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  1. acududeman

    College Hoops 2018

    By making his Millions playing hoops instead of pigskin, he will likely avoid completely trashing his body.....and possibly CTE.
  2. acududeman


    Done! Hope that helps, Ron.
  3. acududeman

    College Hoops 2018

    Rude, I'm definitely glad that Laettner wore a Duke uniform, because he took us to 4 consecutive Final Fours. That being said, I agree that Laettner was a total prick back then. If he wore a different uniform I'd be in the hater camp with the KY crowd. That documentary was really entertaining.
  4. acududeman

    Burlington 11/13 - Set list? Vibe?

    Oohh…..tasty offerings
  5. acududeman

    College Hoops 2018

    As always, all of this is largely contingent on whether or not the starters (especially Zion) can stay healthy. Duke managed to enjoy a whopping 11 total games with Kyrie Irving before he went out with the foot injury from hell.
  6. acududeman

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    6) Chargers
  7. acududeman

    College Hoops 2018

    I do....I check it daily....this really is an exciting year.....sky's the limit for this team.
  8. acududeman

    College Hoops 2018

    Welcome......now I'm not the only Duke fan on the boards.....prepare for the hate
  9. acududeman


    Oh my......so many experts around here....
  10. acududeman

    College Hoops 2018

    Gotcha…... My sports allegiances run something like this...…. Gamecocks - hometown team Redskins/Nats/Caps - adopted home town for last 25 years Vanderbilt - my alma mater Duke - alma mater of nearly my entire family (been hard core Duke hoops fan since the late 70's)
  11. acududeman

    College Hoops 2018

    LOL.....let me guess, Tarheel fan?
  12. acududeman

    College Hoops 2018

    A terrific night all in all...….Duke was flat out dominant
  13. acududeman

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    5) Packers
  14. acududeman

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    4) Panthers
  15. acududeman

    Wolf coming to Lowell

    That is definitely generous on the owner's part, and it's the ideal way to honor the instrument in my opinion......let the best living players of GD music bring it to life from time to time. Bravo!!