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  1. cnjBrian

    11\29 set list?

    Its coming back.. There was a Miracle PG 8 block downhill walk. Great elective! You can run
  2. cnjBrian

    11\29 set list?

    Cold rain Watchtower Althea Can't remember rest... Woman smart Wheel I really can't remember.. Imagine Cosmic Other one
  3. cnjBrian

    Penns Peak

    I am not sure if fentanyl can be smoked... I do know that in the manufacturing process if heated too much it changes the structure into a grug that will leave you permanently paralyzed.. Sounds like a bad scene at that show...
  4. cnjBrian

    I don’t want to know the show!

    A good way to fuck up my day is to not accept reality. It is a great day to be alive! :-)
  5. cnjBrian

    I don’t want to know the show!

    It's not how I look at women or speak, but I read this as... Plus a blurry whirling dervish of a hoe, down with some awesome sweaty people.
  6. cnjBrian

    New DSO Downloads now avail via Nugs.net

    Thank you Rob!
  7. cnjBrian

    I don’t want to know the show!

    RR and Boulder purchased. Dso is so good I wouldn't risk being shut out...
  8. cnjBrian

    Red Rocks 2019

    RR and Boulder tix purchased !
  9. cnjBrian

    I don’t want to know the show!

    This shit is too funny. I am very confused about all this talk about why people go to see dso... I have always thought that most of the starheads here go to shows hoping I would be there. ; ) Y'all know how to humble a person... I heard about this post yesterday from a friend. I will say this, rude may come off as an ass on paper but he's a good guy. Steph you mentioned holier-than-thou in one of your posts isnt that a little bit of the pot calling the kettle black? I could say a whole lot more about what has been posted in this thread but then I would be lowering myself to the likes of what I actually try to run away from as fast as I can. Some spirits are so dirty that their stink can stay with you all day...
  10. cnjBrian

    Black mountain 2

    Accident coming home from BM a few years ago. Older couple sees us get out of van and asks "how do y'all know each other" ? I reply "we are from all over and meet up in BM every year for a spiritual gathering". When they asked "what faith do we belong to"? I replied  " It's spiritual enlightenment through dance and song" Great shows as always at Black Mountain! Thank you band crew and management!
  11. cnjBrian

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    Brings back fond if somewhat embarrassing memories as a teen all geeked out and talking endlessly till the sun came up about how we would save the world.... We couldn't even help ourselves... Not saying you guys are geeked or anything else. Just recalling memories of the ignorance of my youth...in part we were actually helping to destroy the future of humanity through dispersing very antisocial elements that had no real value to anyone... In retrospect on the other hand psychedelic indulgences had a deep impact that has forever change how I view the world and I believe has an ongoing benefit to those I am in contact with today... Saving the world by helping to expanding the consciousness of one individual has an exponential effect as they go on to do the same... Just some random thoughts 🤓
  12. cnjBrian

    Black Mountain Roll Call

    Doctors said ulcers are starting to heal. A little more energy but still not myself yet. I will be there 😀
  13. cnjBrian

    Dewey Beach 8/13/18

    Looks like THE show of the tour sorry I missed this one!
  14. cnjBrian

    Asbury Park - 8/11/18

    Fun time with threatening sky. Whole show great. Highlights ... Pocket Way. Shakedown. LLR . LL. Tom Thumb (ginger ale not bread). Give me loving. Hard 2 handle. BMR superb!!!
  15. cnjBrian

    Coney Island - 8/10/18

    Nice song selection!