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    12/30/07 Count Basie Theater Red Bank, NJ
    05/30/08 State Theater New Brunswick,NJ
    07/11/08 Gov. Isle NYC, NY
    07/30/08 H.O.Blues Atlantic City, NJ
    08/07/08 Bottle & Cork Dewey Beach, DE
    11/22/08 Electric Factory Philly, PA
    11/29/08 Nokia Theater NYC, NY
    12/06/08 Shea Aud. Wayne,NJ
    12/30/08 Welmont Theater Montclair, NJ
    02/20/09 Newport Music Hall Columbus, OH
    05/29/09 Welmont Theater Montclair, NJ
    07/10/09 Hilton Atlantic City, NJ
    07/11/09 Gov. Island NYC, NY
    07/18/09 Vasa Park, NJ
    11/07/09 Electric Factory Philly
    11/11/09 MD Theater Hagerstown
    11/16/09 McCarter Theater Princeton,NJ
    11/25/09 Penns Peak Jim Thorpe, PA
    11/27/09 Nokia Theater- NYC
    11/28/09 Nokia Theater- NYC
    12/31/09 Ramshead-Balt. MD
    5/22/10 Wellmont Theatre-Montclair,NJ
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    Raising tropical fish-Mainly Discus(King of freshwater aquarium).
    Enjoy most outdoor activities.
    Avid Vikings fan,but any football game will do.
  1. subcooler

  2. Now Listening...

    Can't beat the Pure Jerry stuff......Listening to Theater 1839 here ! Peace, Rob
  3. Now Listening...

    Dicks Picks # 15 Awaiting the next batch of Snow/Sleet/Rain @ the Jersey shore.........Summer seems light years away! Peace, Rob
  4. Now Listening...

    Chuck -Thanks for the sweet image of Tangled Up in Blue! Listening to Red Rocks_1982_07_27 Peace, Rob
  5. Now Listening...

    Hold on there pardner......That last line borders on Blasphemy-Betty Cantor was a godess @ the board ! Peace, Rob
  6. Post About the Person Above You

    Well it appears I've managed to kill this thread again (was last poster ,last time this thread was active ) On the bright side....At least the old adage" If you got nothing nice to say, don't say anything @ all " rings true around here! Mike-Sorry to stop thread in it's tracks,after you re-started it. Feel free to try again-I'll avoid this thread in the future! Rob(The thread killer)
  7. Post About the Person Above You

    Is involved in the who's real CAVEMAN controversy!
  8. Post About the Person Above You

    Great guy to dance/hang with @ shows! Peace, Rob
  9. Post About the Person Above You

    Seems like a nice kid-His exuberance about the music is contagious-Reminds me of a young subcooler! Peace, Rob
  10. Post About the Person Above You

    Drug me to my first DSO show & is working on stopping SCREAMING on this forum Peace, Rob
  11. Post About the Person Above You

    Lives in the city I fondly recall a GD road trip to for a Freedom Hall show in '89(?)-It's early & the date eludes me! Peace, Rob
  12. Post About the Person Above You

    Agrees with me that furthur debut opener will be: Let the Good Times Roll Rob
  13. Post About the Person Above You

    Great guy to hang with @ shows-Made me crack up wearing pink " I love Nick" t-shirt @ Hilton this summer!