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  1. sakada

    San Diego 6/22

    i was not there...tho i am sure Keep On Growing was not played 2x...groovy looks to this one however
  2. sakada

    Cap Theater 2

    9/18/87 MSG !!! filler china rider (short feelin groovy jam)
  3. sakada

    Port chester

    best as i remember::: touch stranger brown eyed women all over now jack a roe we can run black throated wind tough mama weather report suite loose lucy estimated eyes easy wind d/s spanish jam stephen 11 comes a time sugar mags hey jude box
  4. sakada


  5. sakada

    Now Listening...

    JGB 11/3/78.....AMAZING So What to open !!! etc etc from there....just gotta listen....to early in morning for reviews LOL
  6. sakada

    Now Listening...

    JGB 8/8/90
  7. sakada

    Now Listening...

    3/2/85 JGB
  8. sakada

    Now Listening...

    6/18/78 JGB....{especially} Let Me Roll it !!!!!!!!!! yowza !!!
  9. sakada

    Now Listening...

    yesterday my GD highlight was 6/21/83...ripplin' & cracklin' with ridiculous energy... today...4/29/77...
  10. sakada

    Now Listening...

    11/6/77 Binghamton, NY now, putting aside the rest of this fabulous show, St. Stephen > drumz > NFA > WHARF RAT !!!!!!!!!!!!! > St. Stephen > TRUCKIN' !!!!!!!!!!!.....my new favorite WHARF RAT, hands down....and the JAM at the end of Truckin' rocks my socks, too....
  11. sakada

    Now Listening...

    right....the "return" show....LOVE the Forever Young !!!
  12. sakada

    Now Listening...

    2/17/73 St. Paul, MN....Here Comes Sunshine >>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! China Cat ...{>> Rider} !!!!!!
  13. sakada

    Now Listening...

    10/12/68 Avalon Ballroom, S.F., CA the Death Don't is ridiculous !!! Jerry's voice is EVERYWHERE !!!