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  1. SunSue

    JITS night 1

    That Terrapin was amazing, Jeff was majestic!!
  2. SunSue

    JITS 2

    Thanks for the lists! It's been big fun, and was looking for these to confirm my memory. 😁
  3. These Movie nights are always a lot of fun, looking forward to this one as well. I do love a good Brent show!
  4. Is anyone here headed down? I'm here now for the Mule run before JITS, looking forward to Hot Tuna tomorrow. We're trying not to wear out Rob B before California Kind gives him back to DSO, but no promises. The former is a must check out band, btw, nice originals and a great ROR and FOTM on the beach! And Warren sat in with them for an amazing Bird Song>Shakedown>Dew. So Rob will be all warmed up for the next run! Safe travels to anyone going to Jamaica!
  5. It would be so incredible if this actually happens! There is no better venue on the planet than Red Rocks, music just sounds better there. Fingers crossed hard for this to come about while there are still hotel rooms and flights to be had!
  6. SunSue


  7. Peach Music Fest, sounding fine! http://www.ustream.tv/channel/taperrob
  8. A little Old and in the Way to start the day off on a happy, pleasant note!
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