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  2. TIGDH

    Wasn't there but know some that were. Iko>Dark Star>Terrapin Station Monster Jerry segment Bruce helps. Praise DSO
  3. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    Respect for Bob and Phil to continue to tour and create music. Jerry would have had a band as long as he had wanted. Love driving post show. Many a night spent getting to the next show or home. Although the bus didn't have cruise control. Praise DSO
  4. Yesterday
  5. Early influences

    My earliest memory of music is from a night going way out into the back woods with my father when I was maybe five or six, following the creek to the blue water spring where the moonshine still was set in an old broke down stone house, and a Bluegrass band playing, people dancing and having a good time. The full moon shining overhead through the trees. Latter years my parents got an electric record player. My mother would play classical music from 45s which had to stack maybe ten little disks on the thick center shaft…interrupting the flow every couple minutes as the next disk dropped to the platter and the arm reset. My father had more popular music on the 45s . Catchy tunes like this one….
  6. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    Chuck wasn't isolated when he was traveling with Hurdy. Those two saw as many shows as Joseph did in his day.
  7. Early influences

    Born in late fifties, my parents liked the Christmas special stars such as Andy Williams and Perry Como. My 10 year older than me sister was more of an influencer. Only when I got older did I realized what those Barry White albums were for. Beatles, Mamas and Papas, as well as Fleetwood Mac were part of her collection. While most my age were losing their virginities to Rod Stewart I was fortunate enough to avoid that and went with ladies choice.....Rhiannon Grateful Dead came late...in college...guy down the hall blasting Live Dead ad nausea...then that fateful day asked me if I wanted to go to Palladium and see them live. The rest is history.
  8. TIGDH

    Don't listen to the Sennheiser shotguns of 12-12-90! An FOB Schoeps spaced omni recording has been seeded to eTree recently. Phenomenal sound.
  9. Nugs shows

    Thanks T!! Been checking every couple days. Uploaded today!!
  10. Red Rocks 2018!!

    Thought I would just add a couple happy dances here for good measure Carry On......
  11. NFL Knockout pool part 2

    Saints holy crap. Did not see that Miami win coming
  12. Nugs shows

    Yeah - This will have to tide us over until we get the crispy one https://archive.org/details/DSO2017-12-01
  13. NFL Knockout pool part 2

    Damn - Cutler had a Brady game and Brady had a Cutler game, WTF? Oh well, the AFC look like hot garbage. 1. Eagles 2. Saints 3. Lions 4. Jaguars 5. Steelers 6. Raiders 7. Patriots 8. Vikings
  14. Nfl playoff picture

    Do not sleep on Carson Wentz. I've never seen a QB like him. He's a combination of Big Ben, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, and John Elway. The dudes got balls the size of church bells. I've seen him stand in the pocket with pressure in his face and put the ball right on the money, he's fearless probably to a fault. He has taken too many hits over his first two years, some of that is bad coaching (Set a franchise record for most attempts by a QB) and some of it is a young "I can do anything" mentality. I know the latter may change, hopefully coaches rely more on the run game when he comes back. And remember Tom Brady tore his ACL & MCL back in 2008 and his career turned out pretty good. You just can't count this guy out. And while you're at it don't count out the Birds. They still have 52 other guys on the roster who've gotten them to 11-2. Grant it, losing the league MVP & your team leader hurts. But this team has overcome so many injuries this year, they've been surprisingly resilient. And at the beginning of the year if you asked who the best backup QB in the league was a lot of people would have said it was Nick Foles. At one time Foles was a pro bowl MVP and his jersey is in the NFL hall of fame for having 7 TDs in one game (NFL record, shared by 7 others). So we know what he can do when coached up & in an ideal situation. So the Eagles have to look at it as a 6 game season with a bunch of home games (undefeated at home this year). And if Case Keenum (journeyman QB) can do it, why not Nick Foles!. This message is more to convince myself of all this than anything. Severe depression has hit the Delaware Valley and the easy way out is to lump this in with all the other bad luck Philly sports teams have had oer the years, but the NFL seems a little different this year. We'll see what happens, but it's great to have someone with such character as your team leader. I have no doubt Wentz will come back and eventually bring home a Lombardi trophy to Philly
  15. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    nothing beats solitude - unless ofcourse it's imposed on you by someone else
  16. Nfl playoff picture

    Vikings v Steelers
  17. NFL Knockout pool part 2

    Looks like the Pats wet the bed. Down to playing for pride. Here are this week's games: Broncos@Colts Bears@Lions Chargers@Chiefs Dolphins@Bills Packers@Panthers Ravens@Browns Texans@Jaguars Bengals@Vikings Jets@Saints Eagles@Giants Cardinals@Redskins Rams@Seahawks Patriots@Steelers Titans@49er's Cowboys@Raiders Falcons@Buccaneers Good luck!
  18. TIGDH

    3rd row Jerry - never saw anything quite like it before or again. Post Brent but dismiss at your peril. http://relisten.net/grateful-dead/1990/12/12-2
  19. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    My mentality has completely changed on drives. With my rider at my side i love the road now. And I really like driving at night now. I remember on my 1st New Years run it was 2013 with a great group. We stayed in Richmond overnight while MC was hitting the road. I’m like u are crazy for driving to Philly this late. He said we were the crazy ones. We’d have huge holiday traffic. 7 hours later we got Philly the next day and he was right. Now I live by get down the road if with the girl at night. With the boys we stay put. With the girl hop in car and drive. Even a year ago I wouldn’t take off near midnight on a 7 hour drive to a show next day. Now that seems like a no brainer. Cleveland? That’s a hometown show. Only 8 hours. It’s strange how your thinking changes over time.
  20. Nugs shows

    I really really really hope that rob releases that Norfolk 68 show. That was the most raw I’ve ever heard the guys go. It was pure psychedelic pleasure. They just shredded us. It was fast and technical and people need to hear that. That viola had one of the craziest transitions back to the song I’ve ever heard. Since it’s half recreation, I suggest releasing that board to archive free just to say look at what we did with this 68 show. The world should hear that show. I’d just say listen to that alligator. If you aren’t blown the fuck away, you ain’t a real deadhead.
  21. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    My guess is a set of Bob cowboy tunes with (maybe) the National guys, then a brief 4-5 tune set with just Bob and Phil and then a set of Phil and the family band. Phil and Bob trade turns opening, closing. Have fun but no spot taken.
  22. Last week
  23. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    I’ve always had to pay extra for that anyway.
  24. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    I feel you. How you can be lonely when you just call the number on the card? I hope you're not one of the weirdos that just pays to snuggle.
  25. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    Funny, I thought I chose 20 years ago to live in Las Vegas for the job, the climate (10 months out of the year, anyway), and as an added attraction the scenic wonders within a few hours’ drive. The fact that many world-class acts of many different genres come through here on a regular basis is a nice but expensive bonus so I don’t see too many of them. Life in the fast lane here can be Hobbesian: nasty brutish and short. I know some here have experienced it firsthand and lived to tell the tale. This is in many ways the eastern-most suburb of Los Angeles but within the same radius we have majestic mountains, stunning desert vistas, and the ability to embrace them regularly. That is my kind of isolation. And I have always appreciated the difference between being lonely and being alone.
  26. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    http://www.bobbyandphil.com/ No mention of a dedicated lead - more like a guest rotation? Seems surprising that they only have 6 shows announced - with the cai$h at stake here and Shappy as the promoter of record, I would have expected a bit more. It's early yet I guess.
  27. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    Chicago a 5-6 hour drive for me. Still a haul but no where near what it would be to go to the Cap or Terrapin Crossroads. So if I can Check Phil off their list in Chi town that’s probably as close as Phil will come to me.
  28. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    What is close to Vegas? LA I guess but that’s it. U chose the fast lane city for gambling booze and women but it also isolates you.
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