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    03/12/04 Toads Place, New Haven, CT
    07/17/04 Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton Beach, NH
    05/30/05 Toads Place, New Haven, CT
    11/25/05 Worcester Palladium, Worcester, MA
    11/26/05 Webster Theater, Hartford, CT
    05/11/06 Webster Theater, Hartford, CT
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    12/15/06 Worcester Palladium, Worcester, MA
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    11/17/07 Amherst Fine Arts Center, Amherst, MA
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    11/19/09 Klein Auditorium, Bridgeport, CT
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    11/18/11 Calvin Theater, Northhampton, MA
    12/08/11 Klein Auditorium, Bridgeport, CT
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  1. GratefulDevil


    Thanks, forgot that one. Saw Mattson & Friends do Moonlight Mile at the Acoustic and at the Ardmore in March. First times i'd seen it and both great.
  2. GratefulDevil


    Would have loved to have seen SOTM. Personally haven't seen that in a while. Standing on the Moon, Mountains of the Moon, Midnight Moonlight - they missed Picasso Moon.
  3. GratefulDevil

    Hampton Beach #1

    Hardpan, great recording. Esp since it's your first effort! And sml, listen to track 19/space. Tomorrow Never Knows tease comes in around 1:20 and builds for the next several minutes. (What was the foolish heart you suggested I listen to?)
  4. GratefulDevil

    Cap Theater 2

  5. GratefulDevil

    Cap Theater 2

  6. GratefulDevil

    Cap Theater 2

    Will upload Dew & China/Rider filler later. Great Feelin' Groovy Jam.
  7. GratefulDevil

    Cap Theater 2

    Monster 2nd set with many highlights. Shakedown Man Smart Terrapin D/S GDTRFB Watchtower Morning Dew Good Lovin' La Bamba Good Lovin'
  8. GratefulDevil

    Port chester

  9. GratefulDevil

    Port chester

    Agree w Eyes, Easy Wind, St Stephen > Eleven highlights.
  10. GratefulDevil

    Boston 5/10/18

  11. GratefulDevil

    Boston 5/10/18

  12. GratefulDevil

    Boston 5/10/18

    Two comments to DesertDead's great write-up: 1. I thought it took off at Promise Land. That was one of the best Promised Lands have ever seen. 2. I agree about Skip! Him and his bass were killing it. He was all smiles.
  13. GratefulDevil

    Boston 5/10/18

    What a great night! And show. Was on fire from the Promised Land opener until the until. I video'd Black Peter (& Jack Straw). Will upload later.
  14. GratefulDevil

    Charlie Browns Birthday Bash with Jeff Mattson and friends

    Charlie Brown? That's my friend. Great guy. Also goes by James Brown, both his real names. James Charles Brown. He started the Skip Zone. It was his 50th birthday last weekend and Mattson/Barraco and Friends played his birthday party. Jeff, Skip, Lisa, Rob on keys and his son Tom playing drums and Jennifer Markard singing with her Zen Trickster bandmates. Joey Bagadonuts is his friend from VT who renovated the old Stone Church into a music venue and pulled off the event. It was an amazing night with several friends flying in. James and I will be in Boston tonight in the Skip Zone.
  15. GratefulDevil


    I'm in Boston already. James Brown (SkipZone and last weekend Charlie Brown 50th b-day bash fame) is joining me downtown around 4. Let me know if you want meet up before the show.