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  1. Well I hear ya, but I gotta admit I'm a total '76 slut and just love the flavor of that June run,,fresh in off the hiatus. '76 is one of my favs ,,,the drippy St. Stephens, the return of Cosmic Charlie, Mission in the Rain!, Donna at the top of her game,,,fresh crazy fingers....I find it all tasty gravy.
  2. I'll second that emotion... Have a kick-ass show tonight John
  3. Thanks for keeping us rolling Ron,,donation coming this weekend... Where would we be without you!?!
  4. Island Bro

    Chico 2/13/20

    Glad to know the sun's a shinin' somewhere!! Looks like a fantastic'93 experience!
  5. Yes and ejective it was😋 Promised Land, They Love Each Other, Big Boss Man, Bird Song, You Ain't Woman Enough, Easy Wind, Big River, Loose Lucy, Big Boy Pete, Box Cumberland, Ship of Fools, Mexicali, Sing Your Blues Away, Around Around, Cryptical-Otger One-Cryptical, Eyes, Dew, Johnny B Goode, Brokedown Palace Joint was jumpin,,,dang,,love a small town mid- weeker 🌹
  6. Island Bro

    Bend, OR - 2/10/20

    Fixed seating? Dancing happen? Looks like a very special and unique night. See ya in Ashland tonight
  7. Such a set up for a memorable eve; DSO in Eugene on a Saturday night with a full moon....ahhhhhh One of the few (only?) shows I've caught where I was at the original...Cal Expo seemed so intimate back then...!
  8. Scarlet-fire = the beast HAS RISEN.... absolutely sublime 2nd set beauty I love this entire scenario
  9. Hang in there...come in for a safe landing and a sweet launch
  10. 10/2/77 Paramount Theater, Portland, Or Filler: Wild Thing DSO,,,you make everything, groovy
  11. Island Bro

    Seattle - 2/6/20

    Wowzer Feel as if I've already been to at least two shows after that one. Freakishly strong elective... Bucking bronco let outta the gate!
  12. Rahdjer is a pretty kinky cat from what I hear...
  13. And the rain keeps playing on... 🌧️
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