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The Rave on 2002-01-26

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Yeah, sure this show is over 4 years old, and it's a '93 show they're performing. Notwithstanding your feelings about the 90s or about Corinna or whatever, this show is a real fine example of DSO melting your face.

The Help>Slip>Frank opener is very good. Not nearly the way-out-there version that you sometimes get from DSO, but competent solid and effective.

Then they turn up the heat.

"Same Thing" has a piano run from Scott that is crystal clear in the mix and has lots of cool Scott tricks in it and almost made me cry.

Jack-A-Roe cooks hotter and harder than usual with a real nice rid from JK and more great piano sneaking around the melodies.

Queen Jane, while more relaxed on its face, turns up the heat even furthur. By the end I find myself clicking on "DSO Fora" to come and tell you all about this show.

BE Women cooks, and Picasso Moon is pretty much a tour-de-force. First ever I've heard DSO play that. Hoping for a live rendition. I think JitD would be a good place for that, even though it's more Van Gogh country than Picasso.

Can't wait for 2nd set. Yum.


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Guest captain420

Dave, I agree with you on Picasso Moon, that they need to bust that one back out.....10/16/89 hot picasso/hot show.

but, it is, CorRina.....Corrrreeeeennnaaaaaaaaa, shake it up NOW! (actually listening to Corrina RIGHT NOW.. 4-6-06 - DALLAS -> SICKest Corrina) 8)

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