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  1. Island Bro

    JGB Eel River Box Set

    Graduated from HS in '89 and jumped in my '73 pop top with a couple buddies and headed south to the Eel for my first JGB show...not a bad way to kick off the summer!! Complete fucking Shangri-La, the way I remember it...
  2. Island Bro

    A band I saw last night

    I caught The Garcia Project (plays JGB) last Thursday down in Portland and wow that's the best post-Jerry JGB music I think I've heard...they played 9/18/76 and was full of beauty. (Mango--Did you catch the double header in southern Oregon over the weekend? I'd be curious your opinion of these guys..) Or anyone else caught these cats? I would put in a few miles to catch them again and there aren't many bands other than dso that get me willing to travel a bit to catch...
  3. Island Bro

    Summer tour 2019

    I dig how you are embracing being an old timer, MC. Im looking forward to seeing a touch of grey in your beard...mono color is fading out of style fast...bring it on. 😉
  4. Island Bro

    A band I saw last night

    Wow cool, thanks for that info and photo, John. I never knew Jerry was having a guitar being made for him in '95...very cool that it can get out and get played. What a beautiful work of art
  5. Island Bro


    Thanks so much Ron. You are the one who can make us all laugh...
  6. Island Bro

    Hawaii shows?

    I vote for Scotty as tour scheduler...
  7. Island Bro

    The Saban 2/23/19

    Frankly, none of you cats seem neither old nor in the way in this scene where women laugh and children scream...
  8. Island Bro

    Dark Star at the NW string summit

    NW string summit is definitely not just straight up bluegrass and more diversity than you might expect...heck even DSO is playing there!! i think they will just get one night/ one full chunky set vs. a whole show?? What details are you guys seeing on Instagram, etc? Hornings Hideout is indeed a lovely environment to find yourself for a few days of music. Summer will be here before we know it...😎
  9. Island Bro

    The Saban 2/23/19

    You're no slouch at 8, Mango... i stretched my typical February4 to 5 and results were favorable Damn good to be out there with ya, movin and groovin
  10. Island Bro

    2019 Westy Coasty Winter Tour

    Best NW run ever..musically and everything else. Enjoyed Barracco's cryptic comment at the end of the Portland shows that, "We'll be back sooner than you think..." Last Saturday eve I was sent a text of a photo from the Wintergrass festival in Seattle area of a particular poster advertising a particular NW summer fest with the name of a particular band included that we all like.....hmmmmm
  11. Island Bro

    Hawaii shows?

    They could slip a 3-4 show Hawaii run in between Jamaica and West coast tour in late January/early February.... Although I've heard that the band and crew actually have lives outside of producing the finest live music available and that breaks and rest from performing their craft serves them well...go figure...
  12. Island Bro

    The Saban 2/23/19

    Nice work Scotty...you've been subjected to an incredible run of music!! Inspiring to see ya out there hitting it hard. 😎
  13. Island Bro

    I want to hear this

    Love the idea of Bill Walton taking care of that intro...would be very classy...he puts out such a great vibe
  14. Island Bro

    SF # 1

    Wow looks like the Warf got a total beauty there...have fun tonight!
  15. Island Bro


    That was the most psychedlic bucket o' clams I've been packed in to in quite some time.... Salt of the earth, all the way 😜