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  1. well darn ... I had a few of my old Grateful Dead tour buddies signed up for old school mini run doing Raleigh Wilmington shows... we have discussed regrouping our trip with a few later possible runs with the summer tour ... the May shows not workable with our schedules.. June 26 - St Loius June 27 - Chicago that 2 outdoor show run possible The July 4 outdoor Colorado run.. hmm August 1 - Holiday Valley on Jerry Bday see some of you going down the road ...
  2. I plan on being in Raleigh in Wilmington with 2 of my buddies to see some rockin dark star shows.....
  3. I saw DSO at Summerfest July 2003 the headliners in the big amphitheatre the night I went on July 1, 2003 was: The Dead - with Rob Barraco on keys and then Willie Nelson solid ...
  4. Is it Peoria or Aurora on the 27th ??
  5. free show in Springfield OH late June ??. been a few years since the last one .. one of my top 5 outdoor venues for DSO..
  6. Raleigh & Wilmington are gaining steam...
  7. clemson... Dabo crying about officials.. hilarious... shoe on the other foot ...
  8. sorry I can't feel sorry for Clemson on that call ... the officials gave Clemson huge calls that were wrong against Ohio State ... Dabo crying about officials ... hilarious
  9. I might do the 2 night run in Wilmington... been there couple years ago. .. nice place
  10. I still go to the Ledges at least once a summer with a small group of friends for a music festival / camping / friendship ... over last 5 years Willie Nelson has headlined two of those festivals... the last 2 years local Grateful Dead bands have headlined .. and JK was there with a band as I recall two years ago as well ... Melvin has also tickled the keys at the Ledges in this span ... solid times... usually 2 nights camping leading up to music and 2 nights camping with music ... nothing like a 96 hour straight campfire going... I invite any and all to join on next year .. plenty of room to expand and welcome back Ledges veterans and have door prize giveaways for Ledges newbies ... they have made campsites bigger and really the park is in amazing shape ... the festivals I go to usually more of a chill crowd ... have had zero issues last 5 years ...
  11. thanks Chuck for bringing our old friend to the forefront. .. I think I speak for both Chuck and myself when I say the friendship we formed with Scott went beyond the music...
  12. Teacher Matt


    Saturday Night filler ... sick show...
  13. Supplication with Lazy Lightnin as well .. dont want to not reconize one of my favorites. ..
  14. Read how August West Greg responded to Steph Then read How rude responded to Steph If you don't see the difference from one respect response to one total disrespect response I have no place for you
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