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  1. Spring Tour

    Greenfield Lake Amphitheater in Wilmington NC ... it is one of the top outdoor venues in the DSO rotation ... no question ... coming from a guy who has been to most venues they played in the 20 years of shows
  2. Preseason CFB Playoff picks

    Im a Buckeye win or lose .... looks like we are back to the Alamo Bowl ... Ohio State still can win Big Ten Conference.... which would eliminate the Big Ten from playoff... 50 plus points just don't happen against Ohio State. . give Iowa credit .... worst game in history since pre-World War II for Buckeyes. .. a long long time
  3. Preseason CFB Playoff picks

    No ... Ohio State had no business making the playoff last year .. . and I dont recall as you say I "confidently predict" ND losing ...unless you are referring to an Ohio State matchup ... which only would take place in the playoffs. ... why would I worry about Penn St fans ?? .. don't care but thanks. .. when I stated "I dont believe they will do that" I was referring to the committee putting 2 teams from same conference and an independent in the final 4 .. But thanks for speaking on my behalf on said topics... In regards to the system blowing up if it is done ... I stand by my statement. ..
  4. Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

    2 sides to every story. ..
  5. Preseason CFB Playoff picks

    my feelings are if the committee puts in 2 teams from same conference and an independent the playoff of 4 teams will end immediately after that year ... if only 2 of 5 power conferences make it then they the college presidents will end the 4 team playoff and it will turn to 8 the next year ... don't care what deals are in place for the future because it will be total revolution of the committee .. I understand ND has diehard fans ... if they win out they will be in ... with that said I really believe they wont do that ... but if ND does get in this year or in a future year and 2 power conferences are left out then we will be closer to an 8 team playoff .. ND not in a conference is a flipping joke ..they are not and have not been a consistent top 15 program the last 20 years and should not be given special treatment .... Ohio State needs help ... Sooners need to lose a 2nd game ...
  6. Preseason CFB Playoff picks

    And in regards to Notre Dame I usually don't talk too much smack but if you're an Irish fan you don't want to play Ohio State we will beat you down again ...
  7. Preseason CFB Playoff picks

    Clemson lost to Syracuse. .. a joke they are #4
  8. Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

    Why would you guys just not print your tickets out so you already have them ??
  9. Cleveland - Oct 5

    the absurdity is you are worried about your percieved absurdity .... so no on irony ...and for the record no 1st pitches in a college football game. .. a game a show a yoga class however I spend my 3 minutes or my entire night is up to me ... so no stress on my end thank you very little ..
  10. Cleveland - Oct 5

    with a 4pm kickoff will stay and watch the band at halftime - they are worth the price of admission themselves....hopefully get a Script Ohio ... leave mid 3rd quarter ....beat the 110,000 fans out the exits easy ... go down High Street to venue before chaos starts back up... so yes to making DSO but no on entire game..
  11. Cleveland - Oct 5

    I have moved out of the classroom a few years ago and have taken on an administrative position ... so I have that going for me. .. and also remember they moved "the game" to the Saturday after Thanksgiving a few years. .. thus no school on that Friday .. nice as for said Buckeyes... I will let the results on the field play out ... told a few folks on this forum via text messages after Oklahoma beat us fair and square we belonged in either the Alamo or now defunct Bluebonnet Bowl ... starting to play better and this Saturday will be fun with a home game and DSO show chaser...again better play a "Hang on Sloopy" opener (one of Ohio States adopted songs) or a stage rush may unfold ... back in I think 2001 Buckeyes/Minnesota then DSO show twinbill ... back when they played the venue right on campus the Newport -
  12. Cleveland - Oct 5

    I get that its a tease ... im just confused as to actually what the joke is ?? .. im trying to piece all your parts together ... Buckeyes game date/time moved ... baseball blacked out ... etc .. lots of moving parts ... I want to laugh ... just need to figure why im laughing ..
  13. Cleveland - Oct 5

    I think Doc was trying to make some type of a funny ?? .. not quite sure where he was getting at ... Doc Please explain
  14. Cleveland - Oct 5

    Indians game - 7:38pm first pitch ALDS Dark Star show - 8pm first note thinking about Uber from my buddies house which is about 15 minutes from stadium/venue
  15. Fall Tour Announced!

    Saturday Oct 7 - DSO in Columbus Saturday Oct 7 - Ohio State home football game 110,000 at game plus another 70,000 that will just continue to tailgate and not go to game. .. something you need to experience ... 4pm kickoff vs Maryland... venue is 15 minutes from Ohio Stadium. .. DSO show starts I think 8pm ? ... plenty of time to enjoy 1st half and a marching band script Ohio pregame or at halftime Hang on Sloopy opener ... if not im rushing the stage. ..