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  1. goganious

    RIP John Perry Barlow

    I've got this list hanging on my fridge. It pretty much says at all. Follow it, and you'll be doing alright. Fare thee well, Mr Barlow. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.
  2. goganious

    Bizarro thread: Dead song you do not really like

    Tennessee Jed. They Love Each Other Could go the rest of my life without hearing those two songs ever again.
  3. goganious

    Matt Reynolds

    Just wanted to add a quick story of Mr Reynolds' kindness. I work front desk at a hotel in Oregon. DSO used to stay with us whenever they came through town. A couple years back, I saw that they were due to arrive and moved a bunch of stuff around in the rooms inventory to make sure they could check in early and get comfortable, knowing they had a show that night to rest up for. As a thank you, Mr Reynolds offered to put my wife and I on the list to get into that night's show. I replied "Thanks, but we've already bought tickets for the next 3 nights' worth of shows". Being a bit of a shameless opportunist, though, my mind flashed to the Chicago show they'd be playing the night before the Fare The Well shows. I asked Mr Reynolds if it would be possible to get on the list for THAT show (even though it was a few months out). Without hesitation, he said yes, jotted some notes into his phone, and gave me his number. A few months later, it was showtime in Chicago, and to be honest, I assumed he had only been humoring me or would have by now forgotten the whole interaction. I texted him and, to my surprise, he responded promptly and knew exactly what I was talking about, confirmed my first and last name with me and my plus one, and told me everything would be taken care of. And sure enough, everything went smoothly. To top it all off, DSO wound up playing the best set of Grateful Dead music I would hear/see all FTW weekend....but that's a story for another day. Anyway...peace, love, and strength to his family and friends. Fare thee well.
  4. goganious

    Portland Saturday....Lisa

    So Friday and Saturday both offered great shows in Portland. I'm sure someone else can fill in the blanks on the setlist and the particulars for Saturday night's show. I am creating this thread for one reason only: To talk about Lisa's rendition of Bob Dylan's "Chimes of Freedom". Wow. Not sure I can muster up the proper diction to describe the power, emotion, relevance, and completeness of Lisa's reading of this song. To hear her sing THOSE words at THIS time in American history, and the way her vocals built and built until the final, bellowing verse...it was an absolute goosebumps/tears kind of moment. And the crowd absolutely knew it and responded so enthusiastically. I have never, in many years of going to DSO shows, EVER seen such a spontaneous outpouring of appreciation from the crowd for ONE song, one singular performance. Even the band seemed a bit taken aback by the voracious and long lasting ovation. There were many great moments, both nights, but that "Chimes of Freedom" is a moment I will never forget. Thank you DSO and thank you Lisa Mackey!
  5. goganious

    Crystal #2

    I feel there's a song missing from set one, but I could be wrong. The "Lonesome" was particularly tasty. Actually, you know what? It was ALL pretty damn tasty. Thanks for another amazing night, DSO!
  6. Mayer's playing does the trick, in my opinion, but his singing is not my favorite. Nor is his personality, though I have to admit he has been nothing but humble, appreciative, and aware during this whole thing.
  7. goganious

    Crystal Ballroom Night 1

    I apologize in advance if this doesn't format correctly. Been having problems with the forums lately. Universal Amphitheater 7/1/73 Mississippi Half Step, Me & My Uncle, Sugaree, The Race is On, Brown Eyed Women, Looks Like Rain, Don't Ease Me In, Big River, China Cat Sunflower-> I Know You Rider, Around & Around. Playin' In The Band, Row Jimmy, El Paso, Loose Lucy, Truckin'-> The Other One-> Wharf Rat-> Me And Bobby McGee, Casey Jones. No encore in the original show, but "Greatest Story Ever Told" with Dino for an encore tonight. Also of note: While Jeff was having technical difficulties before the show started, Eaton asked Barraco to vamp on the keys for a few minutes. Barraco said "And for the first selection for tonight's recital, a piece by Bach"....and sure enough launched into a lovely little snippet. After that, a quick "Stairway to Heaven" tease that rolled directly into "Half Step". Never trust a prankster on April Fool's day. Great set, great energy, great weather. Thank you, DSO, for a real good time! See you all tonight!
  8. goganious

    Showbox Sodo Seattle

    Not sure why all the text runs together like that. I format it well and so forth, but the website seems to just delete all my punctuation and jam everything all together. Weird. Sorry its hard on the eyes.
  9. goganious

    Showbox Sodo Seattle

    March 31st, 1984 San Rafel Alabama Getaway Feel Like a Stranger Dupree's Diamond Blues New Minglewood Blues Dire Wolf Hell In a Bucket Althea Looks Like Rain Deal Scarlet Begonias > Fire On the Mountain He's Gone > Drums/Space> Throwing Stones Not Fade Away E: Its All Over Now, Baby Blue Extra w/ Lisa Mackey: C'est La Vie (You Never Can Tell) Notes: Let's see: The band locked in during Minglewood and never looked back. During the climactic solo to Deal, I noticed that a celebrity was in the house: Kermit THE frog had made it to the show. He was wearing tie-dye and dancing happily. When the solo peaked, his hands flailed about wildly in the air. Cheers to whoever saw fit to bring Kermit to the show. Its good enough to get to dance to live dead music on a Thursday night, but to get to it next to a muppet gettin' his funk on, well... Jeff did some things during Fire on The Mountain that temporarily elevated the entire Showbox Sodo Theater out of the time-space continuum and flew us all to Neptune. Skip's bass turned my organs into jello. Barraco's beatific smile accurately portrayed the transcendent experience we were all sharing. Multi-colored, day-glo weirdos danced and laughed and spun. To top it all of, we got to go home dancing to a Chuck Berry juke box boogie. So, ya know, just another Thursday night with Dark Star Orchestra.
  10. goganious

    Spring Tour West

    Sitting in a hotel room in Seattle as we speak, anxiously awaiting liftoff after a day strolling next to the Puget Sound. A beautiful couple of spring days in the PNW, with flowers blooming, birds singing little songs and then flying off, and bright sun shining through my window. Night 1 of 3, with 2 shows on the bouncing floors of the Crystal Ballroom to follow back home. But first? Tonight's tour kickoff at the Showbox Sodo. All I can think of is this: I couldn't be more thankful, I couldn't be more excited to dance with a bunch of smiling weirdos. I can't imagine my life without this music. I'm glad I don't have to. Thank you Grateful Dead and thank you DSO. Almost time now. Its gonna be a long, long, crazy, crazy night.
  11. goganious

    Spring Tour West

    I don't post too often, but I've been on the DSO bus for about a decade now, and I couldn't possibly be more excited for the upcoming Seattle>Portland>Portland swing. Three shows on three straight nights. Sometimes you just NEED three nights of this stuff. Its good for the soul. Not to mention that one of them just happens to be April Fool's day. Never Trust a prankster! And the Crystal Ballroom floor bouncing up and down? Its gonna be more fun than a frog in a glass of milk! If you see a fella with a big grin and a "Barraco for President '16" shirt, come say hello! See ya there!