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  1. cm_hayden

    2018 NBA Finals

    He has to get Walton's permission first.
  2. cm_hayden

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    I'm going to say something that raise ire, I always thought Entwistle was a better bass player than Phil.
  3. cm_hayden

    Now Listening...

  4. cm_hayden

    Fall Tour

    Detroit is in the middle of a major comeback. The area DSO usually plays is the hot bed of this recovery.
  5. cm_hayden

    Fall Tour

    Duckie, you're not doing Detroit?
  6. cm_hayden


    Just bet on the team I didn't pick and you'll be a winner.
  7. cm_hayden


    Would love for Caps to be swept, but I see them losing in six.
  8. cm_hayden


    Nothing like a game seven in hockey (screw other sports). An expansion team takes the cup in its first year.
  9. cm_hayden


    Tigers suck.
  10. cm_hayden


    Guess Bruins aren't His favorite this season. Looks like the sinners from Vegas have repented.
  11. cm_hayden


    Guess He's a Bruin fan.
  12. cm_hayden


    I plead and beg you Lord let the Leafs win this round.
  13. cm_hayden

    Billy Strings

    Thanks Crew for the turn-on.
  14. cm_hayden


    Damn it's still lower 40's for highs and upper 20's at night in my area.
  15. cm_hayden

    College hoops

    Hate to curse them, but I can see Michigan sneaking into the Finals.