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Well-justified opinions go a long way with me and make this thread interesting. 


Clasic vs Legendary.

Classic show would be one you could pull and say this is an true example of Grateful Dead set lists from this era.. Solid. Goes with anything and everything. A Straight . A flush. A pair of Aces. Trusty.  

Legendary or quintessential would mark in some way outstanding, irreplaceable, a creme de la creme.  Royal Flush. A straight flush. 4 of a kind. 

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During this Shakedown, they vamp on the Miles Davis tune "Jean Pierre" for a short bit. The quote begins at 17:00 in the video posted above. Quite a nice surprise!


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Back to Sugaree.  I finally got to the 5-22-77 the other night - it had been many years.   This version is all about the jam before the the 3rd verse.  It's epic, with lulls and peaks aplenty. There is then no jam before the final verse, just a brief, quiet instrumental. This is how Jerry often approached the song in later years, when the big jam was followed by a very soft interlude before the ":meet you at the jubilee" verse. Another thing 5-22 has going on is the transitions from the jams to the first lines in the following verse are stunningly smooth.


5-19-77, on the other hand, has a jam before the 3rd verse that, if you didn't know better, could suffice as the main jam.  Then before the 4th verse all Garcia/Lesh driven hell breaks loose.


It was pointed out to me that 3-18-77 is a player, so I listened to that as well (and why not - what a great show that is!).  It has a wonderful playfulness to it, but it isn't up to the level of the May versions. 


Sadaka, a little bit above, brought up 5-5-77, and Found brought up 5-28-77.  Again, all these May versions are smoking, but I suggest you re-familiarize yourselves with the Fox.

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