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  1. Blah. Love this show and it’s 1 I can identify by song 1 😂. I like that California song too.
  2. You think friends who DON'T name their pets dead names are weird. You know the estimated flight cost to every major city in the US as well as many of the arrival times by heart. When tour dates are released you get 12 texts from friends and your reply is already booked it. You think people who cant take off work whenever they want have shit jobs.
  3. so guessing they will announce Colorado or cali for their July 4 mini run. I’m in.
  4. 76 is one of my fav years!!!
  5. The Grateful Dead will release the June 1976 box set via Rhino on March 20. The five-show, 15-CD collection includes previously unreleased recordings of the band’s June 10 and 11 shows at the Boston Music Hall, June 14 and 15 concerts at New York City’s Beacon Theatre and June 19 performance at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, New Jersey. I was just listening to the 6-11-76 last night. I love those boards. “Previously unreleased” is sort of nonsense as great boards are all out there for these. And weren’t some of these in a dicks picks already?
  6. I decided Louisville over the Lou because the dome will ruin the sound at least in my experience. I want outdoor in the summer. The Nashville show is the Wednesday before jubilee. That has potential for a last second add on to enhance jubilee a bit.
  7. I see deadco starting in boulder 7/10 this year. Would be great for Dso to do Colorado right before that in all the amazing outdoor venues. That mini summer tour has been my go to for the last 3 years. 7 shows near July 4th is a lock no matter where they go for me. Hell I’d love that west coast summer tour again. Actually I’ll take west coast again on a healed foot vs having to almost be carted in and having to sit the entire run. Not having the boot or crutches fucked me. AstroTurf in sandiego. Enough said. I mean ffs in sandiego you get no rain and grass can be grown easily. Turf sucks.
  8. Got my Cardinal stadium floor GA today. 31 years ago I saw the stones in cardinal stadium. Chose Louisville over Nashville and other close shows as the Midwest is the best. Nashville is a lame audience. Louisville will get down.
  9. Oh, Atlanta is a guilty pleasure song
  10. Rude

    Bend, OR - 2/10/20

    My 3rd Dso show was Bloomington, Indiana acoustic in 2012. The band told everyone to stand up and dance before they started playing. I was already up front standing as I started out as a rail rat. The tinnitus precludes railing it now as Jeff’s monitor can be oppressive and lead to days of heavy ringing. The good thing about tinnitus is it generally has no effect on hearing loss and luckily it doesn’t drive me insane like some people. I completely forgot about it until just now but I do have a slight ringing as I type this.
  11. Multiply my part by 2 though....
  12. So who’s in for the Lockn super Vip tour bus rental. $2100 a person plus $15k(divided by up to 10). It doesn’t come with groupies or a driver even though If smooth enough you may be able to trick someone into thinking you are an opening band or maybe even Phil if they have no clue what he looks like and say can you believe they made me park my tour bus out here with the peasants. Anyone know if Dso is do 1 or 2 sets. I’m assuming 1 as it doesn’t say 2 like most 2 set bands.
  13. I’m a huge fan of the 7 show summer mini tours. I’d love to be in Colorado for the 4th, but I’d also take another local run like last year too.
  14. I used to have so many boards from pre nugs shows I was gonna upload to archive and can’t find them anymore. There needs to be a Dso project to put boards no longer for sale up on archive!!!!!!!!! It’s time that Dso started documenting their older work on archive to preserve it forever.
  15. It was a hilarious joke at the time in context. It’s stereotyping, not racism. Racism is discriminating based on beliefs that you are better. I just made a joke. It was funny 😂 So now I can’t string a story together anymore..... ok off the forums another few months.
  16. The west is the best but the south is better in April. Plus southerners are more polite. I consider myself a liberal but in Portland I was a red hat in comparison. You use cheer laundry detergent. You monster(I have changed to Meyers hand and dish soap at home). I was literally called racist because i said that on average caucasians are taller than Asians. I said saying that certain tribes of people are genetically taller or faster or smarter isn’t racist. It’s like if i was a chieftain of a small tribe and had 20 children, my ancestors would likely be taller and thinner than other tribes. That’s not racist. So I accepted that I’m a rational moderate. Plus the south is cheap to live in. If PG sold her plantation, they would have to downgrade to a small 2 bedroom apt in Berkeley but instead they have servants quarters separate from the main mansion whereas in Cali the servants would have to share the main home and who wants that. In Kentucky the servants can luckily afford to rent a trailer and afford lots of food which is why there’s so much wealth equality and obesity. In Oregon people can barely afford to eat so obesity is minimal in comparison. What were we talking about again.
  17. So that was such an amazing photo there are articles about the photo today. Quote from an article. It is an amazing pic. So many emotions in it. “This isn’t just a photo, it’s a work of art. Frescos of this deserve to be painted everywhere. I’m not saying we need to celebrate violence specifically, but I am saying we need to celebrate this moment specifically. It’s not just the chair shot itself, which is violent and wild in its own right — but it’s also everyone else in this photo that makes it special. It’s a tableau of emotion the same way all great photos are, even when the subject matter is horrific.”
  18. Hope cave drillers don’t ruin the show sneaking in. Gonna make “Cave drillers suck” bumper stickers just in case there’s an incident and boom I’ll strike it rich vending. The plan is to see the entire spring tour maybe and aftermarket tickets would be way out of budget if I can make this happen unless I sell bootleg DSO shirts commemorating the only Dso show in a cave before the apocalypse forced us underground. But then I’d wake up with a sore jaw and Ellie standing over me as I see my merch ablaze. I watched that exact same scenario. But it was a knife cutting the bootleg shirts to shreds with a “I’ll have no problem embedding this knife in you and have 20 witnesses who will swear I was just defending myself as we lay another knife by your feet that I used to cut my arm to frame you, and just watch my tears flow as I cry to authorities about the assault on me as they cuff you with a knife still in your chest and they will be in no hurry to take you to a jail infirmary run by murderers who despise assaulters of women” kind of look. I think that was meant to send a message to other Dso potential bootleggers. If you weren’t there just take my word and beware. Imagine a 90’s movie Steven Seagal if he had roid rage and rabies and just learned that his new movie bombed.
  19. Epic photo. So much going on in it. Kansas about to be playing with 7 players next game. Photo by Nick Krug
  20. Fake news. I’ve done more for geology than any person ever. See that rock. No one was talking about rocks before me. They say how do you know so much about this stuff. Instinct.
  21. The fox producer is def a deadhead. I’d prefer he didn’t use studio though.
  22. After watching a thing on the Thailand cave rescue not sure I want to have bass thumping in a cave. You have the likelihood of opening up a fissure and prehistoric flesh eating bats or bacteria come out. Saw that in another documentary/movie. Too many things that could go wrong. What happens in case of fire down there. Stampede. The word ignite comes from the Latin igneous. Igneous rock everywhere. Stubhub assholes selling tix for $180. No thank you. If I’m gonna die in a cave I’d prefer it be while exploring the cave for free or paying less than $50. Last thing I need is regret during the stampede of paying $180 a ticket to negatively affect my escape.
  23. Evidently waited too long to get tickets. Anyone have an extra pair they could get rid of? Sort of stressing this as people already in CashorTrade posting iso this show.... thanks
  24. LSU wins at bama in a 45-42 squeaker
  25. Rude

    Ft Wayne, IN > 10/9/2019

    I think Eaton was taping shows in grade school. He wasn’t tall enough to ride the coaster but had his taper equipment set up 😂
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