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    Sounds like a great year. I had my best year for seeing live music, too. Saw DSO 17 times and Dead and Co twice. Everything within 3-4 hours of home, thanks DSO!! I don't anticipate being able to go to as many next year, having had our second little one just last Monday. She was kind enough to wait until the end of the stretch of shows I was able to attend this fall. Wifey's water broke two hours after I got home from Huntington night 2, 19 days early!!!
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    Thoughts We need to all get together on Saturday night at a dead show at some club in Denver. How fun would that be. 100 tour friends all at a small bar dancing to dead the night before redrocks. It would be a good warmup too. I need a day to shake the cobwebs out. Maybe we need a private party. Book a dead band for the night! Someone take care of that. K thx. I’ll tell hyryder this weekend and get them to come back to Denver to do Friday Saturday. Mc talk to Jay and get him to lock in July 6 and 7th for a dead band. You guys work out the finance part. I’m just the idea guy in this instance.
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    1. He likes EVERY post - not a hater. 2. First to post the set lists - the post-er with the most-er. 3. All around great guy - give this man a hug!
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    My earliest memory of music is from a night going way out into the back woods with my father when I was maybe five or six, following the creek to the blue water spring where the moonshine still was set in an old broke down stone house, and a Bluegrass band playing, people dancing and having a good time. The full moon shining overhead through the trees. Latter years my parents got an electric record player. My mother would play classical music from 45s which had to stack maybe ten little disks on the thick center shaft…interrupting the flow every couple minutes as the next disk dropped to the platter and the arm reset. My father had more popular music on the 45s . Catchy tunes like this one….
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    This was the best years of my life funwise, so I wanted to throw out a post. I got to see 37 DSO shows(41 in last 12 months), 5 Deadco, 1 JGB show and 1 Stu Allen with rob b and both Dso drummers in Berkeley. Saw DSO in 16 different states!!! Had the time of my life. Did my 1st west coast run of any type ever. Flew to Colorado twice. The gf got 25 Dso and 5 deadco and she’s become a full blown deadhead which I’m very proud of and it makes shit a helluva lot easier. I had 5 round trip flights covering around 10k miles and drive prob another 10k, got to do jazz fest, do the 1st Dso legal weed tour for 2 weeks in February which was very surreal. I think only 1 show on their winter tour wasn’t a legal weed state. I made many more lifelong friends and my mind is filled with so many funny and fantastic memories from this year. I can’t count how many times I’ve cried laughing on tour this year. Luckily the gf is a picture taker so we can look back at the good times and solidify those memories in our mind, as I’m bad about that(took 4 pics last weekend and all were of the anthem). Next year won’t be as big, but I’ll cherish the memories of this year the rest of my life. Love you all!!
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    My first concert was also Aerosmith! 1977, Nassau coliseum. 13 years old. I recall Boston was the opening act. Loved Aerosmith. My first rock and roll band! Then of course The Who, Stones, Floyd, Zappa. And then very quickly the Grateful Dead. But how that happened is the stuff of another post. Dr. B😎
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    Formative years were the early '80's but I was a classic-rock junkie. My first concert was Aerosmith at the tender age of 10 - lol! My earliest forays were Beatles (g.o.a.t - IMHO), Zeppelin, Springsteen, The Who, Stones, Van Halen, Zappa, Floyd (big time), CSN&Y, The Allmans, The Police, and Marvin Gaye (growin up in Motown). As I've said before, when I finally 'got' the GD, it was like it had already been a part of me for a thousand lifetimes. Nothing else comes even close to that effect - Floyd a little maybe, but just a little.
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    How blessed am I to have met Tea and Dr.Barry at the same show. Like Star>D>S>Death Don't in Hampton Two huge breakouts at one show. Praise DSO
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    The Anthem is one of the coolest venues I’ve ever been to. Literally no expense was spared. Right down on the harbor, It’s part of a complex of bars, restaurants, shops, and theatres – both inside and out. Tons of families strolling by – it was s a village onto itself. Many millions of dollars went into this project so if you go to DC for any reason, go check it out – it’s a blast. The Anthem had awesome acoustics, smooth floors, bars everywhere, kind staff, water bottle filling stations, and a veritable Dancers paradise! Other than it being too big to find people I was with and the venues staffs futile attempt to try and keep the smokers in a small section upstairs, it was perfect. Thankfully, security got wise and allowed people to leave at setbreak as long as they went back through security. Leaving out the front had the additional benefit of me getting to meet BillK522! Praise DSO indeed brother! It was really nice to shoot the breeze for a spell. It is also quite clear that we had very similar paths when it came to following the Grateful Dead. I’m sure we could have continued for hours on end… As for the show – it was pretty unbelievable for a 1991 recreation. I’ll admit I was a little bummed that DSO pre-announced this show. Part of what I love is about the experience is trying to figure out the show for myself or realizing that it is hand-crafted for one nite only. I thought knowing the show in advance would detract from my experience of it. Not this time. I’ll start this by saying: I’ve never had so much room in an indoor DSO show ever and it had the sound quality of being near the rail. It was well-attended but this place was massive folks. Plus, I was dancing with a strength and an energy that kept people from getting too close. I was turned up to 11 – lol! Cold Rain and Snow was a solid start and when they began to bring it home, I knew they had things dialed-in. Eaton treated us to a bluesy/funky Wang Dang. In my previous lifetime, it would have been time to find the bathroom. I’m really glad I didn’t – while it’s not usually my cup of Tea, it seemed to be an important piece of the puzzle. Jack-a-Roe was another gear and the crowd responded in-kind. Everybody in the band got a turn with this one and it really flowed together nicely! The Big River > Maggies Farm was one of the 1st set highlights! The River flowed at a breakneck pace, nice-n-tight. A couple extra loops just to be sure! The Maggies is where I think Barraco really took charge. His vocals were just soooo spirited! Filling spaces with the Welnick sound was a much more welcome surprise than people thought. As soon as he yielded to the next stanza, the place went nuts! For me, everything past this point was as good as it gets. A very sweet and extended Row Jimmy with a decidedly melodic then reggae flavor was excellent! Black Throated Wind continued the fun even though I was worried Eaton was gonna blow a vocal chord. Really strong stuff there. Another song that I used to leave more than I took was Tennessee Jed. I was up for it and it delivered in spades! Holy Crap! That thing snaked it’s away around and then just got ludicrous. When they had their fill crashing this into the shore a few times, I remember belting out a Yeah-Hoo about as loud as I could. It was that good. The Music was dressed in the same clothes as the Tennessee Jed except they somehow reached a peak that left me speechless (shocker) and breathless. It was perfect save for the additional mic not getting run out on stage for Lisa. The Help > Slip > Franklins. I loved the rythymic strumming before they let it out of the gate – timed perfectly with the lights! So bouncy and bright and so very tight! The crowd went bananas for the Franklins and for good reason. Again, loop after loop – totally relentless. What can I say about the Estimated > Dark Star. The estimated simply sparkled and shined with a little extra time spent bringing it back around. Once that part had run its course, things got a little sinister. It was funny to see how the darker spaced-out themes brought some people from the front towards the back. The Dark Star was a little more than some could handle and they thought it was a better idea to walk to the back instead of getting in the fetal position where they were – lol! I almost always break for Drums > Space. Not tonight – I just let it all run right through me. The light show made for some very interesting sights that seemed impossible. Unreal stuff. Those that have seen Jeff do Stella over the last couple years know how this went. A sweet combination of despair and hope – I was really lucky that there were no talkers near me. If there were, I shut them all out anyway. Very powerful with the perfect twinge of sweetness! Jeff has really come into his own vocally – I gather he has worked very hard on it and it clearly shows. Oh yeah – Lovelight! Back-to-back nites! Supercharged everything. Just like the twisted Viola Lee from the night before, I tried to keep up but it still flattened me good. We get the huge finish – then it was a false finish! Back around we go to blast it off one more time. So good! A sweet, sweet baby blue followed by rainy day women. The crowd went berserk for that finish. It’s message was clear and there was 100% buy-in. When DSO comes back to this venue, I will be there. It is that good folks! Congratulations to DSO and Crew for their performances. A World-Class band, playing a world-class show, at a world-class venue. As good as it gets! Sorry for the blog
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    Yeah - This will have to tide us over until we get the crispy one https://archive.org/details/DSO2017-12-01
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    Funny, I thought I chose 20 years ago to live in Las Vegas for the job, the climate (10 months out of the year, anyway), and as an added attraction the scenic wonders within a few hours’ drive. The fact that many world-class acts of many different genres come through here on a regular basis is a nice but expensive bonus so I don’t see too many of them. Life in the fast lane here can be Hobbesian: nasty brutish and short. I know some here have experienced it firsthand and lived to tell the tale. This is in many ways the eastern-most suburb of Los Angeles but within the same radius we have majestic mountains, stunning desert vistas, and the ability to embrace them regularly. That is my kind of isolation. And I have always appreciated the difference between being lonely and being alone.
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    What is close to Vegas? LA I guess but that’s it. U chose the fast lane city for gambling booze and women but it also isolates you.
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    Thats one of the things mei and I talk about. When would We ever have any reason to go 8 hours to Milwaukee or Madison or Chico, CA or Eugene or Providence or the countless other cute cities I get to “view” because of this band and this music. This music gives me the excuse to absorb the vibes of all these great places and they are all great when you visit for 1-3 days. My favorite times ever have been shows where because of a reschedule like providence that it’s me and 200 others with all the space in the world getting down and then the crowd all gets in the spirit because they are like if rude, Mc and goingbacktowhere are looking like crazy people(still talking about the Providence show 2016), then if the civilians let go they will look nowhere as crazy as us. I want to inspire others to experience that freedom I can only feel at a dead show and in today’s age, only at a Dso show. I want these guys to sell 20k seats and be multimillionaires but when dealing with only true heads who are there strictly for the music vs a half tourist crowd at deadco wanting to take a pic of bobby the same as 10k others with cameras just took, I’ll take the Dso crowd all day long. Besides boulder we were harassed by security at every deadco for dancing. In Columbus after ignoring the ushers with a group of 100 other dancers they called the troopers in to disperse us. When u see Ohio state troopers, trust me, u need to disperse. U don’t get that at Dso. I can be a freak for 4 hours and sweat and be free and no ones recording me like they have at deadco. No one likes to spin around and see a dude videoing u. So I just thread drifted badly, but just thinking about shows as I typed brought a lot of joy to me. Thinking about me and goingbacktowhere each having our own 15x15 platform to dance on solo in Providence is a cherished memory I’ll never forget. Even thinking of the drunk guy after the show trying to start a fight with the nitrous mafia was funny. Seeing MC trying to break up the fight to keep the Dso scene positive now seems chivalrous. At the time I thought he was an idiot trying to intervene in a fight in the middle of the street downtown providence with cars stopping etc. this was even 1 time the nitrous mafia was chilled. Dude was trying to attack them and they just ignored him...mostly. He took a punch but they said just leave. Dude got crazy lucky. He just kept coming back to fight them. Mc may have saved dude a stabbing. Luckily the Uber finally got there so we could get the fuck to the hotel. How many crazy stories do I now have because of this. My mind now has so many outs when feeling sad. I can reflect on so many great times and flip that switch in my head to happy. Great friends and great music. The best entertainment combo in life!! Love u guys
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    WOW...I love how yall build each other up!! But....i got to sleep with him in Norfolk after doing that rag:)!!! Love you T!! I agree, you make this community, all its supposed to be!! But credit to Dr B, for always recognizing the beauty of many!! I love the support our family gives!! With out a doubt, a choosen family. Dysfunctional, bitchy at times, but supportive in ways that our genetic family could never offer!! Thanks for the smiles, they go on for miles!! We love you T, Dr. B, both of you compliment this musical dream!!
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    I never count and have no idea. I do like to think about all the different states I have seen DSO in since my beginning. That’s a stat that I want to increase for no real reason other than I think it’s cool. One of of the greatest things for me about seeing lots of shows is getting to see parts of our awesome country that I wouldn’t otherwise have a compelling reason to check out. Now I need to try and remember how many states I have seen shows in. More than 10 for sure. More than 30 I am sure not. Probably less than 20 but closer to 20 than 10. Dr. B😎
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    Amazing year with amazing people!! I will end up in the high teens maybe low 20's by New Years. If I could make double that, fuck it triple, I would! Black mountain was my highlight of this year, super close runner up Albany weekend.
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    This may be helpful for some first timers curious about the layout of the venue last year. As best I can remember it. I think VIP would be a more desirable location if it were behind the food area and extended up into the trees. Family Camping is a short walk down from The Hill on the bottom portion page that is cutoff.
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    I ordered that superstars of 70's 4 lp set (from tv I think), also being a dragon, born in 64, first concert was David Cassidy, when I was 6 (went with my older sister and my mom for her birthday), my first rock concert was in 7th grade, Led Zeppelin, it was their 2nd of two shows in Cincy, (Wed night 4/20/77?) I was a concert junkie from there on in, Pagey and Jerry along with Frank had that "what just happened appeal", (simply amazing fret work), Airplane, Allmans, CSN&Y, Badfinger, ACDC, Van Halen, Deep Purple, Kinks, Dylan,Emmylou, Floyd, Bowie, Woodstock film, and a lot of midnight concert films that used to play at a theater downtown, first exposure to JG was Tom Snyder's Tomorrow show with Jerry and Bobby playing a few acoustic songs, should have been in bed, but then the trail was being blazed
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    I love hearing about people’s bliss! I had a ball this year. At least a GD based show a month, each month. I will see 17 DSO by the end of this year, only 4 of which were within an hour of home! I am psyched for NYE shows!! Oh, the fun! Our friends made the times rich and beautiful memories. Sharing the blissful space with you that “get it” is like a drink from the fountain of youth in this crazy, upside world. . I number many of you among my dearest friends even if I only see you so often because it comes down to quality, not quantity in my book. You enrich my soul space.
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    Congrats on the big year. I made Jubilee, Springfield and a smattering of others, but that's about it. Youngest is now in high school so maybe I have a big year coming up in s few years, one can hope
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    I like how he efficiently whips up the setlist even when on the opposite coast. Ive been looking forward to meeting him in person for years...maybe it will happen in 2018 I would like to have a little friendly discussion with his wife regarding how much recess time he gets to be out on the playground...😉
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    Party in Denver? Party in Denver! I have never felt so excited about visiting a new place. I've spent good time in Northern India (multiple trips), and on one occasion the foothills of the Himalayas. Visited a good number of places in Europe on multiple trips. At 12, I sat in the back seat while me and my parents drove from San Fran to Yosemite to Tijuana to Las Vegas. Five times to Austin. But Colorado? Never been. Right now the Southwest flights are on June 29th and return July 10th (annual trip to Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island is cancelled). I will need to extend the CO stay for the DeadCo shows. We are staying on Baseline Rd in Boulder the entire stay. Amy and I are looking at pretending to be residents of Boulder, but the truth is we will be tourists. Looking online at the Boulder food co-ops and yoga classes. There seems to be so much to do in and around Boulder - Coors and Celestial Seasons tours - ha! - I told you we were tourists. Endless hiking, hot springs, trips into the Rockies, old gold mining towns..... way too excited for my own good this far in advance { breath into a paper bag level of excitement }. Amy and I would love to attend any get togethers. Frank
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    I thought this would be an interesting topic. I've always believed, at least in my experience, that most deadheads have been into music from an early age. What are your early influences? I, like I suspect most, first got started listening to what their parents listened to. My dad was not big into music, but my mom was, which was fortunate because she was the one that pretty much drove me everywhere and most of my earliest connection was listening to the radio in the car. The other early outlet was my parents records, which I would listen to whenever possible. I was born in the late sixties, so my early memories are in the early seventies period and I was into music very early. My earliest memories and some of my favorites even today are listening to Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, Simon and Garfunkel, Carol King, James Taylor and of course Dobie Gray ( Who didn't love drift away?) because that was what I was hearing from mom's car radio. I also remember listening to Buddy Holly and Elvis records on the old turntable. These are some of my most vivid memories even today although I was only very young. Unfortunately the Dead weren't played on mom's station How about you?
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    I really really really hope that rob releases that Norfolk 68 show. That was the most raw I’ve ever heard the guys go. It was pure psychedelic pleasure. They just shredded us. It was fast and technical and people need to hear that. That viola had one of the craziest transitions back to the song I’ve ever heard. Since it’s half recreation, I suggest releasing that board to archive free just to say look at what we did with this 68 show. The world should hear that show. I’d just say listen to that alligator. If you aren’t blown the fuck away, you ain’t a real deadhead.
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    Thought I would just add a couple happy dances here for good measure Carry On......
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    My mentality has completely changed on drives. With my rider at my side i love the road now. And I really like driving at night now. I remember on my 1st New Years run it was 2013 with a great group. We stayed in Richmond overnight while MC was hitting the road. I’m like u are crazy for driving to Philly this late. He said we were the crazy ones. We’d have huge holiday traffic. 7 hours later we got Philly the next day and he was right. Now I live by get down the road if with the girl at night. With the boys we stay put. With the girl hop in car and drive. Even a year ago I wouldn’t take off near midnight on a 7 hour drive to a show next day. Now that seems like a no brainer. Cleveland? That’s a hometown show. Only 8 hours. It’s strange how your thinking changes over time.
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    what i dont understand is why you have to pay a fee to bring your RV..theyre no hookups, no benefits, noithing!....and btw, theyre 20 fields to park in....for gods sake, the boys played here and people were camped across the road...
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    I don't see competition. I see people keeping track of their personal statistics. In order to be competing with others, you also have to be paying close attention to what they do. Acting and reacting based on your "opponents" actions. If there was really a competition, no one would need to ask how many anyone has because they would already know. I keep my list of shows in my profile organized and up to date. Anyone could look at them I guess, but they're not for anybody else, they're for me! I do it so I can browse through the shows I've seen and relive some of those memories. I like to see the progression of seeing 3 shows my first year to what I've done in the past few. The only person I compete against is myself! And I'M WINNING! I saw 6 shows two years ago, 13 shows last year, and will do well over double that this year. I don't have to count because they're all organized in my profile. As Taper Ron [might have] intended! I'm ripping my own personal high score a new & shiny one! Wooooo! As others have mentioned DSO provides a wonderful excuse to go to places I likely wouldn't otherwise. I've seen DSO in 13 states! Seeing them in all 50 would be a neat goal.
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    It's true- lot kids go to more shows than most forums members. This year was special to me cause I got to host people like Chris n Nina n Steve at my place multiple times as "my place" moved about the country. I got to do Berekely and have a van travelers party at my place in AZ. After I came east and found Jesse, I went to the best show I have ever seen in Columbia and managed to still see em from New Orleans to Maine since I've been here, including more home stays bringing fam home after nearly every show. Got to play music w my sweet Mango for his bday and introduce Jesse to the family. Got tom waited over at the bar by my two fave musicians on the planet. Got to meet Doc in person after thinking of that guy from my first shows ever that I was too shy to speak to made it to a ton of festivals and saw a ton of other local Dead groups all over as I travelled. I jammed for the first time in lot at Dead co with that saxophone guy (on guitar that moment) and others to Deal etc. I got pussy again for the first time in years. Got my first van n took her on tour and lived in her hard. I started writing again and I finally have a story worth telling brewed up. I got my first buck and twenty spot for playing music. I hitchhiked to shows for the first time. I came home. As with every event since my first DSO in 2009, I place all the wonderful moments at the feet of this band because they brought me to everyone I know now. Any fucked up shit was my own damn fault but honestly I can't think of any shit that's happened this year. At least, my experience of it wasn't shit love y'all more than words can tell and can't wait to twirl and smile w y'all again next time kiss kiss
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    I’ll be draggin’ my wagon out to the field as always. My youngest doesn’t even qualify as a kid anymore so buying 3 tickets eliminates VIP option for me. I’d like to be more social this year and put a few more faces to handles. We shall see.
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    We need to get 4 or 5 big camps together and play a wild game of or spin on capture the flag. I've seen kids do it with pirates flags. I'd prefer dso flags with the camp site names on it. Whoever has most flags hanging in their camp before show Sunday night gets a prize?
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    I think "ass-glitter" may be my new favorite term...😝
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    Born in '65 to very cool parents.....these were some of the sounds emanating loudly through my dad's McIntosh driven Bozak tower speakers......Beatles, Brubeck, Gershwin, Oscar Peterson, Simon & Garfunkel, Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, lots of jazz and classical......I developed an ear for Wagner early on.......awesome when cranked loud on a kicking system! I helped turn him on to Coltrane (Love Supreme) & Miles (Kind of Blue).
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    I want to add that the song from this period that definitely had the most impact on me was Harry Chapin's "Cats in the Cradle". That song greatly influenced my life as a parent. I swore that I would never rue watching my kids grow up and have traded opportunities that would have caused me to do so because time together and memories are far more important than money. Sorry for getting on the soap box.
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    I loved his cooking when I came up. Would love to camp with him some day. Camp kitchen is more than just food it's the people. Vince Sue and torin are world class individuals. Not unlike Chris. I'm sure it was awesome. Our food situation wasn't too shabby. We camped with a chef. Nobody went hungry. Another world class individual. Maybe I should make clear. I don't think you can go wrong with either camp. And invite to either should be considered an honor. Both full of world class individuals that love dso and the music they play.
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    Thanks to my second jubilee ever (caught inaugural) double digit DSO gigs was achieved again in 2017. Nothing like Rude, Mason, Chuck, Joseph (RIP), and the other nearly full timers for parts of their existence but a lot of consistency, double digit DSO shows for double digit years. I know its only rock n roll but I like it.....yes I do
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    Lots of the DSO forum folks did go the way of VIP. Thinking of it still disappoints me some. Black mountain and jubilee I've often made efforts to put us all in one place and for whatever reasons egos and habits and attitudes. We never pull it off. I think we had a great group over by the RVs this year. I would bet I camp along the RV fence again next year. Maybe we'll go VIP if that's where the group goes I like the RV fence line.
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    Tough to go wrong with 3 days of our band. Holly Bowling has a interesting take. Melvin brings the soul. Praise DSO
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    Patently unnecessary but certainly appreciated! I’m a DSO fluffer-junkie-optimist. I suppose there’s worse things in the world to be ... I’m sure of one thing though: The people I’ve met on here are as solid as they come! Truth be told - Dr Barry is the real heartbeat here! I’m all unicorns, ass-glitter, and rainbows. Dr. B is the real deal
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    Congrats on your new addition to the family!
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    Way to go Rude. Congrats on your epic year! Your 37 beats my personal best of 34 in 2001. We had kids in 2002, so those days are long gone lol. Those days being the days where work was the only thing restricting my show-going. These days it's about 8 per year, which I'm happy with and it keeps me going, but if only I could get it to 20 or so! Ahhh a man can dream
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    What a mind*uck that show was! Holy Crap! A few weeks earlier I read a Jambase interview with Barraco and there was some strong indication that a 1968 show was in the works. https://www.jambase.com/article/bringing-dead-life-rob-barraco-dark-star-orchestra-california-kind Boy was I lucky that they chose the Norva as their launchpad. The Norva did allow for enough room for big dance for the 1st set – I was pleasantly surprised. When Schoolgirl opened, I was pretty sure it was going to be old-school if nothing else. The crowd around us wasn’t quite as pumped as we were but it would’ve been hard for most anyone to be. Nice-n-Raunchy. The Rag really got things movin – one of my favorites. The changes in tempo from a frolicking ditty to an accelerating jam-vehicle was just the contrast I needed! It was on people! Big Boy Pete was the clincher that it could indeed be a ’68 show and Eaton seemed to have a ball with it! It was really good fun even if it wasn’t as long as I was hoping for. Duprees with the acoustic is always great! Jeff’s vocals just keep getting better and better! Mountains was next and was one of the highlights of the set. It had an almost harpsichord sound to it and maybe slowed down just a touch. That tempo helped allow Jeff to enunciate every single word! It really was captivating and just dripping with psychedelia! Yum. The St. Stephen > Eleven > Viola Lee was….was…..was….just twisted I guess. Very, Very rich and just so tight it was ridiculous. As the eleven got rolling, I started dancing maybe a bit too fast – I think because it was matching my rolling laughter that just kept going and going. That turned out to be the perfect pace for Viola Lee. This tune had it all! A funky brightness, then a groovy gallop, and then it just turned flat out serious. I tried to keep up – I really did. That mother just mowed me over and kept right on going. Just Wow. The floor was filling up for the 2nd set so we retreated to the 2nd floor so we could keep big chunks of real estate. There’s no way for me to detail the 2nd set song-by-song. Other than a bluesy respite and great harp from Lisa on Hurts Me Too, that 2nd set felt like a single song just weaving in and out of itself. Was it Alligator, Lovelight again, wait – Other One? I was blissfully lost through the whole thing. That Alligator had to be 30 minutes plus – maybe more. While the vibe at Jubilee for the ’69 show was clearly better, this was the best old school DSO I have ever heard! The Hard to Handle to round things out was raunchy, groovy, dizzy, slippery, shiny, and crazy! What a finish! The cherry on this mystical sundae was the outstanding people I got to share this with! There were some missing folks that simply couldn’t be replaced but I continue to hope that the planets align for another spin. Rude, Gr8fulpair, GBTW, Dr. Barry – you make it what it is for me. Love You.
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    Just bought my tickets. There will be praise gatherings a plenty. Let the countdown begin. Praise DSO
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    I’m wired for keeping score - no doubt. Somethin like this tho - everyone finished 1st. Happy for those that can make a DSO a lifestyle - dfinitely good for the soul! I gotta live vicariously when not immersed in family and work so it’s nice when people can recount their experiences. Keep it rollin in 2018 ❤️
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    You are not alone Have you ever been to a DSO show before?
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    As much as I've been trying to sell the RV area, and really the idea of having a large gathering, I did find some enjoyment last year in having multiple destinations to set out for and go to. Helped pass the time during the days. Making me think "careful what you wish for." So I'll stop the RV area sales pitch. I'd personally still prefer to see the large group festival within a festival, but like PG mentioned to each his own. I'm pretty sure that I still count as an overly excitable newbie. Maybe after a couple more shows, I'll drop this "party at the Moon Tower" mentality. I will say it certainly wasn't fun being invited to come to the VIP area, and having the gate guard turn me away. That happened several times. And it made me feel even more unimportant. Love that idea MC.
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    Work makes it tough to get Holiday time off, but thinking about making a push for it this year. Does GL VIP ticket allow you to camp next to your car? Praise DSO
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    The walk is not too bad. I invested in a wagon and it’s paid off especially at the jubilees. I’ve always camped inside the venue and doubt ill ever do the lot. I like getting to see and hear every act over the weekend. Hope you can make it.
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    Thread drift is fully worthwhile if it brings forth the elusive Chuckvegas drive by post.