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  1. 2018 Jubilee!

    From my experience, as someone who is 52 years old and stone cold sober, the VIP ticket was well worth it for the access to a hot shower and upgraded potties. I also appreciated being able to retreat to my tent at a "reasonable" hour to get some sleep (ear plugs help!). Camping next to my car also awesome.
  2. Early influences

    Not sure the model McIntosh......tube amp plus receiver......circa '68-ish.......undoubtedly collectable now......Dual turntable.....Sony reel -to-reel......Tandburg cassette deck......it was a kicking system.
  3. Early influences

    Born in '65 to very cool parents.....these were some of the sounds emanating loudly through my dad's McIntosh driven Bozak tower speakers......Beatles, Brubeck, Gershwin, Oscar Peterson, Simon & Garfunkel, Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, lots of jazz and classical......I developed an ear for Wagner early on.......awesome when cranked loud on a kicking system! I helped turn him on to Coltrane (Love Supreme) & Miles (Kind of Blue).
  4. 12/2/17 - The Anthem, DC

    I've got an idea.....how about NYE 2018 @ The Anthem !!
  5. 12/01/17 The Norva, Norfolk, VA

    One word.....jealous.....see you tonight at Anthem
  6. 11/25/17, Huntington, NY, Part II

    Tasty indeed!
  7. I'm pretty sure the metro closes at midnight every night now, including weekends. There is likely a curfew for shows at Anthem, since there are residential units attached to the same building. So there is a pretty solid chance that the metro option will work out fine assuming the show will likely end by 11pm.
  8. Happy Birth Day Dr. B

    Happy BD, DB !!
  9. The Anthem is a brand brand new venue in DC. I haven't been yet, but all the reports have been glowingly positive. Unlike the 9:30 Club, Anthem is much larger (6K capacity) and more appealing aesthetically ($60M was invested into it).......the sound system is apparently fantastic. I can't wait for the DSO show there.....I would highly recommend that you check it out. Parking is tricky and expensive ($25 to park underneath the venue), but you can metro (.5 mile walk) or Uber instead.
  10. 11/22/17 - Penns Peak

    Tasty second set!!
  11. Thanksgiving.

    Thank you, Ron!
  12. Happy Birthday Tea

    Happy BD, Tea!
  13. Broken Forum!

    Thanks for your continued efforts, Ron!
  14. Sounded so Sweet

    Loser China Doll Row Jimmy China Cat TN Jed Lost Sailer Wheel Terrapin Crazy Fingers St Stephen Viola Lee Help on the Way Here Comes Sunshine Birdsong
  15. DSO video compilation 1999-2005

    Thanks so much.....brought back memories to the early days.....my first DSO was in 2000.