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  1. Island Bro

    Red Rocks 7-8-18

    Absolutely EPIC. Everything about this night illuminated all the beauty that the Grateful Dead and DSO experience have to offer. So much emotion throughout. thank you kindly
  2. Island Bro

    Red Rocks 2018

    A band beyond description...
  3. Island Bro

    Red Rocks 2018

    Forecast looks like it will be HOT. Dang I'm seeing 97 for Denver on Sunday. At least we will be on a steep East facing slope by early evening and hopefully cooling off a bit by show time...
  4. Island Bro

    Berkeley Night 2

    That's a very classy choice DSO made (wish I'd thought of that!) Play 'Em back to back with a week and some miles in between,,give the Bay Area some red rocks juju for those who don't make the trek to Colorado, and the band gets in the '78 groove in prep for their big gig in a week...I totally dig it! great way to round out the Cali shows🌋
  5. Island Bro

    Red Rocks 2018

    +1! 😃
  6. Island Bro

    Ojai, CA

    Damn...must've been a complete shock to the core to get that info so disturbingly late in the game,,,but cool to hear that people still thoroughly enjoyed the night...
  7. Island Bro

    2018 - Grateful Dead Meet Up at the Movies

    Seems like a good way to celebrate Jerry's 76th bday.🌹
  8. Island Bro

    Red Rocks 2018

    Hey MC or anyone else who's spent time at red rocks,,,are there open flat areas for spreading our wings for dancing there? The photos and video I've seen make it look intensely steep to the point of yipes. But what's it really like there for dancing areas?? I assume it's all concrete surface...?
  9. Island Bro

    Jubilee 2018

    Hey what was the dance floor report....are people still bringing rugs to dance on? Or maybe the stage area isn't as quite as chunky gravel as it used to be?
  10. Island Bro

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    Potential sleep deprivation around here....😉
  11. Island Bro

    Julbilee 2 5/26/18

    Thanks,,that's heavy duty,,,I'd say they are ready to roll it out all the way with Lisa on the vocals...
  12. Island Bro

    Julbilee 2 5/26/18

    And so it sounds like No Quarter was just the music or did they sing it as well?? Such an intense an HEAVY song...would have loved to have caught that bust out...surely everyone was like, wait what the heck is THIS?!
  13. Island Bro

    Julbilee 2 5/26/18

    Man you know it was a hell of a good show when it takes this many peeps to piece it back together...I love it!
  14. Island Bro

    Buffalo 5/22/18

    Wow,,that there's a beauty
  15. Island Bro

    Jubilee 2018 Roll Call

    everybody drive safe and have a BLAST this weekend!! Wish I could be there boogieing and hanging with y'all.... just soak up all the great vibes, smiles, kindness, and laughter and bathe when you can... 💜😎💃🏻🌹