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    02.07.2009 Variety Playhouse, Atlanta
    02.12.2009 Orange Peel, Asheville
    07.12.2009 All Good Music Festival
    11.11.2009 Maryland Theatre, Hagerstown
    11.12.2009 Carnegie Music Hall, Homestead
    11.13.2009 9:30 Club, DC
    11.14.2009 9:30 Club, DC
    12.04.2009 Rochester
    12.05.2009 Buffalo
    02.18.2010 Orange Peel, Asheville
    02.19.2010 Neighborhood Theater, Charlotte
    02.20.2010 Neighborhood Theater, Charlotte
    02.26.2010 Variety Playhouse, Atlanta
    02.27.2010 Variety Playhouse, Atlanta
    07.01-04.2010 NLQP
    07.29.2010 GOTV
    08.01.2010 Midland Theatre, Newark, OH
    08.03.2010 Harris Riverfront Park, Huntington, WV
    08.05.2010 Bottle & Cork, Dewey Beach
    08.06.2010 Hilton, Atlantic City
    08.07.2010 Bergen PAC Theatre, Englewood, NJ
    08.09.2010 Zoellner Arts Center, Bethlehem, PA
    08.12.2010 Party in the Park, Rochester
    08.13.2010 Bear's Picnic Festival, Laurelton, PA
    09.11.2010 Terrapin Hill Farm, Harrodsburg, KY
    02.02.2011 Music Farm, Charleston, SC
    02.04.2011 Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA
    04.13.2011 Belly Up, Aspen, CO
    04.14.2011 Boulder Theater, CO
    04.15.2011 Boulder Theater, CO
    04.16.2011 Aggie Theater, Fort Collins, CO
    08.12.2011 Mish, Bellvue, CO
    08.13.2011 Mish, Bellvue, CO
    08.14.2011 State Bridge, Bond, CO
    04.03.2012 Arcata Theater, CA
    04.05.2012 GAMH, SF, CA
    04.06.2012 GAMH, SF, CA
    04.07.2012 GAMH, SF, CA
    04.09.2012 Mystic Theatre, Petaluma, CA
    04.10.2012 Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA
    04.12.2012 Belly Up, Solana Beach, CA
    04.13.2012 Canyon Club, Agoura Hills, CA
    04.14.2012 McDowell Mtn Fest, Phoenix, AZ
    05/05/2012 Mexicali Live, Teaneck, NJ
    05/07/2012 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT
    05/08/2012 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT
    05/09/2012 Flying Monkey, Plymouth, NH
    05/11/2012 Toad's Place, New Haven, CT
    05/12/2012 Paramount Theater, Huntington, NY
    05/13/2012 Oneonta Theatre, Oneonta, NY
    05/14/2012 Mexicali Live, Teaneck, NJ
    05/16/2012 Birchmere Bandstand, Alexandria, VA
    05/17/2012 Pocahontas State Park Amphitheater, Chesterfield, VA
    05/18-20/2012 Mighty High Mountain Fest at Tuxedo Ridge, Tuxedo, NY
    05/22/2012 Colonial Theatre, Pittsfield, MA
    05/24/2012 Bergen Pac Theatre, Englewood, NJ
    05/25/2012 McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ
    05/26/2012 Tarrytown Music Hall, Tarrytown, NY
    05/27/2012 Jam On The River, Penn's Landing RiverStage, Philadelphia, PA
    05/29/2012 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY
    05/31/2012 Penn's Peak, Jim Thorpe, PA
    06/29/2012 Left Hand Brewing Company, Longmont, CO
    06/30/2012 Steamboat Ski Area On Headwall, Steamboat Springs, CO
    07/01/2012 State Bridge Lodge, Bond, CO
    08/03/2012 Pisgah Brewing, Black Mountain, NC
    08/04/2012 Pisgah Brewing, Black Mountain, NC
    08/05/2012 Greenfield Lake Amphitheatre, Wilmington, NC
    08/06/2012 The Norva, Norfolk, VA
    08/31-09/02/2012 Dark Star Jubilee, Legend Valley Campground, Thornville, OH
    10/05/2012 House Of Blues, Las Vegas, NV
    10/06/2012 El Ray Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
    10/10/2012 Miners Foundry, Nevada City, CA
    10/11/2012 Fox Theatre, Redwood City, CA
    10/12/2012 The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA
    10/13/2012 The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA
    10/14/2012 Uptown Theatre, Napa, CA
    03/28/2013 Vilar Center, Beaver Creek, CO
    03/29/2013 Wheeler Opera House, Aspen, CO
    03/30/2013 Ogden Theater, Denver, CO
    2013-06-28 Mishawaka Amphitheatre CO
    2013-06-29 - 6-30 State Bridge CO
    2013-09-27 pink garter, Jackson Hole WY
    2013-09-28 Emerson cultural center, Bozeman MT
    2013-09-29 Wilma theatre, Missoula MT
    2013-10-18 - 10-20 Boulder theatre CO
    2014-03-28 - 10-29 Boulder theatre CO
    2014-04-04 HOB San Diego CA
    2014-04-05 El Rey LA CA
    2014-04-06 canyon club CA
    2014-04-08 - 4-9 TXR CA
    2014-04-11 - 4-13 GAMH SF CA
    2014-04-15 catalyst Santa Cruz CA
    2014-04-16 eureka theatre CA
    2014-04-18 crystal ballroom Portland OR
    2014-04-19 McDonald theatre Eugene OR
    2014-08-01 - 8-2 Pocahontas Chesterfield VA
    2014-10-05 live at the armory Ashland OR
    2014-10-07 cascade theatre Redding CA
    2014-10-09 fox theatre redwood city CA
    2014-10-10 center for the arts grass valley CA
    2014-10-11 city winery Napa CA
    2015-03-26 - 3-28 Boulder theatre CO
    2015-04-02 - 4-3 crystal ballroom Portland OR
    2015-04-04 McDonald theatre Eugene OR
    2015-04-07 - 4-8 GAMH SF CA
    2015-09-24 cuthbert Eugene OR
    2015-09-25 veterans memorial grass valley CA
    2015-09-26 Sonoma mtn village CA
    2015-09-28 van duzer Arcata CA
    2015-09-29 Ashland armory OR
    2015-10-01 fox theatre redwood city CA
    2015-10-02 - 10-3 regency SF CA
    2015-10-05 canyon club CA
    2015-10-07 humphreys San Diego CA
    2015-10-08 Brooklyn bowl La's Vegas NV
    2015-10-09 Sabah theatre Beverly Hills CA
    2015-10-10 marquee Tempe AZ
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  1. Seattle 2/8

    Playin my song miss y'all sooooo much!
  2. Portland #1

    Opening with the wheel...... ah...... really awesome looking setlist
  3. Portland #1

    Goes to show you never can tell! Glad a bunch of my friends are out west right now to do what I would be doing if I wasn't currently a committed east coaster. RV bit the dust. Bout to head out on foot again. Eagerly awaiting April and our anniversary tour- can y'all believe I haven't left Jesse for tour, yet? Usually I cry and I'd rather be with you, my DSO fam, but now..... well...... it's not July yet and... Like I said..... goes to show....... bwahahahahaha! keep rockin, y'all, I'm dancing w y'all in my dreams!!!!! Kiss kiss!
  4. Your 2017

    It's true- lot kids go to more shows than most forums members. This year was special to me cause I got to host people like Chris n Nina n Steve at my place multiple times as "my place" moved about the country. I got to do Berekely and have a van travelers party at my place in AZ. After I came east and found Jesse, I went to the best show I have ever seen in Columbia and managed to still see em from New Orleans to Maine since I've been here, including more home stays bringing fam home after nearly every show. Got to play music w my sweet Mango for his bday and introduce Jesse to the family. Got tom waited over at the bar by my two fave musicians on the planet. Got to meet Doc in person after thinking of that guy from my first shows ever that I was too shy to speak to made it to a ton of festivals and saw a ton of other local Dead groups all over as I travelled. I jammed for the first time in lot at Dead co with that saxophone guy (on guitar that moment) and others to Deal etc. I got pussy again for the first time in years. Got my first van n took her on tour and lived in her hard. I started writing again and I finally have a story worth telling brewed up. I got my first buck and twenty spot for playing music. I hitchhiked to shows for the first time. I came home. As with every event since my first DSO in 2009, I place all the wonderful moments at the feet of this band because they brought me to everyone I know now. Any fucked up shit was my own damn fault but honestly I can't think of any shit that's happened this year. At least, my experience of it wasn't shit love y'all more than words can tell and can't wait to twirl and smile w y'all again next time kiss kiss
  5. Red Rocks 2018!!

    I might leave Jesse over this. I always leave em for DSO tour. But opening our own music shop and playing our own band might keep me from the event we all created with our love together. I went to Hawaii for dead 50th. I like the stories.... not too different from being there... cause in these days between w bright unfocused eyes I can't help but look at the hopeful candle lingering in the land of lullabies...... but we don't have lonely cries anymore. cause we are all still here. kiss kiss. These shoes I grew into are listening and I think I will put taps on em instead of the constant walk halfway across the world. its the best I have to give...........
  6. Diminished Chords

    So..... question for those of y'all that plunk n ping around this stuff: what Dead songs (originals) have diminished chords on the regular? We got deal n of all things though not a dead song a hunter for Jerry in love in the afternoon. Both are Adim. Those are in the running.... what else? Just letting it come round cause that's the sound kiss kiss
  7. 11/21/17 - Concord, NH

    Read my review from the Columbia sc show this past April. I thought they were doing 77 til they did who was John second set love it! That was my best show ever hehehe
  8. 11/21/17 - Concord, NH

    Love 76. They played my namesake and I wasn't present. I'm a loser hehe. when they get me with thinking it's 76 til second set drops w some Jerry band I will have the next best show ever lmao. Miss yall already
  9. 11/19/17 - State Theatre Ithaca, NY

    THAT looks like fun!!!! Jealous!
  10. 11/18/17, Palladium Theater: Worchester, MA

    It was cold? Bwahahahaha that's why I left my jacket on til partway thru bertha, huh? I thought it was just where I was in front of wharf rat table with the draft lmao. During second set we went up to to tippy tops and it was quite pleasant weather and amazing drum sounds up there- like I have never heard! Very acoustically awesome place with definite sweet spots for different tones. we had our girlfriend from home drive us to the show and ended up with a few others in the car as well. And the 3 of us got us all miracles and us girls made it in just as the boys took the stage. Divine! Every day!!! she was starry eyed at me cause since we had shown up to put fingers in the air in the cold rain I kept getting hugged by people from all over the country since the other boys were down the road with a night off. Lot reminded me of the Variety in Atlanta at my first DSO show ever- before John left they had a kinda large vending scene but we have worked hard to begin restoring that- shout out to my friends who have been vending dso (which we never make much money at, btw, we all do everything else we do in life to make it to dso where we mostly "lose" money) all these years cause lord knows I got tired of doing it alone and now there are enough of us that I have barely been selling shit- just giving all my crafts away for love of the scene. The point is that we stand there with our wares whether we turn a profit or not bc it's part of continuing the GD experience cool to see so many at this one- part of why I cried so hard during this Stella!!! thanks for the golden road filler to send me down south to family for the holidays. May not see y'all til seasons change and a new year has begun. More review if this show later but I got a lot to say and have to sneak internet around public places since we traveling all the time hehe. kiss kiss til later!
  11. 11/17 - New Haven

    This was an unexpected show for us. We were grateful for a forums buddy that called last minute to pick us up and all drive away from Boston and towards DSO in a definitive choice that I always make this way we were late but made it in during duprees. The don't ease was one I have been deeply craving and it was wonderful! Super lovely crowd! we came in at the end of iko from smoking section and decided, "fuck it" and when Jesse asked me if I wanted to go to my usual spot, I nodded and we made a dash around security blocking the crowded front and when we made it to the second row with me miming my finger in the "please, just one song up front" gesture and the guys who let us in front of em said we could stay all night. So we did. I spent the rest of the show dancing with the loveliest women of all ages as they took turns twirling me and giggling and dancing with me- they tried to speak to me the whole night off n on but sometimes the river keeps on talking and you never can hear a word it say. Sober and everything! Lmao. Body language is my preferred communication during shows, hehe. hes gone was melting but joyful and the miracle set us up to get 5 miracles for our whole crew the next day, it was so good (next day in 85 and 2017 hehehe). The China doll ripped me away in its gloomy salvation and what happened after was a magnificent blur of this band doing what makes em the only ones that do what they do!!! The crowd absolutely Lost It to daytripper and for the white rabbit filler I found our ride and we did the family aisle dance since security wasn't stopping us at that point. Excellent times- so grateful for the ride!
  12. Solar eclipse 08/21/17

    If anyone has time to come down towards Greenville after blk mtn to a musical shindig see me at the show n follow us down
  13. Rob Eaton

    Thanks, hardpan he plays a ton of Tom waits and American gypsy music..... Found, you better come jam soon scary is beautiful after all hehehe turns out some of the songs I've heard traveling/touring over the years were written by him n his bands. He plays Dead if we play ones they were covering and makes me to it old timey style. Traditional-ish. Lol. Won't do FOTD. That's the only song on actual ban in our musical relationship. Hilarious. But really we just sit around and drive around and gather whoever is wherever we are and we all have instruments and anything goes. Apperently sexy ladies really like to pluck on strings if a cute couple let's em touch em..... and it's cool to learn with people from every level of experience from novice to professionals to the world class bc we all have something to contribute and the giggles are so very real and satisfying
  14. Black Bear Mountain

    Gotta dream boy, gotta song? Paint your wagon and come along...... all I know is I am on my way...... who gives a damn I'm on my way!!!! hehehe had paint your wagon movie night w friends (I've dreamed of the moment my friend group would be excited to see my favorite old movie- finally) so so ready for black mountain
  15. Rob Eaton

    I agree with Mango- and it is bc I have stood up front jaw dropped and eyes wide while trying to just close my eyes and dance but my brain will starve for the sight of how the sounds are being made and even though I have to bring a lot of "catch up" into my Dead experience at dso bc I never saw Jerry, I often devour dso sandwiches (love ketchup on sandwiches lmao) with the appetite of one who knows that these sounds are being made by people that sometimes seem to hardly notice they are playing a song Jerry played and in their musical flights of ecstasy seem to have little thought for who is "playing lead". Very filling for my eyes and though I am spending less and less time up front my ears are starting to recognize the sounds without having to look- imprinting. This incarnation of dso is particularly suited to my ears bc they are all so willing to play/converse musically WITH each other not AT each other. Special special special indeed!!! i am learning how to jam with ppl on my mando and do what Jesse calls "boom chicks" to keep time instead of playing it like im a folk singer that plays alone. I thought I just wanted to sing at people but now I'm more inclined to let the words be theirs, done with mine. Fingers bleeding in New spots from playing properly w a pick. My ears are naturally tuning themselves to take in even more nuances in the sounds and textures and pick up on the tricks that help ppl sound so good even when not exerting incredible effort- after all- the whole point is that it is fucking FUN to talk w an instrument- needn't be "fancy" or "special". The point is connection. Communion with the source of the universal flows, even. Direct tapping into the line of human resonance that stretches our concepts of humanity. Years working in corporate smut peddling, years finding my path on dso tour, years meditating my madness into bliss have brought me back to the most neglected aspect of my life- my opportunity to have fun for money and work for free by playing music on street corners with my dearest friends. Glad I have a music teacher bc now I have deeper gratitude for all of you that keep the universal human vibration in tune. Thank you. listen to the river sing sweet songs to rock me whole kiss kiss (and sorry not sorry for the unicorn ramblings- y'all know me!)