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  1. Topcat

    A band I saw last night

    I saw they Travelin' McCourys with the Jeff Austin band doing their Grateful Ball last night at the Livery Brewery in Benton Harbor Michigan. I would highly recommend that you see them if you can. Both bands are excellent and the McCoury's just won a Grammy. But when all 10 of them guys with stringed instruments get on stage and start weaving the songs of the Grateful Dead.....it is MAGIC ! The Scarlet>Fire was out of this world....i kept yelling for a DarkStar.......maybe someday...... GO SEE THEM ! Peace WildBill
  2. Topcat

    Billy Strings

    JRAD and Billy Strings just announced for the Sweetwater 420 Festival.......i see a road trip in my future 😛
  3. Topcat

    Billy Strings

    He just might be listening to his fans. I told him a couple times early last summer that i am an old Deadhead and that there are many like me that enjoy Billy Strings music/shows.....the jamming and the power of it. Maybe they are recognizing that....... Peace
  4. Topcat

    Billy Strings

    Cool......looks like i would have been able to get you a ticket. Reason....i am not gonna make the shows. Since Christmas falls on tuesday.....all the family has to work the day before and the day after.....that means we need to have our family Christmas on the saturday before so everyone can be together. And me being the patriarch of my family...i cannot miss it. DANGIT......i will bet saturday night will be cosmic ! Have fun Rude !....i will be listening on Billy Streams' Happy Holidays and Peace to all!
  5. Topcat

    Billy Strings

    Rude....my buddy got a pair when they first went on sale. Sounds like a lot of the local musicians are attending......tickets are in short supply. If i hear of any i will contact you. They are on fire right now ! Peace WildBill
  6. Topcat

    Billy Strings

    ...dang Rude, you are very resourceful ! Thank you but i have been told that i am on the bands "list" for Asheville. My traveling partner is down at Strings and Sol and told Andy L. about our situation. I really appreciate the lead....that i still might need 🙂 And they are not trying to rape you on the prices.....that's a nice site. Peace WB
  7. Well......this was the year i was gonna take my kids,their spouses and the granddaughter that just turned 13.Now i think i will just take the whole family with all the kids...right down to the 1 year old to the shakedown at the lot.....buy all of them a tye-dye and a kind grilled cheese....hang with all the heads before the show and then head home when it starts. When we get to my house i will re-play last years Deer Creek show on the big screen.I bought the complete tours webcasts from Nugs last year...have'nt started rewatching them yet.....i will save that show for the family.... And i will be $$$ ahead. Peace WildBill Thank for the input folks!
  8. After not getting selected as a "verified fan" for next summers Dead & Co show in Noblesville IN i have decided to NEVER....EVER buy tickets from TM/LN again. If this means that i will miss some of my favorite bands...so be it. I have been buying tickets to my home outdoor venue...Deer Creek....from TM for the last 25 years ! If i am not a verified fan...no one is ! This is the last straw....it's been harder and harder to get tickets every year.This is the only mid-west stop with nice campgrounds around....stayed at Sleepy Bear last summer. So you know all the deadheads from every state around gonna want a ticket.The online tickets to the show will be gone in minutes. But you can now buy from TM's resale site at inflated prices...and they have only had the verified fan presale yesterday! A lot of the shows i have been seeing lately have used Etix,Ticketfly,Eventbrite.....all have been good and with minimal fees. I just looked at my June 28th ticket from the Egyptian last year....it's a LiveNation ticket. I just wonder if the bands(especially ones i like) consider how their tickets are being marketed or even care........ Enough of my rant......what's your take on ticketing ? Check out this link for a better understanding of what is going on with TM/LN. https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/ticketmaster-resellers-las-vegas-1.4828535?platform=hootsuite Peace WildBill
  9. Topcat

    Billy Strings

    See you there.....we will be there when the doors open....just yell out WildBill! Stubhub has two Asheville tix...... $114.00 each....ouch! Anyone got two...i'll give $75 each 😛 Peace WildBill
  10. Topcat

    Billy Strings

    Cool.....i am gonna try and make at least the first night of NYE run.....i will be in Nashville for sure and i am trying to score 2tix for Asheville if anyone can help. I will get info for a meet up before the show if i can make it to Pontiac ! Peace WildBill
  11. Topcat

    Billy Strings

    I have seen Billy Strings 10 times this year.....4 of them at FREE festivals...Whimmydiddle,Buck Lake Ranch,Black Swamp Arts,Firefly....just spent two nights in Grand Rapids.That band has got me shak'in my bones again.....i am over 60. Every time he plays there is a SBD for free on Mixlr...... look for BillyStreams. Tonight from Colorado at 11pm eastern....."never miss a sunday show" Peace WildBill
  12. Topcat

    I need that Cat face tour shirt in 2xxl

    Check out this site every night for FREE live webcasts.......i love it ! https://www.reddit.com/r/StreamingNow/ Peace WildBill
  13. Topcat

    I need that Cat face tour shirt in 2xxl

    Try search engine......duckduckgo.com Peace WildBill
  14. Topcat

    I need that Cat face tour shirt in 2xxl

    Yeah.....DSO is cool.....dropped the price to $31.50 each when i bought two ! I am thinking about a hoodie but i should have got it with the shirts to save some shipping. I have a lot of DSO stickers and shirts from over the years. It would be nice if they put up a Mixlr stream of their shows......i listen to many bands each week on that site.....YMSB,Dusters,WSP,Billy Strings,SCI..... Peace to all! WildBill
  15. Topcat

    I need that Cat face tour shirt in 2xxl

    THANK YOU Brother ! Got two on the way ! Peace WildBill