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    Over the years, I have seen a ridiculous amount of shows but have only done one entire tour start to finish. The most recent SE tour was the one!! 3 of us did the entire tour along with the band and crew. BTW, before I go any further, thanks to DSO for all that you do. Its' not easy! Yes, you get paid but it is a grind! Truthfully, I am blown away with their amazing attitude and willingness to put on excellent shows night in and night out! AMAZING! 4400 miles give or take, starting in Wilmington, DE, 14 shows total to include Bobby and the Wolf Bros ( Jacksonville, Florida ) the night before DSO's opener in St. Pete, Florida. My favorite venues were St. Augustine, Florida, Pompano Beach, Florida ( been there multiple times to see DSO before ), Tallahassee, Florida and Wilmington, NC ( been there for DSO as well ). Of the 14 venues, St. Augustine, Tallahassee, Birmingham and Nashville were the only new venues for me. Alabama and Tennessee were 2 states I had never seen DSO in ( after 18 years ) ! 3 venues I did not care for were Asheville ( Orange Peel ) and Charlotte ( Fillmore ). Asheville's employees are cool but the place is always packed with little dance room ( boo ) and Charlotte's employees are a mess but overall room is ok....Raleigh also has employees I am not fond of but am okay with the room. The rest of the venues I like! My favorite show was St. Augustine. I felt the band was feeling it that night and after speaking with a few band members to include Cotter, they felt the same. All the shows were good but that was my favorite. The trip was shared with many friends. My best buddy was with me the entire time, Luna, my pup. She is a kind dog, loving and patient. She was ready to be off the road at the end as was I. Luckily for both of us, she and I share an RV which gives her a comfortable place to rest during the shows. The weather was unbelievable the entire time. Never a night did I need AC at all and only checked into one RV campground in Nashville. Thanks To Chris and Nina for being around for every show as well... These two kids are good people and fun to be with and truly DEADicated. I met 4 new people on this tour who apparently do their fair of shows but had never met them before for some reason? Cynthia, Renee, Tatiana and Adrian, I look forward to dancing with you all again...Thanks for sharing your space with me!! It meant a lot! Sammy, Aaron and Carl all drove down for the first 5 shows in Florida which were my favorite shows for so many reasons. Scotty flew into south Florida to hook up with Tatiana and Adrian. They did the 2 Bobby shows to include the first 5 DSO shows as well! My great friend Kevin and his wife were at St. Augustine only but I was able to stay with them for several nights in Jacksonville so that was nice. Rick and Whitney did several of the Florida shows and had their beautiful girl with them..OMG!!! The Perrottis were at the majority of the Florida shows ( love this family so much ) but had to run their deli each day so talk about a grind, back and forth from Orlando to each show each night!!! I put so much value on the Florida DSO runs because of my long friendship with this amazing family! Steve, Carrie and a bunch of other Sand Jammers were along for a few of the shows. I run into Sand Jammers everywhere... They must think I'm crazy, seeing me pretty much everywhere? Nantucket, John and Debbie all flew in for one show..Nantucket, St. Pete, John and Debbie, Pompano!! Awesome!! My buddy Gary from Jam Cruise, his cousin David Jonas ( friends with John, Debbie, Jeff Mattson and Cotter ) both went to Pompano as well...Nice meeting David and having Gary along. Gary and I played golf the next day which was superb. Brian also flew in for first 4 shows as well. THANKS so much to Jay Price for his kindness and generosity. Jay was able to do the last 8 out of 9 shows. I have an amazing time with this guy every time. He is a GRATE guy. His favorite show was Raleigh! ...Mar, Jerry and his wife were at several of the Florida shows....also, Frank...he flew in from Colorado for the first 4 shows as well. I love our family! I have met hundreds of people over the years and funny enough, have introduced many of these awesome people to each other and feel lucky to know each and every one of you. Rude and Meli made it to one show. Jen and Joe were at a few. Tea was at a few..Steph at one... Geez, I know I am forgetting some folks and feel bad about it Anyway, I felt like I had to put this together after doing my first entire tour in 18 years...I figure I have seen somewhere between 500-600 dso shows...I know, big discrepancy there but its been so many...only 239 GD shows but dso has been an obsession but pleazin... BTW, the best dancing along the way....St. Augustine, Orlando ( Matt and Elle were both rocking it hard in Orlando ) and Atlanta.....so much good!!!! BTW, thanks to Matt, the new tour manager...what a GRATE guy. DSO is lucky to have him and so are all of us... LOVE you all.. Peace.
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    I knew it was a late eighties show when the rhythm slide guitar on LRR was better than the early eighties show slide work 5 years ago at the Peel. Ha! Just kidding!!! The Brent rap gave it away. The show last night was choice. Shakedown was big and jammed out. The guy behind us started laughing at the heights the music took us in LRR. It didn’t stop there! . There was good deal that went down. No April fooling there. 😜 Victim or the Crime lyrics are so existential, aren’t they? The dilemma over self versus other is such a western concept. I learned there is no “sorry” in Hawaiian culture - it’s “I release” and a return to love, to aloha, to being in pono, or harmony. No judgement. Ha! We have yet to hula- storytell -!about something man builds,; Hula is always telling the story of spirit. ( I have been studying this for 4 years now, if you don’t know) We Can Run/- it was a song along in Asheville. I sang too. It built from there. We clapped and chanted NFA with the bop, bop- bop bop bop. It died down and then a couple of minutes passed and it started back up! What love! Asheville really had a ball last night. There were beautiful couples dancing, families of friends and the whole place really cut a rug. I saw so many familiar beautiful faces last night. A joy of a day! echo effect on Throwing Stones even! So impressive!! Praise DSO!!! Songs of the night for me? Shakedown, Memphis Blues, Playing, Terrapin 🎉and 💕Gimme Some Lovin’ 💕
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    New set up old names. Amongst the confusion of upgrade it was nice to see familiarity. Nice to read of the reunion of dates. The remeberence of the first circus ride. A throw of the unexpected, the first time. Not as good as it could be, but the best it would ever be. First are always something to reflect on. Age catches up, memerories fade, but the ones we keep, we cherish. I cherish mine. I cherish many....no regrets of a weekend missed, as the bus always idles for those waiting to hop back on. Pauses for the right reasons makes it sweeter when we go back to where we belong. Nice to read the post. No more cavey but change is the only constant. Hope all.yall are doing well. It's a strange place to be knowing where your started. A big thanks to many here. Walked me through hell, forgave my stumbles, and encouraged so many times with keep.on growing at the balck.mountain. my song to rest. And rest we need at times. Regroup, reevaluate, and fight for the beauty of the love we bring. The comfort of knowing it's always here. It moves on with out you, but allows you to come.back on. A continuum....ever last lasting, or at least built to. Carolina contingent. I second thought myself, but ...little league Saturday is more precious. Happy to come back and share my silly words, but more happy to come back and read yours. Stability....and to think we find it in the same but different. Every show, every night. Will make a jubilee a priority. Be nice to dance with you fine people again. To flail. Makes calves tighten just thinking about it. You know my love is not fade away. Happy spring, rebirth, enjoy your back yard carolina!! Sorry. Wants no longer out weigh needs, but eventually need to take a load off. Go hang out with carmin....and go spend some time loosing my twenties ...closer to 50. As always, it makes sense to me....to others, to some, it's in and out, as the garden grows and the sunshine knows, the laughing water, maybe more will eventually get me out the door. Get out of the way, splintered light will indeed come back one day!! Love yall!! How I became other love I dont know, it used to be going back where...... prior sun1869, I guess time does change all. Name change is common for me.
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    First GD show was 31 years ago tonight. Seems like yesterday and 2 lifetimes ago all at the same time. https://archive.org/details/gd1988-04-11.sbd.miller.91243.sbeok.flac16 It wasn’t until Rosemont that the switch really got flipped but this nite was the 1st nite of the rest of my life ❤️
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    It is........., A tradition........, Unlike any other.... Leaderboard chock full of bad asses after day one. Weekend of DSO and the Masters = utopia.
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    Thank you so much! This is a topic that I have tossed and turned for so many hours worrying about, night after night, for weeks now. I cannot overemphasize how much better I now feel! You truly are an unsung angel for sharing this, and I can only hope you get the accolades here you so richly deserve. i would greatly appreciate a bit more information regarding the distinction in government taxes and charges, but we perceive all good things in all good times.
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    Delilah made her first show. She has now done skull and roses festival too. Shes jubilee ready.
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    4/27/91 F: Easy Wind > Ripple soooooooooo darn excellent! Great scene, great weather, grate timez. Good kind people ⚡️
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    Omfg, hadn't been to any shows in a little over 2 years due to some health issues, hooked up with grateful pair and T, saw Charlotte and Raleigh, both were MONSTER shows, what a welcome back for me, yee fucking ha! Thank you DSO, you guys tickled so many of my sweet spots, when I got home I ate, then power slept for 14 hours. I'm still reeling from the experience
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    Alabama > GSET Candyman Sunrise Run for the Roses TLEO Brother Esau Cumberland Keep on Growing Let It Grow Help > Slip > Stranger She Belongs to me > St Stephen > Aiko > D/S > Dark Star Jam > Unbroken Chain > We don’t we do it in the road > Stella Blue > Sugar Mags E: Brokedown Totally wrong setlist ..... lol!
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    Rosemont Horizon Shakedown Street, Little Red Rooster, Friend Of The Devil, Victim Or The Crime, Built To Last, We Can Run But We Can't Hide, Memphis Blues, Deal Samson & Delilah, Crazy Fingers, Playin' In The Band-> Terrapin Station-> Drums-> Jam-> Gimme Some Lovin'-> Standing On the Moon, Throwing Stones-> Not Fade Away, E: U.S. Blues
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    Can I simply send you my credit card information via private message and you please help me with it instead? 🤑🤪
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    Congrats to her (with your support) finishing. I finished my MS degree in 2014. It was a grind, and it grinded me along side the full time job, family, etc. I'm happy to celebrate anyone who finishes such things. Congrats!
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    Missing this whole tour besides a 1 off Nashville show was rough. Had to help the gf with her masters thesis and today got the news that she passed. Omg my stress is over. Did not like missing a whole southern tour like this but it feels like I just graduated too. Yes I’m pretty much spamming and screaming it from the tree tops but school is over for this household. The nonstop stress over the worst thing ever, school, is over. Team America fuck yeah!! My living room is littered with fucking national institute of health research studies and so much other shit that’s going in the trash today. I’ll never set foot in bowling green again unless dso plays there. Typing this is making it real to me. I literally asked if I was dreaming this morning as we’d been watching the OA last night as well as inception. I couldn’t be sure if I was or not. Literally slapped myself lol. The nightmare is over. No more tuition payments!! Lol.
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    My first foray into live Grateful Dead music Ratdog ~ 12/1/00 Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA Blackbird* > Odessa*, Looks Like Rain, Liberty+, Bury Me Standing > Greatest Story Ever Told > Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, Welcome to the World > Dark Star Jam > Weather Report Suite > Let It Grow > Bass/Drums > Jam > Ashes and Glass > Help on the Way > Slipknot! > Franklin's Tower E: Franklin's Tower > Throwing Stones *-Bob, Rob, n Mark; +-w/ The Persuasions; "Franklin's" ended with a vocal breakdown, which they did for a couple minutes before "Throwing Stones"; Bobby acoustic "Blackbird" thru "L.L. Rain" and "WRS Prelude/Part 1" Thanks Jonathan Rabhan Then my 1st DSO show -Dark Star Orchestra- Show #579 - Sat, Dec 8, 2001 at Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA Performing 11/14/87 Arena, Long Beach, CA 1: Shakedown, Rooster, Althea, Masterpiece, Hey Pocky Way, Deal 2: Maggie's Farm> Cumberland, Playin> Terrapin> Drumz> Miracle> Stella Blue> Throwing Stones> Lovelight Encore: Mighty Quinn Filler: E1 - Cold Rain> Touch> NFA E2 - Sat Night with Rob Eaton as Bobby - Man was I blown away! 19 years later and I'm still listening to something new everyday.
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    Dead net is releasing two of the Warfield shows from 10/9/80 and 10/10/80 both shows will have the entire acoustic sets from both nights as well as the electric sets but apparently their only releasing 6000 cd's and 10.000 vinyl which seems far short as to i imagine the demand for these. I was hoping someday we would get a box of the entire run but that's a huge task
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    The GD did SSDD to close the second set the next night. https://archive.org/details/gd91-04-28.sbd.vernon.6112.sbeok.shnf You’ll also like the encore, Greg. 😀
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    4/12/78 F: Werewolves Whhheeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeee!
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    That spring fling in 78'....4-12 through 4-15...was my personal fear and loathing road trip...Grateful to have survived and be typing this now😬...
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    The candyman, sunrise, and Cumberland tripped my trigger in the first set, and well, the whole second set was money. We were able to carve out a small dance party by the merch table, but it was as full as I've ever seen it there.
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    Just bet opposite of what I say. I think I could have hit more of Scott’s putts than him. That was one of the worst putting exhibitions I’ve ever seen. Dude is money with his ball striking but his putting was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. Scott should be leading right now. Molinari is a no flash, no mistake guy. No bogeys in like 40 holes. Wow. And that bunker shot on 18 that everyone wanted him to miss to bring the field closer. Wow. Super clutch shot. Tony finau had one of the most epic 9’s ever at Augusta. Almost eagled the par 4 then almost a double eagle on the 5. He was fire on that front. Breakfast at the masters tomorrow. Gonna be interesting. I think this is an advantage for tiger actually. Just getting molinari out of his ridiculous rhythm can’t hurt. Tiger!! Tiger! Tiger!
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    I just watched most of that 4/12/78 show from Cameron Indoor.....my oh my indeed! My first GD show was in 4/83......wish I had been able to catch a 70's show in person before the opiated veil began to occlude Garcia's spirit. So grateful that DSO delivers up the next best thing in person every night......thank you!
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    4/11/89 -filler Bros and Sistas
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    For those not familiar with the original show, you should check it out. Warning: prepare to be rocked and rolled. This is an extraordinarily rowdy display.
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    There is a reconciliation of parties to bring back harmony. However, there is no concept of original sin. You are born a bowl of light and may pick up stones that diminish that light. Once recognized the stones can be removed; just turn over the bowl. The release is of the stone. Release the ill feelings, the patterns etc and come back into a state of love.
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    My first show, on my 18th birthday. I forgot Victim or the Crime was in there - I've been hoping to hear DSO play that someday.
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    Marathon music works Set One: Hey Pocky Way > New Minglewood Blues ; Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo ; Lazy River Road ; Same Thing ; Dire Wolf ; Black Throated Wind ; Touch Of Grey > Chimes Of Freedom > The Music Never Stopped Set Two: Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain ; Broken Arrow ; Man Smart (Woman Smarter) > He's Gone > drums > space > Imagine (Instrumental) Dear Mr. Fantasy > Going Down The Road Feeling Bad > Visions Of Johanna > Good Lovin' Encore: Black Muddy River goodness
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    It will be a fun time, whatever they play. I'll be taping it, hopefully get some good recordings.
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    Would you rather..... for a whole month....listen to nothing but the Cornell shows (77, 80, 81) OR listen to nothing but the Duke shows (71, 73, 76, 78, 82)?
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    They used to ban them at the Wells Fargo, I mean literally like a pat down. Now they just brow beat you the whole way to the course about what a loser you'd be if you used it.
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    They should do a broader Radio City release. Although perhaps 3/4 or more of the material does circulate on SBDs, the quality is spotty and 2nd gen in some cases.
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    I can see it now breakfast will be chick in the nest and lots of yelling “in the hole”.
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    Good as it gets for me! DSO and crew had it dialed in from the jump and took us on one hell of a thrill ride! Gr8fulpair thought I was bouncing on a pogo stick all nite - sounds about right. A really fun dance party from start to finish ! Being able to share that hoedown with such excellent people made me just so very happy! ❤️ DSO is absolutely killing it!
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    Reading this makes me excited for black mountain Chuckvegas- this is the year.
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    I got DJ, Rahm, Scott, Koepka and Sergio in my draft. Looking good but a lot of golf left
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    Victim is a dangerous song. It can take your marbles away.
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    I’m just grateful I’m just grateful so many have found Kratom and other means of dealing w the sickness of guilt. It is a sad thing for someone to self identify to the point of taking it all on the shoulders..... we don’t carry anything alone cause there ain’t shit to carry or anyone to carry it anyway. Shit, lady, was so awesome seeing you last night! And thanks for reminding me that Lisa Cat needs a patch also....... oh, so many roads. I miss you guys a lot. I hope this baby mama drama BS wraps up soon so we can get back truckin on. what a killer show. my blood brother still calls me sometimes when he hears Stella on the dead Sirius channel and I’m stoked we gonna actually go over and see him so we can have our first show together at DSO. And my brother can meet my husband. And we can all dance. He woulda taken me to my first show if he hadn’t gotten scared straight in college bc my oldest brother was taking him on tour since he was a lil un. But..... so many roads. Same source. Blessed gratefulness. When I went to my first show at the variety, they played Roses and I told my brother that I “got it” in a psychasilly text afterwards and he told me they played that song at his first show, too, and I am really excited to know that DSO never left any of us behind. Must’ve been.......... I dunno. Kiss kiss
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    There are nonstop bands on like 8 stages. It’s a monster city fest. Schedule hasn’t been released for set times and other bands yet.
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    Ahhh and you got Crazy Fingers...
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    Great to hear from ya Sunny,,, You really know how to put words together and it is a pleasure to read them,,, and the river keeps on flowing. Peace brother
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    Tea said it - love you brother! Been a long long time to be gone...
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    Love you buddy - you have a heart of gold! I’m gonna have to rally in Raleigh since I was really looking forward to seeing you. When we get together it’s like chucking a blue-tip into Gasoline Lake. Hours pass in minutes ..... Have fun with little league proud Papa ❤️
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    Thanks Greg, I'm traveling the elegant way this time, taking the train. Pretty much what it would cost me if I was driving, after gas and tolls. Would prefer to take the truck and sleep in back but couldn't find reliable 24 hour access parking, not worth it to pay for parking and someplace to sleep, got a reasonably priced air bnb. Looking forward to not driving 😎
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    Yea, I’m excited too. Already counting the days. What they do in shows right before will help determine what they’re not going to do. I hope work doesn’t get in the way. Gotta plant corn around that time. I see they played Black Muddy River again recently. That’s one trend I noticed. You taping it?
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    I’m so rusty with no shows since New Years I was convinced this was 87 until someone said you know Lisa is on stage right. When chimes played I was back to reality. Unfortunately it was hard to hear her lyrics but being in the south they likely wouldn’t have resonated like the 1st bust out in Portland after the inauguration. That was a moment for the ages.
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    I’m lovin’ the second set, especially the home stretch.
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    Music > Franklins Cassidy She Belongs to Me Black Throated Wind Cumberland > High Time Desolation Row > Bird Song Playin > Fire > Estimated > Terrapin > Other One Space > Drums > Other One > Morning Dew > Good Lovin > Playin Reprise E: Baby Blue > One More Sat Nite
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