiting For Columbus Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon Beatles - Revolver Simon & Garfunkel - Sounds of Silence Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left Fleetwood Mac - Rumors Beach Boys - Pet Sounds Honorable Mention: Grateful Dead - Live Dead, American Beauty Phish - Billy Breathes Talking Heads - '77 Beatles - White Album Rolling Stones - Her Satanic Majesties Secret Request Jefferson Airplane - Surrealistic Pillow Pete Yorn - Musicforthemorningafter Chicago - Chicago Transit Authority Radiohead - (all of it) B-52's - first 2 albums
  12. acududeman

    The Anthem

    I was there at Hampton too......the crowd was so loud I could barely hear the song being played.
  13. acududeman

    Channel separation

    Well there you go. Thanks Rob!
  14. acududeman

    Channel separation

    I think the Wall of Sound reference is the most likely explanation. I recently began rereading Kreutzman's book, and he specifically mentioned how each musician got put through a specific section of the Wall. Billy also mentioned that he didn't care for the WOS much, as it made it difficult for him to hear everything clearly (there were no monitors either).
  15. acududeman

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    Mike, you should go pro with your picking......you won both rounds hands down. Well played, sir!