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  1. slowermo

    Black mountain #1

    I can relate, for me it's both lost and found simultaneously, a wonderful yin yang feeling
  2. Hey PG, not sure if second set order is right, but it was UJB, not Playing, they did that first night and I think it was UJB into space not LIG, not sure, just how I kinda remember order
  3. slowermo


    Omfg, hadn't been to any shows in a little over 2 years due to some health issues, hooked up with grateful pair and T, saw Charlotte and Raleigh, both were MONSTER shows, what a welcome back for me, yee fucking ha! Thank you DSO, you guys tickled so many of my sweet spots, when I got home I ate, then power slept for 14 hours. I'm still reeling from the experience
  4. slowermo


  5. Hi Mel, I hope you are able to find a roommate. I love going to DSO shows and Jamaica is hands down my highlight of the year for DSO shows. I didn't go to the first JITS, but have caught 2, 3, and 4. The smaller crowds are my personal favorite and it is Jamaica how can you beat that?
  6. Happy Birthday Brian, hmm, googling your birthday got this "Being a Leo born on August 22nd, you are well known for your ambitious, honest and social nature." It sure doesn't sound like the shy, reclusive Brian I know. Hope it is a great day for you.
  7. My summer tour review is coming soon. I am still reflecting on a lot of it. I do want to thank all the kind people (you all know who you are) that helped me out after my knee decided it didn't want to finish the tour dancing. A very special thank you to Sam Cutler and MC for getting my backpack to the merc booth in Maine so I didn't have to throw away the pack and some of the contents. I had screwed up on which venue allowed packs and which didn't. The car was much too far away to take it back (DSO was playing Promised Land - we were already late by then). What a great show to finish the tour though Much love goes out to all my DSO friends and family.
  8. Glad you all will be going.....it is my favorite DSO event of the year. personally, I go for the cheapest room but I specify ground floor for ease of access. Other than that, it's an all inclusive resort, it's more upscale than the Grand Lido, but personally, I preferred the Lido, just a better vibe there in my opinion. Get plenty of rest before the show if you all are hard core dancers since dancing in the sand is much more fatiguing than on grass. See you in Jamaica Mon
  9. Anything other than Dead and Co. Sirius XM is renaming the Grateful Dead channel the "Dead and Co. Promotional Outlet hosted by David Gans", check it out. It is replete with gushing fans proclaiming it's the best music ever. Even comparing Mayer to Garcia. Really people... HaHa, you tell em Dr B
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