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  1. cnjBrian

    Black mountain 2

    Accident coming home from BM a few years ago. Older couple sees us get out of van and asks "how do y'all know each other" ? I reply "we are from all over and meet up in BM every year for a spiritual gathering". When they asked "what faith do we belong to"? I replied  " It's spiritual enlightenment through dance and song" Great shows as always at Black Mountain! Thank you band crew and management!
  2. cnjBrian

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    Brings back fond if somewhat embarrassing memories as a teen all geeked out and talking endlessly till the sun came up about how we would save the world.... We couldn't even help ourselves... Not saying you guys are geeked or anything else. Just recalling memories of the ignorance of my youth...in part we were actually helping to destroy the future of humanity through dispersing very antisocial elements that had no real value to anyone... In retrospect on the other hand psychedelic indulgences had a deep impact that has forever change how I view the world and I believe has an ongoing benefit to those I am in contact with today... Saving the world by helping to expanding the consciousness of one individual has an exponential effect as they go on to do the same... Just some random thoughts 🤓
  3. cnjBrian

    Black Mountain Roll Call

    Doctors said ulcers are starting to heal. A little more energy but still not myself yet. I will be there 😀
  4. cnjBrian

    Dewey Beach 8/13/18

    Looks like THE show of the tour sorry I missed this one!
  5. cnjBrian

    Asbury Park - 8/11/18

    Fun time with threatening sky. Whole show great. Highlights ... Pocket Way. Shakedown. LLR . LL. Tom Thumb (ginger ale not bread). Give me loving. Hard 2 handle. BMR superb!!!
  6. cnjBrian

    Coney Island - 8/10/18

    Nice song selection!
  7. cnjBrian

    Atlantic City

    Rick, you weren't there?
  8. cnjBrian

    Atlantic City

    Great show fantastic! highlights, Good Lovin, Scarlet fire (35+min) There was ecstatic dancing by The Usual Suspects) eyes of the world, notable mention looks like rain very good. Sugar mag niiice !!! The place was on fire great venue it was a rainbow full of sound. One wild eyed crazed fan came running up the stairs orgasmically shouting top 15 he's ever seen!!!. We say somewhere between the top five and ten would be more accurate. Dictated from the backseat...contributing critics August West and pearly :-)
  9. cnjBrian

    Atlantic City

    I am hoping I will get to the show. Tomorrow I get colonoscopy and endoscopy. On Tuesday I get sonogram of abdomen and ct scan of aorta then I have to try and get my work done before Thursday...
  10. cnjBrian

    A curious question about GD vs DSO

    If it was 1989 and I had a choice I would go see DSO. If it was a choice for today ( if jerry was still alive) hands-down I would see the Grateful Dead.
  11. cnjBrian


    Call me a cynic but it seems Eva and Leesa may be here to find work. Maybe they posted to the wrong website?
  12. cnjBrian

    Black Mountain Roll Call

    Mason plus 1.75 ? My Flight is booked.
  13. cnjBrian

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    Why is Black Peter special to me.... Listening to BP from Europe (I think) last night I commented to a friend how this is probably the best blues song ever... This song has a way of putting all that life and death is into its proper perspective. I had spent a couple /few years listening to BP multiple times a day because the lyrics and bluesey groove was my life... "all my friends came to see me last night, I was layin in my bed and dying" 48 staples closing me up and coming back to life while a priest is giving me last rights and the friends that came to see me. "Just want to have a little peace to die and a friend or 2 at hand" my mantra for two to three years of nothing but the horror of what I had become... Wanting to die but " one more day I find myself alive tomorrow maybe go beneath the ground" This was a comforting thought... See here how everything lead up to this day and it's just like any other day that's ever been. The pain of knowing the life your living will be the life you die from and having no hope it could ever be different... The people may know but the people don't care that a man can be as poor as me. Take a look at poor Peter he's lying in pain... poor in spirit and extreme physical pain but the physical was minor in comparison to the spiritual pain. Black Peter brings me back to a life I was dying by and forward to the grateful life I live today... See here how everything lead up to this day and it's just like any other day that's ever been... 😀❤️😀
  14. cnjBrian

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    Of course. Fuck me!
  15. cnjBrian

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    I am sitting home wishing I was at Hampton Beach right now. Flashback to May of this year , looking forward to the Jubilee Red Rocks and rest of Summer tour... I should know better than to try to make plans. Jubilee comes up and find myself tight with cash so I figure Maybe I will borrow $50 so that I have money to get to work for the following week. that shouldn't be a problem I think I can go. A good friend of mine calls and tells me his brother committed suicide services are that Thursday. Come Thursday I'm thinking maybe I can leave early Friday morning make it to the Jubilee. Thursday night I get a call somebody I was trying to help get their life together overdose on heroin and dies, services on Monday. no Jubilee but at least I'll be at Red Rocks. A couple weeks before Red Rocks I go to get my monthly phlebotomy. for the last 4 years I've been getting phlebotomies every month because I have too many red blood cells. I go for the phlebotomy and they tell me we cant take your blood you're anemic. don't get me wrong Red Rocks was a blast But difficult being low on red blood cells and the altitude. okay well I'll do the best I can and make it to Hampton Beach. My Subaru has a wheel bearing that is just starting to go. I can't complain I have two hundred and sixty six thousand miles on the original wheel bearings. But not feeling like it's wise to drive up there without getting bearings done first and that will have to wait. Life is a fucking trip. Pints of blood work, I'm being scheduled to get a scope down my throat and up my ass, Aug 3rd dental appt to get estimate on having five teeth pulled one Crown put in at least one cavity fixed and denture or Bridge or whatever the fuck they do... ( no dental ins. Ouch) oh yeah almost forgot on Monday I have to schedule a CT scan on aorta to make sure aneurysm doesn't blow out. OK now that I got this fleeting moment of self-pity out of the way I need to say Fuck it, it is still a great day to be alive! I'll see you all in Asbury and Black Mountain...