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  1. GratefulFred


  2. GratefulFred

    Jam in the Sand 2013

    Yeah, the timing may be tough for many. But the timing was also perfect for a lot of us in that many people left a yucky, cold, snowbound reality to arrive in Jamaica. Some of us were getting pretty fed up with enduring wintertime. Although the weather could have cooperated a little more, it was still a pretty amazing break.........
  3. GratefulFred

    Jam in the Sand 2013

    Yes. There is apparently now a new verb. Fredding=Dong something that you know is a bad idea and will be very bad for you, but you're gonna do it anyway. I did some Fredding in Jamaica, for sure. And I brung some sunglasses.
  4. GratefulFred

    Jam in the Sand 2013

    Wow. Just wow. Great place. (I've never seen anything like it!) Great music. (Dancing in the sand can be rough!) Everybody was so happy and so kind and so outgoing. It was worth every bit of what it took to get there!
  5. GratefulFred

    Worst Gd Song Ever?

    Picasso Moon.
  6. ......is still sending lots of heady vibes out to Taper Ron.

  7. GratefulFred

    Stuff That's Dead

    Dead things
  8. GratefulFred

    cool GD tattoo

    Dig it! It's rare to see a decent tie dye tattoo. (I got me some pretty groovy GD tats, too.)
  9. once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest places if you look at it right!~