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    So the thing is... Every year, some time after Thanksgiving, Good ol' Granny would settle into her cabin in the woods and pull out her sewing supplies. Weeks she would spend in her rocking chair, slowly stitching away with needle and thread. It was never fully understood how stitching away on her scraps of fabric affected her,,but many unusual expressions were witnessed by family members during the winter season. While working her art, Granny was scene at times laughing, crying, content at times, a bit confused at times...even spotted a few times in an ecstatic state with her sewing supplies off to the side and up out of her chair with hands in the air and a grin from ear to ear.... Why,,ol' Uncle John even swears he witnessed a question mark float off of the top of her head and gradually disappear into the ethers up around the ceiling. The line between sanity and madness seemed a bit obscured at times with Granny,,but it didn't seem to matter because her sewing project would keep her grounded and focused throughout the winter season... After spending the year gathering scraps of old cloth, worn out clothing, and special pieces of fabric from her monthly trips into town,,Granny always appeared to be giddy with anticipation to create her winter art piece... Come Imbolc, in early February, half way between winter solstice and spring equinox, Granny would pull together the family for what was clearly her favorite celebration of the year...the birth of spring. Each year after an abundant and noirishing meal together the entire family would slip into an evening of laughter, libations, play, and music. With ol' Uncle John ripping away on his fiddle.,,the time would finally come for Granny to offer her winter creation. Out of the back room she would come,,beaming, with the brightest of smiles... With all the family focused on her in awe and appreciation she would unfold and present the most beautiful quilt that eyes have ever seen...full of color, integrity and beauty....Tears of joy would be shed by all who were present, including Granny herself as the quilt was passed around and admired by all... That quilt...was this show...full of soul, color, time and timelessness, sadness, joy, beauty and meaning... 2/11/19 DSO,Eugene, Oregon,,, Thank you kindly...
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    Big energy show. The opener asked for the real authentic to emerge. The first set was a good prescription and it got filled in the 2nd. The energy of music went into 5th gear, digging in to the jams again and again. It built to a fever in Fire and From the Heart of Me was the spacious beauty of cool drink, tickling the senses with rippling guitar play. Again Estimated Eyes the jams returned again and again, and thirst was persistent. The fire licking, its flames crackling at the back of my throat, unquenchable. The drums were short with native feel and I thirsted for more grounding. The big energy sweeping and stirring up the air in my chart- all five planets spinning and juggled like bowling pins. . Not until a cold libation- and the space to open up in the cozy bar scene and soar during Wharf Rat could I find a true purchase. The Sugar Mags was outrageously fun - dancing in the pocket of loose, joyous dancing which fills the soul like nothing else- a blessing from a prayer the dance lifts up and I had an endless wellspring of energy bubbling forth. My second show was a beauty in Atlanta 3/27/89 with SFEE and the energy spilled out into drum circles that year in the nook of the coliseum- Orpheus had lit a fire. I melded into the music that night finding the transformative essence this music evokes. What a treat to see Heart of Me sandwiched in the middle. Loveliness.
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    Last night’s dance zone.
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    Jeez, the Think and Cumberland were ripping! and Crazy Fingers the lovely reprieve before the keys were ripped up and laid back down in Hey Jude. I think had they played more than one line of Dear Mr Famtasy before throwing in the towel prespace it would have been an all out frenzy. Blow Away has this power of Hey Jude aka Alpine 89 where our hearts flung wide open and downloaded sunshine. and the jam was all out, pure rock and roll. Super fun to hear a different kind of first set. Kinda wordy... just my head feed. But all and all a great tapas menu. 😜
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    89/02/12 Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA Cold Rain, Hell in a Bucket, Row Jimmy, BIODTL>Promised Land, West LA, How Long Blues*, Gimme Some Lovin'*. Iko**, Monkey and the Engineer**, Alabama**, Dire Wolf**, Cassidy**, Memphis Blues**>Drumz***>Other 1>Stella>Foolish Heart. E:NFA**, Knockin'** * -with Spencer Davis, ** -with Bob Dylan, *** - with Kodo drummer final/last How Long Blues 70/08/19 (1236) final/last Monkey and the Engineer 81/10/16 (495) The final show of the 89 west coast winter shows, and one of the more unusual setlists. As far as I know, all the guests appearances were unannounced, adding to the freak factor. Spencer Davis killed the GSL, and the pre drums with Dylan provided several highlights. Dylan doing the Dead after the Dead doing Dylan in 87, The Bus floated back to SF after this one. Praise DSO.
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    I was 2 years old in 1965 and I'm uncertain what year the phenomenon began for me, but I listened to this song 1000s of times over and over and over and over again. Drove everyone nuts in my house. Hang on Sloopy
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    It’s cheaper to pop a flight to the must see runs or weekends than it is to see the closest shows that aren’t must attend ones. Just trust me. The math is correct. Must attends 1. Jubilee 2. Red rocks run 3. Black mountain
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    WOW! I read this 3x - going to start again. Love the texture of the words..... So good Huck! looking forward to spinning some yarn with you soon!
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    It leads up to the BM shows lately. Beginning of week. Weekdays in Dewey. Weekend in BM to close tour. If dancing to the dead is your thing, BM is not to be missed.
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    Got an email from Dead.net about this event. Fan versions uploaded to YouTube. They gave me a link, but I'm not cool like Tea and able to provide the link. However, just watched a video of Promised Land submitted to You Tube by Carey Eyer. Search 2019 Dead Covers Project on You Tube. Adorable. Praise DSO.
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    What a beautiful story and oh, how I can relate. It reminded me of my mother doing needlepoint and such. She always did the pieces to give to others. I have one hanging on the wall in my bedroom. As I read more, it reminded me of what I do with furniture. Wether refinishing a piece or making a piece out of old barn wood or a plank that washed up on the shores of the Chesapeake. I dream about what I am going to do then, tackle a project every winter when things are slow. I find such enjoyment out of the work. My home is full of these works of art, physical manifestations of the love within, just like your grandmothers works of art with fabric as the medium. Your grandmothers story is wonderful.
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    Was part of orginal show encore
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    After looking this over, it’s definitely one of the stranger set lists I’ve seen. Corrina to start the show could be tough because it takes a minute to get the crowd where they feel confident enough to get down, but the funk jam in the middle can be as good as it gets for improv dance.
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    Anyone who talks during a show should be politely escorted out of the venue. No discussion, no debate, just out.
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    Awesome. Thank you for this post, PG.
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    Not my night dance wise...but in the long run a hilarious night with friends. That Stella was a life saver for me, helping me to re-congeal back into my body. After 12+ hours of sleep last night im ready to hit the ground running in Eugene tonight!
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    Greg, That'd be a blast ! Thank you !
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    Seattle doesn't usually end up on Archive, I was surprised to find it there this year! Thanks to the taper! https://archive.org/details/dso2019-02-07.Nak300.cp4.flac24
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    Well when I found that reel the only part of the reel box I could read was “Santa Barbara”. The rest of the box was so water damaged that nothing was recognizable at all. After resorting the tape I was finally able to put it on the tape deck. It was indeed reel #4 of the missing 2/27 show. I never thought I’d see these tapes and after realizing the amount of damage they had gone through it’s my feeling that the other reels from this show simply got tossed out. If I can figure out how to post a photo of the box I will... peace rob
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