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  1. Not sure how this board feels about YMSB and Jeff Austin but he went down a kinda bad road recently. His substance struggles continued and seems like he was pretty depressed, but he’s a great musician. I just wanted to share this Rubin and Cherise cover with you guys because it’s very beautiful: https://archive.org/details/ymsb2002-06-30main.shnf/ymsb2002-06-30d2/ymsb2002-06-30d2t03.shn
  2. ^ also, ‘Rude’. The Joel osteen quote you linked is directly referring to your namesake on this board. It’s actually not a bad quote, but Joel Osteen is a scummy evangelist. you should send him this quote: ”Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue with that; I'm right and I will be proved right. We're more popular than Jesus now; I don't know which will go first - rock and roll or Christianity.” John Lennon was probably correct In his uncertainty about longevity, but rock and roll shouldn’t die anytime too soon.
  3. Also, you do realize you linked a Joel Osteen quote? And also you’re trying to barrage a music fan in the name of ‘sports escape’. You’re mentality is quite confusing to me right now.
  4. Dude I’m not honestly sure if your post is directed at me, but you did mention something about the phish link, so maybe it is?... because I linked phish. Either way I don’t hate dead and co, in fact John Mayer crushed last night on ‘to lay me down’. He played steel guitar and Bobby did vocals (thank god they didn’t let John Mayer sing that song). Either way I just want you to be rest assured there’s no malice or hate here for any band making real music, I just thought it was awful cool Phish played Gloria in st Louis on the night they got the Stanley. Also, if you’re a stones fan, that loving cup is pretty sweet too.
  5. I know probably not many phish fans on here but they played Gloria during their St. Louis show this week the night they won. Pretty cool on them:
  6. So, i decided to check Little Feat as they were in Asheville this past Wednesday. If they’re coming to a town near you as they wrap up this tour it’s totally worth checking out. Warren Haynes even joined them for the last few songs of the show. I was quite blown away by these old dudes, they can still play their instruments very well.
  7. Yeah, I definitely do not expect them to sound like they do on Waiting for Columbus.
  8. Yeah, that’s what I’m leaning towards Dead Duck... it’s cheap enough. Mainly wondering about how the crowd is? It’s at an auditorium that could go both ways (quiet/seated or standing/dancing). Didn’t know if the Littlefeat crowd gets down and dances or not.
  9. Thinking about catching a Littlefeat show on their winter tour when the stop in Asheville. Has anyone seen them? I’m way to young to have seen them before ‘79 when Lowell George was still around and obviously I don’t expect a whole lot from Bill Payne and the other older guys that are left. Does anyone have experience seeing them lately?
  10. Spot on. I think The Rolling Stones are equally as important as the Beatles and as you said certainly more accomplished. I certainly enjoy them more... but I also would enjoy 30+ other bands more than the Beatles. I think you should go see them if it’s in your realm of possibilities.
  11. I saw the stones on their last US tour in Raleigh. It was incredible. They still rock and have energy. Keith can still shred. I would highly reccommend it if you haven’t seen them before.
  12. Poor_Sue

    NFL 2018

    Cowboys are your next SB champion. They’ve got their shit together. Solid offense and defense. I’m not a fan of the cowboys, I grew up a 49ers fan (Jerry sung the national anthem for them after all) and I’m now a Carolina fan since the Carolinas have actually had a team. Anyway, sounds like you’re a cowboys fan, so congrats on completely turning around your season and top 3 contender for a championship this year.
  13. Well how and what can I donate to be a part of this?
  14. Taper Ron, I actually have found a fondness of you and don’t want strife with you, but some discourse. By by the way, the snow looks beautiful where you live and glad you’re getting to enjoy it. I actually have lurked on this board for years, never posting, but felt I had to say something finally as members were discrediting younger people “touch-heads” and phish fans... so... as one of these people I had to step up and at least get my opinion in. Maybe others had the same reaction and you’re now blocking their opinions from your website? Im not exactly sure what pays the bills for this forum, but I do know a few things and one of those things are attention/traffic (good or bad) = an opportunity to monetize. Ive noticed in only a couple of days here you have a nice user interface and good amount of traffic. Good people too. Why not invite others with different opinions and sell more ad space?
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