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    Although I am in possession of tickets for 8 DSO shows in 2019 none have yet to occur. Since my first DSO show was 1/22/99 my next show...(Nashville) will mark 20 years. The music, the band, the peeps, the road...if I told you all that went down... Thank You Dark Star Orchestra
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    Over the years, I have seen a ridiculous amount of shows but have only done one entire tour start to finish. The most recent SE tour was the one!! 3 of us did the entire tour along with the band and crew. BTW, before I go any further, thanks to DSO for all that you do. Its' not easy! Yes, you get paid but it is a grind! Truthfully, I am blown away with their amazing attitude and willingness to put on excellent shows night in and night out! AMAZING! 4400 miles give or take, starting in Wilmington, DE, 14 shows total to include Bobby and the Wolf Bros ( Jacksonville, Florida ) the night before DSO's opener in St. Pete, Florida. My favorite venues were St. Augustine, Florida, Pompano Beach, Florida ( been there multiple times to see DSO before ), Tallahassee, Florida and Wilmington, NC ( been there for DSO as well ). Of the 14 venues, St. Augustine, Tallahassee, Birmingham and Nashville were the only new venues for me. Alabama and Tennessee were 2 states I had never seen DSO in ( after 18 years ) ! 3 venues I did not care for were Asheville ( Orange Peel ) and Charlotte ( Fillmore ). Asheville's employees are cool but the place is always packed with little dance room ( boo ) and Charlotte's employees are a mess but overall room is ok....Raleigh also has employees I am not fond of but am okay with the room. The rest of the venues I like! My favorite show was St. Augustine. I felt the band was feeling it that night and after speaking with a few band members to include Cotter, they felt the same. All the shows were good but that was my favorite. The trip was shared with many friends. My best buddy was with me the entire time, Luna, my pup. She is a kind dog, loving and patient. She was ready to be off the road at the end as was I. Luckily for both of us, she and I share an RV which gives her a comfortable place to rest during the shows. The weather was unbelievable the entire time. Never a night did I need AC at all and only checked into one RV campground in Nashville. Thanks To Chris and Nina for being around for every show as well... These two kids are good people and fun to be with and truly DEADicated. I met 4 new people on this tour who apparently do their fair of shows but had never met them before for some reason? Cynthia, Renee, Tatiana and Adrian, I look forward to dancing with you all again...Thanks for sharing your space with me!! It meant a lot! Sammy, Aaron and Carl all drove down for the first 5 shows in Florida which were my favorite shows for so many reasons. Scotty flew into south Florida to hook up with Tatiana and Adrian. They did the 2 Bobby shows to include the first 5 DSO shows as well! My great friend Kevin and his wife were at St. Augustine only but I was able to stay with them for several nights in Jacksonville so that was nice. Rick and Whitney did several of the Florida shows and had their beautiful girl with them..OMG!!! The Perrottis were at the majority of the Florida shows ( love this family so much ) but had to run their deli each day so talk about a grind, back and forth from Orlando to each show each night!!! I put so much value on the Florida DSO runs because of my long friendship with this amazing family! Steve, Carrie and a bunch of other Sand Jammers were along for a few of the shows. I run into Sand Jammers everywhere... They must think I'm crazy, seeing me pretty much everywhere? Nantucket, John and Debbie all flew in for one show..Nantucket, St. Pete, John and Debbie, Pompano!! Awesome!! My buddy Gary from Jam Cruise, his cousin David Jonas ( friends with John, Debbie, Jeff Mattson and Cotter ) both went to Pompano as well...Nice meeting David and having Gary along. Gary and I played golf the next day which was superb. Brian also flew in for first 4 shows as well. THANKS so much to Jay Price for his kindness and generosity. Jay was able to do the last 8 out of 9 shows. I have an amazing time with this guy every time. He is a GRATE guy. His favorite show was Raleigh! ...Mar, Jerry and his wife were at several of the Florida shows....also, Frank...he flew in from Colorado for the first 4 shows as well. I love our family! I have met hundreds of people over the years and funny enough, have introduced many of these awesome people to each other and feel lucky to know each and every one of you. Rude and Meli made it to one show. Jen and Joe were at a few. Tea was at a few..Steph at one... Geez, I know I am forgetting some folks and feel bad about it Anyway, I felt like I had to put this together after doing my first entire tour in 18 years...I figure I have seen somewhere between 500-600 dso shows...I know, big discrepancy there but its been so many...only 239 GD shows but dso has been an obsession but pleazin... BTW, the best dancing along the way....St. Augustine, Orlando ( Matt and Elle were both rocking it hard in Orlando ) and Atlanta.....so much good!!!! BTW, thanks to Matt, the new tour manager...what a GRATE guy. DSO is lucky to have him and so are all of us... LOVE you all.. Peace.
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    theCause w/ Jeff Mattson and Lisa Mackey 3/23/19 Rex Theater Pittsburgh, PA Acoustic w/Randy Bauman on keys Dire Wolf Bird Song Monkey and The Engineer Rosalie McFall Cassidy To Lay Me Down On The Road Again Ripple Electric 1 Iko Sugaree Big River ? Country song sung by bass player Black-Throated Wind China Cat > Love The One Your With > I Know You Rider Might As Well Electric 2 w/ Randy Bauman on keys (most/all?) Shakedown Saint Etta James song (Don't Make Me Cry?) Lazy Lightning > Supplication ? Jeff Original ? theCause Original > Bertha White Rabbit With A Little Help From My Friends (w/ several guest singers) Jeff on everything. Lisa on 3/4 of it all. GREAT night. Some transitions to/from the jams within songs were a little iffy, but the raw power of it all more than made up for it. Lots of spirited play. The whole acoustic set was sublime, especially Rosalie and To Lay Me Down. Beautiful harmony between Lisa and Jill. Crazy surprise between China and Rider. Awesome Shakedown, and whatever that Etta James song was was just KILLED by Jill. Might have been my favorite tune of the night. Anyone know the Jeff original? It kinda reminded me of a Trey Anastasio composition, which is not a criticism lol just an observation theCause's original was a catchy tune as well. 15 "anymore's" to end the Bertha. White Rabbit. I've heard it a few times now, but I think this was THE one. Brought. The. House. Down. The people near me not familiar with Lisa were blown away. I was like, she's always like this! LOL No, the Rabbit was a really REALLY good Rabbit. Help From My Friends was played and even sung in that Joe Cocker at Woodstock-ish way, and was the perfect end to a great night. See you all there next year!!!!
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    My dad's favorite touring story involves the Eel in '87, more specifically the acoustic show on the bonus disk. My dad was hanging out outside the venue playing Deep Ellem Blues on his guitar when a car rolls by with none other than Jerry in it. He stops and says something along the lines of "sounds good!" to my dad. My dad then made his way into the venue and up towards the front of the crowd. He says that Jerry came out on stage, looked right at him and nodded, then jumped into Deep Ellem to kick off the acoustic set!
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    Janus- STRONG 1st show of tour opener. High energy from start to finish. I was blown away by Corrina-shakedown... Super Funky Corrina perfectly segued into Shakedown! It sounded like back into Corrina jam or funkyest shakedown jam before the end. I rate this show as one of the best tour openers I've been to. For what its worth, with old battle wounds catching up to me over the years, I have not been able to dance from start to finish in over 5 years... I danced hard for at least 90% of this show! St Augustine- We knew this was special with a Spectacular Hard2handle-China-Rider open! This is why its not wise to gamble with missing the opening notes of any show. Ya never know what you'll miss! The whole show was the epitome of GD/DSO played at its finest!!! Steven Tell Eleven is never disapointing when played by DSO. The Best Doin That Rag I've ever heard... As I was dancing, I listened to the dripiest lyrics flow effortlessly from Jeffs mouth. If you don't know that this is the highest of complements, you never really experienced the genius of this song... This Ampitheater is the best !!! Later that night I literally crawled into bed and could not get my spine straight until 2 hours after waking up. Pompano- Good show played GREAT by DSO. Danced to scarlet fire and a little more here and there. This was a welcomed rest for my aching body after 1st two shows... Well fed and rested now, Thanks to Good friends Vince&Sue, for being the best of host and company in florida for 10 good solid years. Torin also... Im looking forward to HOB tonight after being pretty much healed now since St. Augustine. DSO & Crew. Y'all pretty good at do ing what ya do. (sarcasm). GREAT is better description!
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    I’ve been seeing DSO for nearly 15 years. I don’t count either but I’ve seen at least 500 probably closer to 600 DSO shows. I like Live dead music. All of it. Local. National. But nothing does it for me like DSO. Nobody else puts me in my magic space as often and as consistently as DSO. One thing I’ve learned is the bus just keeps on rolling. Sometimes I’m only on it in spirit. Sometimes I’m at the wheel but DSO does bring the bus by you can get on or off if you want.
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    Dear Diary: Scott asked me how many times I’d seen DSO. I said, I don’t know 30? 40? times maybe. I’m not really counting at this point, I don’t see the point. He asked me why? I said I just love the whole thing . The audience, the band, the music. I love Everything about it. It all just feels right. JRAD, Dead & Co, and the others I’ve seen, all sound and play great, but I only experienced the trifecta of band, music and people with DSO. The feeling of connection I get only seems to happen through DSO. At some point I may lose interest in them , which I’d thought happened after the Vegas show last month. I left feeling , OK that’s enough. But the next day I went to the Tempe show and got sucked right back in. Best show ever, I thought. Now i’m heading to Florida for 3 shots at possibly ending this obsession. But all it takes is one good song with one person enjoying that song as much as me and I don’t want to leave and I know I’ll be back. Thank you to each member of the band. 3 years for this rookie
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    I’m at 18 years myself with DSO, and have seen close to ten times more DSO than GD shows. Since I don’t see shows at all any more the numbers will be like me - static. The bus pulled over, I got off, and that’s when it all ended.
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    I knew it was a late eighties show when the rhythm slide guitar on LRR was better than the early eighties show slide work 5 years ago at the Peel. Ha! Just kidding!!! The Brent rap gave it away. The show last night was choice. Shakedown was big and jammed out. The guy behind us started laughing at the heights the music took us in LRR. It didn’t stop there! . There was good deal that went down. No April fooling there. 😜 Victim or the Crime lyrics are so existential, aren’t they? The dilemma over self versus other is such a western concept. I learned there is no “sorry” in Hawaiian culture - it’s “I release” and a return to love, to aloha, to being in pono, or harmony. No judgement. Ha! We have yet to hula- storytell -!about something man builds,; Hula is always telling the story of spirit. ( I have been studying this for 4 years now, if you don’t know) We Can Run/- it was a song along in Asheville. I sang too. It built from there. We clapped and chanted NFA with the bop, bop- bop bop bop. It died down and then a couple of minutes passed and it started back up! What love! Asheville really had a ball last night. There were beautiful couples dancing, families of friends and the whole place really cut a rug. I saw so many familiar beautiful faces last night. A joy of a day! echo effect on Throwing Stones even! So impressive!! Praise DSO!!! Songs of the night for me? Shakedown, Memphis Blues, Playing, Terrapin 🎉and 💕Gimme Some Lovin’ 💕
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    New set up old names. Amongst the confusion of upgrade it was nice to see familiarity. Nice to read of the reunion of dates. The remeberence of the first circus ride. A throw of the unexpected, the first time. Not as good as it could be, but the best it would ever be. First are always something to reflect on. Age catches up, memerories fade, but the ones we keep, we cherish. I cherish mine. I cherish many....no regrets of a weekend missed, as the bus always idles for those waiting to hop back on. Pauses for the right reasons makes it sweeter when we go back to where we belong. Nice to read the post. No more cavey but change is the only constant. Hope all.yall are doing well. It's a strange place to be knowing where your started. A big thanks to many here. Walked me through hell, forgave my stumbles, and encouraged so many times with keep.on growing at the balck.mountain. my song to rest. And rest we need at times. Regroup, reevaluate, and fight for the beauty of the love we bring. The comfort of knowing it's always here. It moves on with out you, but allows you to come.back on. A continuum....ever last lasting, or at least built to. Carolina contingent. I second thought myself, but ...little league Saturday is more precious. Happy to come back and share my silly words, but more happy to come back and read yours. Stability....and to think we find it in the same but different. Every show, every night. Will make a jubilee a priority. Be nice to dance with you fine people again. To flail. Makes calves tighten just thinking about it. You know my love is not fade away. Happy spring, rebirth, enjoy your back yard carolina!! Sorry. Wants no longer out weigh needs, but eventually need to take a load off. Go hang out with carmin....and go spend some time loosing my twenties ...closer to 50. As always, it makes sense to me....to others, to some, it's in and out, as the garden grows and the sunshine knows, the laughing water, maybe more will eventually get me out the door. Get out of the way, splintered light will indeed come back one day!! Love yall!! How I became other love I dont know, it used to be going back where...... prior sun1869, I guess time does change all. Name change is common for me.
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    First GD show was 31 years ago tonight. Seems like yesterday and 2 lifetimes ago all at the same time. https://archive.org/details/gd1988-04-11.sbd.miller.91243.sbeok.flac16 It wasn’t until Rosemont that the switch really got flipped but this nite was the 1st nite of the rest of my life ❤️
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    On the setlist link from the website there is a search engine which will allow you to see what was played last time at any venue. The last two shows have been outdoor shows. The last was 3-6-76 JGB. Before that was a two drummer elective... then yes two 73’. ... 6-29-73 and before that 2-26-73. But that was in 2015 and 2014 respectively which was four and five years ago. A tight is a tight stage and with all the equipment that needs to get on stage, there are only so many options.
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    Grateful dead = 1986-1995 - about 50 shows DSO = 2005-2019 - my 100th occurs in April No end in sight.
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    Open it copy it tape it back up
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    Not sure who all was in attendance, but Lisa singing on Jack Straw followed by a West LA (which debuts in 82 if I'm not mistaken), solidified this as an Original from the GetGo. Sorry I don't mean to be one of "those guys" We had Lisa on Jack Straw, Cassidy, All Over Now, Corrina, Help, Franklin's, The Wheel, China Doll, and Let It Rock (harmonica). Barraco does a Jeapordy tuning before Jackaroe. Tom Thumb included starting out on Prilosec, if I heard right, and definitely went back to Fulton County. Set 2 opened up with Barraco and Jeff playing around with the "extra" section to Terrapin (what is that, At A Siding?). But enough of the details, let's get to what's really important... GREAT SHOW. Perhaps not the spaciest or jammiest ever, but it had great high energy and was just plain FUN all night. Definitely my favorite of the 2 Atlantas. Jack had that awesome buildup and subsequent explosion. Cassidy, Big RxR, and All Over Now were pretty ripping. Stranger and Franklin's (although not together) were the highlights of a 2nd set that started hot and never cooled down. Nothing was in there that was down in any way. And I loved the transition from Corrina > Help. I'd like to hear that again, actually.. Had a great much needed weekend away. Thank you DSO. See ya at the Jubilee.
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    First set elective Hard to handle China rider Dancin Cumberland New Orleans Till the morning comes Hurts me too Viola lee blues 2nd set 3-29-69 Sammy's birthday show yay! Those who know her, love her~ These guys aren't bad.
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    Jack straw Touch of grey Gset Train to cry Black throated wind Box of rain Playin>bird song Speedway boogie Gimme some lovin Corrina Shakedown Drumz Spanish jam Wheel Uncle johns Playin reprise World to give Good lovin Easy wind Mystery trainæ Not quite right...help
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    I had lost the music since 95. 8 years ago seeing Dso triggered my live music love again. After the February 2011 Vic show I went and saw Mr Blotto 2 shows in a row a few weeks later which my gf at the time thought was super weird and I wanted more. Withoit anyone to travel with and having not met anyone on tour yet, touring wasn’t an option. I had to create some deadheads to achieve my goal and I created several.(I think the friends I’ve tuened on to Dso have hit 200 combined shows now). If not for seeing an article about DSO in a local rag, no telling what my life would look like now(probably working a lot, ewww). I’d prob still be things>experiences vs my hermit life b/t travels. I actually enjoy the hermit life in my hometown. Not much else to do do hermit then travel then hermit travel. Rise repeat. Oh and thank you Ron for what you do as you helped bring so many of us together.
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    First saw them around 2001, maybe a dozen shows in a few year period, took a long break and rediscovered them in fall 2016, and enjoy them much more now, seen them about 50 times since. Have had my best concert experiences at DSO shows in the past couple years, wonderful music, even made some friends 🙂
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    Great story about your dad and Jerry. I was trying to do everything in 87 so a drive to Humboldt was necessary for many reasons. Captured the show on a D6, and having been there for the breakout acoustic with the two electric set is enough for me. Small crowd on the hillside in 1987. There were some people complaining about Jerry charging $15.00 for the ticket and they were scheming to get in for free. A little disturbing thinking of all that he did for everyone and they were complaining about his mansions. It was a hot northern CA day and couldn't have been better. Drove the 20 hours to get there and then headed back to Wyoming after the show, sleeping on the side of the road for a few before heading into that long Nevada, Utah, Wyoming stretch. Of course a quick stop in Reno to fill up at the cheap buffet and 50 cent heinekins helped.
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    Before Florida happens and it all rolls into one, I just wanted to express somewhere: There has never been a best as best as this. I've done 10 full tours with this band now, and this last one stands out in general as the best yet overall. The toppest knotch playing (next level, unreal, unfair), the perfect clarity and presence of each musical voice, the afterparties, the places, the people.. West coast is magic. And it's funny how people all along the way would ask what the best show had been thus far - And it had honestly all been so wonderful I had no clear obvious answer. Until the very last night that is - Tour ended with an unexpected punch - The Saban show was a real gem. (Which Jubilee do you think we'll get the remaining '83 RR show at?) East coast gets too much love. East coast tours take everything I have to just keep going [I still for the life of me can't figure out why anyone lives east of Denver...] - I get home and need days to recover. The west however is totally rejuvenating - I returned from this one fully recharged and ready to take on the world.. West coast is magic. Highly recommend to anyone here who has never experienced what I'm talking about to someday make a pilgrimage to the promised land for some shows. Love you all so much - Thank you for everything. Praise DSO! P.S. Legit considering bringing a full on winter coat to FL...
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    It is........., A tradition........, Unlike any other.... Leaderboard chock full of bad asses after day one. Weekend of DSO and the Masters = utopia.
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    Marathon music works Set One: Hey Pocky Way > New Minglewood Blues ; Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo ; Lazy River Road ; Same Thing ; Dire Wolf ; Black Throated Wind ; Touch Of Grey > Chimes Of Freedom > The Music Never Stopped Set Two: Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain ; Broken Arrow ; Man Smart (Woman Smarter) > He's Gone > drums > space > Imagine (Instrumental) Dear Mr. Fantasy > Going Down The Road Feeling Bad > Visions Of Johanna > Good Lovin' Encore: Black Muddy River goodness
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    Elective @ The Moon In style of early 70s/ one drummer show: Koritz for show, English for encore Set One: Cold Rain And Snow ; Big Boss Man ; They Love Each Other ; Operator ; The Race Is On ; Friend Of The Devil ; Box Of Rain ; You Ain't Women Enough ; Jack Straw ; Here Comes Sunshine Set Two: China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider ; Good Lovin' > jam > Good Lovin' ; Playing In The Band > Uncle John's Band > Morning Dew > Uncle John's Band (reprise) > Playing In The Band (reprise) ; Dark Star > The Stranger (Two Souls In Communion) > Casey Jones Encore: Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu
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    My grandparents always were listening to the Statler Bros on 8track; their sounds floated through the house intermingled with the smells of butter beans, fried fatback, homemade biscuits and garden fresh sliced tomatoes and cucumbers. I got so tickled over hearing “Big Iron” over SXM, realizing how similar the song sounds to the Statler Bros tunes. Never in my wildest! But a cowboy song is a cowboy song, right?
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    Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA (10/15/76) Might As Well Mama Tried Row Jimmy It's All Over Now Loser New Minglewood Blues Bertha Lazy Lightnin' Supplication Sugaree Promised Land Eyes of the World Music Never Stopped It Must Have Been the Roses Samson and Delilah He's Gone drums The Other One Comes a Time Franklin's Tower Sugar Magnolia Spring break for everyone 🎉🎉🎉
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    Orlando- serious show 76 strange man flr serious dancing w family.
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    Thor had been thundering around the Heavens for decades, he was, well, Horny. He decided he would come to earth and find a woman, but, she had to be perfect. He searched and searched... He was never happy, he grumbled and thundered He was a GOD after all. Finally, he came upon the most beautiful woman he had ever seen - BUT - there was one thing, she had a hair lip. He decided she was the one. They went through the entire Kama Sutra, and even added few chapters. Finally, he was quelled, as they showered he said to her: "We've made love for thirty days and thirty nights, I should tell you I'm Thor" She replied: "You're thor I'm tho thor i can hardly pith"
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    insecurity: I’ll always be apart of you. A rabbi, a priest and a horse walk into a bar. The bartender says, what is this? A joke?
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    This just arrived. Pretty cool collection of Jerry's 3 shows at French's Camp (Hog Farm benefits co-produced by BGP) in Humboldt. One show each in '87, '89' and '91, with the '87 acoustic set as a bonus disc. One of my few Garcia related regrets after moving to Northern CA in '88 was not making it to either of the '89 or '91 shows. By all accounts it was a bucolic throwback to years long gone, during a era when one was more likely to see Jerry in a sports arena than at a special laid back venue like this. Certainly no one saw Jerry at the likes of MSG caked in mud right after taking a naked swim in a river. (At least let's hope that wasn't the case!) Set 2 of the '91 show is particularly interesting. After a long beautiful Shining Star opener, the middle of the set features 3 consecutive rarities: Twilight (played 4 times), See What Love Can Do (played 3 times), and Lazy Bones (played 11 times). That boggles the mind! Well, maybe not a normal mind, but a freakish mind like mine.
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    Saw Melvin tonight at the Madison in Covington. DSO played there back in 2013 I think and possibly the show that got cancelled in ‘14 or ‘15 was supposed to be there too. I have really enjoyed his shows since that Zach(k?) Nugent took the lead guitar spot. Harder they come Bright side of the road So many roads Evangeline lets spend the night together Tangled 2 Cats Dear Prudence Takes a lot to laugh, takes a train to cry gotta serve somebody Brown eyed women Ill take you there>bridge over troubled water>I’ll take you there (lady singer this was very cool) Deal Im probably missing 1-2 out of each set. That’s the best memory will allow at the moment. But I had a good time and enjoyed the show
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    From the early 90s, these Zen Tricksters videos have been online about a decade, but are quality performances:
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    Been all around this world but would like to throw this show into the thread. 4/12/02. Santa Cruz. Cocoanut Grove on the Boardwalk. Recreating Cap 6/19/76. Got on board a few years prior in Olympia, WA but loved this show as a UCSC grad. Beautiful night on the boardwalk. Sand in the toes at setbreak. Love me some DSO. Set One: Help On The Way -> Slipknot -> Franklin's Tower -> Music ; Brown Eyed Women ; Cassidy ; They Love Each Other ; Looks Like Rain ; Tennessee Jed ; Playing In The Band Set Two: Might As Well ; Samson & Delilah ; High Time ; Let it Grow-> Drums -> Space -> Let it Grow-> Dancing In The Street -> Cosmic Charlie ; Around And Around-> Going Down The Road Feeling Bad-> One More Saturday Night Encore: Not Fade Away Filler: St Stephen-> Baby Blue
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    I hated the Dead when I first went to see DSO feb 2009 at the variety. I always thought it was “hokey country shit”.... and though I don’t think i was wrong in that thought, I learned that this was part of the key to the reason DSO is able to open the door to those of us that never would have been able to appreciate not only the Dead, but a truly powerful era of American music. That night they made me dance right away after we snuck by people I now know were Kevin and the truck driver, behind the dumpsters to the smoking area door, where we bribed security to let me n my girl into the sold out show, and made it to the front with out friends just before the first song (Alabama>GSET opener but into stop that train bc it was an elective) and by second set, when I realized that somehow I knew every song like it was written on my soul- head full of the morphic resoanance of the experiences I saw in many of YOU, that I now know were there that night- I knew I would do this for the rest of my life. There is nothing like a DSO show. For the last ten years I have had a purpose. Being a non-breeder, the “i ain’t got kids” listless, searching quest for purpose can be a long strange trip, for sure. But DSO and you guys were always there for me, without question. And sure, ya always told me how I was doin it wrong, and you’re not wrong, but I am grateful for the lessons in life and the way that y’all molded me into the badass lil lady I am today. Now, I play mandolin almost every day, write songs with my husband- we met at a DSO show 2 years ago and have spent every day togther since (he asked if I wanted to drink a beer in the bushes bf hand, then brought me water n danced w me throughout the night)- I play for everyone who is ever around, I’m writing on my novel again (like, over 6 chapters now and that’s the longest stretch I’ve made it yet) and I’m married with land in New England and my dad might give us a yak as my dowry. All that is thanks to DSO showing me that sometimes you just gotta move! And they took me to my bended knees when fellow fans brought me to the dharma and gave me the understanding of the peace that passes understanding. All that, because I liked to be a unicorn at a cover band and spin in the front row and learn songs I’d never heard (I learned jerry’s entire repertoire thru live DSO shows, other than a few I had heard growing up or a few I discovered thru other live bands and the occasional listen to a rare show.) this purpose has always worked pretty well for me. And goddamn, I’m one grateful kid. Thanks, y’all, you had the world to give and you have it to me (I got to see that twice this life, after all!) We sure do get by. again, thank you. Cant wait to dance with you, once more!
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    My first show was 10/14/2000. They were good but I was doing tour full time with Bobby & Phil projects for many years and didn't really have interest in much outside of that. I didn't see them again until 2012-and was pleasantly surprised at how awesome they were. They are my main conduit for channeling the Grateful Dead these days. Thanks for the tunes!
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    I'm pretty sure I got on the DSO bus in '99 as well...….hard to believe 20 years has passed......terrific years to boot
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    12 years in August...
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    I hear ya. I’m up to 18 years now. My adventure with Dark Star Orchestra is turning out to be a longer, stranger trip than my adventures with the Grateful Dead. No end in sight. Thank Dark Star Orchestra for handling things just exactly perfect.
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    Thank you so much! This is a topic that I have tossed and turned for so many hours worrying about, night after night, for weeks now. I cannot overemphasize how much better I now feel! You truly are an unsung angel for sharing this, and I can only hope you get the accolades here you so richly deserve. i would greatly appreciate a bit more information regarding the distinction in government taxes and charges, but we perceive all good things in all good times.
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    Omfg, hadn't been to any shows in a little over 2 years due to some health issues, hooked up with grateful pair and T, saw Charlotte and Raleigh, both were MONSTER shows, what a welcome back for me, yee fucking ha! Thank you DSO, you guys tickled so many of my sweet spots, when I got home I ate, then power slept for 14 hours. I'm still reeling from the experience
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    Can I simply send you my credit card information via private message and you please help me with it instead? 🤑🤪
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    WEMBLEY EMPIRE POOL - APRIL 7, 1972 Setlist Greatest Story Ever Told Sugaree Chinatown Shuffle Me & My Uncle China Cat Sunflower I Know You Rider Big Boss Man Black Throated Wind Loser Mr. Charlie Beat it on Down the Line Tennessee Jed Playing in the Band Casey Jones Truckin' drums The Other One El Paso The Other One Whar' Rat Ramble On Rose Sugar Magnolia Not Fade Away Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad Not Fade Away One More Saturday Night
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    Can i be put on the long list? Since I didn’t make the short?
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    pirate walks into a bar, he’s got a ship’s steering wheel in his pants. Bartender says, ‘hey, you know you’ve got a ship’s steering wheel in your pants?’ Pirate says, ‘ Aaargh, it’s driving me nuts!’
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    I used to be a narcissist. But now look at me. Ok . a bar joke: An Englishman, a Scot and a Irishman walk into a pub to have a beer. Pretty soon a fly swoops down and lands in the Englishman’s beer, so he pushes away his mug and orders another. A few minutes later a fly swoops down and lands in the Scot’s beer, the Scot reaches into his mug and picks out the fly and continues drinking his beer. A few moments later another fly swoops down and lands in the Irishman’s beer ,the Irishman reaches in his mug picks up the fly and starts slapping the fly on the back yelling spit it out ya bastard, spit it out!!
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    I believe there was a Brokedown Palace encore... It was a pretty face-melting show, and it was great being able to turn to my buddy and my wife, at that split second in time before the first note, and call a 1969 St. Stephen. r
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    Hehheh, thanks. As one who tried to memorize Deadbase back in the day, I saw that they'd list the Anymores in the Tape Timings section, and so I tend to count em at the end of every Bertha. Just one of those things that I always do at shows I also hold up my beverage at "Inspiration" in Terrapin, pound my chest at "some are mathematicians" in Tangled Up (I teach the stuff), and giggle like a schoolgirl whenever a singer blows a line because I can't help it; I just find that damn funny and enjoyable. Shows the boys are for real, and what's going down on stage, is for real. Funny thing I JUST realized though.... I don't think I've EVER seen Lisa mess up a line. EVER. Guess the Women (truly) Are Smarter. Ha!
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    I remember planning for Myrtle Beach and skipping Atlanta - only to miss The Eleven. It would become a troubling pattern. Hell of a first show: Set One: Alabama Getaway-> Greatest Story Ever Told, Stop That Train, Next Time You See Me, Me & My Uncle-> Big River, Pride of Cucamonga, Must Have Been The Roses, Passenger, Brown-eyed Women, Weather Report Suite-> Let It Grow Set Two: China Cat Sunflower-> Know You Rider, Dancin' in the Street-> Alligator-> Why Don't We Do It In the Road-> The Eleven-> Drums-> Space-> New Potato Caboose-> Uncle John's Band-> The Wheel-> UJB reprise-> Lovelight Encore: Brokedown Palace https://archive.org/details/dso2009-02-07.mg210.flac16
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    Unfortunately we are in the age of social media and having to compare everything. I was one of the people who fought online with others about how DSO was better than deadco when I used to be on social media. Now Ive accepted that they are more dead music to hear live even though I do get annoyed with people who think deadco is better than dead or anywhere near them. Not everything will be 76 dead or current DSO. If we are being honest, nothing compares to Jerry singing. You cant replace the truth in his voice. We have DSO that is spot on dead music, deadco who is slow dead music, JRAD thats over the top dead music and many many local dead bands and part time collaborations that do their thing. Ill be seeing Axial Tilt, maybe Voodoo dead(havent really checked the jazz fest grids yet), maybe Phil(again jazz fest), DSO, JRAD and hyryder all in the next 2 months. I accept the differences in the bands. I fought accepting JRAD for a full set in nashville then said why am i comparing them when I should accept who they are and go with it. Considering they play 30 shows a year only, Ill see them when possible. DSO, JRAD and Panic are my see within 6 hour away bands. And why would you not go listen to dead if close regardless of the style of it? Its a no brainer to see as much as you can. Its many of our lifeblood.
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    A great song. I think your post supports something you do not see very frequently on the HeadyVersion lists: the top ten or so includes versions from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Although it is merely a compilation of opinions, some of which are influenced by the more vocal posters on that site as well as commercial releases, right or wrong, HeadyVersion gets you in the ballpark and assists in sourcing strong versions of a song to listen to. There’s an inherent bias for shows attended. Everyone wants to be associated with the *best* version.
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