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  1. Help/Slip/Franklin sandwich!
  2. Low Spark.... Was Chuck in attendance?
  3. Re: Sunshine of Your Love encore. Went to a Lynard Skynard concert right after their 1st (self-named) album came out. After the first encore, they came back and announced, "We've played all of our songs. Now here's a couple from the very best!" and proceeded to play White Room followed by Sunshine....
  4. Mason:. It was grate getting to meet you, your better half, and your beautiful daughter!
  5. My son & I attended the show last night and the original as well. He was three years old the first time around.
  6. Wonderful venue. Show was short on talkers and long on music! Far from Me followed by Easu got me thinking Indy '84, but thought was not confirmed for me until Day Job encore. Attended original. On to Indy for recreation of another show where i was at original. Don't know that I've ever had such a two-fer.
  7. Oops! Meant to say, "Rude: Safe travels."
  8. Duck:. Safe travels.
  9. "Space" basically was before drums. After drums was the instrumental Imagine into Wheel.
  10. Show was a monster for me. From the four beat BIOTL thru the Golden Road encore. Agree with 2muchfun that the slip sandwich into Viola was memorable. The little flying piggy down front in set one moved into the balcony for two & I got to dance a bit with her. Looking forward to Ft. Wayne tonight!
  11. THE Louisville Louie Louie. The last of it's species.
  12. Obviously going to be a warm one. Stay hydrated and safe travels. See you at the show!
  13. Recent appearance on PBS's Bluegrass Underground was sweet!
  14. How Do You Do?


    Never much cared for LLR back in the day, but have come to LOVE it with DSO.
  15. Venue recently opened under ownership of Sweetwater Music - based in Ft Wayne. Sweetwater is MAJOR presence in music business nationwide. Staff there was wonderful! Thank you for a real good time! Mason: Show for all ages. Several kids in attendance.
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