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  1. clemson... Dabo crying about officials.. hilarious... shoe on the other foot ...
  2. sorry I can't feel sorry for Clemson on that call ... the officials gave Clemson huge calls that were wrong against Ohio State ... Dabo crying about officials ... hilarious
  3. I might do the 2 night run in Wilmington... been there couple years ago. .. nice place
  4. I still go to the Ledges at least once a summer with a small group of friends for a music festival / camping / friendship ... over last 5 years Willie Nelson has headlined two of those festivals... the last 2 years local Grateful Dead bands have headlined .. and JK was there with a band as I recall two years ago as well ... Melvin has also tickled the keys at the Ledges in this span ... solid times... usually 2 nights camping leading up to music and 2 nights camping with music ... nothing like a 96 hour straight campfire going... I invite any and all to join on next year .. plenty of room to expand and welcome back Ledges veterans and have door prize giveaways for Ledges newbies ... they have made campsites bigger and really the park is in amazing shape ... the festivals I go to usually more of a chill crowd ... have had zero issues last 5 years ...
  5. thanks Chuck for bringing our old friend to the forefront. .. I think I speak for both Chuck and myself when I say the friendship we formed with Scott went beyond the music...
  6. Teacher Matt


    Saturday Night filler ... sick show...
  7. Supplication with Lazy Lightnin as well .. dont want to not reconize one of my favorites. ..
  8. Read how August West Greg responded to Steph Then read How rude responded to Steph If you don't see the difference from one respect response to one total disrespect response I have no place for you
  9. I guess I need to explain what read between the lines mean ... another reason why I dont come around here much anymore ... Thank you Scott for your vision !! .. everybody enjoy the show ...
  10. today is Scott Larned birthday ... he was the vision behind Dark Star Orchestra 20 plus years ago .... Scott was a friend of mine ... many of you going to Red Rocks and posting on this board never met Scott let alone seen him play the keys at a DSO show .. so do him and maybe more importantly yourself a favor and yes enjoy the day enjoy the show but try and stop the useless self indulgence and/or constant repeating of things going on (because goodness) tended to be displayed here there and everywhere ..... Scott would be happy with that ... have a sandwich in Colorado for him and keep on Truckin' on ...
  11. what's round on the ends and high in the middle its .... O - HI - O
  12. The people behind the VIP fence started to push it forward during the second set it risked hurting some people who did not know they were doing that.... I turned around and told a few of the Young Folks just climb over the fence or climb under the fence to get in I don't care but just don't hurt anybody.... just be cool but they kept pushing the fence forward... and then like the old days of the Grateful Dead shows great towards the end they just start climbing the fence during Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
  13. Jubilee odds for Chuck and I are fading... all good .... thanks for those who offered to help ....
  14. I decided to make an appearance. ... new outdoor venues that show up in DSO rotation always peak my interest.. my buddy Elyria Shawn and I made the 6 hour drive and enjoyed ourselves. .. mission accomplished.... thanks DSO thanks Dino thanks Bix thanks ScottL for ride thanks Scott&Kris for smiles... etc etc my answer to the VIP concern ... just pay the extra money for the upgrade ..well worth it .. ... when in Rome (or Baldwinsville in this case) my friend ...
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