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  1. Herdygerdy

  2. Herdy

    Thank you all for the love... I'm doing much better! My lymes disease was acting up again, and I haven't been taking care of myself lately... due to other stresses in my life which Im currently working on resolving, it made my heart palputations come back in force... I have a follow up doctors appointment on the 20th, and they are setting me up with a cardiologist, and I'm back on my lymes meds to take care of myself.. Thank you all again for the love, it means alot!
  3. Jubilee Night 1

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Rick for some reason has to make dancing a contest... and in his own wacked out head, he thinks he's the best... To each their own when it comes to dancing.. some people bop their heads, some dance and sway, and then there's Rick... lol... I'd go with the bum statement most of the time Love ya Rick... you weirdo
  4. Message from Rob Eaton regarding downloads

    :rofl: :icon14: Someone just needs attention
  5. Scott Larned - gone but far from forgotten

    I took this picture, the last picture ever taken of such a wonderful friend and person. I first saw DSO at The State Theater in Falls Church, VA, and this is where I last saw Scotty play... I remember that show like it was yesterday cause of a few tunes that I absolutely LOVE!! One helluva Viola Lee, Good Times, and one of my all time favorites that never gets played, Believe It Or Not.. After that last show, Scotty and a bunch of the band came to my hotel room which I was sharing with Teacher Matt and our friend Haylee, and we played poker until 7am that morning... Scotty had been complaining about his back hurting and how the last few nights he felt like total shit. None of us took notice really, something I'll have to live with my whole life.. what If I made him go to the hospital, what if, what if, ect... Anyway, Scotty took ALOT of our money that night.. The then road manager and good friend Robbie Williams came back to the poker game around 430am, and he said he passed Scotty in the hallway, and Scotty just laughed and told him to get back to the game, cause "we were just giving money away"... lol.. The poker game wrapped up around 7am, and I went and got a few hours of sleep before checking out and driving back to Baltimore... I checked out, drove home and passed out hard... Nick Tiano called me around 7pm that night crying and it took me a few minutes to actually understand what he was saying that Scotty had a heart attack... I asked if he was ok, and Nick bawling just told me he didn't make it... I dropped the phone and started bawling myself.. After an hour or so, I pulled myself together enough to call Teacher Matt and tell him the news... I also had to call our friend Haylee who was living in North Carolina, and she stiill didn't make it home... haylee and Scott were really close friends, and I had to tell her to pull of the side of the road.. once she did, I told her the news and we wound up comforting each other for about 4 hours on the phone, she was still parked on the side of the road... That was my worst Scott Larned story.. I have so many great Scott stories, it would take me HOURS apon HOURS to reall them all... All I can say is that he was a great person, and without him, I would of never met many people who I now call my family... Scott always found us "old schooler DSO fans" in the crowd and made it a point to come talk to us.. I miss that man on a daily basis, and I have his picture hung up on my wall, right next to Scott's picture of Brent Midland... I got Scotty's Brent photo when we held an auction in Chicago to raise money for his daughter.. I miss my friend, and I miss hearing him sing in his uncanny brent voice... Godspeed Scotty, you will never be forgoten!!!
  6. Asheville

    Love those 69 shows.... speaking of 69, my new favorite is 71... that's a 69 with two fingers up your ass..
  7. other tributes?

    We have TONS of Dead related bands here in Denver... I try to see as many as I can, but as a wise (ass) man once said 'You can't do em all.."
  8. Fare Thee Well My Honey

    Love and miss you, Tara!! You are forever in our hearts and souls!!
  9. Jam in the Sand 2013

    Jam in the Sand is your in or out... no inbetween!
  10. RIP Scott

    Miss you Scotty!!! Had a dream last night you were in it playing the Hammond... You had a smile on your face so I know you are in a good place... Keep making Jerry those sammiches you loved to make and eat! Love and miss you pal!
  11. Jam in the Sand 2013

    I keep hearing that hanging out with me is TROUBLE.. why is that? And yes... What happens in jamaica stays in jamaica!!!!!! PERIOD!!! I believe I told you numerous times to SHUT THE FUCK UP... course this was at 7 in the morning, while we were trying to sleep and you just kept babbling, and babbling, and babbling
  12. Jam in the Sand 2013

    I love Fredding!!! I'm all about it!
  13. Jam in the Sand 2013

    Love ya Rick!! To my Jamaica crew - Jenn , Jenna, Rick, D-No, Nick, Sarah, Bix, Alyn, and Steph.... god I love you all sooooo much!!!!
  14. Questions about DSO?

    Cute lil kiddo there, DStone! Lisa is on the bus from start to finish every tour... Lisa Mackay is Dark Star Orchestra's SECRET WEAPON!!!! Lisa is THE BOMB!!!