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Buffalo 8/2/18

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So far, if I haven't missed anything:


Jack Straw
Dupree's (apparently not the Stagger Lee that I originally wrote down lol)
Me & My Uncle > 
Mystery Train
Black-Throated Wind
Tom Thumb Blues
Loose Lucy
Bird Song > 
Watchtower >
Bird Song



After Mystery Train, Barraco tells us this set for us & in the key of E.

During Tom Thumb, Skip "started out on Prilosec" and he was going back to Cheecktowaga"


I thought Mystery Train and the Watchtower had that extra something. Smooth transition into Train.  Very tasty.


Set 2 coming up shortly. Woot!


Set 2 so far


Eyes >

Corrina >

Till The Morning Comes >

Truckin >

Drumz > ....


Great Eyes and Truckin (up to Buffalo). Truckin had a hard hitting stop/start sorta jam after the big crescendo that I don't think I've EVER heard before.


And now the drummers are pounding us into submission. Gotta get back to it!


Drumz > 

Jeff Solo >

Space >

Miracle >

China Doll >



E: Viola Lee Blues


Awesome Jeff and kinda Close Encounters-ish. The group space was pretty short. Miracle was nice and gnarly. GDTRFB hit on all cylinders. Viola had a rather unusual and purposeful mid-tempo jam before gradually accelerating to warp speed. 


So great to see this band keeping things fresh, throwing in new wrinkles after all these years. That's why I keep coming. 


Canalside BTW was a GREAT place to see a show. Loved the video screens, the vendors, the old WWII boats, everything. The sound was top notch tonight too. Can't wait until tomorrow at the ball field.


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1 hour ago, Mason's Child said:

Love the live update 

Ditto - Cheers!

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Graceful > Firey > Graceful?

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Sometimes birdsong can be deconstructed- like a Playin— maybe even edgy—- I’d think it would have to approach that at some point to work going into Watchtower  and then after the hard driving Watchtower like a breath of fresh air- a release of sorts, 

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