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I'm afraid the Tour Info and Review Forums are a little more than I can handle.  I will open them so anybody can start New Topics.  Hopefully keeping the Title Format.


The tour info was actually the most time consuming,  I suppose it could have done quicker if I hadn't tried to format it consistently and tried different ways to do it so it worked better on phones. 


If someone would like to help with the the upcoming events it is actually pretty simple, just entering dates and times in a calendar it would be appreciated


Right now I am building new StarBase apps.  The datacenter is upgrading the MySql database and it will no longer work with the programming language (PHP) StarBase was written with.  There are three versions of StarBase.  They all use the same database, one for DSO's website, one for the Forums and the Admin interface that Dino uses.

The new one will be much more "Phone Phriendly"


I have a trial admin interface for Dino and Rob E to try out. I also have the basic Forum SB nearly done and will upload it soon. The DSO website one is a little more complicated, trying to format it too match the website.  The forum SB I make to be easy to read!  I have to have them done by NOV 15.



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