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  1. Wow that is looking like a beautifully crafted set list and show...like a quilt with lots of time and intention put into the design!
  2. Island Bro

    11-2-2019 Cap

    Wow,,what a beauty!! stoked for all who received the goods on this magical looking three night run! Beautiful
  3. Wow these Cap shows are going down as a very memorable weekend...wish I was there! Don't hold back tonight, ya'll!
  4. Great memories of Little Feat opening for two GD shows in Eugene back in like '92 or '93..? peace on your Journey, Paul
  5. Well we will trade in the usual Portland double header for a raucous saturday Eve in Eugene (The recent years on Monday night have still been full throttle!)...and Bend,,,wow, wasn't expecting that simple twist. Methinks it's been at least a dozen years, likely more, since they hit the high desert out there... Aahland Tuesday night, good. Lotta Miles but let's do it.
  6. Wow that looks like such a unique beauty...glad you guys had some fun dancing to that one!
  7. It was way frustrating being confined to using a phone to see and use the tix,,but I did have a pretty easy time transferring two red rocks tix to friends by using the email method they had set up...
  8. I can't even begin to fathom the impact he has had on my life personally,,nor for the overall good of the whole. Thank you kindly, Robert
  9. Het maybe it's already been noted,,but Hot Tuna ripped! Jorma and Jack still completely have the juju to get a hot blazing fire going...!
  10. Yeah the 70's are so over,,,let's get on with the 90's... 😂
  11. Such a fun and shamanic night! Thanks to you and weather command and everyone else for helping to pull it up from the depths....ahhhhhh
  12. Magic moonlit night and then like Hardpan said,,,first raindrops falling seconds after white rabbit...full on deluge about 5 mins later...thunder, lightning,,,energy...wow what beauty
  13. Epic night...I loved loved loved it... Hey Jude and Morning Dew sublime beauty... So fun to celebrate Mangos 400th,, surfing the stratosphere gratitude 💜
  14. My oh my Thoroughly enjoyed that thick brew of alligator wine served up by the band all the way through.. 😄
  15. Actually if you log into Eventbrite then you can print your Boulder tix,,,I was able to anyway. i am old school ticket in hand kinda guy...can't stand being dependent on the phone functioning properly to get into a show,,or depending on me to operate the thing correctly to pull up my tix at entry...just too much pressure for a fellow like me...
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