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  1. Tea

    Saturday Warfield

    5/3/72 - Olympia Theatre Bertha, Me & My Uncle, Mr. Charlie, Sugaree, Black Throated Wind, Chinatown Shuffle, China Cat Sunflower-> I Know You Rider, Beat It On Down The Line, He's Gone, Next Time You See Me, Playin' In The Band, Tennessee Jed, Good Lovin', Sing Me Back Home, Casey Jones Greatest Story Ever Told, Ramble On Rose, It Hurts Me Too, Truckin'-> Space-> The Other One-> Drums-> The Other One-> Me And Bobby McGee-> The Other One-> Wharf Rat, Jack Straw, Sugar Magnolia, Not Fade Away-> Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad-> Not Fade Away E: One More Saturday Night
  2. Tea

    Chico 2/13/20

    My guess is that was Jeff's first I Fought the Law . Maybe? It's also been a minute since Attics...I saw my first Attics on 10/16/89 and chased it around till the end. "I have spent my life, seeking all that's still unsung."
  3. No worries Ron - good to 'hear' your voice! Miss you buddy 😉 http://dsoforums.net/donate/donations.html
  4. Tea

    Ashland 2/11/20

    It's all gravy but that's one tasty stretch 🤩
  5. What do you call a hippies wife? Mississippi
  6. Tea

    Bend, OR - 2/10/20

    Acoustic Show Set One: Dire Wolf ; Dark Hollow ; Gomorrah ; Operator ; Big Iron ; Friend Of The Devil ; Silver Threads And Golden Needles ; Run For The Roses ; Last Lonely Eagle ; The Thrill Is Gone ; Oh Boy Set Two: Deep Elem Blues ; It Makes No Difference ; Hobo Song ; Chimes Of Freedom ; Yes She Do, No She Don't ; Green Green Grass Of Home ; Rosa Lee McFall ; Monkey And The Engineer ; Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie ; On The Road Again ; Weather Report Suite > Let It Grow > Folsom Prison Blues Encore: Ripple Notes: Sold Out!
  7. Tea

    Seattle - 2/6/20

    Elective Set One: Eyes Of The World > Estimated Prophet > Comes A Time ; It's All Over Now ; We Can Run ; Row Jimmy ; Memphis Blues ; Cats Under The Stars Set Two: Shakedown Street ; Lost Sailor > Saint Stephen > Not Fade Away > drums > space > Easy To Slip > China Doll > One More Saturday Night Encore: After Midnight
  8. Here Comes Sunshine PAC NW peoples - DSO is high-steppin into town! Enjoy the ride - not a drop on you ⚡
  9. Have you ever seen DSO recreate any of the Warfield run? If you did, I think you might just jump outta your skin. Maybe they could warn you first
  10. Hey Gr8fulpair - PLEASE tell me this was your reviewer comment on Archive for 8/26/88 (Tacoma Dome): Reviewer: gr8fulpair - - July 29, 2010 Subject: Gimme a break...... Hey JBOYAGUAR, (aka douche bag) there is no bad sex and there are no bad Grateful Dead shows, just varying degrees of great. Take your Websters New World Dictionary, your third grade writing skills and get a life.
  11. Lookin forward to seeing you and your son, Duck! Sta Lit brother
  12. The reactions of the crowd run the full gamut of the human condition. Creepy but fascinating
  13. Rude - Wow! Love you brotha but time for decaf
  14. DSO at Lockn - way cool! I’d guess the Friday 2 slot but they didn’t ask me. They’d actually be Sat 2 slot but David Crosby is not to be trifled with
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