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  1. Vince is home healing. Hospital removed 2 gallons of fluid in the days he was there. Vince Sue Torin sending ❤
  2. Many of you have the pleasure of knowing and hospitality of Vince for many years at gratefulfest, jubilee and Fla. Please keep him and family in prayers and send healing vibes... He's in hospital, pneumonia with severe complications 🙏🙏🙏
  3. I have tix sold but sent 2 emails to find out how to transfer tickets to another name and have no response...
  4. I just had starter, fuel pump and brakes done on car in last month. Now I need cv joints and rotors... I've been putting out money for dental work since January and will need to shell out more when I can. I have a flight to co but still needed flight back. I will eat the flight going to Colorado and hope to sell tix. By the way if you're talkin to me and you own a home, have a relatively new car, a 401k, a bank account, and credit cards please do not tell me you are broke... I have no bank account, 298,115 miles on car, no 401k, no credit cards or teeth... It's a grate fucking day to be alive... I mean it... I know what a bad day is and this isn't near bad...
  5. Finances are difficult and I think I need to sell rr and boulder tix. Bought as package last Sept. I think I can transfer to another person... Anyone interested? I'd like to get cost for them. I'll have to eat my non-refundable flight...
  6. No ill will for you Steph... If I was to portray love for everyone and everything I would be disingenuous. I don't like rambling, I actually detest it. For the most part, the actions of the day will dictate the reality of tomorrow .
  7. Happy y'all got this show. Looks great!
  8. Huh? I've not the time, energy or desire to try and figure what was said. Endless rambling is to my ears as sandpaper would be to my eyes. Maybe I've just got better places for indulging in philosophical debates.
  9. I've seen the dead. I've seen dso. I've read these post.
  10. cnjBrian


    Orlando- serious show 76 strange man flr serious dancing w family.
  11. cnjBrian


    Janus- STRONG 1st show of tour opener. High energy from start to finish. I was blown away by Corrina-shakedown... Super Funky Corrina perfectly segued into Shakedown! It sounded like back into Corrina jam or funkyest shakedown jam before the end. I rate this show as one of the best tour openers I've been to. For what its worth, with old battle wounds catching up to me over the years, I have not been able to dance from start to finish in over 5 years... I danced hard for at least 90% of this show! St Augustine- We knew this was special with a Spectacular Hard2handle-China-Rider open! This is why its not wise to gamble with missing the opening notes of any show. Ya never know what you'll miss! The whole show was the epitome of GD/DSO played at its finest!!! Steven Tell Eleven is never disapointing when played by DSO. The Best Doin That Rag I've ever heard... As I was dancing, I listened to the dripiest lyrics flow effortlessly from Jeffs mouth. If you don't know that this is the highest of complements, you never really experienced the genius of this song... This Ampitheater is the best !!! Later that night I literally crawled into bed and could not get my spine straight until 2 hours after waking up. Pompano- Good show played GREAT by DSO. Danced to scarlet fire and a little more here and there. This was a welcomed rest for my aching body after 1st two shows... Well fed and rested now, Thanks to Good friends Vince&Sue, for being the best of host and company in florida for 10 good solid years. Torin also... Im looking forward to HOB tonight after being pretty much healed now since St. Augustine. DSO & Crew. Y'all pretty good at do ing what ya do. (sarcasm). GREAT is better description!
  12. Its coming back.. There was a Miracle PG 8 block downhill walk. Great elective! You can run
  13. Cold rain Watchtower Althea Can't remember rest... Woman smart Wheel I really can't remember.. Imagine Cosmic Other one
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