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    Got a wtf text from my sister a couple years ago, her and the family were at a restaurant where a country style band was playing to the bar crowd. My niece (4 at the time) kept yelling “PLAY SHAKEDOWN STREET!!!!” Sister didn’t find it amusing. I however was as proud as any uncle could be.
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    Happy Birthday! You got it!
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    My favorite Bobby moment, 3/31/87, Estimated Prophet. At eight minutes in, Bobby let’s out his signature high pitched wail. The crowd goes nuts. He does it a couple few times more. Pretty wild. I thought his lungs were gonna lift the roof right off of the spectrum. His screams filled the rafters to the point that I stopped looking at the stage and looked up at the ceiling instead. He laid out Desolation Row that night like he was born to do it. He made that song his. My respect for Bobby rose to a new level that night. Aa Haaaa
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    I will be happy to grab one for you when the band comes around the northeast in November. First show is Lowell, MA on November 9. Hopefully they'll be stocked up. No need to double up on the cash. Just send me the money a few days before the show and I'll grab one for you. If they're sold out, I'll send it back to you. Send me a PM so we can coordinate and so you can remind me. It's a cool shirt 😎 😎
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    Happy 71st Birthday to one Robert Hall Weir! Keep it Cheesy Bobby ❤️ Keep on keepin on!
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    In vegas in 2017 scottie yelled king solomans marbles and barraco laughed. 20 secs later he was teasing it. 10 secs after another member joined in. a few seconds later and the whole band was playing it and it was about 60 secs of it before they stopped to go into their 2nd set. It was hillarious!!! There was also a weird mask on the keyboards. What happens in vegas stays in vegas besides the story of Scottie yelling marbles. That was a fun ending of a 2 week run even though 2 weeks with friends in tight quarters is sometimes too much for many friendships to handle.
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    At my first Dark Star show, Ocean City, N.J. 2002, after announcing the date of the show they had just recreated, they announced that they we’re going to play a few more songs while there was still time. I yelled ‘Eyes’ and it came out really, really loud. John k. Teased it and the crowd let out a roar. He just turned to the crowd and grinned. They didn’t play it. That’s another thing Dark Star does just like the Grateful Dead, I think. God help you if you tell them what to do. They will do whatever they want. If you just sit back and relax, you’ll be impressed.
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    It's not that I dislike the song per say, I just am not a fan of the clapping/chanting, very cheesy to me and kills the vibe of the set. There is nowhere to go from there but end the set which is obviously disappointing. Love the earlier versions with a GDTRFB after
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    Yelling play freebird is so 1992. It was probably funny in its infancy. It’s no longer that. I was at a few Dso shows where people yelled that. The band definitely didn’t find it funny. I’m guessing they have heard that a lot. I’ve never understood anyone yelling song selections unless a band asks for a suggestion and if a dead band ever asks for a suggestion you should have an ultra obscure song on the tip of your tongue to if nothing else get a laugh.
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    This Estimated is hawt!- 1:07:45min
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    Bobby fans are people too!
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    Going to see him at the Ryman in a few weeks. Youngest has always wanted to see a show there, figured this was as good as any to be his first ryman show.
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    There are two recordings of this show up on the archive. Thanks to the tapers, Jim Malogorski and Toaste, for taping the show.
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    He is a raging beast with nothing to hide snd thinks he is Bruce Banner.
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    Never much cared for LLR back in the day, but have come to LOVE it with DSO.
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    Maybe he's not a Women R Smarter kinda guy. I'd understand a little more if he was watching DSO in the throws of a Viola Lee crest
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    Here's another (from a Furthur show at MSG): "Daaaaaad! You're supposed to pinch your nipples, not rake your chest!!!!"
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    Well I only missed by 34 points.
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    Wait. Is that supposed to be me at a show??
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    Worth the drive from Philly great show with a great crowd. bs69 , the strum of the guitar by Matt to end NFA was because the crowds beat was so off, Eaton couldn’t get back in. He tried like 3-4 times and was kinda at a loss until Matt just thru out the strom. I’ve been at shows where the NFA chant doesn’t work and just ends. Last night wasn’t the case , I appreciated the band keeping to the audience participation of the past....
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    We skipped 10/4 last year when we were lighting this candle... How’s about 10/4/80? If you like Reckoning and Dead Set, you’re in bidness here. And if you’re reading this, you like Reckoning and Dead Set. May want to pack a lunch for this one. https://archive.org/details/gd80-10-04.sbd.blanchard.14989.sbeok.shnf