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  1. Yes the whole Lotta tease... Thought I imagined that.. They seemed to be enjoying themselves
  2. Thank you, I posted that late last night and knew I forgot one thing.. TeacherMatt, you live up to your name😀
  3. Set 1 Promised Land They Love Each Other Passenger Dear Prudence Lazy Lightning Supplication Broken Arrow Bird Song Sunrise Music Never Stopped Set 2 Shakedown Samson and Delilah Terrapin Playing>D/S King Solomon's Marbles The Other One Black Peter Playing Reprise *Encore That's What Love Will Make You Do .....ridiculous energy, tight jams, Extreme pleasure. Lisa was excellent, per usual and wish I remembered the name of the second vocalist who sat in on Prudence, really took it to next level status.
  4. So I missed the St. Stephen I was hoping for tonight at HOB, and Viola.. And Blow Away..but I can't wait to see what magic happens tonight!
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