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  1. "Strangers stopping strangers just to shake their hand..." Oh wait...that was the old days,, before the virus
  2. Obviously it wouldn’t be the same as going to a live show at a theater... But if I was a vegetarian, I would still enjoy a veggie burger...
  3. That is a great idea! Not only for DSO, but for other musicians during this time...a way for people to enjoy some 'live' music while stuck at home,, and a way for musicians to be able to make a few dollars during this time of hardship... The handful of live stream shows that I've watched, DSO, and other bands,,,have been a really cool experience to be able to connect with the music in the moment,,from home.
  4. Or perhaps this is the kind of catalyst that helps an entire society, including at government level, reflect and come to realize that actually taking care of its people is the numero uno thing to be putting time, energy, and money towards...vs. the other ways that our federal dollars have been prioritized and spent for not so wholesome purposes for many many decades. Amazing opportunity for us, even as a species as a whole to fully evolve into the mammalian portion of our brain oriented toward caring for one another and our home vs our fight or flight fear based tendencies... Can't help it,,,I'm a dreamer...always intrigued by unusual moments that might be able to help shift consciousness for the better...this virus actually feels like it has that potential despite (or perhaps, because of) the great hardship it will cause for so many.
  5. Oh...life outside of DSO shows?!? 🤪
  6. For DSO? I don't see any info for fall ...?
  7. I'd guess possibly back to somewhat normal by May but surely by summer... Fear overtaking a populace always makes for strange times, justified or not. At least, in this case, the "enemy" is not a person, group of people, country, or idealogy... Although I'm sure this sets up big pharmaceuticals for tremendous profits... It's in time like these that Old Uncle John used to say,,"stay healthy, continue to enjoy life, and smile on your brother...And for Pete's Sake,,,stop licking door knobs!!"
  8. Well I will certainly explore the notion since the Colorado dates are quite tricky for me,,right up against Oregon Country Faire,,, Now let's see...Black Mountain is actually east of the Rockies,,right??
  9. Ahhh ,,,Finally some clarity has arrived... Ampitheater run in Colorado looking pretty tasty
  10. I bet there are a handful of good stories around here regarding cell phone loss or disasters.... Talked to a friend last night who literally had his fall into the toilet...He mentioned that after I shared that on Friday eve of this weekend, I was out on my driveway about to get in the car and go commune with the sunset at the beach and I was scrambling around,,moving some rolls of fencing around out of the way just before I got in the car and split...little did I know that as I was doing so, my cell phone jumped out of my coat pocket and onto the driveway and it turns out ( I discovered when I returned...) that I ran over that sucker on my way out...crunched the hell out of it...totally toast. Moral of the story is that,,while it has been a significant inconvenience suddenly losing my phone access (with nothing backed up in my limited tech capacities..),,,I gotta admit,,,there's part of me that is thoroughly enjoying going old school and having no ability to text in or out for a handful of days.... I appreciate these useful tools,,,but......it's also nice to get some space from that particular tool.... 😜
  11. Recorded from upper balcony... Looking forward to listening to this soon!
  12. Surely there are a few '74's that they haven't done before...??
  13. Dig the 4-pack filler... And dang you got the high time beauty 😊
  14. Took a while for Althea to show up on this tour....and wow, To Lay Me Down Looks like a beauty
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