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  1. Yeah, for that money I could (and will!) go see 10 DSO shows!
  2. acududeman


    Given my partying ways in the 80's, it amazes me that I kept it together enough to earn a degree at Vandy. Nashville was the most awesome college town ever for me, for obvious reasons!
  3. Thanks DD, this is the route that I'll probably go....YTTV seems like the best fit for me as well, via a Roku box. I'll keep you posted.
  4. I recently discovered a band that has me very intrigued.....enough so that I just bought tix to see them in Annapolis in October. Leonid & Friends...….www.leonidandf.com They are an all-Russian band that recreates classic Chicago music.....not the schlock from the 80's......only the classic material from the late 60's/early 70's with Terry Kath. It's incredibly well executed. They are selling out every show they play from the looks of it.
  5. Yes, major sports fan here too...….along with the DVR benefits you mentioned, the primary reasons I've subscribed to cable all these years.
  6. I have been recently pondering the prospect of weening off of the Cox Cable tit. The nickel & diming by these media providers drives me nuts. I must say, however, that the convenience and consolidation that is baked into their product line has kept me attached for years now (particularly for the HD-DVR + sports channels). I am fixing to put a toe in the water shortly, as I purchased an Ooma box to replace my landline service for much less $$. As for TV, it appears that there are more & more appealing streaming options out there these days - YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, Sling etc. Anyone out there taken the plunge yet? Thoughts? Advice?
  7. I secured my Billy Strings tix for the 9:30 Club in November.
  8. Saw Floyd in Atlanta circa '86, and Waters in DC circa '02......both excellent. Brit Floyd just as good.....Warner Theater in DC.....superior venue to the aforementioned 2 PF shows.
  9. Brit Floyd.....saw them last year.....excellent!!
  10. I saw the Trey Anastasio documentary last night......very enjoyable!
  11. Just watched this PBS show......I'm now a Billy Strings fan! Just enough lysergic sweetener on my bluegrass to make it compelling for me. I will catch a live show for sure.
  12. Lovely set list! Rosemary! I wonder if Jeff ran the vocals through a leslie speaker like on the album?
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