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  1. Bizarro thread: Dead song you do not really like

    Great thread: I'm with Chuck Eyes has never been my favorite tune to frame a Second Set. Similarly Playing in the Band as the Second Set Feature. Having said that I still dig it, its not like I have to go out in the lobby. Fire also I like but the groove but jam often is predictable. Other songs I am not enamored with: Rooster - Ugh Mnglewood - Double Ugh Johnny B. Goode - Sacroligous as I am from the STL, but the song is such a part of the DNA in these parts I always felt jipped if the Dead did that for an encore. Diamond Dupree's - Love the Song but it is always is a struggle live...Tough to get a live groove on that diddy All Brent Tunes except - Tons of Steel, Blow Away and We Can Run (Sorry folks) Note to Desert* - Half Step? Come On Man! - My favorite Dead Song ever along with China Doll and High Time
  2. Dead & Co. - Fall Tour 2017

    Keith was a freaking genius. Easily my favorite Piano player with the Grateful Dead and I don't think its close. But to each his own, As to the whole Dead and Company thing. I like them. It's a fun time but it matters little to me who is playing guitar. It's all about ACE and I go to see Weir every single chance I get. He is late 20th and early 21 Century musical integrity defined. He, most of all has channeled Garcia and kept the legacy afloat thoughtfully. The best concert I saw in 2016 (and I see alot of shows) was his show at the Chicago Theater in support of Blue Mountan..Ironically many of these songs would fit just as nicely with a Garcia lead vocals and my opinion the whole album is a lyrical masterpiece and a few of these cuts would fit very comfortably on any Dead Album from American Beauty forward. No, no one can replace Jerry Garcia he was a force of nature. But wake up people no one can replace Bob Weir either. I just don't think some people realize how impactful it will be when Ace leaves the building. He has earned it honest.
  3. Dead & Co. Summer Tour 2017

    Ace IS the Real Deal People! Since 1963. It's all about Bob! Mayer is great but does it really matter that much who is playing guitar as long as they can play. I mean really. Weir is really really Important as it relates to the history of American Music. And stop trashing Mickey Hart for cripes sake! What did he ever do to you? He is doing just fine as is the entire low end on this Tour.. And making sweeping assertions baseed on Nugs TV is just flat out stupid. Carry on.....
  4. Muddy Waters

  5. Dead & Co. Summer Tour 2017

    You got it all figured out Bro. Keep on keeping on. But just for fun throw in some Count Basie, Uncle Tupelo, Bach, Django, Beach Boys, Buddy Holly, Muddy Waters (me) and Taylor Swift. Nice to mix things up every now and then!
  6. Dead & Co. Summer Tour 2017

    Huh? Hah ..Hah well there is hot take. Bobby is not connected to Mayer like he was to Garcia in 1974? Ya think? And you saw the Dead once in 95? NO disrespect but you totally missed my point. I was not comparing Mayer to Garcia (doing my best Chris Carter imitation - Come on Man!) or Mattson to Garcia for that matter. Or Mattson to Mayer. To me that's ridiculous everyone at this level is stupid good lets be honest. And no one compares to Garcia i think we all can agree with that. My point simply was that for me it is Weir that has been the most important vehicle that has carried Garcias legacy and muse forward through his own spirit, his musical IQ, his nuance, his sense of humor and his epic American musical journey which has kept him in the game headlining stadiums still playing Garcia's music 22 years after the big guy checked out. It is Weir that conveys the emotional Jerry best of all because Garcia will always be more an integral part of Weirs musical DNA than Garcia could be a part of any other musician with the exception of maybe the other core 3, and Keith and Brent and Pigpen. And to be clear I'm not talking about his specific take on Days Between or Brokedown Palace. I'm talking about the Whole Thing that we all love. Just one guys opinion.
  7. Dead & Co. Summer Tour 2017

    I'm with Desert Dead on this topic. I have caught two Dead and Company shows one from each of the first Two Tours (St. Louis and Alpine Valley). I will be at Wrigley for the Tour Finale. Not that I need to reference Dead bonafides but Im close to double Nickles in age and first caught the Dead 6 times in 1978 at the Uptown when I was 15. Seen it all in every incarnation since that time including the Fare Thee Well Finale Sunday at Soldier Field with Trey which was a Swiss Watch Perfect event. And also I love DSO. Have to say Mayer is damn good and it is clear its not just a paycheck for him. He digs the music and the guy just flat out smokes on lead guitar. And here is the single biggest thing it's Bob Weir People! To me Weir is the most important American Troubadour out there. Did you all not see the Dead Documentary? With the exception of Bob Dylan (and Weir is far superior to him in a live music setting these days) Weir in my opinion is the most important figure in American Music still standing and clearly has the most street cred as it relates to the Garcia legacy. I respect those that feel that DSO is a closer reflection of the Garcia ethos. Has he lost a step? Maybe but I'm not so sure. The best show I saw in 2016 was his Solo tour at the Chicago Theater is was flat our brilliant. To me, since Garcia has died it has always been Weir that has carried the most important torch, and until that has been extinguished I'm all in.
  8. The Cap

    You are correct sir! Dekalb! I saw 6 shows at the Uptown in 1978 and they were all fantastic, but Dekalb was ridiculous. Dekalb is Tied for first with me along with Missoula Montana 74. That 74 Spring Northwest Tour was sick.
  9. St Louis

    Good news about the Balcony. Absolutely not to The Family Arena. St. Charles County is a bad dream (lol)
  10. St Louis

    It is beyond ridiculous that the venue does not open the Balcony for DSO's obligatory once a year stop in St. Louis. Its been that way for a few years. It's Asses to elbows and makes for a very uncomfortable concert going experience. My crew and I skipped it this year for the first time ever. Going forward I will just travel somewhere to see the band..
  11. West Coast Tour dates - Feb 2017

    No need to delete your post at all. Freedom of expression is where its at man. I get that you thought I was banging the band a bit and you were coming to their defense. That's an admirable trait to have. And my words may have implied I was withdrawing support. They certainly could have been construed that way. But I did not. I was just having a moment and coming to the defense of musical fans and musicians from a place I love. St. Louis Missouri. That's the whole Enchilada.
  12. West Coast Tour dates - Feb 2017

    You are totally fucking off base man. Learn to be grateful for what you get. Many people have to travel many miles just to catch their one or two shows. You can't take shit personal that the band can't play next door for you every tour. This is business. This isn't about you. Thanks for the lecture. But If I need any Counsel it's not from you brother, not to mention you have no idea what you are talking about. A couple points here. First, I have seen DSO in among other places Dallas, Baltimore, Chicago, Springfield, Des Moines, Austin so I have traveled many miles to see DSO. Second I am entitled to to voice an opinion as a fan of the band for many years and who has bought their merchandise, music and tickets to their shows as to what I think about certain aspects of their touring schedule. If I think that it kind of sucks that DSO plays 15 shows in a calendar year in New York State and only 1 show over and 18 month period in a City where two of the band players live (one now) and one of their crew, I'm allowed to say it. Period. I understand it's a business but being an anti capitalist I am not emotionally moved by that argument. From a pragmatic stand point I get it of course. Finally I think it's great that a member of the Band weighed in. My only point to that is that making a statement like "Well St. Louis does not support the Band" is a bit inflammatory and could have been stated better to emphasize the box office aspect of the Band's point or angle. Personally me and my group of 10 or so friends have not missed a show since our first one at Mississippi NIght in 1997 I believe with MIke Maratt in the Bobby roll, nor will we going forward. If that is not support I'm not sure what is. If its Lemming behavior your looking for however you won't find it here.
  13. West Coast Tour dates - Feb 2017

    "Well St. Louis doesn't support the Band" That pretty much answers any remaining questions I had. I can only speak for myself. I did (support the band). At least you addressed it directly. Best of luck.
  14. West Coast Tour dates - Feb 2017

    Just another Dagger for DSO St. Louis Fans (where a few members of the payroll are from).....Don't even get our once a year Freezing cold weekday February show.? So we have to wait 15 Months this time? Here is a thought. Do a two day weekend run at the new Delmar Hall which is close to the Pagaent instead of once a year where the Balcony is closed and we are asses to elbows packed in like sardines. We got skipped during this Summers Midwest Tour with gigs all around us but not US. Rob Koritz and Adcock lack of appreciation for STL is getting ridiculous. Do something. How about an Outdoor show at Jefferson Barracks on the River. Get Creative... Do I sound bitter? (lol) Because I am.
  15. Two Rob's @TXR

    Dr. Barry. You should have listened to your Mama. Phil invites these guys out to his crib and you eviscerate the guy for doing lead vocals on two songs at his own place. It pains me when veterans slam core four guys juxtaposing them in the same context as DSO who are not a touring machine absent Phil Lesh and Bob Weirs existence on the planet and contribution to music. Saw Weir on the Blue Mountain Tour in Chicago on Thursdafy night and it was triumphant. Stop frying to retire guys who are still bringing the heat.