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    Breathe folks! This too shall pass and we will be back rocking the universe;-)
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    Thank you all for giving me back a big piece of something I thought I'd lost forever - something I cherish so deeply. And thank you for putting your own FIRE HOT, BALLS TO THE WALL spin on it, and for CRUSHING IT every single night. You guys rock! And I'm totally grateful 💗
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    Some month ago I embarked on a Baby Blue listening project, which got a little bit out of hand and spawned this essay! Garcia geekdom of the highest order. Garcia Does Dylan’s It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue Bob Dylan wrote Baby Blue in early 1965, and it was released on Bringing It All Back Home that March. The album version contains a sparse arrangement, with Dylan accompanying himself on harmonica and acoustic guitar, and Bill Lee (accomplished studio musician, composer, and father of Spike!) on bass. The lyrics are dripping with symbolism and incorporate many lively characters, bidding farewell to the mysterious Baby Blue. There’s been much speculation of Baby Blue’s identity; suggested possibilities range from Joan Baez, with whom Dylan was in the late stages of a relationship at the time, to folk music in general, which Dylan was in the process of moving away from, to Dylan singing the song to himself. But fittingly, in the vein of Robert Hunter, Dylan isn’t saying. Here are the lyrics, as performed by Garcia: You must leave now, take what you need, you think will last But whatever you wish to keep, you better grab it fast Yonder stands your orphan with his gun He's crying like a fire in the sun Look out, all the saints are coming through And it's all over now, Baby Blue The highway is for gamblers, you'd better use your sense Take what you have gathered from coincidence The empty-handed painter from your streets Is drawing crazy patterns on your sheets The sky, too, is folding over you And it's all over now, Baby Blue All your seasick sailors, they are rowing home Your empty-handed army is all going home The lover who just walked out your door Has taken all his blankets from the floor The carpet, too, is moving under you And it's all over now, Baby Blue Leave your stepping stones behind, there's something calls for you Forget the dead you've left, they will not follow you The vagabond who's rapping at your door Is standing in the clothes that you once wore Strike another match, go start anew And it's all over now, Baby Blue It's all over now, Baby Blue It's all over now, Baby Blue It's all over now, Baby Blue These are quite close to Dylan’s original lyrics. One difference is in verse 3, where Dylan’s lyrics, as published on bobdylan.com, are “all your reindeer armies”. However, Garcia would certainly have learned the song from hearing it on the Bringing It All Back Home album, and Dylan indeed sings “all your empty-handed armies” there, so it’s not as if Jerry pulled that line out of thin air. The only other derivation is Garcia’s penchant for playing with the penultimate lines in verses 2 and 3. I think more often than not he sings “the carpet, too, is…” in verse 2, and “the sky, too, is…” in verse 3. But I can’t tell any rhyme nor reason why he switches them up, while otherwise nailing the entire song. (And on a linguistic note, how awesomely Dylanesque is it to set off an adverb between two commas in the middle of a line?) Sometimes he even takes it a step further and muddles the two lines, i.e. the sky is moving under or the carpet is folding over. I also think he regularly says “falling” instead of “folding”. Otherwise, Jerry’s reading of the song is in keeping with Dylan’s. Garcia was obviously quite taken with Baby Blue, which appeared in Grateful Dead sets as early as 1/7/66 Matrix. He undoubtedly felt a fondness for the various colorful characters that appear throughout the song, from orphans to sailors to lovers and especially to vagabonds. After all, these are just the type of folks that began populating the Garcia/Hunter compositions a few years later. Why it came and went over the next 15 years is the same age-old question Deadheads wonder about a multitude of songs. For the purpose of discussing the various renditions, it’s convenient to divide Baby Blue into three sub categories; the Pigpen versions, the Keith versions (there are only 3), and the Brent/Vince versions. According to DeadBase X, Jerry played Baby Blue one time with JGB in Fall ‘81, but that didn’t happen. This tease was finally corrected in the separate updates section in DeadBase 50. Despite my predilection for audience tapes, I played soundboards wherever possible for enhanced vocal presence. My interested was examining performance, not recording quality. The Pigpen Versions: 1966-1970 In the earliest Baby Blues from ’66, the tempo is arrestingly fast. But 1966 was, for the most part, one big, fast tempo. On 7/16/66 Fillmore, it’s wild to hear Jerry’s vocals panned hard left. This is a perfect version lyrically, and the only Keith era Baby Blue I listened to where the lyrics were spot on. There’s no jam yet to speak of, just a straightforward performance of the song. By ’69 Jerry had fleshed things out majorly, with lackadaisical, carefree treatment of the verses and extra soulful inflections here and there. His singing is extremely heartfelt. The structure had Jerry repeating the entire final verse. At The Ark 4/23/69, Baby Blue ends the show after an interesting sequence. And We Bid You Goodnight segues into a full throttle Not Fade Away tease. And NFA didn’t show up regularly in Dead sets until December, over 6 months later. But rather than launch into NFA the short jam gives way to a show closing Baby Blue. A bigger curiosity, this is the only time Bid You Goodnight doesn’t end the show other than Alpine Valley 7/17/89, where the Dead play Johnny B. Goode as a second encore. The final Baby Blue of the Pigpen years, 11/8/70, is a sweet and uncommonly soulful reading. It’s also an impressive audience recording for the era, as apparently no vault tape exists. Garcia chose a fine way to retire the song for the time being. The Keith Versions: 1972-1974 After an almost two year break, The Dead played Baby Blue twice in September 1972; 9/23 Waterbury, CT, and two shows later 9/26 Jersey City. The Boys must have been in a feisty mood on 9/23, because the mid-2nd set Baby Blue is followed by the only ’72 Cryptical Envelopment (also the final Cryptical until the ‘85 versions). While both Baby Blues are energetic and fun listens, Jerry simply isn’t deep enough under the hood of the lyrics. Which isn’t altogether surprising since it came and went so suddenly. Nevertheless, the placement in the middle of the second sets is cool, and more importantly there are plenty of rich, piercing notes in the jams that are unique to the era and won’t be found in the more mature versions in the 80s forward. So this two pack shouldn’t be given short shaft. Less impressive is the other Keith era Baby Blue, 19 months later at Winterland 2/24/74. Here it’s found its way to the encore slot, where it will stay permanently. But beyond how cool it is that Jerry pulled it out on this evening and found its ultimate placement in the show, I think this is flatter than the ‘72s and the weakest of the three. The Brent/Vince Versions: 1981-1995 When Garcia brought Baby Blue back in Seattle on 8/14/81, it was in the rotation to stay. The only times it didn’t end the show or begin the encore was with Dylan. On the ’86 tour where Dylan played separately from the Dead, he sat in twice during the middle of first sets, 7/2 Akron and 7/9 RFK Stadium. Both shows featured a Baby Blue. Akron is a train wreck, with Dylan and Garcia doing a duet through the first 3 verses. Dylan is painfully howling away while Garcia melodically sings his part. They heeded the Akron disaster at RFK, where Jerry announces, “We got a friend to help out on this tune.” Jerry gives it a heartfelt go, and Dylan waits until the final verse to wade into a duet, which comes off much better. Neither of these versions have any jam. And the following summer, when the Dead served as Dylan’s backup band in the “Alone and Together” tour, Dylan played Baby Blue in 5 of the 6 Dylan/Dead sets. Right out the gate, the ’81 versions demonstrate that Garcia means business. 8/16/81 McArthur Court, the second time back from the 7+ year hiatus, has only a minor 3rd verse vocal flub, and while a little raw it’s excellent overall. By 9/27/81 Landover things are getting more polished and nuanced. The jam this night is between verses 3 and 4 instead of its typical mid song placement, so Jerry is still working out the structure. And there are some awesome notes in this night’s jam. 12/3/81 Madison is on Postcards Of The Hanging (the compilation album of The Grateful Dead doing Dylan covers), and as one might imagine it’s a good one, although I found it a bit uneven and ultimately not a top contender. In 1982 Baby Blue fully hit stride, and I don’t think this level is surpassed in any year going forward. Spring tour features a pair of excellent versions, 4/6 Spectrum and 4/17 Hartford Civic, the former more widely known as it was part of a Road Trips release. 4/6 has a great laid-back feel, and its biggest sin, other than a completely butchered opening line to the 4th verse, may be that it’s in the shadow of the sensational 4/17. 4/17 is more powerful, with some uncommonly sweet notes/tone in the jam, and an almost letter-perfect vocal delivery. Only one word is dropped, “vagabond”, but alas that’s a big word to lose. Before Bobby can say “see you all later” Jerry slips in a quick “thank you very much.” Nice double send off! The crowning jewel of the year, and in my opinion of all time, is 8/10/82 Iowa City. While it may not be the flashiest, the raw power is palpable and the vocal delivery throughout is just exactly perfect. Jerry seems to be wielding an extra degree of control. If I had to play one for a non-Deadhead, this would be the go to. Perhaps a quarter notch beneath it is 9/11/82 West Palm Beach. While it’s certainly in the same league as 8/10, it just doesn’t speak to me as deeply. Another excellent ’82 is 10/10 Frost, which closes the two legendary shows the first year the Dead appeared at this hallowed venue. It’s one of four Satisfaction->Baby Blue combos, all in the first half of the 80s, although there’s no arrow but rather a two-beat pause. The jam is heartfelt, and while there’s really nothing to criticize here it doesn’t jump out at me like some of the other ‘82s. This exceptional year closes in the New Year’s run with a final superb version on 12/28 Oakland Auditorium. Also out of Satisfaction, the first 3 verses are perfect but the 4th not quite. Jerry sounds wonderful throughout, and there’s some particularly stellar Brent content. After ’82 through Jerry’s ’86 diabetic coma, Baby Blue became spottier. This era saw increased difficulty getting vocally intact versions as Jerry’s voice became more uneven while his health deteriorated. That said, his voice could also at times lend poignance to Dylan’s words, whether by a general sense of vulnerability or specific inflections. On 6/24/84 Saratoga, poor Jerry sounds like an adolescent whose voice is changing when he tries to emote “go” on “go start anew.” But there’s a fascinating transition this night from Satisfaction. Satisfaction ends with a few bars of This Could Be The Last Time, a tune the Dead wouldn’t play for another 7 years. 12/31/84 San Francisco Civic is a great listen. This may be the most active I’ve heard Phil on any Baby Blue. There are a few subsonic moments to complement Phil’s atypical spunkiness throughout. And the icing on the cake is one “Baby Blue” uttered during the final lines that’s spoken as a soft whisper yet is as piercing and compelling as Jerry’s voice gets. A total goosebumps moment, this is worthy listen for those two seconds alone and should be cranked for full appreciation. This is quintessential evidence that in Jerry’s vocal palette, “powerful whisper” is no oxymoron. There is a pair of fine Baby Blues Summer tour ’85. The first is 6/27 Saratoga, and it features extra syllables on “gamblers”, “army”, and “match”. It’s always fun when Jerry emotes extra syllables. Even better is a haunting 7/1 Merriweather, a truly big-time version. The playing is fantastic, there are plenty of nice vocal inflections, and lyrically only a couple words are dropped. Plus it earns bonus points for cascading with authority out of Satisfaction. This is the final of four such pairings, but by far the best transition. And extra credit comes at the conclusion, with not only a “well, it’s all over now” but a “yes, it’s all over now”. Jerry rarely improvised while repeating the final line, instead preferring to play it straight, so this really caught my ear. Jerry continued his affection for Baby Blue post-coma, and his voice was largely in good shape, but the readings lack the dramatic impact of the early 80s. And it seems like almost invariably there’d be critical words or lines dropped that marred otherwise lovely versions. But these years feature but nuanced and energetic singing, delicate guitar runs in the jam, and by now Phil was in full bloom with his spirited accompaniment to the signature line, “forget about the dead you left, they will not follow you”. As is so often the case with the Dead, lyrics took on new meanings in the context of their performances. Since Baby Blue always appeared as an encore, I took this line literally as wherever one disappears into the night the band will be going their own way and you had to deal with that. 9/15/87 Madison Square Garden is a great example of how Garcia’s late-80s voice could invoke subtle, nuanced power (just think about what he did with Morning Dew three nights later 9/18). While this is marred by a few dropped lyrics early on, I don’t know if his voice can really sound any better; it’s so mournfully sung. While there are many less than noteworthy versions I’ve explored in the later Brent period, a couple other very good ones are 10/19/89 Spectrum and 3/22/90 Hamilton, although the latter is unfairly aided by the stupendous sound quality of the Spring ’90 Box Set release. I didn’t audition too many Vince era versions, but I liked 8/17/91 Shoreline. Bruce Hornsby is on the accordion, and while I’m generally not a fan of that it lends itself nicely here. The 3rd verse has a minor vocal flub, and 4th verse is mega powerful, with Phil nice and big in the mix. After a fat bomb at the end, the song is over, but Phil continues playing a little mini solo of a series of notes. Unique and quite cool. As Jerry could regularly muster in the months and years where he was otherwise precipitously declining, he delivers a deep Baby Blue 10/13/94 Madison Square Garden. This one is in the conversation due to a haunting final verse. Baby Blue’s only break from the rotation after the ’81 resurrection came in the early 90s. From Spring ’92 through Fall ’94, a span of 178 shows, there’s just one – 3/10/93 Rosemont Horizon. Interestingly, this coincides with the end of Jerry’s brief rekindling of his relationship with Brigid Meier. They had fallen back together in late ’92 and taken what was by all accounts a magical vacation in Hawaii that January. But by late on the ’93 Spring tour, she’d fallen victim to the particulars of Grateful Dead touring and was told to leave the scene and that the relationship was over. One can’t help but ponder whether the 3/10 Baby Blue was played for her. And it’s a beautiful, virtually letter-perfect version. How does Jerry pull that off, amidst declining health, the only time playing the song in an 18-month period? Conclusions: Several times apparently left as forgotten, Baby Blue kept finding its way back into Jerry Garcia’s consciousness, until finally in 1981 it stayed there for good. By my accounting, the University of Iowa Field House bore witness to the most beautiful Baby Blue that Garcia ever summoned. 8/10/82 has all the raw energy of the 1982 renditions along with an extra dose of power and authority. And Jerry nails every syllable. There’s just certain majesty to this glorious period for this song, and 8/10 epitomizes it. I’d define this brilliant era as spanning the 8/14/81 bust out through 12/28/82. But over the next decade plus Jerry continued to routinely lay down wonderful takes on this Dylan masterpiece. The maturity of his voice by the 80s onward allowed him to get further under the hood of the song’s pathos, and by this time he was largely handy with all the lyrics. Of course given this type of essay’s inherent nature, many/most of my observations and conclusions are subjective. But I set out to give the subject a greater scope than subjective criticism, which I hope is reflected. The real beauty is that despite the numerous and diverse versions I played, there are that many more to discover. Those with a deep, pathological love for the Dead wouldn’t want it any other way. What a seemingly arbitrary notion, Jerry finding Baby Blue years after he’d left it be and embracing it so gloriously. Perhaps with a slightly different inclination She Belongs To Me would have been the Dylan number Jerry permanently added. Or something else entirely. But this is a more general theme surrounding the material the Dead tackled, whereby one can muse equally on what they played as what they didn’t. A broader encapsulation of the space between the notes.
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    Over the years, I have seen a ridiculous amount of shows but have only done one entire tour start to finish. The most recent SE tour was the one!! 3 of us did the entire tour along with the band and crew. BTW, before I go any further, thanks to DSO for all that you do. Its' not easy! Yes, you get paid but it is a grind! Truthfully, I am blown away with their amazing attitude and willingness to put on excellent shows night in and night out! AMAZING! 4400 miles give or take, starting in Wilmington, DE, 14 shows total to include Bobby and the Wolf Bros ( Jacksonville, Florida ) the night before DSO's opener in St. Pete, Florida. My favorite venues were St. Augustine, Florida, Pompano Beach, Florida ( been there multiple times to see DSO before ), Tallahassee, Florida and Wilmington, NC ( been there for DSO as well ). Of the 14 venues, St. Augustine, Tallahassee, Birmingham and Nashville were the only new venues for me. Alabama and Tennessee were 2 states I had never seen DSO in ( after 18 years ) ! 3 venues I did not care for were Asheville ( Orange Peel ) and Charlotte ( Fillmore ). Asheville's employees are cool but the place is always packed with little dance room ( boo ) and Charlotte's employees are a mess but overall room is ok....Raleigh also has employees I am not fond of but am okay with the room. The rest of the venues I like! My favorite show was St. Augustine. I felt the band was feeling it that night and after speaking with a few band members to include Cotter, they felt the same. All the shows were good but that was my favorite. The trip was shared with many friends. My best buddy was with me the entire time, Luna, my pup. She is a kind dog, loving and patient. She was ready to be off the road at the end as was I. Luckily for both of us, she and I share an RV which gives her a comfortable place to rest during the shows. The weather was unbelievable the entire time. Never a night did I need AC at all and only checked into one RV campground in Nashville. Thanks To Chris and Nina for being around for every show as well... These two kids are good people and fun to be with and truly DEADicated. I met 4 new people on this tour who apparently do their fair of shows but had never met them before for some reason? Cynthia, Renee, Tatiana and Adrian, I look forward to dancing with you all again...Thanks for sharing your space with me!! It meant a lot! Sammy, Aaron and Carl all drove down for the first 5 shows in Florida which were my favorite shows for so many reasons. Scotty flew into south Florida to hook up with Tatiana and Adrian. They did the 2 Bobby shows to include the first 5 DSO shows as well! My great friend Kevin and his wife were at St. Augustine only but I was able to stay with them for several nights in Jacksonville so that was nice. Rick and Whitney did several of the Florida shows and had their beautiful girl with them..OMG!!! The Perrottis were at the majority of the Florida shows ( love this family so much ) but had to run their deli each day so talk about a grind, back and forth from Orlando to each show each night!!! I put so much value on the Florida DSO runs because of my long friendship with this amazing family! Steve, Carrie and a bunch of other Sand Jammers were along for a few of the shows. I run into Sand Jammers everywhere... They must think I'm crazy, seeing me pretty much everywhere? Nantucket, John and Debbie all flew in for one show..Nantucket, St. Pete, John and Debbie, Pompano!! Awesome!! My buddy Gary from Jam Cruise, his cousin David Jonas ( friends with John, Debbie, Jeff Mattson and Cotter ) both went to Pompano as well...Nice meeting David and having Gary along. Gary and I played golf the next day which was superb. Brian also flew in for first 4 shows as well. THANKS so much to Jay Price for his kindness and generosity. Jay was able to do the last 8 out of 9 shows. I have an amazing time with this guy every time. He is a GRATE guy. His favorite show was Raleigh! ...Mar, Jerry and his wife were at several of the Florida shows....also, Frank...he flew in from Colorado for the first 4 shows as well. I love our family! I have met hundreds of people over the years and funny enough, have introduced many of these awesome people to each other and feel lucky to know each and every one of you. Rude and Meli made it to one show. Jen and Joe were at a few. Tea was at a few..Steph at one... Geez, I know I am forgetting some folks and feel bad about it Anyway, I felt like I had to put this together after doing my first entire tour in 18 years...I figure I have seen somewhere between 500-600 dso shows...I know, big discrepancy there but its been so many...only 239 GD shows but dso has been an obsession but pleazin... BTW, the best dancing along the way....St. Augustine, Orlando ( Matt and Elle were both rocking it hard in Orlando ) and Atlanta.....so much good!!!! BTW, thanks to Matt, the new tour manager...what a GRATE guy. DSO is lucky to have him and so are all of us... LOVE you all.. Peace.
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    12/16/78 Absolutely perfect night, no storms, a tiny bit of light rain to cool off a little. Great show to celebrate Scott and my 25th wedding anniversary and thanks to Rob E for announcing it, enjoyed celebrating with Ellie, Steve and Kris and Bix, made it extra special and the crowd was extremely sweet and huggable this night! Sound and music was absolutely incredible! Thank you so much!
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    I’m glad I was able to find all these tapes and see that they got back to the GD! 5 years of my life..
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    Will be a time of most joyful communion. I think DSO is going to need larger venues. Just daydreaming about the next Jack Straw, Bertha or Cold Rain and Snow kickoff and being surrounded by all your beautiful faces and graceful and jubilant moves. My love to you all, friends, strangers, band and crew ❤️❤️
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    ... that postponing the tour is a wise decision. Stop and think about it, if just one person is infected they can spread the virus to a lot of people they aren't going to infect just one, maybe it can be hundreds. Then those people can spread it, maybe at another show and more people are infected and all of these people go to any number of places; other shows, bars sports events, on and on. What if the band gets sick, there could be no more shows! Some of you have said that the Disaster in Chief should have taken the situation seriously to begin with, well we all need to take it seriously. missing some shows is an inconvenience, I'd rather be inconvenienced than DEAD! While I'm ranting: It's time for the revolution! No I don't mean we should start blowing things up and carrying guns (too much of that now). It is time to vote out all the worthless fucking politicians that are in office now. Elect some new blood. This bullshit of voting for parties is just that BULLSHIT! I got an email from the DNC (yes I am presently registered as a democrat, not for long) anyway, the subject was "Here is who to vote for" I replied to it "Fuck You" Enough! Just think about consequences. Be safe, stay healthy. I love you all!
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    Elective Set One: Eyes Of The World > Estimated Prophet > Comes A Time ; It's All Over Now ; We Can Run ; Row Jimmy ; Memphis Blues ; Cats Under The Stars Set Two: Shakedown Street ; Lost Sailor > Saint Stephen > Not Fade Away > drums > space > Easy To Slip > China Doll > One More Saturday Night Encore: After Midnight
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    I have good news to report. The recordings are all intact from the entire week. They sound very good inspite of the elements. I overcame a near recording tragedy when my microphone stand took a tumble from a large gust of wind. Because of this, I had it lower which meant more crowd noise. This is just a slight hiccup to the wonderful music that was shared. I have had some busy days when I got home. Plus, the next few as well will be too. All good things in all good time.
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    As for the feedback, the instrument I was playing is a vintage Yamaha synth that Brent used in that era. It has a setting that allows me to create a feedback effect much like a guitar can. Brent used it often and can be heard on many shows between 83 and 87 sorry if it threw y’all;-) RB
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    What a great show, high energy with lots of space and dancers, very fun night!! Second set sequence was killer, Pocky in between China and Rider was a good surprise. Lisa got a very enthusiastic ovation, lasting probably 30 seconds, after singing Sunrise, with Skip and Eaton urging the crowd to applaud more. The jam out of Terrapin was extended and beautiful, and the remainder of the show after drums and space was also very fun, with The Eleven being the highlight of the night for me, with swirling torrents of music for dancers to ride upon. ❤️ Loved the venue too, hopefully they return.
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    Magic at red rocks. Let your love light shine
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    400 in the books as of last night. And a special one to mark it!! Gosh golly so much fun
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    Great question. For me< i use 3 different snares on the road, depending on the era. They are all wood but different. for the 68-70 stuff I use a 5x13 GMS maple. Tuned to be crisp and sensitive and pitched on the high side, not unlike a supraphonic. I will use it for the 71-74 stuff on occasion but more often I use a Tama 6.5x14 maple also tuned fairly tight and sensitive. For 76-90's depending on the year/show I will use that as well but most often (especially for 80 on) I use a Longo 6x14 mahogany that is a little warmer and darker. Not quite as sensitive but has quite a bit more body to it. I hope this answers the question at least a little bit.
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    Amen. It has been 14 years now. As so many had said in the old In Memoriam section for Scott, he helped found something that has grown beyond belief. This is a testament to both the vision and talent shown by the band to this day and to the fans who help carry the torch on this side of the rail. I am blessed beyond words to have known him and to have been welcomed into this family.
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    20 years for me, coming up this June (6/23/99 at Graffiti's in Pittsburgh where they did 9/11/87). I went because I missed live Dead music (only 3 GD shows, all the summer of '95, for me) and I expected a decent/good show, but I couldn't have imagined that DSO would be the PERFECT thing to fill the void left by the Dead. I was a budding deadhead in '95 with a 100 hours or so of tapes, and in '99 I was ironically a already a relic, of sorts, with several more hundred hours to listen to on XLII's, but no LIVE show to go see/experience/participate in. Futhur Festival was good, but didn't quite cut it for me, and neither did any other "jam" band, not even the ABB. I needed live Grateful Dead music, and played at a certain level, I might add. I had seen several cover bands in the years right after Jerry checked out, but it just wasn't good enough. Then 6/23/99 everything changed for me. The WHOLE show was like a dead show. Sounded like a dead show. Was improvised, like a dead show. It even had a drums/space that rivaled what the boyz used to do. Drumz, and Scott's Brent-esque vocals, are what really won me over that night. And as I approach 20 years of seeing this band, I can't imagine what my life would have been like without them. As they are to many of you, to me these shows are, I can't think of the proper word(s) to put here.. spiritual, magical, educational, chaotic, liturgical, "rite-of-passage-al", poetic.. I think you get the idea. Like I said before, DSO has perfectly filled the void. Shows 192 - 194 coming up at the Jubilee, and hoping to hit 200 in 2019. polished like a golden bowlthe finest ever seen
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    For the first several years of my DSO career I either traveled solo or with my LV buddy Eric and otherwise didn’t mingle much. I talked more to band and crew than I did to other fans. That began to change thanks to the earliest iteration of this forum. Through TR’s masterpiece here I came out of my shell and sought folks out. The first ones were Dr V, Looky, the Herd, and Scott. Then Doc, Teacher Matt, the China Cats, James, August West, Susan Angelina, Dr Barry, the Steves, Christophe, Blythe, Jordan, and it was off to the races. Mango, MC, SVT in all her incarnations, Man in Green, Hypnotist Collector, and so many more! Many shows and a couple of full tours later I’ve come full circle. I treasure those times more than words can tell. New ones come and old ones go, most can still be seen if you poke around, but Scott is the true constant. I owe a debt of thanks to so many here that can never be fully repaid. Scott embodies the best of the best. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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    Ron - As for the first paragraph I quoted: well said, succinct, and I couldn't agree more. The fact that it took Florida's Republican governor until today to fully enact sensible measures is yet another body blow in the partisan world of Trump. I mean, why shut down while the President is so optimistic it'll be business as usual by Easter? As for the second paragraph I'm confused about how we got there, acrimonious moments in this tread or otherwise. There's no reason you should bear 100% of the costs around here.
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    I would like to open a discussion on the lyrics of Terrapin Station. I honestly think I might have posted such a topic many years ago, but my search failed to reconcile the vague memories, so I do apologize if this is a repeat. Much of my time over the past few years has been spent on the lyrics of The Velvet Underground/Lou Reed amongst a few more minor bands. However, today is a good day for some GD, and what better than their masterpiece Terrapin Station, which some even consider to be the magnum opus of the Hunter/Garcia songwriting partnership. I was inspired to analyze the lyrics to this song after watching the Tarkovsky masterpiece Andrei Rublev, which made me think a lot about this song. Maybe at some later point, I will go into why I think the two relate...if anyone has seen the film/cares to hear me ramble. In order not to overload this first post, I think I am only going to publish the Lady with a Fan section first, Maybe other’s thoughts will help inform interpretations of the later sections. So without further delay let’s begin… Lady with a Fan LWAF serves as the central allegory to this song. In this section there are four main characters (in sequence of appearance): the storyteller, the sailor, the soldier, and the lady with a fan. Let my inspiration flow in token lines suggesting rhythm that will not forsake me till my tale is told and done While the firelight's aglow strange shadows in the flames will grow till things we've never seen will seem familiar The first two verses focus on our storyteller. They seem to play much into the idea of a Homeric poetic who tells stories from memory and with poetic rhythm. The calling to “let my inspiration flow” implies some sort of divine intervention that will take place in order to tell this story. Perhaps the storyteller is merely some sort of conduit for this celestial story/knowledge that is about to be conveyed to us. Shadows of a sailor forming winds both foul and fair all swarm down in Carlisle he loved a lady many years ago I found it interesting the mentioning of a singular lady. This gives us a glimpse into the level of love this sailor may have once had. In addition, the fact that is was many years ago, shows us that he has either been unable to recover from this love emotionally or has yet to find someone dear enough to him. Regardless, this sets up the clear idea that the sailor is a much more emotional person in contrast to the soldier. Carlisle is likely a reference to the old English city that served as an important military settlement, being once the military stronghold of Rome to defend Hadrian’s wall and later a battleground area between Scotland and England. It gives us a setting of the UK, with the story being told in Scotland, but I am not sure of any significance to this. My guess is that Carlisle simply sounded best in the song. Here beside him stands a man a soldier by the looks of him who came through many fights but lost at love These lines give us a glimpse into the type of person the soldier is. Saying that he “came through many fights but lost at love” gives us an indication that he has been quite successful in his vocational duties, likely highly respected amongst his fellow soldiers. However, his dedication to his life as a soldier has caused him to fail at ever finding love, whether he has cared to find it or not. This shows us where his focus lies, which contrasts that of the sailor, who has given his life more to love and had once had a committed relationship. The contrast between the sailor/soldier reminds me much of the Meyers-Briggs contrast between F/T. While the storyteller speaks a door within the fire creaks suddenly flies open and a girl is standing there Eyes alight with glowing hair all that fancy paints as fair she takes her fan and throws it in the lion's den "Which of you to gain me, tell will risk uncertain pains of Hell? I will not forgive you if you will not take the chance" Here we are introduced to our fourth and final character of the eponymous allegory, the lady with a fan. With “eyes alight with glowing hair all that fancy paints as fair” we are given that this is a someone of divine like beauty, powerful enough that men of great power and fortune act foolhardy in hopes of attaining her affection. Beyond this, we are not really given a glimpse into the type of person she is. The sailor gave at least a try the soldier being much too wise strategy was his strength and not disaster Here the characters play into their attributes we have been given. The sailor, driven by his emotions, immediately leaps into the lion's den to retrieve the fan, with little concern for his wellbeing, whereas the soldier relying more on logic and strategy does not. The sailor coming out again the lady fairly lept at him that's how it stands today you decide if he was wise The sailor comes out again from the lion's den, presumably with the fan this time—we don’t really know. Regardless he has clearly won the lady. Importantly we are told “that’s how it stands today”. This shows us that the lady was not deceitful and they theoretically live “happily ever after”. Even more importantly we are told “you decide if he was wise”. Although it may seem the sailor is the one who won and the soldier walked away with nothing from this encounter, is that really the case? What does the soldier have? The storyteller makes no choice soon you will not hear his voice his job is to shed light and not to master This plays much into the idea of all great storytellers. Their job not being able to tell us what to do, but simply to illuminate the complications of life and decisions we must face. This really embodies the approach Hunter has always had to lyrics, to simply shed light. Since the end is never told we pay the teller off in gold in hopes he will come back but he cannot be bought or sold The storyteller has served their role and we compensate them for it. We may wish to know more, but the storyteller would be doing us a disservice if they did. It reminds me of when I was a child and would be upset when movies ended on cliffhangers or just left you in some ambiguous state. I would always wonder “but what happens?” As I grew older, I realized this was exactly what they were supposed to do. Storytellers are not there to tell us how to think or what is right and wrong but simply give us things to think about so that we can decide for ourselves.
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    If you know me, you my know occurrences tend to happen in my life that can have big portent or lovely serendipity, or both! Let’s just say when I create, it can be big and this was one with both. I listened to a show from 1972 opening with GSET on the plane ride down and this opener got my attention immediately! Jeff in the far left queued me that it was a later 70s KaD show. (There are these great shirts about with Donnaholic written on them, floating around the show) Too good. Incidentally, I was also beginning the Deadology book on the flight and read Oct 19th entry, or Chapter 1. Guess what is next- 2/17. 😂 Had The GD had nights as inspired as this night in 1978, we might not have had Brent come on the scene as soon as 4/22. The book says no matter the crazy times of late 1979, Jerry and Kahn touring were always a constant. Their show on 2/17/80 had some lovely gems. “That’s Alright Mama”and “After Midnight-> Eleanor-> After Midnight!” We got both!!!! these gems - it was pirates booty in Jamaica. A full chest of it! A beautiful day and I can’t tell you how happy it made me to be in Jamaica on the 29th anniversary of my dear best friend, good natured, genuine love Zephyr’s death. It felt good to have redemption songs fill my head as I have climbed mountains. i have been waiting for a Jack A Roe and it was lovely!! The Lazy Lightning -> Supplication was juiced, and just spun to a blistering end. The Shakedown was completely right on time and totally unexpected and the energy sizzled all around. LLRain was beautifully harmonized with the swaying palms and lapping pf the waves. From the Heart of Me epic. Gosh, Lisa you bring the angels close, bending in to hear. As I said, it was so good. Hard to quantify but these combos work and really make for a lovely evening under the stars. thank you everyone! You made my night
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    Loved the 11 shows I saw but Huntington first night wins the prize for me....hard to choose but this elective paved the way! Thanks DSO and crew..You guys/gal make it happen for us GD snobs!!! Happy Holidaze! See you in Albany!
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    I’ve gotten myself in hot water for standing up for JK here in this community. I’m with DSO through and through. 140 JK Dso shows. 400 plus since. I think those that matter know my loyalty but I don’t think JK letting Melvin tell him anything. JK taking JGB to a level they haven’t touched since Jerry. 2nd best Jerry Garcia product going right now and we have lots of products to sample from. I rememver years and years ago with red wine all over myself telling certain people at Gratefulfest. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for John. I should just learn to hold my tongue. Just saying I believe JK thinks of himself on equal standing with Melvin. Also the slap the bag bagged wine spectacle is obnoxious. I was covered in wine because after taking the biggest swig I let the rest of the bag pour on myself so I could enjoy the show and the kids would stop slapping the bag. Oh the memories. Gratefulfest. It would be amazing if DSO even under a different name found a way to do the ledges one more time. A la the warlocks. Oh the memories that would bring back. And I know it was time to go. More importantly, we have the present. I just told Whitney about zero a few weeks ago then boom they show up on the Jubilee announcement. Can’t wait to celebrate life with all of you again.
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    Good morning Tea, You a person I have never meant just made my day with your comments. I have been off the board for some time dealing with "mid life" sadness and sure as shit I get on today and I see your comments. This proves "strangers can help strangers" in the craziest ways. Thank you brother for helping me see the light and to understand we are not alone in this world and its ok to ask for help. I promise you Tea I will pass this on to another person in need. The sun is shinning in my back & front door today!!! YIP!!!!!!
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    You come back and I’ll play it;-)
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    I just put up the recording for Saturday's show (9/07/19) for your streaming and downloading pleasure. https://archive.org/details/dso2019-09-07.Neumannkm184.Cook.flac16
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    I got my recording of the show up at Archive for your listening and downloading pleasure. https://archive.org/details/dso2019-08-12.Neumann184.Cook.flac16
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    So how to begin. How to capture this terrible emotion? How’d do I tell the story when the words are so hard to write These last two shows I’ve been carrying myself with a real heavy heart. My mom needs your prayers. She was diagnosed with brain cancer. It’s life sentence. I can’t explain how the songs resonate other to say that Terrapin is heaven and I know my mom will be there much sooner than I’m ready to handle. Ready to accept. Have even truly begun to understand. But whether it one day or 3 years its time to cherish every 2nd of mom. Nobody has ever loved like my mom does. Nobody ever will. So as her body becomes a brokedown palace I pray for the river to sing her sweet sweet songs. I really appreciate the love and support many of you have already shared with me. Big big thanks to Rob B and DSO for all you’ve done for me and looking at for me and my family as I work my way through this. I have so much I want to say and share but it’s all so fresh. I don’t even understand. How to talk about something I haven’t grasped yet. I truly hope I don’t have to update this heartfelt cry for many years. We will see what tomorrow brings but she’s still here and I need to get with it and be there and cherish it. Love is real
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    Set One: Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo ; The Race Is On > Mister Charlie > Sitting On Top Of The World ; Green Green Grass Of Home ; They love Each Other (73' style) ; Chinatown Shuffle ; Ramble On Rose ; You Ain't Women Enough (To Take My Man) ; My And My Uncle ; Good Lovin' (72' style) Set Two: Here Comes Sunshine ; Pride Of Cucamonga ; Greatest Story Ever Told ; Cryptical Envelopment > drums > The Other One > Cryptical Envelopment > China Doll > One More Saturday Night Encore: Ripple
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    I can relate, Brian. I caught a ticket to the Atlantic City show, reserved a blue light cheap hotel room in Ocean City, announced my lack of participation in helping out at the farm the day of, and the day after the show. (Gotta rest up then recuperate after dancing my face off) I was pretty excited that I could afford it in spite of the squeeze of paying for my daughter’s wedding. THEN, I called my daughter and asked her what the final payment was looking like. The response suddenly put me in ‘Oh, shit’ mode. So, the ticket is paid for and on it’s way. I figured I would miracle somebody with it, some way, some how. The only thing left is to get out of the hotel reservation, which was already paid for in full. So, I called the hotel last night. The guy on duty didn’t have the authority to do refunds. He tells me to call back in the morning and talk to the manager. I called this morning and got a nice gal that was knowledgeable but still not the person in charge. She let me know that I could get a refund but the cancellation was still going to cost about sixty five bucks. We had a good conversation. I explained how this was killing me because I was going to catch some Grateful Dead music and how it was what I live for. She responds with, ‘my first concert was Grateful Dead, Spectrum 1994, changed my life.’ After a few more minutes of talking, I am getting a full refund and she’s getting my ticket. It will be her first Dark Star show. That made my day. I was so happy how everything worked out. I hope you have the same kind of good fortune with your situation, Brian.
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    Because they make you feel normal height. For similar reasons, I like hanging around really fat people.
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    20 years ago tonight was my first DSO show (that I played)! It was an audition in front of a live sold out show at Martyrs in Chicago. Evidently, I passed the audition that night and Im still riding this bucking bronco. Thank you everyone for getting me this far down the line! I appreciate you all!!! It has definitely been a long strange trip. Show # 167 Show Date: 1999-05-18 Venue: Martyrs' City: Chicago State: IL Set Type: GD Set list Set One: Foolish Heart Jack Straw Alabama Queen Jane Cold Rain Rooster Hey Pocky Way-> Iko Iko Set Two: Samson-> Cumberland Blues Saint-> He's Gone-> Drumz-> Wheel-> Miracle-> Stella Blue-> Around-> Good Lovin Encore:U. S. Blues Filler: Good Times Show Notes Dino English played drums as Kreutzmann Date (GD): 1989-06-18 Venue (GD): Shoreline Amphitheatre City (GD): Mountain View State (GD): CA That night, I was asked by Scott Larned if I knew any other drummers that I could bring in to play with. I said, "Yes, I have a buddy I have played with for several years that I know back in St. Louis." Scott asked "Can you bring him up next week"? Next Saturday at the Jubilee will be Rob Koritz 20th anniversary of his first DSO show.
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    That has nothing to do with this thread and I should not have posted it here. I owe you all an explanation and plan to soon. Right now there is too much Drama in my life (having very little to do with this thread). I'm sorry I got out of control and behaved in a manner I have preached against for years! I have edited that post, a little too late. In my defense it (to me) was like a slap in the face. As Rick said we have met and I think he is a great person and I did and do consider him a friend.
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    I'm looking for a story/quote/review that talks about the transition from Scarlet > Fire from 11/30/80. Mango might know - somehow I think he's shared it before. As soon as I read it, I'll recognize it right away - please post it here. I'm sure most of you know it and I think it's become an official release. If by some chance you never heard it before, do yourself a favor:
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    Sitting outside drinking a beer. White Cal T-shirt. Come say hi.
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    Whoops - 2-14-70 has an early show, which of course has a Dark Star. How could I have been expected to keep track of a 4 song show?!? 😟 DSO did 5-3-72 Paris, and Alligator sounded great. Jeff seemed to really enjoy playing it. 5 Pigpen songs, with Lisa on harp for Next Time You See Me and Hurts Me Too, the latter being a stunner. My favorite segment was Good Lovin' / Sing Me Back Home. Maybe the best I've heard DSO sound. Jeff and Rob B has a great synergy happening during the long, powerful Good Lovin' rap. Also the Other One > Bobby McGee > Other One in set 2 was epic. The band got permission to go until 12:30AM, and they needed almost every minute of it. These Europe shows don't let up! What a treat to see it recreated with the same guitar that gave us the original.
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    From DSO FB page FAMILY INSTRUMENT ALERT #2: Phil Lesh’s historic bass ‘Mission Control’ joins us on stage at House of Blues San Diego Feb 21 & The Wiltern in LA on Feb 22! The story behind one of the most technically decorated and carefully crafted bass instruments in music history is one of true Grateful Dead lore. As one of Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh’s most iconic instruments, ‘Mission Control’ was built at Alembic by luthier Rick Turner in 1973 not just for, but as part of, The Wall of Sound. Featured in The Grateful Dead Movie, this instrument was on stage with the Grateful Dead from 1974 until 1979. Shortly after Phil stopped playing her in 1980, she was gutted of her pickups and lost for 40 years, she has been found and restored and is ready to be heard again. After being out of public view for nearly four decades, the bass landed in the hands of Jason Scheuner, Deadhead and Artist Liason for Telefunken. “We are thrilled to be the new custodian of the most significant bass guitar in Rock n Roll History! The Rick Turner/Alembic/Phil Lesh “Mission Control” bass, aka “Osage Orange”, aka “The Omega”. It was important to us that it go to a Deadhead, it has and now can be shared with the world. Dark Star Orchestra was the obvious choice to debut the stage return of this historic instrument, and will be played by DSO's very own Skip Vangelas.” To complete the final steps of the restoration to get the instrument back to create its quality, stage-ready sound, Scheuner continues, “Rick Turner will be flying down to San Diego to complete the final step of the restoration before the first show. The neck and bridge pickups removed some 40 years ago have now been found and recovered (from Fred Hammon of Dark Star Pickups) and will be installed to complete the restoration of this historic instrument.” The instrument’s creator Rick Turner states "The return of the prodigal bass! ‘Mission Control’ is likely the ultimate four string electric bass as a combination of lutherie and electronics. She disappeared decades ago having been frightfully abused, but she lives again! I'm so happy to have been the luthier who built her and to be participating in the restoration to stage ready."
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    2/17/79 filler Mr Charlie
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    Randy, a whole crew enjoyed the show by way of your tickets. I had 4 miracles to give since my brother is on the injured list too. Before the show I was in the nearby bar which was packed with deadheads. There was a little note hanging from the edge of the bar saying I had miracles available. Then I turned from talking with Charles and Themia to find a nice lady next to me. After a bit she decided to go the show. She declared it to be a date with me but I declared no commitments. As time progressed we headed through the light drizzle of rain to the Palace. We quickly rounded up a few that had one finger in the air. I led the group to the door thinking " This is some encourage I ve got here, a beautiful lady, a young hippy couple, one in the oven, another middle aged hippy, all led in by the oldest man at the show" We checked out downstairs seat locations but I let them all know I was headed upstairs where my other good friends would be dancing. While wondering around I discovered your seats were on the very front row of the balcony. I told the usher there was no way I d stay on that cliff's edge. My long time friends started arriving ...good to see my family again. We filled the open space with a row of twenty dancers the whole show. After a bit your guests found their way from below and joined our dance party. At set break the couple said that at the Jubilee I had given them fresh aloe for the badly sun burned girl. Then I remembered them and was pleased the lady had recovered. Hmm? Jubilee was eight months ago. I think they will name the baby "Sunshine". Peace And Love, Doc
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    10-21-73 Omaha, NE Here comes sunshine Biodtl Loser BTW Love each other Cumberland El paso You ain't woman enough Weather report Let it grow Playing Half step Big river Playing reprise Trucking He's gone Sugar mags Wharfrat Gdtrfb Sat night Filler Let me sing your blues away Harder they come Run rudolph Awwww man, a killer show. Pretty full house for dso in Richmond tonight. The balcony was our place and afforded a reasonable amount of dance space. Thank you band and crew for NEVER disappointing!
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    Playing in the Band > Uncle John's Band > Morning Dew > Uncle John's Band > Playing in the Band New Speedway Boogie I Need a Miracle > Bertha Greatest Story Ever Told Help on the Way > Slipknot! > Foolish Heart The Wheel Unbroken Chain > Drums > Low Spark Let it Grow So Many Roads Viola Lee Blues E: Sunshine of Your Love
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    Donovan sat in with Chris Robinson in Jamaica for SOTW. We did not know that was coming last night. Lots of fun. Great surprise call by Jeff on the fly.
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    Ya know if you posted videos in the Video System, they would always be viewable in the future instead of getting buried as new threads are posted here, the forum designed for reviews. All your videos are grouped together. Furthermore, when you add a video there a thread is automatically posted in the "Now Listening" Forum. Videos added to the VIDEO System are also listed in the sidebar, ensuring they will be noticed.
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    9/8/88. My first Grateful Dead show and the first time I tried hallucinogenics. The day everything changed. Super excited to see it show up on a DSO list. Not long after Jerry died I wrote a song about the Grateful Dead. Titled it in honor of my first show. Here are the lyrics. “Spectrum ‘88” You gave the food of love to those who came to listen. We gave it back to you. The dust has cleared and your rays they still glisten. Your legacy is true. A song of love...a song of adventure A song to help you get through the night. A song so pure it could hold all the answers....to life. Thank you boys, you’ve done well. I hope you’re proud of yourselves. Thank you boys, you’ve done well by me. Inspiration bred a wonderful creation. It bears no label or a name. Belonging to no single generation. Were you the players or the game? A song of chance....a song of desolation. A song to help you see the light. A song so strong it spurred on a nation To new heights. Thank you boys, you’ve done well. i hope you’re proud of yourselves. Thank you boys you’ve done well by me.
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    Happy Friday Darkstar forum, Going to see Melvin W/ JK this Sunday at the Atomic Cowboy in St.Louis. Going to be a outside show. Can's wait and the second best part is we are off work on Monday!!! Yahoo!! Will give up date on show. Have a great and safe Labor day weekend everybody...
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    Wake up All around Big pete Jack Roe Easy slip Aiko We can run Sweet chariot Monkey engineer Box rain Cassidy Next time Dont ease Cumberland It makes no difference Run roses Chimes freedom Believe it Hobo song On rd again Uncle johns Unbrkn chn Folsom blues Ripple
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    Absolute blast. Such a great group. Love all around. One complaint move the fire spinners. That is the most ideal dance space and to rope it off is plain stupid. If anything it should be roped off for the dancers. Fire spin late night or do it back by kid zone. Im mid spin totally blissing out 2nd set night two. My lady says I’m just a step off from Jamaica. So I’m moving. Security stops me to tell me they gonna set fire spinners back up. That’s insanity to me. I was so close to that total loss of my own consciousness to have that happen is a total bummer. If you feel you need to use that space for fire spinners and you feel like they essential to this scene and community. Do it late night when half us back at campsite and good dance space isn’t at such a premium. Or just let me know you don’t give a fuck about my opinion. I will bring the rugs back. I will rope them off and I won’t let anyone that doesn’t dance on them. I don’t care if your my friend or you know all of us. You don’t dance you don’t come on rugs. I’d rather just move the fire spinners but I will stand up for the dancers and fight for us to have a space to really get down. I think the dancers are more important to this scene than the fire spinners.
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    New set up old names. Amongst the confusion of upgrade it was nice to see familiarity. Nice to read of the reunion of dates. The remeberence of the first circus ride. A throw of the unexpected, the first time. Not as good as it could be, but the best it would ever be. First are always something to reflect on. Age catches up, memerories fade, but the ones we keep, we cherish. I cherish mine. I cherish many....no regrets of a weekend missed, as the bus always idles for those waiting to hop back on. Pauses for the right reasons makes it sweeter when we go back to where we belong. Nice to read the post. No more cavey but change is the only constant. Hope all.yall are doing well. It's a strange place to be knowing where your started. A big thanks to many here. Walked me through hell, forgave my stumbles, and encouraged so many times with keep.on growing at the balck.mountain. my song to rest. And rest we need at times. Regroup, reevaluate, and fight for the beauty of the love we bring. The comfort of knowing it's always here. It moves on with out you, but allows you to come.back on. A continuum....ever last lasting, or at least built to. Carolina contingent. I second thought myself, but ...little league Saturday is more precious. Happy to come back and share my silly words, but more happy to come back and read yours. Stability....and to think we find it in the same but different. Every show, every night. Will make a jubilee a priority. Be nice to dance with you fine people again. To flail. Makes calves tighten just thinking about it. You know my love is not fade away. Happy spring, rebirth, enjoy your back yard carolina!! Sorry. Wants no longer out weigh needs, but eventually need to take a load off. Go hang out with carmin....and go spend some time loosing my twenties ...closer to 50. As always, it makes sense to me....to others, to some, it's in and out, as the garden grows and the sunshine knows, the laughing water, maybe more will eventually get me out the door. Get out of the way, splintered light will indeed come back one day!! Love yall!! How I became other love I dont know, it used to be going back where...... prior sun1869, I guess time does change all. Name change is common for me.
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