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  1. 11/16 State Theatre - Portland

    That's lookin like a real beauty for sure...lots of diversity
  2. 20 years of DSO--statistics

    Thanks Tea,,,I haven't listened to that Japan show in a while but that NFA intro jam kicks ass and I've used that with buddies as a "hey man what year do you think this is?" Implying a GD show and they are always like "no way!!" When you tell them 2011 DSO
  3. 20 years of DSO--statistics

    I'm also noting that hey are coming up quick on playing their 60,000th song (Jesus fuck!!) That is worth tracking--would be fun to be there for 60,000th song... maybe be that would line up around New Years shows or would that likely hit a bit sooner...? sometimes being a statistic geek and a deadhead are a Heckuva combo...😆
  4. 20 years of DSO--statistics

    South Dakota...hmmm...that could be fun to go stir things up there some time to get it checked off the list... And Hawaii...yes please 😎😎😎😎
  5. 20 years of DSO--statistics

    At the Albany show they passed out laminates to everyone that had some cool info... These are pretty epic numbers: As of 11/11/17: 59,759 songs 2,732 shows 389 Cities 48 states 20 years 7 countries my question is what are the two states not played? I remember when they played Alaska....Hawaii maybe?? And?? 7 countries is impressive too,,,but all these are mind blowing numbers!!
  6. Broken Forum!

    Well this is obviously a good reminder for all of us to send Ron some $ to keep us all going. I know I'm overdue to contribute and I also know every amount helps... C'mon folks let's not let Ron pay that $70 out of his pocket... The dude is constantly working behind the scenes for the good of the whole so that we can have a place to hang out. Most of us have met so many wonderful people because of these forums and that is worth more than any amount of gold!
  7. Sunday Peekskill show

    So I don't even know if a review thread was started for this show before that part of the forums went down but I gotta say something and we can move into the review area when Ron gets it back on line. What a special night! For me, the amount of space and vibe was reminiscent of a few runs at the Capitol Theater in Olympia, WA going back 10 years or so. It was like every man, woman, and child was issued 20 acres and a mule upon entry. Surely not ideal from a business standpoint but a truly memorable evening especially for those who love abundant space to dance--even right up on the rail! And in terms of the music produced on Sunday eve,,,all I can say about it right now (and about the entire weekend really) is that there IS a fountain that was not made by the hands of man thank you
  8. Broken Forum!

    Thanks Ron,,,hang in there,,sounds a little complicated but you are da man!
  9. Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

  10. Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

    Shit dude!!
  11. Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

    Evening ferry to mainland, drive to Seattle for tonight and board plane at 8am tomorrow morn... zing zang zoom (as the teach used to say)
  12. TIGDH

    Okay Now I finally understand what the title of this thread stands for...some of us are a little slow around here
  13. Sounded so Sweet

    And Weather Report Suite
  14. Sounded so Sweet

    Yes to Crazy Fingers for sure. Row Jimmy High Time St Stephen Easy Wind Vola Lee and the list goes on and on and on
  15. Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

    I hear the restaurant at the Hilton is focused on fresh local foods and that the rodent stew is tough to beat...