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  1. acududeman


    Well I'll be damned......it's about time!
  2. acududeman


    Now we face our perennial nemesis......The Pens......maybe this year will be different??
  3. acududeman


    Let's Go CAPS !!
  4. acududeman

    Atlanta 4-7 night 2

    Ain't no right or wrong......reality and experience are both highly subjective......so let it breathe
  5. acududeman

    College hoops

    Well, I got one thing right in my bracket....
  6. acududeman

    College hoops

    Fantastic finish in women's hoops.....that ND player just cemented her legend in Irish lore.....bravo!
  7. acududeman

    College hoops

    UCONN women actually lost?!?!
  8. acududeman


    Here's hoping the Nats can actually get it done for once in the post season.......cheers
  9. acududeman

    College hoops

    Chris Carrawell just announced he's replacing Capel on the bench......should more than suffice I would think.
  10. acududeman

    College hoops

    Should be interesting to see how it all shakes out. I doubt that we will see any of the incoming freshmen transfer, though.
  11. acududeman

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    .....ain't no luck!
  12. acududeman

    Bad acid trip

    Now that's funny! I was at that show too.....can you say HOT ?!
  13. acududeman

    College hoops

    Congrats to Kansas on a classic game. Duke came ever so close, but it's hard to overcome experience with mere youthful raw talent (freshmen). It's no surprise that each of the Final 4 teams is rich in experience and upperclassmen. I really wish the NBA would change the 1ndone rule. Next weekend should be fun......hoping for a Loyola miracle!
  14. acududeman

    The Women of the Grateful Dead

    Interesting read....thanks John
  15. acududeman

    Bad acid trip

    Yikes.......sounds more like angel dust to me