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    02.07.2009 Variety Playhouse, Atlanta
    02.12.2009 Orange Peel, Asheville
    07.12.2009 All Good Music Festival
    11.11.2009 Maryland Theatre, Hagerstown
    11.12.2009 Carnegie Music Hall, Homestead
    11.13.2009 9:30 Club, DC
    11.14.2009 9:30 Club, DC
    12.04.2009 Rochester
    12.05.2009 Buffalo
    02.18.2010 Orange Peel, Asheville
    02.19.2010 Neighborhood Theater, Charlotte
    02.20.2010 Neighborhood Theater, Charlotte
    02.26.2010 Variety Playhouse, Atlanta
    02.27.2010 Variety Playhouse, Atlanta
    07.01-04.2010 NLQP
    07.29.2010 GOTV
    08.01.2010 Midland Theatre, Newark, OH
    08.03.2010 Harris Riverfront Park, Huntington, WV
    08.05.2010 Bottle & Cork, Dewey Beach
    08.06.2010 Hilton, Atlantic City
    08.07.2010 Bergen PAC Theatre, Englewood, NJ
    08.09.2010 Zoellner Arts Center, Bethlehem, PA
    08.12.2010 Party in the Park, Rochester
    08.13.2010 Bear's Picnic Festival, Laurelton, PA
    09.11.2010 Terrapin Hill Farm, Harrodsburg, KY
    02.02.2011 Music Farm, Charleston, SC
    02.04.2011 Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA
    04.13.2011 Belly Up, Aspen, CO
    04.14.2011 Boulder Theater, CO
    04.15.2011 Boulder Theater, CO
    04.16.2011 Aggie Theater, Fort Collins, CO
    08.12.2011 Mish, Bellvue, CO
    08.13.2011 Mish, Bellvue, CO
    08.14.2011 State Bridge, Bond, CO
    04.03.2012 Arcata Theater, CA
    04.05.2012 GAMH, SF, CA
    04.06.2012 GAMH, SF, CA
    04.07.2012 GAMH, SF, CA
    04.09.2012 Mystic Theatre, Petaluma, CA
    04.10.2012 Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA
    04.12.2012 Belly Up, Solana Beach, CA
    04.13.2012 Canyon Club, Agoura Hills, CA
    04.14.2012 McDowell Mtn Fest, Phoenix, AZ
    05/05/2012 Mexicali Live, Teaneck, NJ
    05/07/2012 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT
    05/08/2012 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT
    05/09/2012 Flying Monkey, Plymouth, NH
    05/11/2012 Toad's Place, New Haven, CT
    05/12/2012 Paramount Theater, Huntington, NY
    05/13/2012 Oneonta Theatre, Oneonta, NY
    05/14/2012 Mexicali Live, Teaneck, NJ
    05/16/2012 Birchmere Bandstand, Alexandria, VA
    05/17/2012 Pocahontas State Park Amphitheater, Chesterfield, VA
    05/18-20/2012 Mighty High Mountain Fest at Tuxedo Ridge, Tuxedo, NY
    05/22/2012 Colonial Theatre, Pittsfield, MA
    05/24/2012 Bergen Pac Theatre, Englewood, NJ
    05/25/2012 McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ
    05/26/2012 Tarrytown Music Hall, Tarrytown, NY
    05/27/2012 Jam On The River, Penn's Landing RiverStage, Philadelphia, PA
    05/29/2012 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY
    05/31/2012 Penn's Peak, Jim Thorpe, PA
    06/29/2012 Left Hand Brewing Company, Longmont, CO
    06/30/2012 Steamboat Ski Area On Headwall, Steamboat Springs, CO
    07/01/2012 State Bridge Lodge, Bond, CO
    08/03/2012 Pisgah Brewing, Black Mountain, NC
    08/04/2012 Pisgah Brewing, Black Mountain, NC
    08/05/2012 Greenfield Lake Amphitheatre, Wilmington, NC
    08/06/2012 The Norva, Norfolk, VA
    08/31-09/02/2012 Dark Star Jubilee, Legend Valley Campground, Thornville, OH
    10/05/2012 House Of Blues, Las Vegas, NV
    10/06/2012 El Ray Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
    10/10/2012 Miners Foundry, Nevada City, CA
    10/11/2012 Fox Theatre, Redwood City, CA
    10/12/2012 The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA
    10/13/2012 The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA
    10/14/2012 Uptown Theatre, Napa, CA
    03/28/2013 Vilar Center, Beaver Creek, CO
    03/29/2013 Wheeler Opera House, Aspen, CO
    03/30/2013 Ogden Theater, Denver, CO
    2013-06-28 Mishawaka Amphitheatre CO
    2013-06-29 - 6-30 State Bridge CO
    2013-09-27 pink garter, Jackson Hole WY
    2013-09-28 Emerson cultural center, Bozeman MT
    2013-09-29 Wilma theatre, Missoula MT
    2013-10-18 - 10-20 Boulder theatre CO
    2014-03-28 - 10-29 Boulder theatre CO
    2014-04-04 HOB San Diego CA
    2014-04-05 El Rey LA CA
    2014-04-06 canyon club CA
    2014-04-08 - 4-9 TXR CA
    2014-04-11 - 4-13 GAMH SF CA
    2014-04-15 catalyst Santa Cruz CA
    2014-04-16 eureka theatre CA
    2014-04-18 crystal ballroom Portland OR
    2014-04-19 McDonald theatre Eugene OR
    2014-08-01 - 8-2 Pocahontas Chesterfield VA
    2014-10-05 live at the armory Ashland OR
    2014-10-07 cascade theatre Redding CA
    2014-10-09 fox theatre redwood city CA
    2014-10-10 center for the arts grass valley CA
    2014-10-11 city winery Napa CA
    2015-03-26 - 3-28 Boulder theatre CO
    2015-04-02 - 4-3 crystal ballroom Portland OR
    2015-04-04 McDonald theatre Eugene OR
    2015-04-07 - 4-8 GAMH SF CA
    2015-09-24 cuthbert Eugene OR
    2015-09-25 veterans memorial grass valley CA
    2015-09-26 Sonoma mtn village CA
    2015-09-28 van duzer Arcata CA
    2015-09-29 Ashland armory OR
    2015-10-01 fox theatre redwood city CA
    2015-10-02 - 10-3 regency SF CA
    2015-10-05 canyon club CA
    2015-10-07 humphreys San Diego CA
    2015-10-08 Brooklyn bowl La's Vegas NV
    2015-10-09 Sabah theatre Beverly Hills CA
    2015-10-10 marquee Tempe AZ
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  1. Wilmington

    Welcome to the forums welcome to DSO! My first 3 shows were electives and I had no clue they did recreations til I started touring them. used to be a 70-30 split but it seems more 60-40 now...... sometimes it's hard to know....... gotta love the guessing game!
  2. Wilmington

    He had never heard woman enough in his life and was amazed. Said the dark star NFA gdtrfb NFA was especially BIG Then he called and told me he took the kids to the show, too, and that when he realized it was the full weather report he squeezed the breath outta his eldest yammering about what was happening and that the dark star just completely stole his face with a total internal space mission back into the real reality and that he kinda fell apart when it ran into NFA. Wish we coulda been there to bring the party back to his house, but I guess it's an all good things in all good time kinda deal. Thanks for bringing the generations and the families together. DSO really keeps it alive for us in a way we can be proud and honored about sharing with those we love. Kiss kiss, see y'all in May
  3. Wilmington

    Weather report..... china doll...... he was blown away, thanks for giving my brother something to love me for and call me about. Too cool. I texted him after my first dso and he told me bout his but he ain't been back in a while and I'm glad they will be going more often love y'all so much!!!! Kiss kiss
  4. Wilmington

    Ah. My brother has been sending pics and comments to my flip phone since he arrived. he mentioned Bertha, playin and uncle johns and morning dew and said "wowserz" so I think it must be a real good time!!!!! love y'all!!!!
  5. Rocky Mount, VA

    Seems like they ain't got enough time for foolin around no more!
  6. Washington DC (The Hamilton) 4/3/18

    My friends that haven't missed many shows since I told em WE tour DSO in Berkeley over a year ago said this was the best show and venue they had experienced in a long time. So I believe em! i really like this it has diff acoustic things I haven't seen em do that way! But tomorrow is forever is one of my fave songs to play and Lisa totally put it on my radar a few years ago bc she sings it so amazingly and I'm sad I missed this one!
  7. Birmingham 4-8

    Never get the same song experience twice..... and expectation always leads to disaster..... good job cursing the audience, kid! (Sorry, Rude, but thems the rules! Don't be so negative! bwahahaha) i been missing Birmingham shows whole life and I always remember that I always regret it every time I see the setlist- fate took took us there literally a day late and a dollar short but one day I will make it to the promised land kiss kiss
  8. Charleston 4-12

    My heart is like a wheel........... thanks for finally doing it! Sigh. If our RV had decided to roll its wheels we woulda been there despite the foot but sometimes you buy a spaceship that doesn't go to the moon..... and remains in Charleston forever i cant even tell y'all how I feel. yall gave me the only thing I understand!!! i guess what I'm trying to tell you is you BLEW MY MIND!!!!!!!!!! even from Arkansas. What is space but an anomaly of time........ let me roll it to YOU (next time- cause next time we will do parking lot jams bf and after and subject you to the experience of living here with all of you!) kiss kiss. So grateful! Where were you, Mango? you should have been at this show, dick. (Kiss kiss)
  9. 4-13 Charlotte

    Aw man..... our anniversary show..... this tour woulda been so damn awesome!!!!! The starter classics that they did at my first time...... I keep ramblin on but mama tried and oh y'all...... so glad you were there....... I love the tricky way they make your mind think something is happening but then it's just them and us and I'm totally recalling the days that still are to come and OMG we still singing Stella blue....... remember when that song made me think I was in love w the deviled egg but it was just the music? Bwahahaha.... glad he brought me to y'all, though anyone get laid for shaking their booty correctly after women smarter? Cause if not it's a failure- with all the girls shaking around if you a single guy that didn't convince her you believe the words of the song with your shake backs then.... well.... like I said: failure! Cumberland and viola same show..... sigh..... nice, guys! i heard mighty Quinn on the walmart system a few days ago and started singing as I walked out and got a few funny looks... heartbroken we missed this cause of his broken heel but all the years melt into a dream and my broken angels are soaring on strings that we don't have to dust off so often anymore cause they are finally being put to perfect use. kiss kiss from the heart of me
  10. Asheville 4-10

    You live in the west (would say from but I don't remember if you from there or not!) and I just escaped the thin skinned west and had my first New England summer (southern girl that I am!) and I have developed a colorfully blunt and direct manner of communicating because of it no offense meant, but I don't exactly take shit like I used to and like I said, I had the spoiled southern girl literally beat outta me a few years back and saw the deep dark that exists in the greater dead family and since those experiences I feel obliged to loudly proclaim love and light (especially for DSO bc we dont let it get dark on this side of the street bc we make the ice petal flowers go revolving and evolving!) and not the pretentious bullshit kind, but the kind that makes some people a bit uncomfortable bc it comes from going thru the realms of hell on earth. One of my buddies died 2 days ago from dope OD- not the first and won't be the last. But remember that Jerry quote (imma paraphrase lol) about it's not the guns or the drugs or the cops that fuck shit up, it's us. remember, it's JUST US! haha the mick jagger and Bowie version of dancin in the streets just came on the in mcdonalds I'm resting the car at and it reminds me of the moment I first GOT THE DEAD and fell in love with DSO during second set at my first show- ahhhhhh! kiss kiss all over all your asses (dirty girl that I can't help being!)
  11. Asheville 4-10

    Fucking love y'all! You, too, Rude!!!!! We all know ya can't beat a Dead Unicorn- this one dude tried this one time but rumor is he died. And I don't have a masters except in DSOology
  12. Asheville 4-10

    Rude, you don't own the forums or the band or even, apparently, logic or an ability to actually read what I am saying. And u are still new to us. And u know what, I never saw Jerry and am not a deadhead I am just a silly unicorn star head that actually managed to piss you off and THAT is priceless. Good show to me I didn't say anything negative about DSO, I said how much fun I had, remember? just my opinions of the different textures of Jerry Band shows bc I have that vocabulary and conceptual awareness. How many people have you convinced to tour DSO? Glad I made you show your ass, cause someone needed to. Get a life, kid! (And sorry, Doc, for not just ignoring Rude, but with a name like his you would think he would have a thicker skin!!!) Kiss kiss.
  13. Asheville 4-10

    When I comes to driving music, I really prefer Jerry Band. Tends to have a good going down the road tempo when it's super reggae gospel time (NOT like saturdays they did with all the junkie tunes! Lmao- and fuck off those that think their subjective opinion is God- or that saying personal preferences is "negative"- these forums are for fans to express their likes and dislikes and it's obvious we all love DSO so stop pretending you can love this music "more" that's just fucking gross- I don't rub in yalls face that I am the only girl left on the forums from the great "back then" bc I hate when deadheads pretend their 3 shows w Jerry in the 90s means they are more deadicated than my almost 200 DSO shows- so let's let each other be, mmmm kay? How bout we rejoice that this band brings ALL of us together and admit we don't get along in real life but we have fun together at the show!?) instead of the intense psychedelia that the Dead slip into- that shit will zone me out so hard on a long drive!!! Lol also for Sunday mornings- if it's not a 70-72 dead show for Sunday morning, I like a Jerry band show and for making whoopie..... THAT is some endless and divine shit, I don't think there is better getting it on music on earth! If it's dead I will get distracted by the music and ignore my partner but Jerry band just makes it fucking perfect every time (yes, maybe the dope shows are great for THIS purpose as well bwahahaha) damn, I love y'all so fucking much!!!! And don't much care how some of you treat me this 'ol way- I keep going down the road feeling good as going to hell in a bucket and the ride is alright by me!!!! Kiss kiss
  14. Asheville 4-10

    Same bitch, different day! Bwahahahaha lmao
  15. Asheville 4-10

    Ah! Positively and my Silver Angel song so glad I sent people this way from the roads less traveled! We are headed home via Arkansas..... in Mississippi now lmao- never do we go in straight lines or even the right direction! But we do find our own way home sucks his broken heel led us to not make our anniversary tour, save a single night. Can't think of a time I have ever seen only one night of a tour..... even after my first show at the variety (yeah, I only want em to play there bc of personal nostalgia, hate me if ya feel it helps!) I made it to the orange peel a few days later..... got a darkstar that night and it's all I remember cause was my first experience with why these guys stole my face and heart from the beginning. but it's cool. It's cool to have seen so many new faces appear and hang around a bit over the years. 9 years of DSO and they are still what takes me home every time in every way. Even though they made me quit my day job in the first year- by second year my night job of selling rocks (my how I have evolved from vending to simply giving everything away- much to he dismay of every guy I ever dragged along with me, save this one!) paid. And since I have very few needs and am generally agreeable to uncomfortable circumstances, it only gets easier. but a broken heel- that's a bitch. Really it's the getting in and out of the venue and the smoking area that kills it. We been calling this year Hospital Tour 2018. But feeding the greater, larger family has become just as important to my life work as getting my unicorn silliness in and spinning around the front row. We have a giant, extended family of which the DSO Dork Stars will always hold the most tender spot of my heart. And I will always appear at random when you least expect even when I'm not physically there. My ubiquity and the doppelgänger effect allow these things in the wibbly wobbly timey wimeyness that is the world DSO creates with their quantum ass transcendence. But I really had to move. Deadication requires it. How can I find the other ones I gotta send home to DSO if I ain't out under bridges and on street corners and all the other dark places that many of you will never go? Shining my light when y'all already got your own you are content with isn't my job. It's lighting all those candles no one else is gonna even see. I hope we all keep on growing. Kiss kiss, see ya at the next show (cause it's the best one!)