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  1. Rob Eaton

    blah blah blah . .. Eaton can jam ... blah blah blah ... he doesn't suck ... blah blah blah .. DSO rocks ...
  2. 08/10/17 Pittsburgh, PA

    whistle before Truckin' took place ... not sure who blew said whistle ..blowing all night ... negative
  3. 08/10/17 Pittsburgh, PA

    sick 2nd set ... Rob Eaton showed up bigbig time ... couple times he walked way out in front of his mic to the edge of the stage ... he took home the player of the game honors ... and for those of us there ... hilarious quote of Rob Barraco before the band slid into He's Gone ... "this isn't a Def Leppard concert" ... then Eaton follows up with "this next song is appropriate" ... 2 guys got tossed from front row for fighting. ..
  4. 08-10-17 Pittsburgh, PA

    yes.... 9-3-77
  5. 08-10-17 Pittsburgh, PA

    sick show ...no talkers ...dance space bottom right of floor area wide open ... Rob Eaton .... player of the game... what the flip he was getting loose !!
  6. 08-10-17 Pittsburgh, PA

    JJ and I on our way to Pittsburgh for the show tonight... sadly with a beautiful outdoor venue they're going to play it indoors.... they said because they can play longer indoors I say start the show earlier Outdoors... but what do I know.....one man gathers what another man spills we're still going to rock and roll tonight
  7. 08-14 & 15-17 Dewey Beach, DE

    I love me some Dewey Beach .... had some solid times some years back .. Bix your buddy Johnny still live there ?
  8. 08-14 & 15-17 Dewey Beach, DE

    Greg - if I hit the numbers this week im in ... playing 1121 for $10,000 next 10 days ... come on universe ... give TeacherMatt an 1121
  9. 08/03/17 Buffalo, NY

    and it was an hour lighting delay ... bummer cuz the lighting stayed at least 5 miles to our right. .. moved thru ... but totally get where safety is #1 priority ... light rain for 10 minutes. .. curfew was 10pm but venue allowed them to play till 10:30pm. .. so no songs eliminated except an for sure epic 30minute drums/space reduced to a 3 minute bang
  10. 08/03/17 Buffalo, NY

    will see if any solid information is for the get ... but ... I think last night crowd can rival if not break the single show DSO attendance record set 2 years ago in Rochester. .. massive open space venue ... huge area ... I would not be surprised 4,000 plus ... but hard to tell cuz so wide open always a treat to hang with Vince & Sue ..been to long I will return if DSO returns
  11. Fall Tour Announced!

    So thats one no for the Buckeye/DSO day of celebration. ..
  12. 08/03/17 Buffalo, NY

    And its baseball seats ..so tight tight tight ... and nobody on the field
  13. Fall Tour Announced!

    you never would root for Ohio State ?? ... shocking ... ... hehe
  14. 08/03/17 Buffalo, NY

    trying to find the official show start time ... anybody got solid info on that ?? Im going doors at 5pm ... show 6pm
  15. Fall Tour Announced!

    Maryland @ Ohio State kickoff announced as either 3:30pm or 4pm ... Saturday October 7th tailgate with Buckeye Nation ... then game ... then DSO show Boom