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  1. SUNRISE......tix go on sale tomorrow (Fri) @ 10am
  2. Season changer...….Kansas will suffer greatly from this incident......not good at all.
  3. Bullshit OPI call on Clemson in the 4th...….not sure it would have affected the outcome, however. LSU was overall the better team last night.
  4. Mike Vrabel has his Titans dialed in.....so impressive! Could a 6 Seed go all the way??
  5. That's OK, Tea. Just remember that Christian Laettner loves you......and he always will. 😎
  6. One of my favorites....big loss
  7. acududeman

    New Years Eve

    Looks awesome and tasty indeed!!
  8. I was hoping to see Billy Strings on the bill.....oh well
  9. I too was at the 8x10 Mix show.....terrific gig. I'm in for this one too.....just bought my ticket for the March show at The Hamilton. Ain't no time to hate, barely time to wait!
  10. Clemson over LSU in Final...…..32-28
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