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  1. 2018 Summer Tour

    DSO in Ojai, CA on June 23 @ the Libby Bowl...
  2. Dead + Co - Spring/Summer 2018

    "we will sell no wine before it's time" ...
  3. Dead + Co - Spring/Summer 2018

    I know DSO is playing June 23 in Ojai, CA .. one summer date to put on your calendar... beautiful city that has not given into commercialism. ... Chuck Vegas, Pete and myself made a point to do this show 3 summers ago with a Paso Robles show. .. hopefully that town added as well ...
  4. Jam In The Sand

    does he take IOUs ? ... seriously. .. wish I had a checkbook that could swing it ... good luck to your buddy Bix hope it works out !!
  5. First Time DSJubilee attendee questions?

    I can report from the field that NLQP has made progress by leaps and bounds in regards to cleaning up said sketchy issues that were starting to grow like poison ivy ... I would not make a sojourn there every summer if not ... Dr. B assessment in regards to his post above I agree with 100% ... praise Dr. Barry praise DSO praise Lana Turner go Buckeyes beat the Trojans pass the ketchup and build a set of stairs on the damn hill or call in an air strike ...
  6. First Time DSJubilee attendee questions?

    Dr Barry ... we must agree to disagree ... Nelson Ledges DSO blows away the Jubilee .. that is a real campground with a beach and cool clear water quarry ... I still go to the Ledges every summer for music camping swimming firepits at night etc
  7. First Time DSJubilee attendee questions?

    the hill is also very dangerous .... the long winding path is the safer alternative ... last year I made the wise decision to not even make one attempt up or down the hill ... I took the long winding path instead. ..
  8. Spring Tour

    and 1st sets in total daylight are fun !! ... I hope to make it ....
  9. Spring Tour

    6pm start for an outdoor show with it ending at 10pm in Wimington last year.. .. perfect ... just like the Grateful Dead summer outdoor show start times which were 6pm or 7pm .. this year show on a Sunday so a 5pm start 9pm end ... fine with me ... beach till 2pm ... shower and light dinner with a show chaser ... sometimes a little variety is healthy
  10. Spring Tour

    Greenfield Lake Amphitheater in Wilmington NC ... it is one of the top outdoor venues in the DSO rotation ... no question ... coming from a guy who has been to most venues they played in the 20 years of shows
  11. Preseason CFB Playoff picks

    Im a Buckeye win or lose .... looks like we are back to the Alamo Bowl ... Ohio State still can win Big Ten Conference.... which would eliminate the Big Ten from playoff... 50 plus points just don't happen against Ohio State. . give Iowa credit .... worst game in history since pre-World War II for Buckeyes. .. a long long time
  12. Preseason CFB Playoff picks

    No ... Ohio State had no business making the playoff last year .. . and I dont recall as you say I "confidently predict" ND losing ...unless you are referring to an Ohio State matchup ... which only would take place in the playoffs. ... why would I worry about Penn St fans ?? .. don't care but thanks. .. when I stated "I dont believe they will do that" I was referring to the committee putting 2 teams from same conference and an independent in the final 4 .. But thanks for speaking on my behalf on said topics... In regards to the system blowing up if it is done ... I stand by my statement. ..
  13. Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

    2 sides to every story. ..
  14. Preseason CFB Playoff picks

    my feelings are if the committee puts in 2 teams from same conference and an independent the playoff of 4 teams will end immediately after that year ... if only 2 of 5 power conferences make it then they the college presidents will end the 4 team playoff and it will turn to 8 the next year ... don't care what deals are in place for the future because it will be total revolution of the committee .. I understand ND has diehard fans ... if they win out they will be in ... with that said I really believe they wont do that ... but if ND does get in this year or in a future year and 2 power conferences are left out then we will be closer to an 8 team playoff .. ND not in a conference is a flipping joke ..they are not and have not been a consistent top 15 program the last 20 years and should not be given special treatment .... Ohio State needs help ... Sooners need to lose a 2nd game ...
  15. Preseason CFB Playoff picks

    And in regards to Notre Dame I usually don't talk too much smack but if you're an Irish fan you don't want to play Ohio State we will beat you down again ...