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    I have good news to report. The recordings are all intact from the entire week. They sound very good inspite of the elements. I overcame a near recording tragedy when my microphone stand took a tumble from a large gust of wind. Because of this, I had it lower which meant more crowd noise. This is just a slight hiccup to the wonderful music that was shared. I have had some busy days when I got home. Plus, the next few as well will be too. All good things in all good time.
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    If you know me, you my know occurrences tend to happen in my life that can have big portent or lovely serendipity, or both! Let’s just say when I create, it can be big and this was one with both. I listened to a show from 1972 opening with GSET on the plane ride down and this opener got my attention immediately! Jeff in the far left queued me that it was a later 70s KaD show. (There are these great shirts about with Donnaholic written on them, floating around the show) Too good. Incidentally, I was also beginning the Deadology book on the flight and read Oct 19th entry, or Chapter 1. Guess what is next- 2/17. 😂 Had The GD had nights as inspired as this night in 1978, we might not have had Brent come on the scene as soon as 4/22. The book says no matter the crazy times of late 1979, Jerry and Kahn touring were always a constant. Their show on 2/17/80 had some lovely gems. “That’s Alright Mama”and “After Midnight-> Eleanor-> After Midnight!” We got both!!!! these gems - it was pirates booty in Jamaica. A full chest of it! A beautiful day and I can’t tell you how happy it made me to be in Jamaica on the 29th anniversary of my dear best friend, good natured, genuine love Zephyr’s death. It felt good to have redemption songs fill my head as I have climbed mountains. i have been waiting for a Jack A Roe and it was lovely!! The Lazy Lightning -> Supplication was juiced, and just spun to a blistering end. The Shakedown was completely right on time and totally unexpected and the energy sizzled all around. LLRain was beautifully harmonized with the swaying palms and lapping pf the waves. From the Heart of Me epic. Gosh, Lisa you bring the angels close, bending in to hear. As I said, it was so good. Hard to quantify but these combos work and really make for a lovely evening under the stars. thank you everyone! You made my night
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    Rocky mountain shows may be on the horizon...feels like it might be alright ❤️
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    I driving crosscountry right now. Nevada...almost California. Stu Allen in Berkeley tonight. DSO tour soon. Yumm.
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    Fake news. I’ve done more for geology than any person ever. See that rock. No one was talking about rocks before me. They say how do you know so much about this stuff. Instinct.
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    It appears that Rude is tring to scare someone from going to the Cave so that he can pick up a ticket. I'm with him on that. I also need a ticket. By the way, caves such as this are in sedimentary rock formations, not igneous. That means the walls and roof will just quickly come falling down on you after Skip hits his first bass bomb. A quick crushing will be over with in a few seconds, significantly faster than the fans rushing the exits from a fire. Peace and Love, Doc
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    California! Phish First Tube just before that
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    It was funny. I still think it’s rooted in racism. It’s a judgment based on race. Someone with a masters in race related studies agreed with me. Lots of good comedy rooted in racism. It didn’t cross the line for me to offensive. Some comedy does. It was funny. We were in good spirits that night.
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    One of my favorites- if you have the patience and time. Parable of The Little Soul .... by Neale Donald Walsch There once was a little soul who knew itself to be the light. This was a new soul, and so, anxious for experience. "I am the light," it said. "I am the light." Yet all the knowing of it and all the saying of it could not substitute for the experience of it. And in the realm from which this soul emerged, there was nothing but the light. Every soul was grand, every soul was magnificent, and every soul shone with the brilliance of MY awesome light. And so the little soul in question was as a candle in the sun. In the midst of the grandest light- of which it was a part- it could not see itself, nor experience itself as Who and What it Really Is. Now it came to pass, that the little soul yearned and yearned to know itself. And so great was its yearning that "I" one day said, "Do you know little one, what you must do to satisfy this yearning of yours?" "Oh what, God? what? I'll do anything!? The little soul said. "You must separate yourself from the rest of us," I answered, "and then you must call upon yourself the darkness." "You may choose to be any Part of God you wish to be," I said to the little soul. "You are the Absolute Divinity, experiencing Itself. What Aspect of Divinity do you now wish to experience as you?" "You mean I have a choice," ask the little soul. I answered, "Yes." You may choose to experience any Aspect of Divinity in, as, and through you." "Okay," said the little soul, then I choose forgiveness. I want to experience my Self as that Aspect of God called Complete Forgiveness." Well, this created a little challenge, as you can imagine. There was no one to forgive. All I have created is Perfection and Love "No one to forgive?" asked the Little Soul, somewhat incredulously. "No one," I repeated. "Look around you. Do you see any souls less perfect, less wonderful than you?" As the Little soul twirled around, and was surprised to see himself surrounded by all the souls in heaven. They came from far and wide throughout the Kingdom, because they had heard the little soul was having an extraordinary conversation with God. "I see none less perfect than I," the Little Soul exclaimed." Who then, shall I have to forgive?" Just then another soul stepped forward from the crowd. "You may forgive me," said the Friendly Soul. "For what?" the little soul asked. "I will come onto your next physical lifetime and do something for you to forgive," replied the Friendly Soul. "But what? What could you, a being of such Perfect Light, do to make me forgive you?" the Little Soul wanted to know. "Oh," smiled the Friendly Soul, I'm sure we can think of something." "But why would you want to do this?" The Little Soul could not figure out why a being of such perfection would want to slow down its vibration so much that it could actually do something "bad." "Simple," the Friendly Soul explained," I would do it because I love you. You want to experience your Self as Forgiving, don't you? Besides, you have done the same for me." "I have?" asked the Little Soul. "Of course. Don't you remember? We've been All Of It, you and I. We've been the Up and the Down of it, and the Left and Right of it. We've been the Here and Now of it, and the Now and Then of it. We've been the Big and Small of it, the Male and Female of it, the Good and Bad of it. We've been the All of it. "And we've done it by agreement, so that each of us might experience ourselves as The Grandest Part of God. For we have understood that..... "In the absence of that which You Are Not, that Which You Are, is NOT. "In the absence of 'cold,' you cannot be 'warm.' In the absence of 'sad,' you cannot be 'happy,' without a thing called 'evil,' the experience you call 'good' cannot exist. If you choose to be a thing, something or someone opposite to that has to show up somewhere in your universe to make that possible." The Friendly Soul then explained that those people are God's Special Angels, and these conditions God's Gifts. "I ask only one thing in return, " the Friendly Soul declared. "Anything! Anything," the Little Soul cried. He was excited now to know that he could experience every Divine Aspect of God. He understood, now The Plan. "In the moment that I strike you and smite you," said the Friendly Soul, " in the moment that I do the worst to you that you could ever imagine---in that self-same moment....remember Who I Really Am." "Oh, I won't forget!" promised the Little Soul. "I will see you in the perfection with which I hold you now, and I will remember Who You Are, always." "What is this darkness, O' Holy One?" the little soul ask. "That which you are not," I replied, and the soul understood. So this the soul did, removing itself from the All, yea, going even onto another realm. And in this realm the soul had the power to call onto its experience all sorts of darkness. And this it did. Yet in the midst of all the darkness did it cry out: "Father, Father, why hast Thou forsaken me?" Even as have you in your blackest times. Yet I have never forsaken you, but stand by you always, ready to remind you of Who You Really Are; ready, always ready, to call you home. Therefore, be a light unto the darkness, and curse it not. And forget not Who You Are in the moment of your encirclement by that which you are not. But do you praise to the creation, even as you seek to change it. And know that what you do in the time of your greatest trial can be your greatest triumph. For the experience you create is a statement of Who You Are..... and Who You Want To Be....
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    Hi Dead Duck, You are correct Billy Strings show is free on NUGS TV on Jan 24th (Friday night) @ 10pm CST Wish I was your boys--- you are the best dad ever taking them to all the shows like you do... such a great example of a great father.... you rock!!!
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    Come on people now, love on your brother... http://dsoforums.net/donate/donations.html While u at it - love on ya sistas too!
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    Yes they will be there. 21 and 17 now. Haven’t looked into camping or hotel yet but we will likely be staying the night somewhere close.
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    Yeah I'm not buying the "Beatlemania" nonsense. No one I ever knew back in the JK days ever described them as that. The Band was smoking hot, and I think you could make an argument that the Larned, JK, Eaton lineup was the most organic and soulful of any DSO line-up ever. Maybe not as spot on as the current incarnation but describing them as anything less than a groove machine would mean you were not being accurate. I remember a Granada Theater Show in Lawrence,KS where they recreated my first Dead show I went to when I was 15 I was Time Travel levitating. The Band was great then. They are great now. Saw Melvin In September with JK in the STL. Best Night The Drove Old Dixie Down I have ever seen and it was not close. I don't know JK personally and perhaps I would be disappointed if I did but he has been a positive force musically for me. Full stop.
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    I heard it is probably an acoustic. 💪🏼🎉😍 it could be the cheap way out of burial - instantaneous!- and so much better than drinking the Jeremy Jones koolaid. At least you die happy with people you love.
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    I’m probably in the minority here, but I’d love to get a ‘70 or ‘80 acoustic first set. Feel like the cave would be the perfect atmosphere for it. Harpur College if I was allowed to select the exact show
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    After watching a thing on the Thailand cave rescue not sure I want to have bass thumping in a cave. You have the likelihood of opening up a fissure and prehistoric flesh eating bats or bacteria come out. Saw that in another documentary/movie. Too many things that could go wrong. What happens in case of fire down there. Stampede. The word ignite comes from the Latin igneous. Igneous rock everywhere. Stubhub assholes selling tix for $180. No thank you. If I’m gonna die in a cave I’d prefer it be while exploring the cave for free or paying less than $50. Last thing I need is regret during the stampede of paying $180 a ticket to negatively affect my escape.
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    Just heard Bobby singing Estimated on the 49’ers game. Gotta listen for more.
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    each small candle lights a corner of the dark
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    Just announced North American tour July- August. He says he's going to be trying to do more with rock and roll than what's ever been done. He is not one to miss. We got a Saturday show in cincy right before he goes to MSG to close it all out.
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    It often tended to be an April/October offering out west
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    I got mine. You got yours? Gonna catch both acoustic shows at the Hamilton. Might as well.
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    Roseanne. Till I got around to buying the record, thought he was saying "And my gambling streak!"
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    racism...I don't imagine that you fit into my idea of it- however it's an extremely sensitive subject, and with good reason. Political correctness wears high heels some West coast places. Just as they were perhaps overreacting to you- perhaps you are overreacting to them. Either way, I'm making some noise for more West coast shows. Two tours a year. And Feb is a shitty time to do it. That being said....I'll be there and will be Grateful.
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    SUNRISE......tix go on sale tomorrow (Fri) @ 10am
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    It was a hilarious joke at the time in context. It’s stereotyping, not racism. Racism is discriminating based on beliefs that you are better. I just made a joke. It was funny 😂 So now I can’t string a story together anymore..... ok off the forums another few months.
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    the Hamilton’s newsletter... but I give you a clue... it’s the title of the fifth song on the ninth Grateful Dead studio album
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    Looks like someone will be going to Lockn' this year for the first time! And as an added bonus (in true DSO form) Dark Star will be melting some faces kicking off the festivities Thursday (early bird). I'm already buying a bunch of extra camping gear. Really looking forward to this. Haven't camped (multiple nights) and saw music since 2008 Bonnaroo. Trying to post the whole lineup but I can only attach small pics
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    Rude - Wow! Love you brotha but time for decaf
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    The west is the best but the south is better in April. Plus southerners are more polite. I consider myself a liberal but in Portland I was a red hat in comparison. You use cheer laundry detergent. You monster(I have changed to Meyers hand and dish soap at home). I was literally called racist because i said that on average caucasians are taller than Asians. I said saying that certain tribes of people are genetically taller or faster or smarter isn’t racist. It’s like if i was a chieftain of a small tribe and had 20 children, my ancestors would likely be taller and thinner than other tribes. That’s not racist. So I accepted that I’m a rational moderate. Plus the south is cheap to live in. If PG sold her plantation, they would have to downgrade to a small 2 bedroom apt in Berkeley but instead they have servants quarters separate from the main mansion whereas in Cali the servants would have to share the main home and who wants that. In Kentucky the servants can luckily afford to rent a trailer and afford lots of food which is why there’s so much wealth equality and obesity. In Oregon people can barely afford to eat so obesity is minimal in comparison. What were we talking about again.
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    I believe it’s Friday night
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    Gonna be cranking it thru the 6 channel. Nugs.tv always has great filming. I think this will be much more enjoyable than last weekend's relix broadcast, free, free , free
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    Fuck yea! The Hamilton is acoustic too! Definitely definitely definitely.
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    I started touring in 1997 with Bob and Phil, and the Quintet was a top favorite-I loved the spring, summer, and fall 2001 tours. Wish I could make it for this just to see them one last time. Looks great! Those tickets are dang pricey tho! Have a good time
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    Hope cave drillers don’t ruin the show sneaking in. Gonna make “Cave drillers suck” bumper stickers just in case there’s an incident and boom I’ll strike it rich vending. The plan is to see the entire spring tour maybe and aftermarket tickets would be way out of budget if I can make this happen unless I sell bootleg DSO shirts commemorating the only Dso show in a cave before the apocalypse forced us underground. But then I’d wake up with a sore jaw and Ellie standing over me as I see my merch ablaze. I watched that exact same scenario. But it was a knife cutting the bootleg shirts to shreds with a “I’ll have no problem embedding this knife in you and have 20 witnesses who will swear I was just defending myself as we lay another knife by your feet that I used to cut my arm to frame you, and just watch my tears flow as I cry to authorities about the assault on me as they cuff you with a knife still in your chest and they will be in no hurry to take you to a jail infirmary run by murderers who despise assaulters of women” kind of look. I think that was meant to send a message to other Dso potential bootleggers. If you weren’t there just take my word and beware. Imagine a 90’s movie Steven Seagal if he had roid rage and rabies and just learned that his new movie bombed.
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    the right strings for those keys. 😄
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    Are you bringing your boys? Aren’t they older teens? My daughter is excited to have a friend who is into the Dead going with her. I said- oh there might be some other young deadheads around, and I’ll ask.
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    Oh shit. I guess I won’t need to rent a UHaul to tow all my shit behind the hurse either.
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    Flakes of cryptocrystalline rocks on the cave floor are an indication that native Americans were in that cave probably a few thousand years ago. Which means there’s already been a fire in that cave. Which means we need a ‘Fire on the Mountain’ in the cave. A little fire to ward off the evil spirits so Rude can be comfortable. I’m guessing there’s no sneaking in the side door without a ticket., I would love to see that show. Who cares how much the tickets are. I can remember payin ninety bucks for tickets with the rationale that Jerry was going to be dead soon and we wouldn’t be able to do shows. Pay the price and go. Money doesn’t work in heaven.
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    DSO recreated 10/11/77 filler Box of Rain Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
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    I was looking for show info and saw some people on FB selling tix. Not sure if they are gougers or cool people. Good luck man.
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    I had heard a rumor that could not go into any detail about some bad blood between John K and DSO. I talked with one of Melvin's roadies this afternoon about this rumor. He as well could not go into specifics but he did confirm this. Let's just say that John would have been uncomfortable being here so he declined.
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    Hope this pierces the air for the sake of the JITS'ers: "Hound dog barkin' up side the hill...."
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    True confession, I cheated. I googled it. It’s a Donna song from a Jerry band album. I had no idea, never heard of it before. Such a joy, after all these years, to still have a frontier edge to this Grateful Dead universe. No, Thank You, mango. Thanks to Dark Star Orchestra for keeping that frontier edge alive, fluid. ... I know this song, it ain’t never gonna end.
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    Thanks for the update. PG. Enjoy the sun, sand, and music. Praise DSO.
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    Have fun PG, MC and Saint Dilbert, and everyone else going. Enjoy the patties MC, I grew up eating those things, actually was pleasantly surprised to see them at 7-11 a few weeks ago, not too shabby of a snack. Thanks to the Saint for bringing the recording gear, may you get some killer tapes 😀
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    Been thinkin a lot about less and less....
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    I liked when Kadlecik used to do the After Midnight>Eleanor Rigby>After Midnight during fake JGB shows with DSO back in the day. Hopefully this move works out for him
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    Fascinating. JK goes from forging a career out of sounding like Jerry, to being told by Bobby and Phil not to sound like Jerry, to doing his own stuff with the John K Band, to being told by Melvin to sound like Jerry.
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