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  1. XChemistry

    Spring 2018 nugs boards are out!!

    The Boards our excellent. I agree 1st night Atlanta would be nice. That Lucky Ol' Sun was amazing. Baltimore is great as well as Alabama. Kinda of disappointed that the Hamilton was not acoustic Jerry Show.
  2. XChemistry

    Bobby And Phil

    Was down stairs working out on my treadmill. I decided to youtube Phil and Bobby and I started listening to 3.3.18 with Trey. Oh my God. I suggest a surround sound system if you have it. Most incredible I shall say. a complete Masterpiece. Phil is so outstanding He brought tears to my eyes. Trey is King and Bobby is amazing. This is a whole second set in HD. Dark Star>Jack Straw>Eyes>Dark Star is Unbelievable. Saint Stephen will blow your mind and Viola Lee is mastered. To me this show is why I love Grateful Dead Music. I am not always easily entertained. To watch Phil on this clip is for me signifies the Long Strange trip most of us have been on since the 70's. What a complete treat from Bobby, Phil, and Trey. FlyAwayTooNight, XChemistry
  3. XChemistry


  4. XChemistry

    Now Listening...

    Selland Arena, Fresno, CA 7/19/74 Well Done Love It Disc 1 1. Bertha 2. Mexicali Blues 3. Deal 4. Beat It On Down The Line 5. Row Jimmy 6. Me And Bobby McGee 7. Scarlet Begonias 8. El Paso 9. Tennessee Jed Disc 2 1. Playing In The Band 2. Seastones 3. Brown-Eyed Women 4. Me And My Uncle 5. It Must Have Been The Roses 6. Jack Straw Disc 3 1. He's Gone> 2. U.S. Blues 3. Weather Report Suite> 4. Jam> 5. Eyes Of The World> 6. China Doll 7. One More Saturday Night
  5. XChemistry

    GD 50TH Reunion

    I think Trey is a excellent choice. He can sing well and plays a magical guitar. Listen to Phil when Trey played lead. Took me years to get Trey. Then I did. I love Kimock, Warren, Matt, and JK. They are all fabulous guitar players. If the Dead picked Trey it was with good reason. Contempt prior to investigation keeps a man in everlasting ignorance.
  6. XChemistry

    Now Listening...

    Last 2 nights of the Lyceum Theatre, London England May 25 and 26 1972.
  7. XChemistry

    Now Listening...

    Dark Star Orchestra Live at Fillmore Auditorium on 2013-10-12 - ‚Äč Dark Star Orchestra Live at Fillmore Auditorium on 2013-10-11 These are the best. Plug them in. Crank it up. And be Happy. Thanks for the Betty Boards. She remains the best. These are truly superb.