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  1. Big Mike 33

  2. 08/06/17 Portland, ME

    My group was on that 89 spring tour but decided not to go to the Igloo We were pissed. Rob Eaton is masterful with his archivist activities that support DSO. My hero.
  3. 08/05/17 Jay, VT

    Desert Dead...Thanks Brother I only wish I could describe the closed eye visuals that accompanied this... Always intense to thread the eye of the needle..... Seminal experience on top of the mountain One can see far and wide...and then some
  4. 08/05/17 Jay, VT

    Face melter extraordinaire. When my generation got into the Dead in the early 80's....we had bootlegs of only certain years available. 70-71, 73, 77. This is due to the release of the Betty Boards... The band took me in a time machine last night to 2-13-70 Fillmore East, one of the first bootlegs ever...melting Dark Star...almost poetic....cryptical was fantastic, other one ripped and shredded reality, cosmic charlie summed up the nights experience but the extra face melt came in 2nd half of Viola Lee Blues. The crescendo of this jam sent sparks of electricity shooting through the universe. Some of us up close were pleasantly electrified to last us a good week or so. I was wearing the vintage blue Bill Walton jersey from 1984 Clippers squad which commemorates my first Dead show 10-20-84 in the Carrier Dome, Syracuse..... First set kicked into gear during Passenger with the lovely Lisa belting it out unifying both band and audience for the adventure that followed. Vermonters know how to get down....facilitated by this great band beyond description..DSO.