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  1. I find that dancing upstairs in the back has the most room there
  2. sakada

    11-2-2019 Cap

    11/15/2012 i believe 1st phil & phriends @ cap
  3. Yes yes true, 1st hand so...
  4. Wake up All around Big pete Jack Roe Easy slip Aiko We can run Sweet chariot Monkey engineer Box rain Cassidy Next time Dont ease Cumberland It makes no difference Run roses Chimes freedom Believe it Hobo song On rd again Uncle johns Unbrkn chn Folsom blues Ripple
  5. sakada

    Portland #2

    Original recipe Corinna Cold rain Esau Dire wolf Blow away Same thing Ramble on rose Sunrise tom thumb easy to slip bird song Think Cumberland Crazy fingers Hey jude Drumz Stephen Nfa Stella Stephen Nfa Casey jones
  6. 4/8/78 is quite somethin...3/20/93 actually as well
  7. sakada


    Certainly original recipe::: Alabama > Dancin Dire wolf Keep on growin B e women Sailor> Saint > Deal Happy bday, lisa Box Sunrise (dedicated to matt reynolds) Cryptical> Drumz> Other one> Cryptical Easy wind > Bird song > After midnight Midnight hour> EYES > Estimated > Terrapin > Help > Slip > Wharf rat > Lovelight (RB w/ box back nitties!) White rabbit
  8. sakada

    Huntington NY #2

    so...for me, the highlights were::: Shakedown, Jack Straw, WRS, Tangled, and the ENTIRE 2nd set !!! we propped the upper balcony door open during 1/2Step for some fresh air. twas quite groovy watching all the cars, lights, reflections and such in the pouring rain during Speedway. Dark Star Jam started with just RB and the drums, then Jeff, then Skip, which weaved beautifully into Tighten Up Jam...oh & william tell > 11 may've been the BEST i've heard outta them ever {and that's HUGE, coming from me...Mango, twas up there with that Cryptical > O1 > Cryptical from El Rey nite when Furthur played across the way 😉}...i do gotta say tho, i wish someone had the power to censure the standers and loud talkers during this show. We had such a fun, open spaced dance scene goin on when 6-7 people {2-3 couples and a few others} decided just inundate the space {just walk up and plunk themselves (literally ON our feet) to stand and hollar at each other, w/ drinks in hand, right where we were dancing}...in NO way were they there for the music; just a drinking social. anyway...
  9. sakada

    Huntington NY #2

    Shakedown Jack straw Big boss man (RB, Lisa harp) Fennario U aint woman enough Hard to handle Lazy river rd Wrs> Let it grow Tangled up in blue Schoolgirl 1/2step New Speedway boogie> Aligator Drumz Dark star jam> Tighten up jam St stephen> William tell>11 Death dont Sat nite Revolution
  10. sakada

    Long island 1

    Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA (4/22/86) Box of Rain Visions of Johanna Mama Tried Big River Bird Song Little Red Rooster Deal China Cat Sunflower I Know You Rider Looks Like Rain Terrapin Station drums Spoonful Throwin' Stones Black Peter Turn on Your Love Light Brokedown Palace golden road more to come about it later...
  11. sakada

    Penns Peak

    SOOOOOOO FUCKED UP !!!! this kinda shit certainly has potential to ruin a good thing...and many of us have seen a certain scene be obscene before...GGRRRRRR !!!
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