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  1. cnjBrian


    My wires have transcended across time barriers since 1974!
  2. cnjBrian

    Queen Wilmington 5-15-18 Tuesday

    More like 82 last night... I had so much adrenaline from princeton show I didn't get to sleep till 4:30am then had to get up , work, and make way to Delaware.
  3. cnjBrian


    I think there was a comes a time after viola. Or was it a dream I still believe?
  4. cnjBrian

    Queen Wilmington 5-15-18 Tuesday

    8/22/72 I think. My 12th birthday. No I wasn't at the original.
  5. cnjBrian


    We will all be respecting the dead that day. Sorry for your loss doc.
  6. cnjBrian


    Keep doing shows mojo... The music grows on ya. I used to hate corrina until hearing China cat segue into corrina at black mountain... I'm thinking this is a very funky transition into rider... Dso tricked me into appreciating corrina... I've been to my share of Dso shows in college or beach towns where it seems they have to play "that good song" ( its what I hear locals say. I hope they play that good song) ya know, touch of grey, Casey Jones, truckin, fod etc. Nothing wrong with those songs especially how skip brings bass to new level on truckin... Princeton was the epitome of a dancefest... Not sure where you were... Didn't I hear comes a time or was that a dream..
  7. cnjBrian


    Jelly roll blues!
  8. cnjBrian


    Thank you dso (band n crew) for blowing the roof off of mccarter theater!!! Superb set list played to perfection! I am beat up from the feet up! Could hear a pin drop during death don't have mercy, Jeff giving a soulful emotional rendition... not a single word was spoken in the house ... In the knock out box with the usual suspects I watched Rob and Dino during alligator and viola. They looked like they were a part of their drum kits, synconized like a fine Swiss watch all the time making it look like child's play. kUDOS!!! Knew it was special with opening Hard2Handle, Rob b bringing the energy of a very special night in Princeton. I could go on and on about tonight's show but need to crash... Oh yeah Lisa hurts me 2 and harp 😀 And of course Rob e doing what he does with perfection... This night was special! In my top 10 shows out of about 400. We will talk of this show for years like we talked of 5/19 rams head many years ago. Actually 5/19 is kinda pale in comparison...
  9. cnjBrian

    Cap Theater 2

    Walking Blues super funky good... Watchtower on fire
  10. cnjBrian

    Port chester

    Highlights...Eyes, easy wind. Steven/eleven- may be best I've heard Dso do. And I've heard many...
  11. cnjBrian

    Boston 5/10/18

    I am disgusted with myself for missing this show... To miss another black peter has me feeling like I should just pack my show days away as a fond memory...
  12. cnjBrian

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    I spent 45 min 630am Sunday moring in the cold drizzling rain talking to a homeless crackhead in dc that tried to bum money from me twice the night before. I asked why he was homeless and he was honest with me... I tried to give him reason to live life to its fullest. I think he heard what I was saying... At least I know he had hope for the day and he will remember our conversation.... I may not caution all......
  13. cnjBrian

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    I am a defender of the outcast in this world... Of the many people that love me today, if they knew me years ago they would not want to be on the same side of street had they encountered me. Chimes of freedom for the hurt ones....
  14. cnjBrian

    Red Rocks 2018!!

    Bix are they really planing on playing there before dso? I would not pay more than 50.00 to see d&c at red rocks if they did play there a few days before. I see you said Boulder. Wouldn't pay more than 35 to see them in boulder...
  15. cnjBrian

    12/01/17 The Norva, Norfolk, VA

    Happy y'all got it! Sorry I missed it....