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  1. Such a fun and shamanic night! Thanks to you and weather command and everyone else for helping to pull it up from the depths....ahhhhhh
  2. Magic moonlit night and then like Hardpan said,,,first raindrops falling seconds after white rabbit...full on deluge about 5 mins later...thunder, lightning,,,energy...wow what beauty
  3. Epic night...I loved loved loved it... Hey Jude and Morning Dew sublime beauty... So fun to celebrate Mangos 400th,, surfing the stratosphere gratitude 💜
  4. My oh my Thoroughly enjoyed that thick brew of alligator wine served up by the band all the way through.. 😄
  5. Actually if you log into Eventbrite then you can print your Boulder tix,,,I was able to anyway. i am old school ticket in hand kinda guy...can't stand being dependent on the phone functioning properly to get into a show,,or depending on me to operate the thing correctly to pull up my tix at entry...just too much pressure for a fellow like me...
  6. Feelin' ya Rick. Peace to you and your mom. Sending Love 💜
  7. Oooh eeee, I like the looks of that show... Cool to see Rosemary being brought up and out of hiding... 🌹
  8. Clearly,, things are getting looser and looser at the jubilee site... 😎
  9. Good lookin weekend you got rolling out there!
  10. Hey right on Dino...happy 20th!! We are all so stoked that you landed in that seat 20 years ago and have kept us moving and shaking so hard ever since! Huge thanks to you for your deadication to bringing such high vibe music every night and all that you bring to this beautiful and crazy musical Renaissance... Its such a comfort to have you you back there beating on those skins!! 😀🤘🏻
  11. Island Bro

    Jazz fest

    Thanks for the reports from Down there Rude,,filter disabling and all 😉 Sounds like a hell of a marathon of music All the best to ya on sharpening back up and re-entry into home life,, 😎
  12. Island Bro


    Ahhh and you got Crazy Fingers...
  13. Great to hear from ya Sunny,,, You really know how to put words together and it is a pleasure to read them,,, and the river keeps on flowing. Peace brother
  14. And thanks Dino for taking on the role of show choices for each town for the tours now... Big thanks to Eaton for doing for so many years... That ain't no easy chess board to figure out and must take many hours of head scratching to get it honed in!
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