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  1. newyawker


    You know what's funny? I have yet to predict spoonful. I always call smokestack. I've done that dozens of times. And the fact is still true that when I hear the opening notes of Truckin, I go and piss, but always blown away when DSO brings it home. That had to be the pinnacle of energy for the show. And let me also mention the security was perfect this year. Last year they were fucking rigid and pricks.
  2. newyawker


    It was me. People were great. Not saying I didn't don't have any fun, just an off night for me. And the show was a basic late 80s show I saw many times. When you hope for a H>S>F, and get Touch>WDD, it's a little let down my friend. But no worries, still the best band playing the music
  3. newyawker


    I had my heart set on 3/24. Was hoping to hear the opening notes of LTGTR, and wham, GSET. Threw me off the whole night. It was as if I went back in time to that run at the Knick. Remember how the first night was just so good that it was impossible to follow up the next 2. Solid performance by the band, I just couldn't find my way into the vibe
  4. newyawker

    Tedeschi Trucks Band

    I know why her name is first!!!! ha
  5. newyawker

    Tedeschi Trucks Band

    I felt bad for D&C having to follow them. No disrespect. Just a hard band to follow with that much music on stage. I guess better late than never for me to get on their bus for a trip. How can you not love Susan. Especially with those glasses!!!! What impresses me the most is Derek, the wizard, who could solo the shit out of the axe all night, instead is so humble to give the spotlight to everyone else on the stage.
  6. newyawker

    Tedeschi Trucks Band

    I saw my first TTB show last Thursday at the NYS fair free in Chevy Court. Watched Lockn and they killed it. Best group there by far. Totally blown away. Anyone else encounter this group? They are a whole lot of music. I have always been so immersed in Dead music, a band like this passed me by. The horns learned to play on Neptune, Kofi is amazing. Derek could be one of the best living guitarists today, and i know why Susans name is first. Perhaps the best touring band out today playing non Dead music.
  7. newyawker

    Saranac Brewery

    Underrated year. Gets overlooked because of 77. I love 76. The whole band was very tight. MVP goes to Jeff from what my ears heard. Mission, Franklins, Dancin were all played as good as I ever heard them. Cassidy was cut short. I do like how it jammed out in later years.
  8. newyawker

    Saranac Brewery

    Excellent show. The sound was sooo tight. Mission, Franklins, Dancin were as good as it gets. you can delete the thread I started for Saranac
  9. newyawker


    06/10/76 Boston Music Hall - Boston, MA Set 1: Promised Land Sugaree Cassidy They Love Each Other The Music Never Stopped Brown-Eyed Women Lazy Lightnin' Supplication Row Jimmy Big River Mission In The Rain Looks Like Rain Might As Well Set 2: Samson And Delilah Help On The Way Slipknot! Franklin's Tower Let It Grow Drums Friend Of The Devil Playin' In The Band Dancin' In The Streets U.S. Blues E: Strange Man Long first set. knew it was going to be a great show seeing the Travis Bean on the stand.
  10. newyawker


    Yes it's a great venue RB. And like I said above, your keys were glistening buddy. Thank you , and the band, for a fun night.
  11. newyawker


    I had one of those shows where the first set was off for me. But the second set hit me good. Very nice venue except for the bathrooms. I was in line for 3 songs at end of first set. Headband was rockin on the keys all night. He wins 1st all star from me
  12. newyawker


    Oh I'm not comparing in the sense of who is better. Just explaining their tease strategy. Their box score is always a hoot to read. And they have just exploded on the scene and are the hardest ticket to get. They never play where I live and I've always traveled a bunch of miles to see them at the Cap or Brooklyn Bowl. They will be playing Syracuse and Albany back to back in March and I will go to both no matter who is around. Why? Because you're guaranteed a great party. The fan base is rabid!! I can't think of any other band who plays the music that has generated so much interest and a big following so quickly. I prefer DSO becausr I want to hear the music played as close to the original as possible. Yet I won't ever miss JRAD if close enough.
  13. newyawker


    Not repulsive at all. The "tease" is part of their schtick. They play with wide boundaries. Here is an example of a shoe box score Costello here with tonight's #BoxScore from Fox Theater - Oakland: Show #130 Fox Theater Oakland, CA 2017-11-11 SOLD OUT ~ THANK YOU Set One (8:10pm - 9:28pm) The Eleven @ -> Feel Like A Stranger Jam # -> Candyman Greatest Story Ever Told $ > Mississippi Half Step % -> Playing In The Band Set Two (9:53pm - 11:28pm) Man Smart, Woman Smarter > Cats Under The Stars ^ -> Tell Me Momma -> Radar Love Jam & -> Tell Me Momma Reprise * -> China Cat Sunflower + -> I Know You Rider > Samson & Delilah Enc One: Jam -> Vampire Blues ## -> Touch Of Grey $$ Enc Two: Loser -> New Minglewood Blues @ - Started with 11 hits a la BIODTL for 11.11, “Flipped” Version - Started on the lyrics portion & the intro jam ended the song as it transitioned into Stranger # - With a DD Bass Solo $ - With a Wheel Tease (TH) % - With a TH/MB Duo Jam ^ - Jerry Garcia Band Cover, First Time Played by Almost Dead & - An Instrumental, incomplete version of a Golden Earing Cover, First Time Played by Almost Dead * - First Split Tell Me Momma + - With a Tell Me Momma Tease (SM) and a Feel Like A Stranger Tease (TH) @@ - With a TH / SM Duo Jam ## - With a Unknown Tease (SM) $$ - With a Black Throated Wind Tease Pre Show / Set Break Music: Costello’s Motown Mix on Spotify Post Show Music: Romeo & Juliet - Dire Straits Poster: Colortest ?Carl Kinsel? Let me know how you scored it... Thanks to the staff & crew at the Fox & to all of you! Great times on the West Coast - We'll be back soon, we promise!
  14. newyawker


    JRAD is the hottest ticket out there at this time. I caught their first show Freaks Ball and had a blast. It started out as a novelty one off gig. If you want to hear the GOGD, it's DSO. If you want to hear the Dead meets Zeppelin, with a slice of funk, topped with Frippish Crimson sprinkles, it's JRAD. Each musician is excellent. Since 2013, the "too fast" quip is unfounded since they have learned patience and have come a long way. I like to compare them to DSO in the way that DSO is a sniper. Very precise, JRAD is a fucking automatic AR-15. Don't ever miss them if they come around . Certain bands are not really left to opinion, DSO and JRAD fall in that category.
  15. newyawker

    Dead & Co. Summer Tour 2017

    Jeff and Oteils new band is pretty good....