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  1. acududeman

    I don’t want to know the show!

    That show would be my first choice!
  2. acududeman

    NFL Knockout pool

    How bout them Brownies??
  3. acududeman

    I don’t want to know the show!

    Well, after reading more of these posts about pre-announcement preferences...…..it would appear that the band is mixing it up with about the right recipe of tip-offs vs suspense. As a DC guy, my only hope is that we would occasionally get more suspense thrown into the mix. Not a complaint, by the way...….just an opinion.....can't wait for The Anthem show 😎
  4. acududeman

    I don’t want to know the show!

    Juicy discussion. I love DSO, and I also don't think it is inappropriate to state one's opinions that relate to the band or to the music, even if those opinions are somewhat critical. This board doesn't need to always be one big sycophantic pander to DSO - if that is your trip though, have at it. I LOVE DSO !! 😎 As for pre-announcing shows.....I am not a fan of it. For some reason, this is happening routinely in DC area shows (Walther effect?) I MUCH prefer the perceived randomness of going into the venue cold......and then being surprised. That being said...….see everyone at The Anthem on 12/1.
  5. acududeman

    Spam defense caught another one

    Thank you Ron!
  6. acududeman

    NFL Knockout pool

    2) Redskins
  7. acududeman

    NFL Knockout pool

    I have been eliminated from this league in the past on a tie, so......
  8. acududeman

    College football

    Not sure which trophy I was referring to here......but it will be some trophy.....dang Dawgs
  9. acududeman

    Fall Tour

    We Gamecock fans are very practiced at having shaky self-esteem...….it's safest to set the bar low and then be pleasantly surprised when & if we overachieve.
  10. acududeman

    College football

    'Cocks walk off with the trophy!
  11. acududeman

    NFL Knockout pool

    1) Patriots
  12. acududeman

    46 Years Ago Today...

    I guess The Stooges must have had the day off that day in '72......
  13. acududeman

    Fall Tour - 2nd Leg

    I don't think you'll regret it...….very nice venue with plenty of breathing space and swell acoustics 😎
  14. acududeman

    Fall Tour - 2nd Leg

    Anthem for me.....looking forward to it
  15. acududeman

    Dewey Beach 8/14/18

    "Drums" didn't become a nightly staple until the late 70's...…..prior years got drum solos only if wrapped up within an Other One or Alligator jam.