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    Elective Set One: Eyes Of The World > Estimated Prophet > Comes A Time ; It's All Over Now ; We Can Run ; Row Jimmy ; Memphis Blues ; Cats Under The Stars Set Two: Shakedown Street ; Lost Sailor > Saint Stephen > Not Fade Away > drums > space > Easy To Slip > China Doll > One More Saturday Night Encore: After Midnight
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    Wowzer Feel as if I've already been to at least two shows after that one. Freakishly strong elective... Bucking bronco let outta the gate!
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    You never know when the magic will happen. looks like a lot of fun see you kids soon have to drive through the blizzard first.
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    Me and Jake were hanging around the other night watching the video 7/8/90, and he pointed out that unusual sequence of Eyes>Estimated, funny to see the band open up the tour with it. Love the Lost Sailor> Saint (no, the other Saint) Stephen curveball, too. Looks wonderful, extra fun and safe travels 😇
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    1. No one who saw lots of shows in the late 80s early 90s hasn't seen Memphis Blues. 2. No one has seen the Dead open with Eyes>Estimated, at least not in set 1. 3. Eyes>Estimated isn't as rare as one might think. I count at least 13 of them, mostly in the early 90s. 4. Opening a show with Eyes>Estimated>Comes A Time? Damn! 5. Love to see that Easy To Slip tucked in there. Anyone wanting to check out some tasty easy slipping should grab Mark Severson's recording of the Paramount in Seattle 10-28-78. Good Weir shit right there!
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    What does 85 year old pussy smell like? Depends
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    I am going to first Lockn First Quintet First JRAD At 396 + Jubilee would make this 400th DSO
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    Getting pretty excited for a Friday night, Saturday night Portland/Eugene double feature. This will be my 13th year seeing DSO. My, how the time flies. I don't love the venue that DSO plays in Portland these days, but I HAVE seen some excellent stuff there. A quick perusal of the setlist archive reminds me that I saw Lisa absolutely tear the house down a couple years back with a show-stopping "Chimes of Freedom". The "White Rabbit" from the next night wasn't too shabby, either. There was also this, from a 2017 elective: Crazy Fingers > Hey Jude > drums > space > Saint Stephen > Not Fade Away > Stella Blue > Saint Stephen (reprise) > Not Fade Away (reprise). That actually happened. Then there's Eugene. As Oteil Burbridge once said, Eugene is like the "old growth forest of Deadheads". A magical place. Always, always a great time down there, and I know the band loves playing in Oregon in general. Aaaanywho...it's gonna be more fun than a frog in a glass of milk, and I'll see y'all there!
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    I used to have so many boards from pre nugs shows I was gonna upload to archive and can’t find them anymore. There needs to be a Dso project to put boards no longer for sale up on archive!!!!!!!!! It’s time that Dso started documenting their older work on archive to preserve it forever.
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    Sorry for your loss. I was at those shows in 2008. Some sounds will hopefully show up
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