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  1. Watched some of one of their shows together and thought they sounded great!!
  2. Mission Ballroom is a new venue in Denver and holds around 4700 I think. I wonder if they will do a few nights front range run leading up to a mission show? A return to Mishawaka this summer would be amazing too!!
  3. Any rumored dates or hints for Colorado??
  4. Why wouldnt there be Redrocks this year? Best venue in the country from my perspective. Loved both shows there. The only downside (if you can call it a downside) is that with it being such a big venue with lots of ticket sales needed, it has resulted in being the only time DSO comes around to CO in that given year. If they revert back to playing at various times of the year in smaller venues for a bit thats cool too. Just want some 2020 DSO!!! Cheers, Chris
  5. Hi Everyone, Anyone have any rumors or speculation about a Redrocks 2020 show or any 2020 Colorado? Cheers and happy holidays! Chris
  6. cbtrtbum

    Red Rocks 9/8/19

    Last night was amazing! Thank you DSO for another great show!! Had a blast all weekend.
  7. Hi Eeryone, So stoked for this weekend! Has anyone received any information about where/when for the Good Lovin VIP upgrade for Redrocks? I have not received any info and am wondering. Thanks very much! Also, I have an extra Saturday Boulder ticket for sale if anyone needs one. I assume they are transferable. Cheers, Chris
  8. Do you all think that they Boulder setlists will be Redrocks 9/6-7/83 or do you think they will mix it up?
  9. did it! Purchased 3 day passes for my wife and I!! Cheers, Chris
  10. So far... Set 1 Dont ease me in BIODTL Jack-a-roe Little Red Rooster Cold Rain and Snow Mama Tried Mexicali Althea Looks Like Rain Greatest Story Set 2 China Cat Rider Samson
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