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    Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around...
  1. Pugdog

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    Me too! My third DSO show...great times. First night we got a recreation of 5/5/77 Second night was a delightful elective(as referenced above)... "Stop that Train" was appropriate and in perfect synchronicity with the night's changes The night before's filler was delightful too...Bob Marley's B-day, we got a "Stir it Up" that was just exactly perfect. Lisa made the room stand still as she gathered wood near the fire
  2. Pugdog

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    12-31-1971! "I hope to tell y'all the stage is a f*ckin mess" -Bob Weir
  3. Pugdog

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    You are very lucky to have been there
  4. Pugdog

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    Nevermind...High Time comes after CC Rider and the CD abruptly ends as Eyes begins to migrate into.... Brutal cutoff. It's a show from Seattle in 2009...I need to hear the rest
  5. Pugdog

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    Some kind Starhead gave me a CD of the second set of a show in 2008 (I believe)...I know the set is sort of like this... China>Rider CC Rider Estimated> Eyes High Time (perhaps played before Estimated...but I think it's after the Eyes) I now wanna hear the first set
  6. Pugdog

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    Yeah, I think I've heard it before (but very rarely)...it was a pleasant surprise to hear Eaton throw it in. In "Good Lovin'" (Atlanta (Variety Playhouse) a year or 2 ago) he was doin' a lil rap and did the "gotta get some lovin in Russia now baby"... I could have sworn he said "we're gonna eat some Mushrooms now baby." Off topic to a degree but it reminds me of the "MMMM-bop, bop, bop-bop" at the end of NFA (80's-90's)...I really dig it (7/4/89) but have talked to people that despise(d) it. "It's confusing!" They say. thoughts? Anybody have a link to any DSO versions with the "bop-bop" harmonies?
  7. Pugdog

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    http://www.archive.org/details/dso2010-07-08.mk5mk6_24bit From All Good...VERY, VERY NICE. I'm at the tail end of Fire...diggin Eaton's harmonies at 11:35-ish, "let it burn, burn, burn"...very good stuff. I hope this pops up on nugs. WOW. Jeff sounds amazing too...he's hitting some nice grooves.
  8. Pugdog

    This Place Used To Be Fun.......

    We are a strange family...the strangest...but we work! I appreciate and cherish other perspectives and opinions too, even if they differ from those of my own. It makes us...us. Walk into splintered sunlight, Inch your way through dead dreams to another land. Maybe you're tired and broken, Your tongue is twisted with words half spoken and thoughts unclear
  9. What are some other "Must Haves"?