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    Red Rocks 9/8/19

    All pictures finally recovered!!! Found jazz fest and jubilee that were yet to be pulled off the card. There were some great pics we will be sending out to everyone in them. There are some fantastic fun pics. Mei was free ranging and has pics with almost everyone lol. There are a few gems but unfortunately wont share them with the entire internet considering the new software which removes peoples clothing. Don’t want people to think mango was streaking at redrocks. But it’s also a great cover in case you are caught on camera actually streaking through say the Vic Theater. That would be easy to prove though. You would definitely lose a foot being naked in the Vic. No way you are getting out of that place without some major infection. Their no shoes no shirt no service sign just says no shoes no foot. On that note 8 days til we put Vick’s vapor rub on our upper lip like a coroner. They are the only music venue with an indoor steam room/smoking lounge/bathroom all in one. Employees run downstairs to the bathroom to smoke cigs then stomp out on the floor. It was my 1st Dso show so it has a place in my heart. If the Pabst theater is Chevy chase, the Vic is cousin eddy. Thank you folks. That’s all the time I have. Make sure to tip your servers and bartenders.
  2. Ugh. There goes my exec producer credit for getting jk together with the Dso guys for the new Bravo show “Tension island”. The premise was awkward tension with great editing to make it look like every comment elicits frowns. Was even going to have a cliffhanger where the front desk says “sorry Mr Kadlicek, we don’t have any room in your name” and then computer animate his mouth to say “I’m risking my life flying to Jamaica”. Then some tense music plays and we cut to commercial. Back to the drawing board.
  3. Rude

    Red Rocks 9/8/19

    Epic weekend. Was crazy how the rain started pouring within seconds of show ending. I wonder if Dso finishing with their short white rabbit vs longer one was because of the radar. Waiting at the top of the venue b4 the show was unique because I’ve never been up in the mountains with lightning striking all around us. They herded all of us at the top entrance into the museum and theater so we wouldn’t die. I’d have never walked through there if that hadn’t happened. After the show, the gf accidentally deleted the whole memory card on her camera so the likely thousand pics of the weekend are in digital purgatory. I’m not a big picture taker when traveling as I tend to try to avoid technology but I’m glad she does because it’s nice going back years and watching slide shows on tv of our travels and to me it reinforces the memory of the event. In the things vs experience debate(there is no debate imo) maybe pics are the one thing that enhances the memory of the experience.
  4. You already had your miracle—Christian Laettner.
  5. I enjoyed phish. Their light setup was off the charts. Sound quality fantastic too. Their sound wasn’t shitty like deadcos sound. It was like Dso quality on a larger scale. They have this insane snake lighting that creates an effect like the stage is turning side to side. Almost fell over twice literally. I still don’t see how deadco has such muddled sound. Of the 12 or so shows I always leave with a wtf is their board guy doing. Jrad also has sound that I’m not a fan of. It’s like if you use one of those live theater sound filters at home. It’s this hollow audience taps effect. I love what they do musically but the sound shouldn’t be fucked with like their board operator does. Dso puts out this crisp sound where the cymbals and high hats are crystal and JRAD goes so heavy midrange you can barely hear his high hats. That’s what made Betty boards so special. The cymbals were so clear it was like you were next to the drum kit.
  6. How did u guys like that garbage Florida vs Miami game. It was a comedy of errors. I hate when game 1 is a big game. Teams need 1 game to adjust. Play your scrub game 1 then get to the big non conference games.
  7. Boulder is at will call redrocks just came up on flash seats app 2 days ago. If you don’t have them on your flash seats app by now there’s an issue. The only issue I see is that everyone’s ticket is at will call at Boulder which may create a backlog to get in.
  8. One of America’s Mecca’s, The Ryman, is one of my least favorite venues to see live music. Saw Panic Sunday accoustic and you are scrunched into a church pew with the least amount of room to move at any venue or do like me and go to the balcony and groove and get constantly hassled by security to go to a seat and get no sound or sight.
  9. Redrocks allows all smoking as long as you do it on the steps. It’s a free for all. Just don’t sit on a bench in retail areas and fire it up but u can do what you want pretty much. Worst thing that happens is you get warned. Oh and doc, outside is free air.if I wanna smoke a cig peeps can deal. I won’t blow it in their face but sorry if you can smell it 10 feet away. I don’t want to smell McDonald’s burgers, car smoke, BO either.
  10. Was trying to transfer my vip redrocks to someone but evebtright won’t respond. Good luck with the transfer....
  11. I saw my mail order soldier field ticket the other day. 23.50 for lower bowl. That would be $39.56 in today’s money.
  12. Not sure about this otherlove guy. I liked that sunny guy as long as the room wasn’t in my name. Goingbacktowhere didn’t go to many shows and went dark for a long period. Now this new character shows up. But he can’t be any worse than Tea squelching full volume as the cops climbed the stairs though. Stop singing bro. Not til the song is finished. Those 2 lady cops were not fans of us straight white males. If those 2 lady cops swung the other way we could have sweet talked them as opposed to keeping their hands on their pistols dealing with middle age guys who are obviously not violent threats. I think they mistook that singing for the cries of a tortured lemur. Not trying to be sexist but 2 lady cops together means a bullet is getting fired with any physicality. That was very strange. Never saw that before. I’m guessing they wouldn’t get the 4 large males fighting call but got the hotel drunken singing call.
  13. CID vip tix. 1st 5 rows of lower bowl 1 poster 2 drink tickets early entry to buy merch vip commenoratobe laminate $749 per show Get you some... fuck that shit. It’s fuil on scam now. They are probably laughing literally all the way to the bank that anyone’s paying that nonsense to hear slow ass dead. Go see your 1-2 shows a year and pay $400 a show and call in tales of the golden road and say how great they are. It’s a bunch of nonsense and the party is nothing like the real thing. It’s mild as fuck. Crowd energy a 4/10 maybe and that’s becatse you can’t dance to the shit. The dead kept their prices low because they didn’t want to fleece the fans. These guys see how far you will go. $749 for a ticket and a few drinks..oh and a poster. That’s only 1st 5 rows in the bowl. Nonsense. https://www.cidentertainment.com/events/dead-and-company-tour/
  14. Sweet. I like the early 7pm shows when hanging with a bunch of friends after. The 9pm start times make for brutal late nights.
  15. Carpet is easier on your joints but worse on ligaments as your feet won’t turn without lifting but carpet absorbs some shock. It all depends on if you are putting up and down pressure or more turning. I’m going to start using roller skates. I hear it’s coming back in style. It would be appropriate with a 78 recreation on a nice wooden dance floor as disco and skates are a perfect combo.
  16. The Boys on amazon is pretty awesome so far. A world with hundreds of super “heroes”(supes) and they are fucked up violebr narcissists. Very dark show. Great 2 episodes in.
  17. Rude


    Vanderbilt should have been the school I partied out of but chose Millsaps college instead as they have high schoolers come down and get them wasted as part of an official recruiting program. No shit. They put you with a frat guy and you go party all weekend and I puked my guts out and decided that was the school for me. I was partying out of wherever I went year 1 so UK was going to be my inevitable landing spot. Nice thing about Kentucky is you can get a degree never going to class.
  18. The man who’s tale I tell only has glimpses of memory that the sirens let him retain. He still has those soaking wet boxers I hear. The rumor is that they have never dried and is cursed to have to wear these wet garments until the day he passes when he will be laid to rest at sea in hopes of uniting with the siren for eternity.
  19. The pool is where the Fancy folk swim. The creek is a mountain spring. You can get hypothermia within 15 seconds I hear or at least it will shrink a man’s balls. But it’s like a sirens song that has drawn one or 2 drunken lost sailors to her shores. She wipes away the memory of it and they are left to wake in confusion the next day. I’ve been lucky to not hear her call as it’s supposedly beautiful as well as deadly but I know one man who has lived to tell the tale. I hear he’s returning to the same spot to hear her lovely song again this year. I pray for his soul.
  20. Rude

    Westbrook, ME

    We went to Walmart and got these 3oz empty lotion containers that I filled with four roses single barrel barrel strength bourbon all west coast tour last year. They went in her Fanny pack. No one is going to open chicks lotion containers. Great minds think alike Vic. People gave me a weird look when drinking from it. It’s like the it’s always Sunny episode the gang goes to the jersey shore. Everyone else was drinking booze from lotion containers but Charlie was drinking sun tan lotion lol. She sets off the scanner every time we go in but, unlike with males, it goes no further. If questioned she just says underwire bra lol. These new wands don’t just detect metal. They detect gaps and liquids. Booze has set it off before. Of anyone going to a show, she’d be the one you wouldn’t guess was sneaking stuff in lol. But that was my influence to start and she’s now taken it to a whole other level. She once snuck in bowl and a vape. I’m like why do you need 2. She’s like the vape is the chaser. Monster I tell ya. I’ll be like shit I forgot the airplane bottles at the hotel. She’s like I already got them in my bra. She’s the organizer and I’m the planner. We make a good travel team I also have my 1st set rule. Gotta drink all the booze you are going to drink set 1 to be sober by drive time in cities with free parking. That’s probably a foreign concept to New Yorkers and Chicagoans. You mean some cities have free parking lots. Yes they do.
  21. Rude

    Westbrook, ME

    Pro tip: if with a gf/wife, sneak it all in their bra. Those will hold 2 vapes, booze, and of course things like chapstick, gum, etc as purses are not the way to go at a show. Boobs are like a fanny pack but better and multi purpose. After the show getting in bed will result in “I wondered where _______ went” as coins, cash and Lost vape carts fall out.
  22. Zeke is getting 7.5m this year and 13m next year. Asking to get another 4 years added is insanity. He got paid and is under contract still for 2 years. He gets a ton of carries but is barely top 20 in ypa. Cowboys wore him into the ground. And we are just now done with romo dead money. In essence Dak was already getting paid 35m over last 2 years with the romo dead money. Better sign him now vs after this year’s breakout season when he will become the highest paid player in football. 4k yards is all it will take. It’s the economics of football. Each new contract is bigger than the previous. Waiting on wentz was a bad move just like waiting on cooper until Michael Thomas inked his deal was a bad move even though likely coopers camp wasn’t interested in a deal yet. May even wait until after the season as he knows he’s getting paid. Zeke was beat down last year b/c of excessive use. Signing him for 4 extra years on top of 2 when he’s a problem child is dumb and the front office knows it. I’m not a fan of a 1 back system anyway. I prefer the 2 back system like Denver. You get fresh legs. Theres no option. You can’t find a top 15 QB for less and the draft will leave you with years of losing football unless you are lucky or draft 1st and cowboys won’t be drafting 1st.
  23. Rude

    Westbrook, ME

    Sneak in airplane bottles of booze if you plan to drink at a show. All venues have ridiculous prices. At live nation venues I won’t spend a penny if I can avoid it. Others I don’t mind buying a beer(on top of a few airplane bottles). I also check if we can bring in sealed bottles of water and bring the liter ones. It’s the principle of the thing. I’m there for the band and they get my money with a ticket sale, but don’t want to shell out 1-2k a year on Venue concessions. Plus it’s also a principle of a being a good deadhead to sneak things in. I think many of us pride ourselves on thumbing our noses at authority to an extent.
  24. Once ted turner sold my braves to corporate interests and they had a player fire sale, I lost all interest in baseball. When TBS showed every braves game I became hooked. I even watched every AAA game they showed during the 1981 strike year. That was a brilliant ploy as the braves had such a great farm system and we got to see the up and coming players. Dale Murphy was my hero followed closely by bob Horner. Those braves teams in the early 80s were horrible, but I realize that most of my sports teams through the years are bad besides Kentucky basketball. I did get to enjoy a few cowboys winning seasons in the 90s followed by the curse of Jerry Jones ego. Only now that his son has the biggest say in the draft room have we started to turn it around. Jerry wanted Manziel and Stephen talked him out of it. That was some crazy good luck.
  25. I must be desperate because watching nfl network training camp coverage.
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