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  1. Red Rocks 2018!!

    I haven't seen a show at Red Rocks since 2001, where I hit it for the Phil, Ratdog, and String Cheese tours. I'm very happy to hear the news. I definitely want to be there for their first show at Red Rocks. If only Chief Hosa campground was still available!
  2. DSO video compilation 1999-2005

    This is bad ass. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Taft Theater, 10/6/17

    AM Crew, THANK YOU! That is so kind! My wife said she met you at a Born Cross Eyed show recently. I will send you a message with my cell phone-can't thank you enough!
  4. Bizarro thread: Dead song you do not really like

    I've been listening to the Grateful Dead since 1993. Here are the songs I currently loathe (But it took years of listening and concerts to get here): Iko-Iko Women R Smarter Me and My Uncle Tennessee Jed They Love Each Other (Post 1973 versions) Dayjob Franklin's Tower Dear Mr Fantasy Don't Ease Me In Uncle John's Band
  5. Taft Theater, 10/6/17

    Will be coming to the Taft on 10/6. Looking for place to stay and weighing my best option. If any one has room on the hotel floor, let me know. I pay cash, and just want to sleep, and can sleep through most anything. Hope all have been well..its been a busy year!
  6. 11-11-97

    My first show DSO was 1999. While I could tell they were talented, I was touring heavily with Bobby & Phil and they didn't really grab me. It was quite a different band then.
  7. Lagerandgospel

  8. Matt Reynolds

  9. Dark Star Jubilee

    Red rug front and center and an adjacent rug to start.
  10. Venues I Have Known and Loved

    The new Cosmic Charlie's is very very nice.
  11. Count down to Jubliee

    Just left work until next Wednesday. I was in desperate need of time off. See everyone on Friday!
  12. Venues I Have Known and Loved

    Legend valley is one of my favorites. I saw Mickey hart, Merle Saunders, Melvin Seals, Black Uhuru, Canned Heat, Iron Butterfly there on 7/31/1999, but it was called Buckeye Lake Music Center still I think. Saw Bob Weir & Ratdog play there for Spring Hookahville on 5/26/2000. I liked Alpine Valley, but not the hill or the parking lots. I liked Lakewood amphitheater in Atlanta, and shoreline in Mountain View.
  13. Very Garcia Band 11-8-13 @ Cosmic Charlies

  14. Very Garcia Band 11-8-13 @ Cosmic Charlies

    I miss this band. I enjoyed dancing to these tunes
  15. Colonial Theatre Keene, NH

    I'm hoping for an elective or 1983 show on the 5/26 and the 5/28/1977 on Sunday. That being said, if the music hot, the style nor setlist will matter. I just don't want to know what's being played on the first night really cause I like the mystery of not knowing what's coming next.