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  2. Winter Olympics

    It's been grate to watch but I need to be DVR-ing this stuff. With what little free time I have for myself, I can't spend half of it watching the same commercials over-and-over. For the 100th time: I'm not buying a Toyota nor am I interested in diabetes medication. As for our new pop-culture star - one word. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
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  4. Winter Olympics

    welcome America’s newest star. I mean hungarys newest star!!!! https://mobile.twitter.com/NBCOlympics/status/965746567192997889/video/1
  5. Anaheim

    Glad y’all got the electric set. I had heard the equipment was hemmed up tight in Tahoe and might not make it there. Way to go, team DSO!! “Have faith in in your dreams and someday, your rainbow will come smiling through.... no matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true. “
  6. Anaheim

    just saw that sml attributed that Shakedown jam to GSET - I'm guessing that is right...
  7. Anaheim

    I had a great time last night. Venue was perfect for the size of crowd - plenty of space all around. Much more open floor than the old HOB. Show was pure fire and fun. Awesome elective set list with one great song choice after another. Jack Straw hit those big notes hard and you knew they were on. Always love to hear 4th street and they seem to play it with just enough frequency. I missed hearing Little Light from the G.Dead and other than a Phil show in 1999 I think this may have been my first. Love the song and they put some awesome slightly spacey touches on it. I was ready for some jamming and Bird Song hit the spot. Big OtherOne-ish jam in there, but most BirdSongs have it. Shakedown got the 2nd set off to a groovy start. I heard that same 70s theme jam as mention above I don't think it was 'tighten up' (from 70s Dancin') but could be... The rest of predrums had plenty of space for jamming and dancing. Post drums while not as mesmerizing as earlier parts still was great and the song choices again were superb. Played right up to the midnight curfew. This show was everything I wanted and needed and MORE. Another superb mid-week OC show Can't wait for Saban and San Diego!
  8. Anaheim

    Good query, Scotty. I don't think there is a name, not one I've heard- I think it's just part of the song. The progression goes C Bb F C This would fit perfectly into the shakedown jam. Forgive me bc my music speak is less than my ability to play but in Shakedown they are jamming over the C7 chord (key of F?). Naturally it would flow. Thanks, I'm taking this opportunity to learn GSET a little better
  9. Anaheim

    Chad Wackerman from Frank Zappa's '84 band? I love playing Positively 4th Street, I just hope those who are listening are not offended. It's a great song to play and sing. Thanks for the list and venue review. Keep on keeping on like you do!
  10. Anaheim

    Home brew~ Jack Straw Sittin' On Top Of The World It's All Over Now West LA Fade Away CC Rider Positively 4th Street Just A Little Light Mama Tried Bird Song The Music Never Stopped Shakedown Street Crazy Fingers Unbroken Chain Playin' In The Band > Drums > Space King Solomon's Marbles Hey Jude > Playin' Reprise Attics Of My Life Around And Around E: Day Tripper Before returning, Shakedown broke into the jam they do in the early 70s Greatest Stories which was super cool. (If this one has a name, someone let me know.) Chad Wackerman sat in on drums for at least Playin' and Drums, possibly more. Attics had Jeff, Eaton, and Lisa singing. The first HOB I've been to that wasn't awful - It sounded great and had plenty of room and places to dance.
  11. Link To Jambase... definitely astral traveling for this couch show.
  12. San Francisco Night #1

    I think we should start a movement to call for Terrapin Nation to be booked for an afternoon set at the Jubilee. Peace and Love, Doc
  13. What time does show start at Anaheim HOB??

    Doors 7 show 8
  14. Yesterday
  15. San Francisco Night #1

    Probably 3 of my 100+ have been anniversary shows. Like mr Vegas said they are the exception rather than the rule. Rob Eaton has a complex mathematical formula to figure setlists. Talk with a nasa scientist and they can give you the formula. I used to know it. (China + Rider -3(last played in x(city) - y(era last played) + z(venue type))/sqr root(Jerry band)
  16. Dead and co has lost their mind

    I’m not bashing deadco selling tees. Jerry ties were reasonably priced. It’s that they partnered with a “designer” to do merch that looks no different than any $20 hat or tee out there. The designer said he used to sell bootleg t-shirts outside dead shows when he was younger. That’s even more sad. He understands people want cheap tees. He went from bootlegger to designer pricing lol. Obviously they realized the error as they removed all mention of it from all social media.
  17. What time does show start at Anaheim HOB??

    Oh shoot - I was thinking of the Yost show when I said Observatory - and yes, I was there. My 1st time going back in time to 1969/70 - what a night and what a great venue. I was at the Galaxy too - fun Feb. 1978 show with a really cool jam out of Passenger - saw they played the same GD show in Jamaica a couple weeks ago on the show date anniversary. Here's hoping HOB tonight approaches those two magical nights
  18. What time does show start at Anaheim HOB??

    When in doubt assume show time is door time. A lot of us here were late to the Pocahontas show a few years ago because of a doors 6pm on ticket when show was 6pm.
  19. San Francisco Night #1

    6/29/1999 @ Martyrs - Setlist comprised of 'Ahmer's Favorite Dead Songs' (Part 1) Set One: Let The Good Times Roll, Feel Like A Stranger, Bertha, Black Throated Wind, Crazy Fingers, Women Are Smarter, Black Muddy River, Playin-> Hey Pocky Way Set Two: Mighty Quinn, China Cat Sunflower-> I Know You Rider Sailor-> Saint-> Drumz-> Spanish Jam-> Other One-> Comes A Time-> Mr. Fantasy-> The Weight Encore: Dark Star (first verse)-> Mind Left Body Jam-> Corrina-> Shakedown
  20. San Francisco Night #1

    Welcome to our world
  21. San Francisco Night #1

    They’ve been doing electives since I stared seeing them in ‘01, and probably before that. An elder Starhead may be able to confirm. Bueller? Anniversary recreations have usually been the exception rather than the the norm. The good news is that in recent years (like the course of this decade) they have become more frequent. The bad news is that Terrapin Nation seems to have faded away. It all has evened out, I suppose.
  22. What time does show start at Anaheim HOB??

    For you to omit the Yost Theater show in 2011 means you were not one of the 200 lucky patrons to witness a truly incredible show -- elective 69-70 style. And the last time they played the Observatory it was still known as the Galaxy. Looking forward to a little mid-week magic.
  23. San Francisco Night #1

    They do an elective about every 3rd show and have been doing so for a long time I think. An elder Starhead would have to confirm. Definitely since 2011 when I came on board. I don't think they were ever specifically dedicated to recreating the exact same date in history. Again that would need confirmation. Last year has had the most "anniversary" shows I've seen with the 40th anniversary of 1977.
  24. JRAD....???

    Glad this post was created. I think I have very clear picture of what to expect out of this band when I eventually see them.
  25. Dead and co has lost their mind

    While not as passionate in my objections to Dead and Co merchandising as you are Rude.......I generally agree that there are many things going on in Dead and Co world that don't sit quite right with me. Though there is one thing you wrote (as quoted above) that raised my eyebrows a bit. Let's not put Jerry on too high of a pedestal in this discussion. He may have been the first and most egregious band member in terms of "merchandising sell-outs". Jerry Garcia Ties??
  26. San Francisco Night #1

    Newbie here. I was at the Friday night show and I wish I'd have gone to Saturday too. What's not to like about a 77 show. I was surprised by their Friday night setlist. I figured they'd be playing setlists from the 2/16 & 2/17/82 shows. Last time I saw them was sf in 2015 at which time I think we're still playing setlist from same date in history. When did they start the elective setlists? Anyway, Friday setlist was pretty cool. I don't recall I've ever heard help>slip>stranger before. The slip>stranger was a very creative tease. In slipknot, Franklin's was ever so gradually emerging into focus when whammo! Full on stranger. I laughed in delight. Otoh, I've never been able to acquire a taste for the Brent songs, try as I have. Good excuse for a bathroom break. I like Brent in the mix of dead songs a lot however. Second sets for me tend to be the face melters. This second set was just that until tangled and Quinn. Maybe some day tangled, Quinn, or Brent songs will hit just right and I'll be forever hooked. I've only seen DSO twice, but the way they do space is just amazing. Most of the second set was a seamless jam. Wow! I'm getting chills as I write this. Anyway, I'm rambling. All in all a very creative and unpredictable setlist. Great time. On to Phil lesh and friends tomorrow night at txr. Yeah!
  27. JRAD....???

    I'm not partisan about Grateful Dead music. I like the variety. JRAD has strengths and weaknesses, just like most bands. It's rock and roll, not meant to be taken too seriously. Postives: varied catalog, unexpected songs, transitions, teases Negatives: I hate the vocals, often too many notes where I want fewer, for some reason it annoys me that its hip to like them
  28. Dead and co has lost their mind

    To each their own. You do you, I'll do me.
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