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  1. darkstar12


    My crew wants to meet you. Please stop by. http://www.thephilzone.net/
  2. darkstar12

    Just got a report

    Lager isn't the owner, we will be leaving now,
  3. darkstar12

    12/29/2017, Electric Factory

    I missed the 70's stuff, first show for me was 83 in Syracuse
  4. darkstar12


    I'll take a elective any day, the element of surprise is there
  5. darkstar12

    "Hi" from a new member

    welcome, i'm new as well, i think
  6. darkstar12

    Does Lager still post here?

    he must have a alias, u know who he is, Steven is his first name and some of your peeps stated he shows up from time to time Ron check out pottery girls post from page 1
  7. darkstar12

    Does Lager still post here?

    Lager, we came up with a idea, u are the landlord to philzone.net and we pay monthly rent to u, win, win, i see u lager
  8. darkstar12

    Does Lager still post here?

    ducats, loser is great song, thanks for the compliment
  9. darkstar12

    Does Lager still post here?

    So what i'm gathering from your post Ron is=== if we mess with the bull here, we get the horns.
  10. darkstar12

    Does Lager still post here?

    I love applesauce as well. Ron "We Cool"???????????????
  11. darkstar12

    Good Morning Bitchezzzzzzzzzzz

    I'm in the northeast as well, brutal lately, just brutal. Tough job u have, god bless you
  12. darkstar12

    Good Morning Bitchezzzzzzzzzzz

    Hope u have blast
  13. darkstar12

    Good Morning Bitchezzzzzzzzzzz

    How's everyone doing today? I'm sure many of you are still drooling on your pillow, and you cant your dying ass out of the crib. Not here, 4.5 years sober as of x-mas eve. Being free is a wonderful thing. I feel that if you can drink and your life doesnt become a fucking train wreck, more power to you. If you cant put the plug in the jug once you start, get some fucking help and become free, you will thank me later
  14. darkstar12

    Does Lager still post here?

    Those dorks on viva la zone are posting that we have arrived here, they really need to get a life Link Removed
  15. darkstar12

    Your 2017

    Solid year