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  1. Aaron. Mango! Aaron!! Got it. Hey man, how are you and your whole tribe doing?? Great I hope! I should have guessed you'd be here, the person who introduced me to you told me that you have been to a heroic number of DSO shows! You lucky son a gun. My animal dance guide? Oh wow, leave it to you to ask me a heavy question like that. I dunno, I'll have to ponder this one... What leaps and spins and twirls and dances in absolute Perfect flow ( lol ya right!! but in my head, eh? sometimes I think I need a "wide berth" sign taped to my back ) to the communal energy & music? A dosed kangaroo?? BTW, you know those sparkly little mirrors you guys bestowed on me? So they were falling off of my arm due to the sweat so I stuck a strip on each shirt sleeve. Perfect, right? Problem solved. Made me feel happy and part of the group, yay! All was wondrous in the show, haha! Then, after a nice post show cool down with some folks I needed to drive back to Ct. All sweaty, I tossed that shirt off into the truck and put on a dry one for the ride home. Said to myself, self, be sure to take them off that shirt when you get home. Where am I going with this long winded story? I'll tell you. Arrived home at 4 am. Crashed in bed. Next day, let's wash the run of show clothes. Into the washer. Into the dryer. Dumped them on the bed, well what do you know one little mirror piece is glinting back at me. Un huh, forgot to take them off the shirt. Nice. Looked around, all I could find was the one on the bed, checked the washer & dryer, nothing. Here's the punch line- for the next week, every load of clothes brought forth one or two more little squares. On the bed, on the floor, it was really neat how they were seemingly everywhere. It would have simply been comical if I weren't living in fear all week of me or worse, my innocent fiance putting on a pair of underpants or socks and finding a nice sharp surprise!
  2. stdilbert- hey man, I think I met you Sat night in Madison. Dave introduced me to a taper behind the soundboard and as you are the only taper I saw I am assuming it was you. We also talked after the show as you were breaking down, you told me about your stealth Robert Plant taping? If this was you, I wanted to give you a shout out for your taping service and again say thanks for doing what you do. I want to hit up the archive and give that wind up into the Other One sandwich a relisten. Man that one was freakin' intense. I love those slow teases and builds that then, finally, explode! PS. Watch out for silly girls who bump the stand! On that 21 song 1st set at the Pabst. Wow, I never take a timepiece into a show and you know how time sorta bends and distorts when you're caught up in the moment? That first set messed with my head, I thought it was never gonna end. The music was liquid fire this night, it was so sweet. Rude's right, the theater was gorgeous. I've been to a lot of grand old theaters before but this one was a work of art, not what I expected for Milwaukee at all. Stellar sound, even up top. And I'll also second what Rude said about the crowd, they were stoked and the entire place was rocking start to finish. Like it show be at a show, but isn't always... it's the kind of place you want to make a point of going back to if ya can, or to to go to if ya haven't. um, that was supposed to be Like it *should* be at a show.
  3. Mason- Yup, I do. I didn't get the pleasure to talk to you or your wife that night but I do remember you guys and your kids- kids & strollers stand out:) Think I saw you & the family the night before in AC; again, due to kids. Next time I see ya I'll introduce myself to you & give everyone hugs. I actually danced with your daughter for a quick bit, then she kept coming back at me with little girl scrunchie faces lol! She was totally adorable.
  4. Rude- pm sent successfully back:) Doc- thanks for the welcome! Hardpan- omg, I do remember you & your brother from Asbury because you were the only guys I saw from Ct that night, and if I recall correctly you live like literally a few towns away from me. I'm the guy that spins a lot and who played water boy that night at setbreak & post show lol. You also hang with the Inspiration crew right? Ah, Ashbury, we had that Huge 2nd set hoedown behind the soundboard with a great dance group, big fun! Glad to see you here man. Unfortunately I will be away the entire 3 weeks of NE fall tour ( was booked b4 I stepped back into music, literally leaving two days before they hit the Calvin ) but will be around for Columbus & Pittsburgh as well as the 4 night NYE run. If I can drag my butt back in time from PA I was wanting to hit up JK & Melvin Seals at Toads that Sun night but it is an early start time for a show there so not sure but wow he would be a great fit with Melvin and those Jerry tunes... anyhow, look forward to dancin with ya again down the road, and thanks for sayin hi~
  5. Hey Rude, I just tried to pm you but it says you don't receive pms... I don't know if I need a certain amount of posts to send a pm but I wanted to touch base with you about Columbus.
  6. Hi all - I'm Jon, from Connecticut. I met Rude over the weekend and he invited me to come down and join the board so while I'm sitting here in the airport making my way home from this mini run I thought I'd do just that. The very first thing I'd like to declare is something I'm sure so many of you already know, and that is Rude is not only an awesome guy but he is Extremely Generous. I got hang with him both while the music was playing and after and some of the things he did to spread love and positivity on a very personal level just made me say wow! He also told me there were a lot of fine folks here and that the board was one of positivity and light. I hope to meet many more of ya as it seems to me that the DSO family is a warm and loving one. After a lot of years and so many shows things reached a boiling point for me and I had to make some life changes, which also involved a live music hiatus. This summer when I was finally ready to jump back in I elected for DSO and when I got to my first show, saw & felt the scene and heard the music I just knew I was home. P.S. I love to dance~
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