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  1. JJ = righteous
  2. show a little maturity ... this venue has a large following of people who support the Springfield Arts with yearly membership donations ... it is a beautuful venue in a college town (Wittenberg) ... many kind folks will be there with there chairs and will enjoy the show ... they respect you so respect them ... DSO has played this venue enough the folks know its not an actual orchestra ... dont insult these folks intelligence... Dark Star Orchestra has an amazing relationship with this group ... there is a large pit area in front of the stage for dancing ... expect 2,000 to 3,000 people tonight most with chairs and family .... I will have my chair as well ...
  3. thanks for sharing ...
  4. a sad day in DSO land ...
  5. this is a great big venue with a great big stage BYOB free show.... I'm very happy it's back... I will be there and now I don't have to worry about driving to Aurora or Madison as I am out for those shows now... the next day after the Springfield show I've got Dead and Company outdoor show in Cleveland
  6. I am bailing on Kalamazoo Bells show .... all acoustic. ..not my gig .. but no maybe Madison before Aurora ..hmmm
  7. MC ... me and JJ are trying to find our way to Aurora IL and Bells Shows June 25&26. .. 2 outdoor shows ... Bells always been a favorite venue of mine ... I think I have seen 3 DSO shows there ... then one day relax before Dead show at Blossom show on 28th ..
  8. Im going to Cleveland show June 28.. got a party bus going ... crew of 25 .. outdoor show ... I am going with an open mind and will have fun !!
  9. 5/26 my vote as well .... Estimated>Eyes. .yes please ..
  10. Hmm ... strong evidence Found just presented for 5/28/77 Jubilee lock ... Hmmm
  11. 5/26/77 to open the Jubilee looks like a lock... Music Sugaree opener .
  12. So is that #4 of 5 May recreations ?
  13. Dr. Barry .... I will bring a rug ... my arrival time is in flux ...
  14. Disability Act of 1990 ...
  15. It is a wandering year this year ... not many if any rugs that I know of ..... I will not be bringing one ... so wander away !!