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  1. cnjBrian

    Red Rocks 7-8-18

    I am sitting in the airport terminal waiting to fly back home. Congratulations to the band The Crew and everybody that makes this all happen and thank you. Thank you for a real good time, for keeping this music alive and well, for providing a place for like-minded spirits to dance and sing and have joy and thank you to the many many many beautiful souls I have met in this community... Darkstar selling out red rocks and perfection of the show they played was out of this fucking 🌎
  2. cnjBrian

    Red Rocks 2018

    On my way 🙂
  3. cnjBrian

    Red Rocks 2018

    See y'all at rr... Can't wait! I may not be dancing much... Ive gone from too many red blood cells ( getting therapeutic phlebotomys Every month for the last 4 years) to out of the blue 12 days ago being anemic...
  4. cnjBrian

    Ojai, CA

    I don't doubt this for a second! Dso... A band with integrity. I can say a whole lot more on this subject but I'll leave it alone.... I'm just happy that the band that is playing this music the best today and keeping the Dead scene alive is a band with integrity. Thanks and much appreciation Dso!!!
  5. cnjBrian

    My first dead$co show

    baaa baaa
  6. cnjBrian

    My first dead$co show

    You get it my friend!
  7. cnjBrian

    My first dead$co show

    Thanks DD. Please come introduce yourself when paths cross, dso show. I'm not hard to miss I've been told lol. I appreciate intelligent discourse on any subject that I may have a little knowledge of. Even mixed in with opinions. I have plenty... I am only righteous in my beliefs, not self righteous, people can go or do what they want. Just do it with all your heart!
  8. cnjBrian

    My first dead$co show

    Seriously if I offended anyone with the sheep comments, I won't edit it but I apologize. i think I may have had too much caffeine tonight...
  9. cnjBrian

    My first dead$co show

    Desert I don't think they conspired to rip off the fans. They could have started on time instead of 25 min late. They could have played one long set. They could have taken a short break instead of an hour. None of this happened. Conclusion: it wasn't important. Result: Many felt they were ripped off. My opinion: Very much what the GD were Not about.. (My main gripe) Oh yeah maybe they were unaware of the weather forecast.... BULLSHIT!
  10. cnjBrian

    My first dead$co show

    Desert, I am not pissed about half a show. I went mostly because an old friend and his brother (heads from the 70's ) lost their younger brother tragically last week and I went to see them (even if only brief) before he flew back home. i am pissed about the charade this band is pulling off to a bunch of sheep that are obviously following a band and not the music or philosophy of what the GD were about. The scene was created largely by the spirit that the GD brought through their desire to play for the people. To turn as many people as possible onto a new anti-establishment fuled way of experiencing life. The music being the catalyst that brought it all together... The events in Camden are evident that philosophies have changed! The band was aware of the weather and giving the sheep what they came for was secondary to their comfort.... Let's just fulfill our contractual obligations and fuckem... In my opinion the musical performance by dead$co lacks any type of spirit to it... Just my opinion... If I offend anyone with the sheep comments, oh well sorry it's just how I see it. I would much rather be genuine than politically correct, putting on a persona trying to have everyone like me, lying and conning to manipulate you into thinking I am "cool" . 😉
  11. cnjBrian

    My first dead$co show

    People going to shows placing getting high and shakedown over going for the music almost brought GD show scene to a halt in my opinion! Remember Virginia, formerly the warlocks?
  12. cnjBrian

    My first dead$co show

    He'll in a bucket was a joke! Hurts me too was good. Cumberland was good. Ship of fools- not sure what they were trying to do but it didn't do it for me!!! MNS was about as blah as it could have been. Playin jam... Good. The rest was painful at best! Overall experience- I would rather wipe my ass with sandpaper!
  13. cnjBrian

    My first dead$co show

    I know this is conjecture and my opinion but after all isn't that how our perceptions of life are created? We take the data we experience and sort through what is real, imagined by cynicism, or just hoped for through technicolored glasses. Fact - at 3pm accuweather issued a flash flood alert for Camden area from 6pm to 6amConjecture- the band was well aware of the weather forecast.Conjecture- the band was aware of the radar showing the sky would unload at about 9:30-10pmConjecture- the venue or unions do not dictate how long their first set must be.Conjecture- the venue and unions do not dictate how long their break must be.Conjecture- the old guys could have played a two hour first set without any permanent disabilities.First second and third conjecture I believe to be truth or very close to true. Forth conjecture I believe is a good possibility.My perceptions of reality- the band is more concerned about a payday than the fans... They used to play for life now they play for silver... I might be right or I might be wrong but I am definitely genuine
  14. cnjBrian

    My first dead$co show

    This was my first and last Dead and Co show! It was a nice payday for the band.. The weather was threatening all day so I checked the radar and saw that once the front hit it was not going to stop with the rain and lightning. I predicted it would start about 9:30 ish. Accuweather put out a flash flood warning from 6 PM to 6am for Camden. I don't doubt for a second that the band was not aware of this ( it's not too difficult to understand weather radar)! To play a first set then take over an hour break then come back onstage as the first drops of rain started falling then "postpone" the show for an hour knowing they would not come back on is ludicrous. ANY BAND that cared about their fans and not just a paycheck would have either not taken a break or taken a short 15min break then come back onstage and announce there is a front coming in and we will play as long as we can... I will continue to see Dark Star Orchestra where the music is played at a tempo that is conducive to dancing and the performances have integrity!!!
  15. cnjBrian

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    Sometimes we respect the dead with joyous dance, sometimes with quiet solitude.