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  1. oysterhead

    Columbus show time?

    I think its 8, anyone know for sure? Thanks and see you there.
  2. oysterhead

    NFL Knockout pool

    Welp....good luck to everyone remaining
  3. oysterhead

    NFL Knockout pool

    1.Bills 2. Panthers 3. Pittsburgh
  4. oysterhead

    NFL Knockout pool

    1.Bills 2. Panthers
  5. oysterhead

    NFL Knockout pool

  6. oysterhead

    6/27/17 Springfield, OH

    I dont think we're disrespecting anyone, I know what it's like. I'll have chairs and my family as well. Along with blankets a wagon and cooler. I appreciate the Springfield people and love going out there for my favorite music. See all you fine folks soon. Can't wait to cut loose. Come say hi if you see us. I'm Jason btw, my wife Amber and 2 kids will be in attendance as well. First DSO show for either of the kids, making memories!! Love you all
  7. oysterhead

    6/27/17 Springfield, OH

    Haha. I plan on arriving right around 5 to stake my claim..not so worried about the knee slappers, from what I remembered they retreat once the circus shows up and realize this isn't this isn't the orchestra they thought it was gonna be. Lol. Bring on the fireworks calliopes and clowns
  8. oysterhead

    6/27/17 Springfield, OH

    Appreciated, and weather is on our side for a beautiful night. Can't wait to get down. Ps. Skips first time in Springfield? Yes? Minds a little fuzzy.
  9. oysterhead

    6/27/17 Springfield, OH

    Oh she knows. Daddy has taught her well. We just Dance no matter what. Can't wait. I need this ..just lost my grandmother today and music is my escape. See you all in 2 days. Peace and love
  10. oysterhead

    6/27/17 Springfield, OH

    Show time for Springfield? Found it. 7 pm...
  11. oysterhead


  12. oysterhead

    Matt Reynolds

    Peace and love to the family.
  13. oysterhead

    6/27/17 Springfield, OH

    All in for this one!! So glad it's back. Beautiful venue! My 8 year old daughter will be attending her first DSO show that day. Shes hoping for a Tennessee Jed. I had to explain to her the if we do we do motto.. lol. See you beautiful people there
  14. oysterhead

    2017 Jubilee Lineup Announced

    After missing our first jubilee last year due to sons high school graduation the wife and I are stoked to reunite with all you lovely people at one of the best festivals on earth. Is it to early to start the show requests? Still chasing corrina, which from show reviews is getting played and hopefully I can get it ..other than that, let's get a great late 60''s elective!! Count it down!!
  15. oysterhead