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Found 5 results

  1. LangeradoSoul

    Jubilee 2018 Roll Call

    It's a really busy time of year. I'm ready for the jubilee. Who's ready? I'm in-looking forward to dancing with everyone.
  2. Hi - my wife and I will plan on attending the DSJ in 2018 for the first time and had some questions...we are bringing a small RV and are trying to decide on GA vs. VIP and the trade-offs/benefits of each. any help is greatly appreciated. Since there is no layout/map on DSO's site and Legend Valley does not have a site...figured some past attendees can offer up advice and help me make a decision. My wife has a bad knee and wants to be close to RV and short waking distance to a real bathroom. Is VIP camping/RV far from stage to make easy trips back/forth? Are VIP bathrooms/showers located near stage or are they only near VIP camp area? What amenities/setup does VIP lounge have? Is GA RV that much different than VIP RV? Are the lines super long to enter venue on Friday that would make VIP worth the extra $$? Can you have campfire in RV area? Assuming no hookups, power for RV, just an area of grass to park? It would be nice if this info was on DSJ site.
  3. crazy digits

    Meet you at the Jubilee?

    Ok, roll call. Please let us know if you are meeting at the Jubilee? Ok to note any friends that don't do the forums thing. Looking forward to seeing you all there. Please know that the fun police will be there in full patrol. If you're not having fun, they will bring that wagon round..... 1. Weather Command
  4. Nothing2fancy

    Jubilee Stream

    I was Interested in finding live streams of the festival. Audio or video. I saw Yahoo is streaming DSO on Sunday. Is it possible to find streams of other sets?