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  1. Hi Doc, Thank you for bestowing good and thank you for the great story! Sorry I dropped off the radar was feeling a bit down and bummed, still hurting and not getting better. Glad that you and your entourage had a fun dance party, I can see it now and it's making me smile. Randy
  2. Hey Doc, just transferred the tix to you, thank you for giving goodness forward. RR
  3. Hey There Doc! Sorry I dropped off the radar last night, the tickets for then went to a good home and I got some needed rest. I still have 3 tickets for tonight that I can transfer to you, row A loge. Please can you use them or make sure they get to people in need. Randy
  4. "sorry you are not able to make someone there happy" But of course you will make happy anyone there that you meet. Cheers!
  5. Hey Doc! I just transferred tonights tix to another head, thank you for the effort and sorry you are not able to make someone there happy. Tomorrow still available........row A loge! i would love to be able to see you use the tix or make someone happy, let me know. RR
  6. Hey Doc! I would love if you could use them or if you could give them to someone in need.
  7. Caught Melvin with JK 2nd night at The Ardmore. Fantastic! Everything that you would want from a JGB show except Jerry. Guess that's not gonna happen so go see them, highly recommended.
  8. Hey Doc! Don't know if you remember me, we camped together at the Jubilee about 3 years ago, I was with my son and a few friends showed up through the weekend. We were by the porta pots near the outer edge of the general camping area. Ok, so I took a nasty fall and tore rotator cuff muscles and I cannot make the Albany shows. Hurting bad and not in a good headspace. I have 3 tickets for each night to give away: Saturday 12/28: Loge Row B Sunday 12/29: Loge Row A I can transfer the tix to anyone with a ticketmaster account (sorry). I would need an email address and first and last name to do it. Please can you use them or miracle someone? One Love, Randy
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