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    Going to see Billy tonight in Salt Lake City. Not a huge bluegrass fan...so...impress me Billy. I'm open to it!
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    Well now. The first set was good, not great. Kind of wondering to myself what all the fuss has been about. 2nd set i went to the back if the venue where there was wonderful wood floors and pretty much no one other than myself and My friends. No traffic moving through, no talkers. And woosh! The music took off. 2nd set i would rate as extremely good. Felt my body move in ways that it never has before. The transition into me and my uncle out of whatever song/jam they were in was beyond fluid and i had no idea it was coming. I'll be back. Next time I'll dive deep...i didn't last night because I'm fighting a cold. But it's worthy~
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    All pictures finally recovered!!! Found jazz fest and jubilee that were yet to be pulled off the card. There were some great pics we will be sending out to everyone in them. There are some fantastic fun pics. Mei was free ranging and has pics with almost everyone lol. There are a few gems but unfortunately wont share them with the entire internet considering the new software which removes peoples clothing. Don’t want people to think mango was streaking at redrocks. But it’s also a great cover in case you are caught on camera actually streaking through say the Vic Theater. That would be easy to prove though. You would definitely lose a foot being naked in the Vic. No way you are getting out of that place without some major infection. Their no shoes no shirt no service sign just says no shoes no foot. On that note 8 days til we put Vick’s vapor rub on our upper lip like a coroner. They are the only music venue with an indoor steam room/smoking lounge/bathroom all in one. Employees run downstairs to the bathroom to smoke cigs then stomp out on the floor. It was my 1st Dso show so it has a place in my heart. If the Pabst theater is Chevy chase, the Vic is cousin eddy. Thank you folks. That’s all the time I have. Make sure to tip your servers and bartenders.
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    “Felt my body move in ways that it never has before.” High praise from a man whose opinion I value highly. That’s how how I felt about old school Cornmeal. They were the other band I got on airplanes to go see. I think I need to check this young man out.
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    Just Wow. This was my favorite night of the 2 in Boulder even though I'm a total '76 junkie. Jack Straw is always a welcome opener and there were some serious bombs going off to close out the song - super tight! I'm not a musician so trying to explain what was going on during Loser escapes my understanding. When Jeff did his solo, it had this high, piercing arc that he drew out and bent at just the right times. I love it when he does that - whatever THAT is. Then some cowboy that almost felt like it had some cowbell - pretty cool. Not a We Can Run fan - except when Barraco does it. There was a neat, confident gravel to his voice and delivery that made it work really well. Not sure why Jerry didn't do more Believe It or Not's. I saw it twice in 1990 and then never again - this one took me back though! Then we begin our Dylan portion of the evening...……Thank you, thank you , thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Masterpiece was just that, and then a down -n- dirty, funk-soul Easy Wind. If you're lookin to get silly, listen to Skips bombs on Tom's Thumbs - good to get the cage rattled now and again. The Black Throated - Tangled was, was, was, was, astonishing? Yes, astonishing. 100%. A Silky Stranger ushered the China Cat Suite through it's sweet thrill-ride - packed with vitamins and minerals to boot. I love Space Jazz or is it called Playin > Bird Song? I forget. All I do know is that it was 22 minutes of beautiful exploration. I little shorter space jazz drums space was enjoyed - my brother gripping me a little to stay in his shoes since we were separated for longer than we wanted. The space was a mix between close encounters to begin and Imagine to finish which then slid into Hey Jude. Just remember, to let it into your heart, then you can start, to make it better. Somehow better it got with the Playin wrap-up crashing into a pin-drop Dew. That was a gargantuan effort. Holy Crap! An 80's pleasure with the Dylan Quinn. So great to share this with my brother and some other special people who danced, and danced, and danced, and danced, and danced, and then danced some more. Huge smiles, waving hands, jumping, weaving, laughing, spinning - all exploding into a kaleidoscope of glitter. More please.
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    yeah it is they're the real deal
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    I'd like to hear that black peter again...
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    That was from a Jimmy Rodger's tune. At one point of the show, Marty Stewart was naming off country stars that had covered Jimmy Rodgers. They had a photo of Jerry up on the screen but the words just wouldn't come out his of mouth as to who it was. They held the photo of Jerry up for what seemed a long time. Jerry recorded a version of Blue Yodel # 9 (Standing on the Corner) by Jimmy Rodgers. He played with David Grisman on that recording.
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    I will be there to capture all the magic pouring from the stage for the whole event.
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    If we ever had the kind of space like last night at a dso show i swear we'd open a portal into another dimension....
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    "...it was amazing to hear almost all of Red Rocks get down almost to pin drop quiet during Black Peter" From my seat and experience, *ALL* of Red Rocks was quiet and still. What an experience to be at a concert with thousands of people - the silence and stillness was exquisitely beautiful, most palapable. Maybe the pre-show weather up there (and Hot Tuna) mystified us a bit. ............"Now".......... Thank you to band, crew, and Colorado people for a most amazing three nights of such sweet music ❤️ Frank
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    I'm glad someone else noticed Jerry. They named all the other stars that were shown in that sequence but not Jerry. I wonder if there was a behind the sceans disagreement among the producers wether to include Jerry or not and the photo and not saying his name was a compromise. The show is an excellent history as well as entertainment. The songs and music bring back memories from many years ago such as being at the old Ryman Auditorium for the Grand Old Opry show in the mid 1950's. If you haven't seen the first two chapters, I recomend you find the time to watch. If you pay attention you will see links to Gratefull Dead music and catch lines in songs that are reflected by our current bands....sometimes the same song and sometimes a twist on the same old story. Peace and Love, Doc
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    Joining in with mixlr. Between set music is crispy. Hope it fills your cup for the time you spent getting in and getting out. What's the venue like? I've been lucky to hit some sweet spots. Be interesting to read your take. Sounded like he wanted to dark star in first set, but don't see how he can with the time available and huge catalog to cover. I think they're all first rate musicians. From what I've read of your travels and shows with DSO, legit audience member and thanks for contributing to the forum. Between mixlr and forum, life is still engaging. I gave up when Jerry passed. A dear friend went to the desert and never returned. Life can be crushing but there is times of exploration and Strings keeps it alive for me. Nelson ledges was as close to an Oakland parking lot when I was in my 20's . Everyone here on the forum helps break the daily grind, thanks to all
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    I thought I saw a set of mics going up behind the soundboard before DSO went on, but I became distracted 😛and forgot to look again. Perfect weather during the show, but that immediate rain afterwards would have been so stressful to take the stuff down in. Hopefully it becomes an official release, I would buy it to listen to the show again.
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    Ugh. There goes my exec producer credit for getting jk together with the Dso guys for the new Bravo show “Tension island”. The premise was awkward tension with great editing to make it look like every comment elicits frowns. Was even going to have a cliffhanger where the front desk says “sorry Mr Kadlicek, we don’t have any room in your name” and then computer animate his mouth to say “I’m risking my life flying to Jamaica”. Then some tense music plays and we cut to commercial. Back to the drawing board.
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    I finished a long re-cap of my show experience and have now thought better of it. Needless to say, it was a really wonderful time in a really magical place. 26 years since my last concert at RR and I was treated to a thrilling experience. The weather ran the full spectrum as did the variety of the show. I was so glad to be next to my brother on one side and what felt like a band of brothers and sisters on the other. I felt surrounded by love, joy, wonder, mystery, excitement, and acceptance. I was also surrounded by rain within a moment of the band trailing off from that White Rabbit I like to take that ride again! 2 nights at Red Rox would be dead, solid, perfect (after a couple in Boulder of course to whet our appetites). Thanks to DSO and Crew - there was a great deal to pull off and everyone did so in spades
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    Perhaps a typo but I like "Om Target". That is what we're all here for, ya?
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    Believe It Or Not fans should head straight to Rochester, 6-30-88. Do not pass go. Mesmerizing. Indeed, what did Jerry have against this song such that it didn't stick?
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    What did Mike Tyson say to Jerry? Althea later.
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    It was indeed quite special to experience the quiet among such a large group of people, I felt proud of my fellow audience members to be so attentive and respectful. I agree that the quiet was thick and palpable ❤️❤️
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    They should start the run with a Thursday or Wednesday in Mishawaka.
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    Photo Credits: BackStage Flash
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    Yea, I noticed that they would lock on to one star and go into great depth, detail. I understand the Carter Family story and their contributions, I get it. Then they went all in with Jimmie Rodgers. It gave me the impression that he was the only person singing country music when he had his moment in the sun. I’m sure that’s not true. I’m not so sure that a fair picture is being painted. Something has to be left out to go into such detail with certain stars.
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    Jealous of all you lucky ducks getting to see this, looks like Jeff is going to be playing with Melvin Seals and JGB for Jam in the Sand.
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    I braved the mosh pit stage left for a good part of the first set, but eventually retreated to the balcony for 8 more sq ft of dance space. 2nd set was a surreal dance party on the aisle in the balcony. People eventually figured we weren't giving up, so they bailed. Sweet.
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    Second that. The Rahj was very pleased on this fine evening. Second that. The Rahj was very pleased on this fine evening.
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    Your crew makes it even more than it is..tonight was one of the best dancing sessions EVER!!!
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    Exactly Tea. 🎯 - Om target just like the band!!
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    Been a little busy..... Week 2 Thursday 8:20 pm Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers Sunday 1:00 pm Arizona Cardinals at Baltimore Ravens 1:00 pm Buffalo Bills at New York Giants 1:00 pm Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins 1:00 pm Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans 1:00 pm Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans 1:00 pm Los Angeles Chargers at Detroit Lions 1:00 pm Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers 1:00 pm New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins 1:00 pm San Francisco 49ers at Cincinnati Bengals 1:00 pm Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers 4:05 pm Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders 4:25 pm Chicago Bears at Denver Broncos 4:25 pm New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Rams 8:20 pm Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons Monday 8:15 pm Cleveland Browns at New York Jets I'll take the Panthers. If we can't get this going this week, I'll post the week 3 schedule on Monday.
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    Nothing better then to roll over the hills into Boulder for a second night and be greeted by a sweet four song cowboy mini-set to start the show. MAMU>Big River really stoked the place up. Believe it or Not tugging at the strings. Easy Wind was down in the dirt groovy with notes stretching like molasses. The Tangled harmonics were smooth and 13 mins later there was a growl to end the set. Stranger, the mindbender pushing my consciousness to the cliffs of sanity. So many notes. So much space. Then taken on a ride of all colors through an Escher waterfall over the bridge into Rider. For a moment, sound and possibly time stopped in the middle of Dew. Boogied home on another Saturday nite. How can I forget my favorite song: Drums/Space. A trip thru the cosmic rainforest.
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    One of those perfect nights when I was able to lose myself fully in the music, highlights are a bit tough to recall, it was really lovely the whole way through. Terrapin was special, and it was amazing to hear almost all of Red Rocks get down almost to pin drop quiet during Black Peter. Lisa tore it down with White Rabbit, great to hear that song in that place at the end of the night. The rain held off to within a couple seconds of the final beat of the song, really cool.
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    Somehow there was a mistake that took place when I uploaded my show to Archive, but if you go to where it says "Show All Files", you can stream the show I recorded. If anything, you can always download it for your personal use. https://archive.org/details/dso2019-09-06.neumannkm184.Cook.flac16
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    20 years for me, coming up this June (6/23/99 at Graffiti's in Pittsburgh where they did 9/11/87). I went because I missed live Dead music (only 3 GD shows, all the summer of '95, for me) and I expected a decent/good show, but I couldn't have imagined that DSO would be the PERFECT thing to fill the void left by the Dead. I was a budding deadhead in '95 with a 100 hours or so of tapes, and in '99 I was ironically a already a relic, of sorts, with several more hundred hours to listen to on XLII's, but no LIVE show to go see/experience/participate in. Futhur Festival was good, but didn't quite cut it for me, and neither did any other "jam" band, not even the ABB. I needed live Grateful Dead music, and played at a certain level, I might add. I had seen several cover bands in the years right after Jerry checked out, but it just wasn't good enough. Then 6/23/99 everything changed for me. The WHOLE show was like a dead show. Sounded like a dead show. Was improvised, like a dead show. It even had a drums/space that rivaled what the boyz used to do. Drumz, and Scott's Brent-esque vocals, are what really won me over that night. And as I approach 20 years of seeing this band, I can't imagine what my life would have been like without them. As they are to many of you, to me these shows are, I can't think of the proper word(s) to put here.. spiritual, magical, educational, chaotic, liturgical, "rite-of-passage-al", poetic.. I think you get the idea. Like I said before, DSO has perfectly filled the void. Shows 192 - 194 coming up at the Jubilee, and hoping to hit 200 in 2019. polished like a golden bowlthe finest ever seen
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