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    11.13.2009 9:30 Club, DC
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    08.12.2010 Party in the Park, Rochester
    08.13.2010 Bear's Picnic Festival, Laurelton, PA
    09.11.2010 Terrapin Hill Farm, Harrodsburg, KY
    02.02.2011 Music Farm, Charleston, SC
    02.04.2011 Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA
    04.13.2011 Belly Up, Aspen, CO
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    04.16.2011 Aggie Theater, Fort Collins, CO
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    08.14.2011 State Bridge, Bond, CO
    04.03.2012 Arcata Theater, CA
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    04.10.2012 Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA
    04.12.2012 Belly Up, Solana Beach, CA
    04.13.2012 Canyon Club, Agoura Hills, CA
    04.14.2012 McDowell Mtn Fest, Phoenix, AZ
    05/05/2012 Mexicali Live, Teaneck, NJ
    05/07/2012 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT
    05/08/2012 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT
    05/09/2012 Flying Monkey, Plymouth, NH
    05/11/2012 Toad's Place, New Haven, CT
    05/12/2012 Paramount Theater, Huntington, NY
    05/13/2012 Oneonta Theatre, Oneonta, NY
    05/14/2012 Mexicali Live, Teaneck, NJ
    05/16/2012 Birchmere Bandstand, Alexandria, VA
    05/17/2012 Pocahontas State Park Amphitheater, Chesterfield, VA
    05/18-20/2012 Mighty High Mountain Fest at Tuxedo Ridge, Tuxedo, NY
    05/22/2012 Colonial Theatre, Pittsfield, MA
    05/24/2012 Bergen Pac Theatre, Englewood, NJ
    05/25/2012 McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ
    05/26/2012 Tarrytown Music Hall, Tarrytown, NY
    05/27/2012 Jam On The River, Penn's Landing RiverStage, Philadelphia, PA
    05/29/2012 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY
    05/31/2012 Penn's Peak, Jim Thorpe, PA
    06/29/2012 Left Hand Brewing Company, Longmont, CO
    06/30/2012 Steamboat Ski Area On Headwall, Steamboat Springs, CO
    07/01/2012 State Bridge Lodge, Bond, CO
    08/03/2012 Pisgah Brewing, Black Mountain, NC
    08/04/2012 Pisgah Brewing, Black Mountain, NC
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    10/11/2012 Fox Theatre, Redwood City, CA
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    10/13/2012 The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA
    10/14/2012 Uptown Theatre, Napa, CA
    03/28/2013 Vilar Center, Beaver Creek, CO
    03/29/2013 Wheeler Opera House, Aspen, CO
    03/30/2013 Ogden Theater, Denver, CO
    2013-06-28 Mishawaka Amphitheatre CO
    2013-06-29 - 6-30 State Bridge CO
    2013-09-27 pink garter, Jackson Hole WY
    2013-09-28 Emerson cultural center, Bozeman MT
    2013-09-29 Wilma theatre, Missoula MT
    2013-10-18 - 10-20 Boulder theatre CO
    2014-03-28 - 10-29 Boulder theatre CO
    2014-04-04 HOB San Diego CA
    2014-04-05 El Rey LA CA
    2014-04-06 canyon club CA
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    2014-04-11 - 4-13 GAMH SF CA
    2014-04-15 catalyst Santa Cruz CA
    2014-04-16 eureka theatre CA
    2014-04-18 crystal ballroom Portland OR
    2014-04-19 McDonald theatre Eugene OR
    2014-08-01 - 8-2 Pocahontas Chesterfield VA
    2014-10-05 live at the armory Ashland OR
    2014-10-07 cascade theatre Redding CA
    2014-10-09 fox theatre redwood city CA
    2014-10-10 center for the arts grass valley CA
    2014-10-11 city winery Napa CA
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    2015-10-01 fox theatre redwood city CA
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    2015-10-05 canyon club CA
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  1. Supplicated Velvet Thunder


    Amazingly lovely venue.... inside. Huge and spacious and decent sound except when dancing behind the speakers in the front by the side. Over there I couldn’t understand a word they were saying in banter, but at soundboard it was clear and perfect. But.... the security were searching people for lighters, vapes and cigarettes..... and had no smoking area...... and that was really really annoying! we made it after lotsa traffic in the cold rain (had my first New England snow in Maine a few weeks ago.... cool! Lol) and made it in for that second song. Instantly ran into people I love and we were in for a great night! The biodtl was a ridiculous explosion of welcome home energy and I wrote “happy home” on my setlist bc it seemed more right at the time. Omg here comes sunshine to sing my blues away?!? Perfection in trancendent moments! I figured they were trying to just wrap all my favorite sounds into one night, so I didn’t mind that my girlfriend was so taken by the music and whatever else she had taken that she couldn’t much stay on her feet from about here on..... but I was there to pick her up and the crowd was super sweet about her falling into everyone in her blissful glee (and me coming to rescue the situation each time lol).... what a night! the btw ground my heart soft and the bew melted it away. Divine alchemy. woman enough had me jumping in giggles (yay Lisa!) and the birdsong made my melted heart regrow with wings and soar away! i murmured to friends about wrs and the wolf and history as the song began, laughing that it’s me passing the legend on now (thank y’all for giving it to me, one show at a time! Hehe) and thank you for having this at my most recent show.... as it stole my soul the first time I heard y’all play it at my first show. knew it would be setbreak, that knowing built on years of judging the setlist wave to know when I can breathe again, and it’s sucked to not get to go smoke. But whatever. Jesse forgot his boot and pretended he could walk all night..... good for him! second set was one of those perfect ones that DSO manages to pull of with surprising regularity but still ranks as best ever, every time. My third world to give from them (we beat the odds, this lifetime!) after a ridiculously on point and wonderful scarlet fire Sampson..... holy Jerry! My girl lost her keys during scarlet and a girl handed em back just bf I shook her friends hand for the strangers stopping strangers bit and that was adorable! got asked if I was okay during Stella. Just crying to Stella.... as usual..... but damn..... best Stella ever it broke me right the fuck open! I get two shows this year, and Stella......... quite appropriate. This cool guy in overalls gave us beer and water most of the night and danced with us. Werewolves was terribly fun and that Stephen NFA stacker was just that kind of perfect spin on a night that I love good ol’ DSO for. Kiss kiss thank you i miss y’all more than words can tell
  2. Supplicated Velvet Thunder


    Damn, a few minutes too late to have to type it all up! Thanks, bro! Holy shit this was my second show this year. Wtf? Shame on me. but..... I got my 3rd world to give from these guys and that makes me the happiest unicorn ever. And seeing my sweet evangaline up front again after so many years of missing each other just made me swoon.... wish I had known she was there during Stella so we coulda cried together. soooo good to see you all, more blah blah blah I love this shit later, just had to drop through on my way to little sleep and say..... fuck..... what a fuckin epic show! Kiss kiss! thank you!
  3. Supplicated Velvet Thunder

    Wolf coming to Lowell

    This is a really cool preannouncement! Sweet! And since it’s the only show the universe is allowing us at this time........ fuck yes, the stars align and we shall see you folks tomorrow! Kiss kiss!
  4. Supplicated Velvet Thunder

    I don’t want to know the show!

    Silence is consent. I do not consent to having shows hinted for almost half the tour, and I don’t consent to more and more specific announcements and now that they have started hinting AND announcing more than one show a year, I have to say no. No. NO! but, it has never made a difference as to which show I attend and never will. And my opinion makes no difference. but the flame still burns................. glad and I could let everyone know that I am not the naive little silly unicorn and rainbows child that I once was. Y’all showed me just how dark the sunny side of the street can be, and now I am no longer a spoiled brat. I have opinions, and am willing to fight and die, even LIVE, for what I believe supports truth and moral justice in this world. Using the announcement thing to exaggerate my anger is a facade because I miss you guys and girls and I wanted to stir the pot a bit, as I have not been around in person. As we have all talked about this subject, and agree, in private, I felt it was time to be very loud and ridiculous about how completely evil and wrong these announcements are. Do you fucking get my drift, yet? i wasn’t trying to insult anyone except Rude, after he insulted me and fabricated lies about me, cause he deserves it, but I never insulted DSO or anyone else and if u think I did, you took me wrong. I wrote my post dramatically bc this preannouncement shit is fucked up. but considering how actually completely fucked pretty much everything in the world is, I’m not so jaded or egocentric as to think that DSO making an announcement about a show will change a single goddamn thing about the world. But DSO is one of my most treasured experiences in this lifetime, and the wealth of love you all have imbued in my heart is a gift that I will never let fade away. One of the things that makes DSO so special is the surprise and the guessing and the giving each other shit for knowing or not knowing. It’s a good fucking time. some of this essence is both stolen and cheapened by the increasingly common preannouncement and these new hints. also, it makes it look like they care more about filling seats with old rich people trying to re-create their past. And I came to DSO as a young person, as the kids that dance and shake their bones did with the Dead, and me and my dirty street and woods kid friends aren’t too concerned with online announcements bc we don’t internet very often, but, with more people, especially more old rich people, sometimes it feels like a Canned Party, as the surviving dead members live off of, instead of the real right now Dead that IS DSO. Be DSO. Don’t try to be Phiddle? Cause, yeah, THAT is a thing now (fucking EW!) take the hints away. Only announce a show or two a year. Otherwise, unicorns cry. Thats it. Really simple. Hope we make it in November, the days are still dark and we are still broken, summer only deepened the despair and left little hopes. But we just got some cool 3D printers to play with, and my embroidery machine is coming home, and I still wanna make us some cute lil name badges or something (w the printer we can do a stash box or something lol) w our forums names. I won’t presume to try and get addresses, but I will bring em to the shows I can and get em to y’all. Even you, Rude, you get a badge, too. yall that take the internet all serious should, um, I dunno, meditate, or smoke a joint, or something, Jesus fucking Christ. kiss kiss
  5. Supplicated Velvet Thunder

    I don’t want to know the show!

    rude Didn’t give me money. Ever... well... change at the last show, I guess. I really piss y’all off, huh? Took us all day to get a 20 that day when we had our hookers and crack cocaine sign and play in front of the door where the forums “family” was hanging. No one asked us up. and it was another member on here that tried to bring us up and was denied so that one paid us a 20. That’s the true story.... do t know what u heard or who was bragging bout helping the hobos? Honestly, I don’t like And the personal info sharing ABOUT Me needs to stop especially when y’all are makin up lies about me... wtf? get a life and know that mine is wild enough y’all shouldn’t have to make shit up! Just get to know me and your ears will burn off without making shit up. But talk about your OWN shit, not mine, pretty please? It’s easier to remember why y’all are pricks to me if I don’t gotta sort thru lies. The truth is always enough for us to not get along, since I push y’all into such passionate expression that usually only a good show can do. Its obvious from your posts, PG, that you don’t even want to understand my words, and would rather shrug me off as an ego driven bitch. Whatever gets ya to sleep at night! I miss when we actually cared about each other on here. A lot. He didn’t ask what happened he just told me to grow up and called me 20 again and assumed what I was upset about. Thanks for the love, fuck faces. People like rude have ruined the way we used to care bout each other on here. It’s fucking pathetic. We used to meet up and all hang out. Then rude came. Now it’s a rude parade and it makes me sick. i am not the only one, from my PM and phone texts lately. Oh well, nothing you can hold and all that.......... but damn, we used to be a family. Mango is right, though, he always is. But he has a right to his opinion I just wanted to share my heartbreak and see who else felt the same. Some of u feel exactly as I do. Others opposite. Others don’t care. Cool. I still don’t wanna know. kiss kiss And I stand by my justification of strong word phrasing bc I live in New England now. Southerners will a,ways be offended. Jesse almost got arrested a few times this winter for saying FUCK in public down there so I know it makes y’all wanna freak out.... but I am finally free of the south and the west and ppl up here express themselves..... and it rocks! just a lil mice elf, but thanks for letting me be...... hehehe
  6. Supplicated Velvet Thunder

    I don’t want to know the show!

    Yeah, PG, I know I scare the shit outta ya bc I’m not PG, but rather X rated most days. It’s cool. Most people down south look at me exactly like you do, so it doesn’t offend me a bit. but what’s sweet is celebrating where we come from, just like where we are going. I know it was before your time, but when I first got on these forums I ALSO made my first post a poem to DSO and lived working in the same state you do. I often think of u as who I would be if I had never quit that job and it makes me happy. Love the sunny perspective, my time in New England has made me a bit gruff, as I explained...... but dick measuring competitions are one of my favorites cause my pissin n spitting n measurements usually beat the dudes that make the mistake of playing this w me. I had brothers. It’s not drama and ego..... Rude is rude to me and deserves a spanking and I will maintain that if he continues to personally attack me every time I start a thread on the forums (has happened last 2 times.....) and most ppl on here dislike him anyways so so fucking what? Dso has already played my fave show. And actually, I really like that they blow me away on shows that I didn’t necessarily love from the GD tape. And nah, Franklin’s ain’t my fave even though I have a cool story from my buddy from Nepal/Tibet about it. I like the surprise from DSO.... Actually- first time I heard Franklin’s it was live and by the boys during their 2009 thing (everyone said I HaD to go see surviving members so I did but I just stick to DSO now lmao)and when they played Franklin’s I could NOT u derstamd what everyone was singing.... “blown away by you?” Hahahahaha..... remember the Ledges Porto potty that said “roll away the poo?” Hehehehehe never know what show we gonna find ourselves in until we walk thru the door and then we get to watch it become more apparent and this game is why DSO is my fave thing on earth. I am a sucker for those late ‘73 and ‘74 shows from the wall of sound era..... but traditionally, I call June ‘76 my “favorite” run bc of mission. Just not as spooky w Jerry band and I like the scary mission. But I’ve seen DSO do all my faves and bring me more faves I never would have had if they hadn’t shown me the light..... like Corrina! Lmao. Fuck yeah. i like the crunchy, discordant, fall aparty shows the best. Never know which era DSO will make sound like this though. The ones that I’m dancing and then almost falling and barely catching and it goes on and I don’t remember who or where I am. Those ones. Mmmmmmmm still don’t wanna know which shows are gonna be originals.... and the tour list atm for New England looks pretty obvious which will be....... and that’s still fucking lame.
  7. Supplicated Velvet Thunder

    I don’t want to know the show!

    It is hilarious to me and everyone that knows me that you would ever see my opinions as attacking DSO. I literally have had no other motivation or base drive behind my life cept seeing them since the first time and have arranged my entire life (at that time I was running 35 companies) and “I left my job my home my cat and now I make dough in my hat, Lordy what would Mama say?” That’s a quote from a song I wrote in New Orleans. Im super lame like that. I totally just quit this bullshit y’all keep claiming is real life to live on street corners and parking lots and in the woods with my family. im sorry you are a zombie in a cage repeating robotic praises so someone will notice you. Good luck kiddo. The last 10 years been good to me and to DSO. I will always be yalls lil stupid silly unicorn and most of y’all still see me as ms deviled egg. Now I am playing music Jesse and I write together- broken foot has been a blessing for this. We are moving toward having our own band even though the music studio and store we were bout to buy got taken out by a tornado a few weeks ago. Fuck sticks. But it’s cool- he been seeing DSO since before me and was at that legendary LoLo hot springs show bc he played the same fest. He found out he was having a son during TN Jed at Janis Landing. Chic walked out w the stick in her hand lmao. So so we are both long time lovers of this band even though neither of us is technically even a dead head. He is a musician and I’m a star head and labels are fun. I have watched so many changes from DSO and they ALL break my heart and we always evolve. I know we grow up. But I miss the good ol days even though they are better than they ever were right now. Those announcements gaining frequency break my heart. But we will survive. kiss kiss no more fighting until next time I get attacked i fucking love you doc- someone’s gotta keep us warm chuckles...... ohhhhhhh chuckles...... I will always call u my tour dad and feel a lil dirty bout it bwahahaha thanks for the kind words but seriously...... keep preannouncements minimum please?
  8. Supplicated Velvet Thunder

    I don’t want to know the show!

    So please ask your buddy to stop attacking me on a personal level with bullshit fabricated assumptions so we can keep it fun? Please? Also, I don’t think he is allowed to hypothesize on ticket sources on these forums...... that’s actually not allowed, right? FYI All of my DSO tix have been miracles one way or another since I paid twice for the sold out show my first time ever. Because I belong here. i share my heart w y’all and when I choose to be a lil private I get attacked by this fool who has never been anything but a dick to me. That’s cool. He doesn’t have to like me. but attacking my personal life isn’t allowed. Assuming bullshit about tickets is worse. Gross, bro! and we are allowed to have our opinions about this music without being personal fuck tards about it. It’s all subjective and we all love it but this is not the place for people who just wanna lick assholes and pretend people are Gods. We are all fucking human and we are an awesome family...... u are just the most annoying little brother I have ever met. you need a good ol fashioned spankin, Rude.
  9. Supplicated Velvet Thunder

    I don’t want to know the show!

    Remember when we had people who cared instead of a nasty junior high troll posting here and taking up all the space? I actually am pretty sure Rude is a troll spy sent from phill n Bob to demoralize and weaken us as a community. Have you ever seen him be kind? Have ya ever heard him give a fuck except when wanting to tear others down? I and others that have contacted me since his war against me began last spring actually can barely stand reading them these forums anymore bc of this one person..... the fucking idiot robot that goes by rude. i actually think I’m older than you, fuck face. im posting this bc of continued support of the family that made these forums great. Can rude please be banned? Sign my petition by liking this post! i mean, at least slap the nasty fuck on the wrist and don’t treat him like a goddamn golden boy cause oh isn’t it so nice he has so many posts? I’m pretty sure the decline in regular postings from the rest of us correlate with Rudes takeover of the forums. So we all go away and just let this child be our representation to the new awesome folks that come around? This prick is the face of the forums now? Fuck him and anyone else that treats our DSO family like a fucking porta potty. I will eat his shit no more. kiss kiss
  10. Supplicated Velvet Thunder

    I don’t want to know the show!

    The best show ever was an original I thought was a show....... sneakiness is part of their charm! I love originals and would tour TN in a fucking heart beat! But I know there are only a few of us that feel this way. And it’s been pretty cool seeing what they have stretched the rules to include over the years in song selection for originals and fillers. Best music teachers I ever had. And Doc and Jesse lmao. Doc, Leon Russell came on radio when we were w jesses dad the other day and we told him about how Jesse recognized your tape right away bc his dad had ingrained such music in him. Pops liked that a lot. Still sad we couldn’t ride for that spring tour....... you’re the freaking best!
  11. Supplicated Velvet Thunder

    I don’t want to know the show!

    And sorry for the strong language and all that.... time in New England will do that to the sweetest and most silly of southern belles. Lmao. It’s cold hard thin soil and rock farming up here hehe. But ya know...... I know my opinions on what DSO should do don’t matter in the least bit, but I, super grateful we have these forums to share our diverse opinions. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of it (even you, rude) and I’m happy we can all feel so passionately about this awesome band and crew. im pretty sure DSO isn’t allowed to disappear and lose their essence and never will......... But damn did that fall tour listing look easy for picking what’s gonna be original and kinda spoil some fun by even listing regions. Sigh. If I had it my way....... great god almighty, (I mean, my sweet fellow DSO forums buddies) talk to me now! This is a topic that needs a concentrated thread since this change has been slowly morphing to more and more and is fascinating to observe and ponder.
  12. Supplicated Velvet Thunder

    I don’t want to know the show!

    Making more money is great. Sacrificing what one is at essence to do so is selling out. I think these hints and more and more announcements on tour page take away from that essence. You are allowed to disagree.... BUT: Why u gotta be a personal asshole to me, dickweed? if u were my family u would know what’s up and those on here that are, do... actually, what ever happened to us? Thanks for those that asked and listened to what is really up bc I’m glad we still have us. It’s just us. Always. Kiss kiss to yalll.... But rude, it has little to do with a foot, so fuck off. The things you don’t know about would burn off both your little sheltered ears. and I’m not 20, duh! Who the fuck are you? Show up a few years ago kissing ass and acting like you are king of the world. And not seeing DSO is very fucking low on why this real life year sux though those that KNOW me know that it makes my heart cry every goddamn day. im actually kinda sick of a lot of the pretentious, snobby ass shit some people been pulling lately. Loving something means speaking out when you feel it’s not living up to what you love. And doing what you think is right. Glad many of us do so. go listen to another dope show. And make sure not to ever help a stranger or a street musician and make sure to tell everyone how hard you work and how much you make and how perfect you are. imma keep on touring my fave band and posting here til this shit don’t exist, so please, keep being Rude, and I will keep being the useless shameless beggar piece of shit bitch that will always have been right here. Don't ever think that you can personally attack someone on here without them coming back at you. I ain’t a hippie or a yuppie, I’m a fucking dead head that tours DSO and I speak my mind bc we uphold freedom of speech. Back to the music...... duh. red rocks was special and the couple of every now n then announced shows are special. Now even that specialness will be lost and it all loses some shine. Bummer. Just my 2 cents. See yall all next time kiss kiss
  13. Supplicated Velvet Thunder

    I don’t want to know the show!

    Actually, my not deadhead boyfriend firmly believes that it doesn’t make sense to go see em if we already know what’s gonna be played. So it’s not just the heads. And I think the whole band gets a say in such policies- thus my heartfelt appeals. what research? The research that shows they are kicking ass and taking names all over the fucking country and tour harder than most bands ever? The research that made the boys steal John bc they were literally jealous of ticket sales? (Too soon? Nah, I think this is now public knowledge) maybe selling out was a strong term. But if they are changing what we love about em bc their new manager or Walther or whoever want more money...... I guess we all gotta eat? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Us GD purists will always prefer it unannounced, fresh, and classical DSO- It’s why we been here thus far. Faces change but the VALUES and MOTIVATIONS should NOT be tarnished. The model of dead marketing of feeding the family and the rest follows is not the same as the biz models that Trump uses. So....... please please please please please take it back and say it ain’t so. From the heart of me, I love y’all.
  14. Supplicated Velvet Thunder

    I don’t want to know the show!

    right? So we walk in knowing the region and looking at stage we see era..... what’s much left to guess at? NO FUN! Also, I just realized that I don’t get to feel in touch by knowing by the tour thus far when the original is coming.... now I can just look at the tour dates and see what’s not already announced and assume at least half of those will be originals. Gross. if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Tell the new kids that told y’all to do this that we all been fine watching u ppl play more shows than the dead ever did all these years and we don’t want to just throw away what made y’all great- that perfect blend of surprise and nostalgia! Why buy the cow if u get the milk for free? U know? kiss kiss
  15. Supplicated Velvet Thunder

    I don’t want to know the show!

    WTF? I was looking thru the tour schedule and almost cried to see listings of “hints” of what show it will be based on region and ANOTHER preannounced exact show date this year. Who are y’all trying to please? I know there are fuckers who won’t even show up if it’s not one of “their favorite” years and I have never thought of those people as actually deadicated- more like spoiled fucking brats! I love when it is an 80s or 90s bc DSO does it sooooo well! Now y’all are giving more and more hints of what’s up- and now I will have to listen to more idiots yelling out the next song and ruining THE GAME of DSO and my moments with the music with their know it all deader than thou BS and they get to feel COOL for it? Ugh. Guess what? I have NEVER listened to a pre announced show before the show (remember when it was barely once a year they announced it for a very special shows? if I had known we were allowing a dangerous precedent then I woulda hollared bout this then instead of giving silent consent). the people who are just trying to relive their GD memories and feel all good inside about what show they are attending are forgetting that DSO is OUR GD today. Those fucks can go see their Johnny boys and have their canned party..... but DSO is NOT supposed to be a canned party. One of the BIG reasons y’all are sooooo successful right now in this moment is that lovely element of surprise and nostalgia mixed with just exactly perfect proportions. Telling people what’s coming and trying to lure locals (is that the plan?) with regional show promises has a large likelihood that people will say “oh! That’s what they are doing so I don’t need to go, I can just stay home and listen to that show from the Dead” and BAM, people aren’t interested bc the surprise is gone. Don’t make me say the thrill is gone from this kind of announcement. there is NOTHING like being at DSO and authentically from your heart realizing what show it is. Please don’t take this away from us! To me, this is literally a “sell out” move to make bucks and I don’t even think it will do that- I think it will make ppl picky and spoiled and not show up. And we already have the surviving members using this music like a mama’s tit- unlike DSO who has always held the torch for the SAKE of the MUSIC! Please don’t sell out like the other ones did after Jerry. My lil heart can’t take it. we are close to the end of the most horrific year of my life and he is almost able to get around without crutches and I am SUPER excited to come HOME to DSO this fall but since silent is consent I want to register my (probably ill received and only me) complaint about these hints that real STAR HEADS have NEVER needed to support y’all all these years. Please, remember why we love you and do THAT! And NEVER stop! Who the hell got in yalls ear and made you decide this is GOOD? It doesn’t even look more professional- it looks like money grubbing. Please, no. but whatever you do, y’all are my family I didn’t get to choose- so I will ALWAYS be here. No matter what. But I don’t have to like every corporate decision and don’t think I am the only forums fan that feels this way- I remember age old discussions about this exact topic on these forums and I never thought we said it was cool to announce and hint regularly. Is it gonna get to where they announce originals? Please, stop bf it comes to that! Y’all gonna kill your ticket sales if you strip away THE DSO GAME. You will just be another cover band if this keeps up! I want you to always be the only band that does what you do! kiss kiss, imma bitch and don’t deserve an opinion bc I have only been to ONE show all fucking year but if u know me u know this isn’t by choice and that I have actually grown into a lovely, strong willed woman that takes care of business like a mother fucker but goddamn please please please don’t have all these hints and preannouncements! Pretty please with roses on top? kiss kiss