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  1. Herdygerdy


  2. Herdygerdy

    Questions about DSO?

    Cute lil kiddo there, DStone! Lisa is on the bus from start to finish every tour... Lisa Mackay is Dark Star Orchestra's SECRET WEAPON!!!! Lisa is THE BOMB!!!
  3. Herdygerdy

    Questions about DSO?

    DSO owns the bus... The driver takes it home with him after tour.. He maintains the bus while on tour, and takes it to get serviced when it requires something that he himself can not do... Ron, the driver, is a really nice guy,... if you see him, go on up and say hello... I'm sure he can answer any questions about the logistics of "Pearl"..
  4. Herdygerdy

    Questions about DSO?

    Actually, I am the man behind the curtain... I make up setlists, send them via mind control to Eaton... I am the puppeteer.. I control everything.. yes, they are very happy, cause if they weren't... I'd make them be happy with my Jedi mind control stuff... yeah... You can thank me later
  5. Herdygerdy

    Now Listening...

    Now listening to the backround music of "Debbie Does Dallas"...
  6. Herdygerdy

    Jubilee > #1

    Dear Jenna, As Captain of Camp Inappropriate, I hereby thank you for your kind words. Yes, we laughed, and laughed, and laughed till our faces hurt... or we pee'd or puked in the tent, or puked outside of the ez-ups, dunkaroo's a plenty, misconduct to the fullest, and well... you know the rest... I can't thank everyone enough who was part of our camp. Everyone who put up a tent with us, or stopped by, hung out, and partied till the sun came up (numerous times) should give themselves a pat on the back for being professionals at what we do.. What is that you ask? PARTYING!!! Sincerely, Captian Inappropriate Herdy UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Herdygerdy

    Now Listening...

    3-22-90 Hey Jude>Mr. Fantasy>Hey Jude Finale mmmmmmmmmm........ Gooooooood stuff!
  8. Herdygerdy

    Worst Gd Song Ever?

    That you do!!! Tasty tasty tasty bird you cook, as well as some delicious sides!! Great.... now I'm hungry...
  9. Herdygerdy

    Worst Gd Song Ever?

    You, my friend, are a complete ass!! THANK YOU!! Agreed!! Bobby shouldn't be singing ALOT of the Jerry tunes.. He doesn't even really sing anymore, he just speaks the lyrics in a weird sort of "singing" way... Christ Lisa, what do you expect when you have "Trouble" listed under your name (above the cat pic) when you post. Ducats, she's a boatload of trouble Mrs. Egg, I LOOOOVE Women are Smarter... I LOVE the musical part of the tune, and to say it has no "LIFE" is beyond my comprehension... but to each their own I guess...I dance my ass off to that song... As for the lyrics, I don't see how it's to get dudes laid, but that's just my understanding of the song... "Ever since the world began women been imitating the ways of men, But listen cause I've got a plan, give it up just don't try to understand." Now, The second part of those lyrics I totally understand... cause trying to understand a woman is like trying to understand Quantum Mechanics... Love ya 3/9 girl!
  10. Herdygerdy

    Worst Gd Song Ever?

    I'm with ya on the Corrina.... HATED when the Dead did it, but do love a good Eaton Corrina... See above I would have to say... yes.... I Love Day Job... always have, since I first heard DSO do it way back at the 9:30 club back in 2003 I think... Never had a bootleg with the song on it, so it was new to me, and I loved it... Still do! So nahhhh!!!
  11. Herdygerdy

    Now Listening...

    Horribly wrong on that one Steve... That show was the imfamous DelFest show, where Del McCoury was singing a bunch of tunes that first set, including the Dark Hollow.. With the exception of the 5/19 show, this show is tied for me as the best "concert" I've ever been to... so much energy coming from everyone on stage that nite, I remember seeing a few band members at the "after show" with Cornmeal and they were still bouncing off the walls, high as a kite, just from playing with ol' Del.. God what a great night of music that was... Can't remember if it was the first or second set, but Kevin played one helluva rippin bass solo somewhere, and that second set Viola Lee>Cumberland>Viola Lee was SIIIIIIIIICK!!!! BTW, Steve.. I have a seat next to me for you
  12. Herdygerdy

    Now Listening...

    5/19/07 Visions of Johanna
  13. Ahhhh... has it been 3 years since this mindblowing show?? To this day, I play this entire show atleast once a week... sometimes even more... What a great time!!
  14. The bus came by and I got on... There was Dr. V at the wheel, buckle up folks... let's enjoy the ride...

  15. Great Bump!! Saw the thread, and like always, HAD to listen to it again... By far my favorite Lovelight ever!