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  1. Looks like the setlist search option has been disabled. Can anyone assist me with the set list for this show: Dark Star Orchestra. Santander Arena, Reading, PA, May 19, 2016? I can't find it anywhere online!
  2. MCB

  3. Reading

  4. Reading

    Hey folks...I've been scouring the web for a recording of this, my first DSO show, but I've come up empty-handed. Can anyone advise me on approximately when it will be available on Nugs.net and does anyone know if an audience recording exists?
  5. Dinner in Reading?

    Thanks so much for all of those fantastic-sounding options, Billy! (and I'm ready to have my mind blown)
  6. psyched for DSO tonight!

  7. Now Listening...

    Dick's Picks 11 09/27/72 Stanley Theater - Jersey City, NJ Set 1: Morning Dew Beat It On Down The Line Friend Of The Devil Black Throated Wind Tennessee Jed Mexicali Blues Bird Song Big River Brokedown Palace El Paso China Cat Sunflower> I Know You Rider Playin' In The Band Set 2: He's Gone Me And My Uncle Deal Greatest Story Ever Told Ramble On Rose Dark Star> Cumberland Blues Attics Of My Life Promised Land Uncle John's Band Casey Jones Encore: Around And Around
  8. Dinner in Reading?

    Hello...can anyone recommend a casual but cool place to eat before the show tonight? Also, this will be my first DSO show.