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  1. acududeman

    College Hoops 2018

    Aubrey Dawkins' performance was spectacular last night......Duke very lucky to advance. Should be a terrific weekend! I'm hoping to go to the games in DC
  2. acududeman

    College Hoops 2018

    I love Wofford ! Fletcher is a shooting machine! PG, are you going to the games in Columbia this weekend? My brother is driving up from Charleston for the games......should be a blast.
  3. acududeman

    20Years DSO

    I'm pretty sure I got on the DSO bus in '99 as well...….hard to believe 20 years has passed......terrific years to boot
  4. acududeman

    Best Box of Rain

    I absolutely agree with you...….I was referring strictly to GD live renditions...….with Jerry
  5. acududeman

    Best Box of Rain

    I think the same could be said about Unbroken Chain, yes? Is there a live version that tops the recorded one?
  6. acududeman

    Best Box of Rain

    Yes, by far the best Box (musically and sonically) was on American Beauty
  7. acududeman

    Best Box of Rain

    I would have to go with Hampton '86, since I was there
  8. acududeman

    College Hoops 2018

    Duke Gonzaga Tennessee Duke Beats UNC 79-74 UNC
  9. acududeman

    College Hoops 2018

    Amazing game......it may take me a while to fall asleep tonight.....I get worked up during games like that. Zion is a beast
  10. acududeman

    College Hoops 2018

    Duke/UNC round 3 should be fun......this time with Zion!
  11. acududeman

    RIP Hal Blaine

    One of the best studio drummers ever has passed. Pet Sounds, Elvis and countless other recorded classics to his credit.
  12. acududeman

    The Who

    The main reason I would venture out to see the Who these days would be to watch Zac Starkey on drums...…terrific stuff
  13. acududeman

    Why a ‘77 sounds different than an ‘85

    Interesting topic......I've often wondered the same thing. For instance, I can identify a Spring '77 recording within 5 seconds every time. There's a spaciousness and arena-like cavernous quality to this tour, especially on Garcia's vocals. The drums sound is a give away as well......shimmery cymbal sound and spacious playing with lots of 8th notes on the ride cymbal (instead of riding the hi-hat). Then there's the absolute confidence and musical command of each of the musicians. Apparently this can at least partly be credited to Keith Olson, who demanded that the band do exhaustive repeated takes of the songs on Terrapin Station...….so the band was super well rehearsed and ready for the Spring '77 tour. But it all changed by Fall '77......poof
  14. acududeman

    I want to hear this

    Bill Graham in '75 around the time of the hiatus is it? Great American Music Hall if my memory serves....?
  15. acududeman

    College Hoops 2018

    KY coming on strong as of late......1 seed?