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    I beautifully entered a space devoid of thought on 3 of 4 nights. My own story and my own world evaporated as I slowly became part of the song itself. I was William O and I was dire wolf. I was high stepping into town on a day break on the lamb but while the music was playing my ego my self was gone. I just danced. Maybe the best I ever have. Once the music stopped it was hard not to let the ego inflate. Even my lady who usually knows better to say a word was mesmerized. I had mastered sand. I saw patterns in the sand that no one else could see. Only a few degrees short of true full throttle I twisted every which way in the sand. Except for night 1, where I mostly stumbled and slid and did the best I could to look graceful, the other 3 nights I stopped slipping. Night 2 I felt like I was able to move almost in 4 dimensions. The dance definitely become more 3 dimensional than its ever been. Dso was that good. I mean just firing on every song. I could not have achieved neither the mental clarity nor the physical ability without such gorgeous music. I have more to say. So much can be said for the beauty of this trip outside the music but I figured I’d get this up while it was still fresh.
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    theCause w/ Jeff Mattson and Lisa Mackey 3/23/19 Rex Theater Pittsburgh, PA Acoustic w/Randy Bauman on keys Dire Wolf Bird Song Monkey and The Engineer Rosalie McFall Cassidy To Lay Me Down On The Road Again Ripple Electric 1 Iko Sugaree Big River ? Country song sung by bass player Black-Throated Wind China Cat > Love The One Your With > I Know You Rider Might As Well Electric 2 w/ Randy Bauman on keys (most/all?) Shakedown Saint Etta James song (Don't Make Me Cry?) Lazy Lightning > Supplication ? Jeff Original ? theCause Original > Bertha White Rabbit With A Little Help From My Friends (w/ several guest singers) Jeff on everything. Lisa on 3/4 of it all. GREAT night. Some transitions to/from the jams within songs were a little iffy, but the raw power of it all more than made up for it. Lots of spirited play. The whole acoustic set was sublime, especially Rosalie and To Lay Me Down. Beautiful harmony between Lisa and Jill. Crazy surprise between China and Rider. Awesome Shakedown, and whatever that Etta James song was was just KILLED by Jill. Might have been my favorite tune of the night. Anyone know the Jeff original? It kinda reminded me of a Trey Anastasio composition, which is not a criticism lol just an observation theCause's original was a catchy tune as well. 15 "anymore's" to end the Bertha. White Rabbit. I've heard it a few times now, but I think this was THE one. Brought. The. House. Down. The people near me not familiar with Lisa were blown away. I was like, she's always like this! LOL No, the Rabbit was a really REALLY good Rabbit. Help From My Friends was played and even sung in that Joe Cocker at Woodstock-ish way, and was the perfect end to a great night. See you all there next year!!!!
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    My dad's favorite touring story involves the Eel in '87, more specifically the acoustic show on the bonus disk. My dad was hanging out outside the venue playing Deep Ellem Blues on his guitar when a car rolls by with none other than Jerry in it. He stops and says something along the lines of "sounds good!" to my dad. My dad then made his way into the venue and up towards the front of the crowd. He says that Jerry came out on stage, looked right at him and nodded, then jumped into Deep Ellem to kick off the acoustic set!
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    This little peanut gonna make it to her first 3 shows.
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    I going to throw in my 2 cents. First Please keep your comments in Kindness and the Spirit of the Love of the Music, life is too short to be surrounded by hate. Second. Dark Star plays in the spirit of the Grateful Dead and when I went to shows in 80's and 90's I never knew what I was going to see that night and that was part of the Magic. I honestly went for many reasons the music being one, but friends, the circus and the sense of being part of something special, thats what DSO does for me. In this day in age when everything moves fast and we have so many choices we all want it to be easier, but for me the chance of getting something different was always possible every night and that made it fun. That is why some of most memorable DSO show's have been Electives. I know many people will argue both sides and I can see their points, but I know my answer, I want it to be like it was at Merryweather Post in June of 1983 or Alpine in 89...I had no idea what was coming next and later I learned either did they. Have fun and dance and smile....while you can. Dr Vapor.
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    In a world of conflict and division, what a blessing that a group of musicians exist to uplift an audience, take them on an exploration of every phase of the human condition, return them to the start of it all and ask did you enjoy the ride? The answer, an emphatic yes. The perfect marriage of band and venue occurred for a second time in DC last night, and the experience did not disappoint. A retelling of 6/9/73 (w/ GS and China>Rider shifted to set 2) ran through a large chunk of the library at the time, tried and true. The band exuded last show of the tour energy with every song, and flawlessly delivered all 27 songs. China>Rider absolutely killed. Eyes>China Doll>Sugar Mag close heavenly and filled with Julie Andrews space after some of the riff-raff departed. I enjoyed the evening with the best group of friends, both old and new, a person could ever hope for. The forum was well represented at the Anthem last nite. Safe travels all. Praise DSO.
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    Great show lastnight in Minneapolis! Band sounded awesome and fun crowd. Super thankful they made their way back to Minnesota and we all have our fingers crossed for a Zoo show next summer... Set 1 The weight Stranger Candyman Beat it on down the line Broken arrow Brown eyed women Passenger Way you do the things you do Corrina Aiko Set 2 Gimme some love Greatest story Uncle johns band Estimated Drums Space Cosmic Charlie Throwing stones Visions of Johanna Truckin E: Cats under the stars
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    Yes, please! Then we can say "Never miss a Sunday Pisgah show!"
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    New set up old names. Amongst the confusion of upgrade it was nice to see familiarity. Nice to read of the reunion of dates. The remeberence of the first circus ride. A throw of the unexpected, the first time. Not as good as it could be, but the best it would ever be. First are always something to reflect on. Age catches up, memerories fade, but the ones we keep, we cherish. I cherish mine. I cherish many....no regrets of a weekend missed, as the bus always idles for those waiting to hop back on. Pauses for the right reasons makes it sweeter when we go back to where we belong. Nice to read the post. No more cavey but change is the only constant. Hope all.yall are doing well. It's a strange place to be knowing where your started. A big thanks to many here. Walked me through hell, forgave my stumbles, and encouraged so many times with keep.on growing at the balck.mountain. my song to rest. And rest we need at times. Regroup, reevaluate, and fight for the beauty of the love we bring. The comfort of knowing it's always here. It moves on with out you, but allows you to come.back on. A continuum....ever last lasting, or at least built to. Carolina contingent. I second thought myself, but ...little league Saturday is more precious. Happy to come back and share my silly words, but more happy to come back and read yours. Stability....and to think we find it in the same but different. Every show, every night. Will make a jubilee a priority. Be nice to dance with you fine people again. To flail. Makes calves tighten just thinking about it. You know my love is not fade away. Happy spring, rebirth, enjoy your back yard carolina!! Sorry. Wants no longer out weigh needs, but eventually need to take a load off. Go hang out with carmin....and go spend some time loosing my twenties ...closer to 50. As always, it makes sense to me....to others, to some, it's in and out, as the garden grows and the sunshine knows, the laughing water, maybe more will eventually get me out the door. Get out of the way, splintered light will indeed come back one day!! Love yall!! How I became other love I dont know, it used to be going back where...... prior sun1869, I guess time does change all. Name change is common for me.
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    On the setlist link from the website there is a search engine which will allow you to see what was played last time at any venue. The last two shows have been outdoor shows. The last was 3-6-76 JGB. Before that was a two drummer elective... then yes two 73’. ... 6-29-73 and before that 2-26-73. But that was in 2015 and 2014 respectively which was four and five years ago. A tight is a tight stage and with all the equipment that needs to get on stage, there are only so many options.
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    I call them Phish kids. Whatever term you want to use we all know what he means. People there for the scene for the party. Not for the message, the music, and the healing. That stella blue took me places. I cried little but it reminded me of a few years ago and just how low I felt. When I had to move away from my friends because I broke down and sobbed. And here I am two weeks from welcoming a beautiful and healthy baby daughter into the world. I love you guys. I’m really upset about what a few people did at our show. Penns peak is a holy place to me, especially the pre-thanksgiving show. I feel someone brought hate into my church.
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    ****The BEST**** These shows are a homecoming for me. It is so healing to be around such beautiful souls and restores my glow. I see people I've known for 30 years and those a short while just as special who are family. I have lost the worst old energies, falsehoods, and memories and been imbued with loving realities and truth and memories. There is a fountain not made by the hands of man. Mythology lives in this music ready to mystically reveal its beautiful truth. Beautiful night! The mulch in the "pit" is gone and replaced with gravel- not my favorite but no worries of being impaled. The crew really did a great job of creating a jubilee with fantastic vendors and good food; though I miss the "Cheesus Saves" Pizza truck. From the Amazing Giants to vendors to even Janice, that familiar smile and voice made the best festive time. Magic happens here. I love a bertha-> Good loving opener! I had been running from Bertha a good while looking for that good loving space. And even as I sit down with that damn Dire Wolf eyes wide open, I am ready for the catharsis brought in that opportunity as much as these eyes can see and heart can feel. Good things coming could be felt as Gr8fulpair spoke of Tea's divination with the first notes of Deep Elem and its bass bombs. It was raucous good time. The set was so full of goodness and peaked with Let It Rock! Gosh, MNS second set opener made it feel like Christmas coming and it did with Dear Prudence. It developed into a nice psychedelic jam as good as the rhythmic, upbeat Dark Star but so much more unexpected. It was like getting a Nutcracker for Christmas that year; thank you DSO!! LIG beautiful and made my hubby so happy; he grooved on out. I floated between 5 spots visiting; one of my bfs energetically called me to the front though at times- feeling like a caged bird . The whole show just got better and better The love in the air was palpable. One for the books!!
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    4/7/91 - Orlando, FL Set One: Jack Straw ; Sugaree ; Wang Dang Doodle ; Row Jimmy ; Black Throated Wind ; Reuben And Cherise ; The Promised Land Set Two: Crazy Fingers > Playing In The Band > Uncle John's Band > Playing In The Band > Drums > Space > Box Of Rain > Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad > Turn On Your Lovelight Encore: It's All Over Now, Baby Blue Filler: Strange Man ; New Speedway Boogie > Playing In The Band (reprise) > Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)
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    The pile is in the car except the coolers. Anticipation grows. Love to meet any and all forum members over the weekend. I'll be rocking the Orioles cap and dancing around like a fool. Safe Travels all Praise DSO.
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    Jack Straw-> Mississippi Minglewood Candyman Passenger Jack A Roe Tom Thumbs Cumberland Like A Road (for Gloria Jones) Music Sugar Magnolia-> Reuben & Cerise -> Women Are Smarter-> He’s Gone -> Uncle John’s Band -> Drums->space-> Throwing Stones-> Dear Mr Fantasy-> Uncle John’s Reprise -> Morning Dew (Encore:) Day Tripper -> Sunshine Daydream. serlist courtesy of John a
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    Oddly, the Estimated Eyes switcheroo isn't as rare as one might imagine. The Dead did it 14 times, mostly in '90 and '91. Although the most famous occurrence is probably Colgate 11-4-77. This 3 set beast looks awesome! I saw the final 6 New Year's Dead shows. The 3 set ritual slowly devolved. Proper 3rd sets in '86 and '87, then a 3 song encore in '88, then down to double encores in '89 and '90, and finally just Knockin' encore in '91. At that point, with Uncle Bobo having just passed away, the writing was on the wall. NYE Grateful Dead was no longer. Great that DSO carries the torch with such gusto.
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    Along with the other Thanksgiving tradition of watching the cowboys get their asses handed to them whilst I lay on couch rubbin my belly. Hope y'all have a simililarly enjoyable day.
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    I did the work before the show so was expecting 1-15-79. Listened to it on the drive down. It was Chuck Berry's birthday hence the Johnny B. Goode. My fellow heads have covered the show and how well played it was. Lets get a shout out to Barraco. He was happy as a clam all night long and delivered with floating feather fingers all night long. Here is my .02 This is a quintessential GD show from start to finish. Shakedown Street album on display. The electricity, the vibration, the sound was simply overwhelming. Springfield Civic Center had that same vibe since it was smallest indoor arena Dead played. Loud booming sound, booming tapes. DSO recreated that. It took my high planetary. I am absolutely junk today. DSO left it all there on 21st anniversary, I left it all there on my "11" "33" day 11-11-(2+0+1+8) = 11. Until Lowell and Northampton, it had been a year hiatus creating my business, getting it licensed & established. This weekend had been on the radar like neon since tour announced. I have been jones-ing for this special day after feeling, I have today, for a year. Perma-grin in effect.
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    Get there if you can. Jeff and the Wolf will be arriving directly.
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    Rick's Mom needs a prayer or 2. She is undergoing a difficult time. Please keep her and Rick in your thoughts 💓💓 Rick's Mom is one of the sweetest souls on the planet.....Ill never forget the time she opened her house to us during dso land some 7 years ago....Mea, my pup was with us and she took it upon herself to treat Mea like she was her own dog. . Not something I'll EVER forget....I would place Mea in her crate...once we arrived back home after dso show, Mea was out and about because Mrs. E. couldn't stand to see Mea in her crate...Mea didnt mind 😉😍...THINKING of Rick's Mom during this difficult time..Love you Rick and your awesome family!!!! You are one of my oldest friends thru the music of DSO...I'm here for you for anything...please know this!!!
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    Magnificent show and weekend, start to end, a dancer's paradise. The filler was indeed White Rabbit, with Lisa unleashing her inner Medusa on the delivery and bringing down the house as usual.
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    I realize this is like selecting your favorite child but there are polarizing moments in all our lives if we're obsessed with music. For me, without debate Jerry's best guitar work is in his solo in hard to handle from 4-29-71, don't even try to convince me otherwise. Fucking hair raising. For Jeff with me it's 4-8-18 (on archive) when he does after midnight. I was fucking blessed enough to catch the jgb run in spring 2018 when our brother Eaton was out for a stretch. It was one of the most memorable tours I've ever done thanks to the incrediblely killer quality of the shows done by a band that currently has no equal. Thank you doc, thank you rude. That was a run like no other. That is why we do what we do. What show has Jeff rung your bell? Honorable mention goes to 12-1-17 for me, check it on archive, you won't be disappointed. Oh, I could go on.......
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    I gots da jubilee fever. I ordered more lights. You can thank PG for my new light fetish after jazz fest 2018. They made me see the light literally. Now I’ll hsve strobes and tube lighting and Chinese lanterns and more. Just look for the lights flashing in vip for the pajama party. The only issue is the high male to female ratio. It would turn out to be a literal sausage party with all the guys wearing their banana hammocks as those are back in style now. 2019 i hear is bringing back disco styling including male thongs. I still can’t get the memory of my dad wearing this leopard thong type underwear when I was 8. You can’t forget something like that. And I’m planning to make sure this jubilee is unforgettable for everyone too. #leopardthong #hotdoghammock.
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    I went to my fourth Grateful Dead concert by myself. I prefer going it alone. Your friends will be there. If I went to shows with other people, when we got to our seats, I would immediately say, I ‘ll be right back. They wouldn’t see me again until they got back to the car in the parking lot.
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    Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA (10/15/76) Might As Well Mama Tried Row Jimmy It's All Over Now Loser New Minglewood Blues Bertha Lazy Lightnin' Supplication Sugaree Promised Land Eyes of the World Music Never Stopped It Must Have Been the Roses Samson and Delilah He's Gone drums The Other One Comes a Time Franklin's Tower Sugar Magnolia Spring break for everyone 🎉🎉🎉
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    Saw Melvin tonight at the Madison in Covington. DSO played there back in 2013 I think and possibly the show that got cancelled in ‘14 or ‘15 was supposed to be there too. I have really enjoyed his shows since that Zach(k?) Nugent took the lead guitar spot. Harder they come Bright side of the road So many roads Evangeline lets spend the night together Tangled 2 Cats Dear Prudence Takes a lot to laugh, takes a train to cry gotta serve somebody Brown eyed women Ill take you there>bridge over troubled water>I’ll take you there (lady singer this was very cool) Deal Im probably missing 1-2 out of each set. That’s the best memory will allow at the moment. But I had a good time and enjoyed the show
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    At the end When Barraco announced it was an elective and said “this wasn’t a set the dead played , (pause) but i’ bet they wish they had” . He was right it was a pleasant show
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    I don't believe there is a consistent pattern. Just when you think it's one thing, they do the opposite. Kuddos to Eaton for keeping us on our toes. If there as a code to be cracked, we would have cracked it. Additionally, for the record, BM last year was a 77 second night and Elective first. DSO hasn't recreated a NYE show on NYE since 2014 when they did 84 I think? Personally I'd much rather an elective. My fav NYE shows over the years have been....09 Mattson's first NYE, utter psychedelic meltdown and a forum family private dance party in an obscure balcony of the Ram's Head 2013 in Long Island. Great Elective with an epic dance party in the back balcony. 2015 at Efactory. maybe one of the greatest shows I've seen period. Mostly early style elective, acoustic first set. 2017, last year, was really great too. Another Elective. But I'm intentionally missing NYE this year for the first time since Denver 06. Hanging out home with Friends instead. If i had to guess, i'd say in philly will be one Elective and one recreation, with the Elective highlighting songs of the Recreation's era that weren't played. Elective first, then a late 80s. Looking forward to these shows!
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    Skip bombs during Fire were amazing!
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    We all know that Dead lyrics constantly seem to morph into new meanings based on current circumstances, but that observation is just simply bad ass. I love it.
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    The key with DSO as with the Dead is that you have to go on a 3-4 show run to get your fill (more if possible). I have found if you hit 5-6 you will get most eras covered with a couple electives sprinkled in and very few repeats.
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    I recorded the show last night. I am travelling home today which is taking most of the day. I will post a link here when I get it done in the next few days.
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    There's a pool at the super8?? We been swimming in the creek...
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    2nd set start to finish intentional face melt into the triple filler encore of box, ugh(tbd) the weight. And they kept the full psychedelic style through the last second and I mean the 2nd set b/t cotter and the band was as intentionally psychedelic ot every version down to that wicked melter sugar mags. There was nothing that was just jam happy. It was melt from the 1st drop of 2nd until the end.. It was all moving sound circle and wickedness. Best show easily I saw this summer. These guys were on and the spot was as good as it gets. 60s and windy July 6. Thanks you guys. My jaw was dropped that whole 2nd. Bravo. All I could do was smile.
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    Wow, lots of good stories here...hard to read them all. Aug, 2001 for me, Norfolk VA. Hollywood Bowl '72. I almost cried. I have absolutely no idea how many shows I have seen over those years, just festies probably gets me around 30? It's a couple between the festies I'll share here... Hagerstown...maybe 08? Kevin was on fire, Chuck and I were hitting it hard on the top of the balcony. This was my first experience with closing my eyes and really listening. After that show, I watched a documentary about the 5 senses and learned our brains use 70% of it's sensory processing power processing what we see. If we take sight away (by closing our eyes of course) we open some portion of that 70% for other senses to use. IT'S AWESOME!!! Philly-Some small theater on...South Street...I think. Mid 00's I think. I can't remember the name of the place or any songs they did that night...but I drove up from Norfolk, went to the show, drove home and at work by 8AM. Made that same hike for Wilmington DE once, shit twice?? Fuck, I don't know, and Dewey twice...If you haven't made a Dewey show, I strongly recommend. Peace, I'll see some of you this weekend I suspect.
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    '72-'74 themed electric. Set 1 ?? ?? Black Throated Wind Mr. Charlie Box of Rain Beat It On Down the Line Loose Lucy You Ain't Woman Enough Me and Bobby Mcgee Scarlet Begonias Set 2 Not Fade Away> China Cat Sunflower> I Know You Rider> Not Fade Away Greatest Story Ever Told Dark Star> The Stranger (Two Souls in Communion) One More Saturday Night Encore Midnight Moonlight I missed the first sound or two. Someone mentioned they opened with Here Comes Sunshine.
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    I dig how you are embracing being an old timer, MC. Im looking forward to seeing a touch of grey in your beard...mono color is fading out of style fast...bring it on. 😉
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    Man. I saw Dso at Annie’s years ago. I mean like over 10. I’m getting old.
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    Frankly, none of you cats seem neither old nor in the way in this scene where women laugh and children scream...
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    Jeez, the Think and Cumberland were ripping! and Crazy Fingers the lovely reprieve before the keys were ripped up and laid back down in Hey Jude. I think had they played more than one line of Dear Mr Famtasy before throwing in the towel prespace it would have been an all out frenzy. Blow Away has this power of Hey Jude aka Alpine 89 where our hearts flung wide open and downloaded sunshine. and the jam was all out, pure rock and roll. Super fun to hear a different kind of first set. Kinda wordy... just my head feed. But all and all a great tapas menu. 😜
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    The 6-10-90 is not one of those extended Jerry vocal flourish versions. Just a generally perfect reading followed by an inspired guitar solo. The '93 Eugene version has perhaps the most intense guitar eruption of the year. I recall him being almost sideways as he lit into his strings. Jeff Silbeman and I made an outstanding recording that day, which I finally transferred last year. Check out that Standing: https://archive.org/details/gd1993-08-21.141530.S2.FOB.AMS.ST-250.Silberman.Ammons.Noel.t-flac1648 Plenty of folks did tweaky stuff when recording the Grateful Dead, but using an open reel 4-track Nagra 24 bit digital deck to facilitate an ambisonic capture (which encodes a full 360 degree soundfield using all 4 tracks)? That's gotta take the cake! Hearing those recording on a properly set up ambisonic playback rig was just ridiculous. That said, even this conversion down to 2 channels is pretty damn impressive.
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    Characters to date: Casey Jones Mr. Lot Botticelli’s Niece Wolfman Jack Chet Murphy Maggie Ramblin Jack Elliott Billy DeLions Bertha Mona Lisa Cosmic Charlie Doo Daaah Man Sweet Ruby Claire Mama Good Morning Mr. Benson Black-eyed Girls Cherise Peggy-O William Tell August West Ramblin’ Rose Stella Blue Cowboy Neal Cassidy Stagger Lee Delilah Jones Lulu my Lulu Jack a Roe Tennessee Jed Jack Straw (from Wichita) Anne Marie Loose Lucy Althea Woodcutter’s Daughter Rosalee McFall Pearly Baker Sugar Magnolia Bobby McGee Black Peter Uncle John Tom Banjo Queen of Diamonds The Crow My Uncle Majordomo Billy Bojangles Jack the Ripper My Dog Dupree Alligator 🐊 Annie Joe Brown Frankenstein Mary Shelley Felina Louise Operator Shannon Catfish John (a river hobo) Jack the Sailor A Soldier Samson The Teller Mr. Charlie An Engineer ( with a Monkey) Sweet Susie Brown-Eyed-Women The Maker Elmer Brother Esau Rubin Uncle Sam Alabama Bonnie Lee Lady with a Fan Melinda Matilda West Texas Cowboy Shannon Billy Jean My son Felina Estimated Prophet You August West Jack Kerouac Quinn (the Eskimo ) Mr. Fantasy Mama Cain Abel Lord Preacher Man
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    E factory 1/2 step Ramble in rose Black throated wind Gimme some lovin Russian lullaby Greatest story Loose lucy Hurts me too Cassidy Tom Thumb blues Let it grow Foolish heart UJB Corinna Alligator D/s Low spark tease with drums and instrumental intro Alligator reprise Ujb reprise China doll Viola Mr Charlie This is wrong order but I tbink I pieced it together
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    I consider 12-16-92 the best show post "medical malfunction 2" as BillK puts it. Just gold from start to finish. Check out Row Jimmy. Casey Jones was the cherry on top. Recommended source? My FOB Schoeps recording. 😊 https://archive.org/details/gd1992-12-16.140956.FOB.Schoeps.Ammons.Noel.t-flac.1648
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    Favorite show of the 8 I saw...this is why I do this!!!
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    Nice heavy poetry...I dig the seashore additions😄 In mid row 25, met, we must have indeed,, for what is to meet, but to dance in one's presence okay that's my attempt
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    I recently watched "If I Leave Here Tomorrow" - a Showtime documentary about Skynyrd…...very entertaining and very well done. One quick personal story.....I played drums in a band in college (in Nashville) back in the mid 80's.....a cover band mostly Dead, Allmans, Kingfish and the like. The keyboard player had us doing "I Know Little" by Skynyrd. The drum part is pretty tight and difficult.....I never felt like I did it justice. After one particular show at a bar then called Elliston Square (across from the Exit/In), I heard that Artimus Pyle was briefly in the house....he's the drummer for Skynyrd. I'm pretty sure he heard me butcher his drum part......man I felt embarrassed.
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    Thank you all for the kind words and vibes 💜💜💜
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    The tease may have been at a Gratefulfest sound check. Seems like it was part of a fund raiser for Rhett’s Syndrome or something equally horrible. But that was long ago and much of it rolls into one. It is time for the triumphant TN tour to resolve this and many more concerns.
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    No way of knowing if i can actually make it but i bought my three night pass!!
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