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    The whole band received this this morning At 80 I was probably the oldest one in the audience so maybe my comments will be dismissed. But I've had many years listening to the Dead and for the past few years listening to you guys. I've always been impressed with your shows but Monday's show hit another level. Had that have been the Dead who performed it, it would have been treasured as one of the classics. I am still on a high. Thanks for an incredible evening and thanks to the crew for an impeccable set list. What way to keep this music alive and to honor the memory of those who first got on the bus. God Bless you all. Lou Ruprecht;-))
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    Hey Now! I was one of the tapers at this year's event and I recorded all of the DSO sets, Green Leaf Rustlers, and The Wailers. It will take a little time to be able to have them all available to you all, but I can tell you the wait will be worth it. I am finally meeting with a friend on February 11 who will walk me through the steps as to how to put them all online. I have listened to my recordings, and I believe that you all will be happy with the results.
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    Hello All, I have finally worked hard enough to be current with our DSO live downloads. As you all know I only do Original set lists with the exception of big shows. I don't have the time to do them all but I feel very strongly personally that it's our original set lists where we are at our best (sometimes our worst) but it's the not knowing or not having a way to do something that I think is more fulfilling. I can just play as I feel and that to me is what it's all about. At any rate here are 18 shows going back to the May tour finishing in Black Mountain that I hope you will all enjoy. They are not always perfect but quite frankly who is.. Betty is my inspiration!!!! Peace Rob Eaton Here is a list of the shows avail now on Nugs: 5/10/18 Boston 5/11/18 Port Chester 5/14/18 Princeton 5/18/18 Westbury 5/25/18 Jubilee 5/26/18 Jubilee 5/27/18 Jubilee 5/27/18 DSO W/Melvin Seals Jubilee 6/22/18 San Diego 6/24/18 Carmel by the Sea 6/29/18 Berkeley 7/27/18 Hampton Beach 8/2/18 Buffalo 8/3/18 Rochester 8/8/18 Ridgefield 8/10/18 Coney Island 8/13/18 Dewey Beach 8/18/18 Black Mountain
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    I’m proud of you all too! One thing I can say about my mates and crew, it doesnt matter the size of the venue or how many people attend. We are ALWAYS in search of the magic. Pure and simple. Thanks to all of you for coming and freely freeking. more to come;-) RB
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    You know the night is epic when you pull up to Taco Bell after the show and they start with welcome to Pizza Hut may I take your order. We eventually even got a welcome to good burger home of the good burger reference. Wow I could say a whole lot. I could say nothing at all. It really doesn’t matter. The magic of last night still radiates the core of my soul. I dont want to sound patronizing but I couldn’t be more proud of my band of our band. Just selling the place out was an achievement in itself but the music was beyond compare. The way you could feel estimated swirl around the Amphitheatre. The bounce of eyes flow through each row up and around the venue back down to the band. For the first time in awhile, I even feel the urge to spill my heart and bare my soul but alas I grew past that. I bore my soul here for myself so I could see it and experience my own growth but now my soul is bare where it needs to be. Im gonna be Dad in December.
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    Although I am in possession of tickets for 8 DSO shows in 2019 none have yet to occur. Since my first DSO show was 1/22/99 my next show...(Nashville) will mark 20 years. The music, the band, the peeps, the road...if I told you all that went down... Thank You Dark Star Orchestra
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    So the thing is... Every year, some time after Thanksgiving, Good ol' Granny would settle into her cabin in the woods and pull out her sewing supplies. Weeks she would spend in her rocking chair, slowly stitching away with needle and thread. It was never fully understood how stitching away on her scraps of fabric affected her,,but many unusual expressions were witnessed by family members during the winter season. While working her art, Granny was scene at times laughing, crying, content at times, a bit confused at times...even spotted a few times in an ecstatic state with her sewing supplies off to the side and up out of her chair with hands in the air and a grin from ear to ear.... Why,,ol' Uncle John even swears he witnessed a question mark float off of the top of her head and gradually disappear into the ethers up around the ceiling. The line between sanity and madness seemed a bit obscured at times with Granny,,but it didn't seem to matter because her sewing project would keep her grounded and focused throughout the winter season... After spending the year gathering scraps of old cloth, worn out clothing, and special pieces of fabric from her monthly trips into town,,Granny always appeared to be giddy with anticipation to create her winter art piece... Come Imbolc, in early February, half way between winter solstice and spring equinox, Granny would pull together the family for what was clearly her favorite celebration of the year...the birth of spring. Each year after an abundant and noirishing meal together the entire family would slip into an evening of laughter, libations, play, and music. With ol' Uncle John ripping away on his fiddle.,,the time would finally come for Granny to offer her winter creation. Out of the back room she would come,,beaming, with the brightest of smiles... With all the family focused on her in awe and appreciation she would unfold and present the most beautiful quilt that eyes have ever seen...full of color, integrity and beauty....Tears of joy would be shed by all who were present, including Granny herself as the quilt was passed around and admired by all... That quilt...was this show...full of soul, color, time and timelessness, sadness, joy, beauty and meaning... 2/11/19 DSO,Eugene, Oregon,,, Thank you kindly...
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    Well when I found that reel the only part of the reel box I could read was “Santa Barbara”. The rest of the box was so water damaged that nothing was recognizable at all. After resorting the tape I was finally able to put it on the tape deck. It was indeed reel #4 of the missing 2/27 show. I never thought I’d see these tapes and after realizing the amount of damage they had gone through it’s my feeling that the other reels from this show simply got tossed out. If I can figure out how to post a photo of the box I will... peace rob
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    This was our first DSO show and my wife and I, both GD veterans, were quite blown away with the quality of the experience. The curfew thing was a bit of a bummer but the band handled it really well. The Morning Dew in the second set crushed! We ended up wandering into a bar in Ojai with a great live band and "the music never stopped." We are new converts to DSO and are heading to one of the Berkeley shows!
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    Over the years, I have seen a ridiculous amount of shows but have only done one entire tour start to finish. The most recent SE tour was the one!! 3 of us did the entire tour along with the band and crew. BTW, before I go any further, thanks to DSO for all that you do. Its' not easy! Yes, you get paid but it is a grind! Truthfully, I am blown away with their amazing attitude and willingness to put on excellent shows night in and night out! AMAZING! 4400 miles give or take, starting in Wilmington, DE, 14 shows total to include Bobby and the Wolf Bros ( Jacksonville, Florida ) the night before DSO's opener in St. Pete, Florida. My favorite venues were St. Augustine, Florida, Pompano Beach, Florida ( been there multiple times to see DSO before ), Tallahassee, Florida and Wilmington, NC ( been there for DSO as well ). Of the 14 venues, St. Augustine, Tallahassee, Birmingham and Nashville were the only new venues for me. Alabama and Tennessee were 2 states I had never seen DSO in ( after 18 years ) ! 3 venues I did not care for were Asheville ( Orange Peel ) and Charlotte ( Fillmore ). Asheville's employees are cool but the place is always packed with little dance room ( boo ) and Charlotte's employees are a mess but overall room is ok....Raleigh also has employees I am not fond of but am okay with the room. The rest of the venues I like! My favorite show was St. Augustine. I felt the band was feeling it that night and after speaking with a few band members to include Cotter, they felt the same. All the shows were good but that was my favorite. The trip was shared with many friends. My best buddy was with me the entire time, Luna, my pup. She is a kind dog, loving and patient. She was ready to be off the road at the end as was I. Luckily for both of us, she and I share an RV which gives her a comfortable place to rest during the shows. The weather was unbelievable the entire time. Never a night did I need AC at all and only checked into one RV campground in Nashville. Thanks To Chris and Nina for being around for every show as well... These two kids are good people and fun to be with and truly DEADicated. I met 4 new people on this tour who apparently do their fair of shows but had never met them before for some reason? Cynthia, Renee, Tatiana and Adrian, I look forward to dancing with you all again...Thanks for sharing your space with me!! It meant a lot! Sammy, Aaron and Carl all drove down for the first 5 shows in Florida which were my favorite shows for so many reasons. Scotty flew into south Florida to hook up with Tatiana and Adrian. They did the 2 Bobby shows to include the first 5 DSO shows as well! My great friend Kevin and his wife were at St. Augustine only but I was able to stay with them for several nights in Jacksonville so that was nice. Rick and Whitney did several of the Florida shows and had their beautiful girl with them..OMG!!! The Perrottis were at the majority of the Florida shows ( love this family so much ) but had to run their deli each day so talk about a grind, back and forth from Orlando to each show each night!!! I put so much value on the Florida DSO runs because of my long friendship with this amazing family! Steve, Carrie and a bunch of other Sand Jammers were along for a few of the shows. I run into Sand Jammers everywhere... They must think I'm crazy, seeing me pretty much everywhere? Nantucket, John and Debbie all flew in for one show..Nantucket, St. Pete, John and Debbie, Pompano!! Awesome!! My buddy Gary from Jam Cruise, his cousin David Jonas ( friends with John, Debbie, Jeff Mattson and Cotter ) both went to Pompano as well...Nice meeting David and having Gary along. Gary and I played golf the next day which was superb. Brian also flew in for first 4 shows as well. THANKS so much to Jay Price for his kindness and generosity. Jay was able to do the last 8 out of 9 shows. I have an amazing time with this guy every time. He is a GRATE guy. His favorite show was Raleigh! ...Mar, Jerry and his wife were at several of the Florida shows....also, Frank...he flew in from Colorado for the first 4 shows as well. I love our family! I have met hundreds of people over the years and funny enough, have introduced many of these awesome people to each other and feel lucky to know each and every one of you. Rude and Meli made it to one show. Jen and Joe were at a few. Tea was at a few..Steph at one... Geez, I know I am forgetting some folks and feel bad about it Anyway, I felt like I had to put this together after doing my first entire tour in 18 years...I figure I have seen somewhere between 500-600 dso shows...I know, big discrepancy there but its been so many...only 239 GD shows but dso has been an obsession but pleazin... BTW, the best dancing along the way....St. Augustine, Orlando ( Matt and Elle were both rocking it hard in Orlando ) and Atlanta.....so much good!!!! BTW, thanks to Matt, the new tour manager...what a GRATE guy. DSO is lucky to have him and so are all of us... LOVE you all.. Peace.
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    I've been digesting the new Dave's release, the famous '77 San Bernadino show. The Terrapin opener, put into the context of history, has to be in the running for the most powerful show opener in GD history. This is the first show of 1977, and the band had spent the past weeks in the studio working up material for their next album. This turns the Terrapin bustout on its head; typically they would season a song in live performances prior to taking it into the studio, but in this instance they unveiled what is arguably their magnum opus in fully polished form in front of what must have been 7,500 slack-jawed Heads. Minds were undoubtedly boggled. I recall first getting the Betty board in the late 80s and being dumbfounded at (a) how good it sounded, and (b) how that Terrapin could have been unleashed like that, out of nowhere, to open the show. There's only room for so much sonic improvement with this release, but it does indeed sound great. The filler, however, is another story. It's reel 5 of 5, the only one that survives, of the next night at Robertson Gym on UC Santa Barbara's campus. And it contains Morning Dew, which for the 1st time can be experienced via Betty's handiwork. No board whatsoever had previously circulated, leaving Rob Bertrando's audience recording as the reference source. I think of it as the "lost '77 Dew." Post hiatus, Morning Dew had been played twice in the Fall '76 tour and again NYE '76. But it was the '77 versions where it really spread its wings. There are 5 Dews in '77, 3 of which are very well known (interestingly, all 5 of these Dews, with the exception of Barton Hall, come out of Terrapin). The '77 Dews: 5-8 Ithaca of course goes without saying, 5-22 Pembroke Pines was released on a Dick's Picks and is part of the famous Garcia 4 pack (Eyes>Rat>Terrapin>Dew) to close the show. 6-7 is part of a 3 night Winterland box set. While 4-47 Passiac is less well known, it's been circulating on a decent board source for decades (it's somewhat truncated vs the others, but Jerry cheats no one on the final flourish). That leaves 2-27 Santa Barbara. Having turned off the lights and opened up the big stereo last night, essentially experiencing it for the first time, I'm convinced this reading is up there with any of them. It's plenty drawn out, quiet when it needs to be, manic when it needs to be, and features lots of great Garcia/Lesh interplay. Wow! A couple footnotes...the Swing Auditorium was hit by a twin engine Cessna in 1981, killing both people aboard the plane and putting a hole in the arena's roof. Couple that with the damage from the subsequent fire, and the place was torn down. There's a newspaper article on the show included in the release which is very positive, noting that the Dead were far from done and had established a unique place in rock history. It touted the fact they weren't resting on their laurels and were debuting new material, including the song "Estimated Property". I got a kick out of that.
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    I beautifully entered a space devoid of thought on 3 of 4 nights. My own story and my own world evaporated as I slowly became part of the song itself. I was William O and I was dire wolf. I was high stepping into town on a day break on the lamb but while the music was playing my ego my self was gone. I just danced. Maybe the best I ever have. Once the music stopped it was hard not to let the ego inflate. Even my lady who usually knows better to say a word was mesmerized. I had mastered sand. I saw patterns in the sand that no one else could see. Only a few degrees short of true full throttle I twisted every which way in the sand. Except for night 1, where I mostly stumbled and slid and did the best I could to look graceful, the other 3 nights I stopped slipping. Night 2 I felt like I was able to move almost in 4 dimensions. The dance definitely become more 3 dimensional than its ever been. Dso was that good. I mean just firing on every song. I could not have achieved neither the mental clarity nor the physical ability without such gorgeous music. I have more to say. So much can be said for the beauty of this trip outside the music but I figured I’d get this up while it was still fresh.
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    Early 79 show. Big Samson and Dancing 2nd set. Epic epic fun. Dark star broke down mystery train encore. This was sick shit man. I mean serious get down groove. Beautiful day and night.
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    Certainly original recipe::: Alabama > Dancin Dire wolf Keep on growin B e women Sailor> Saint > Deal Happy bday, lisa Box Sunrise (dedicated to matt reynolds) Cryptical> Drumz> Other one> Cryptical Easy wind > Bird song > After midnight Midnight hour> EYES > Estimated > Terrapin > Help > Slip > Wharf rat > Lovelight (RB w/ box back nitties!) White rabbit
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    Every time there is an increase in new registrations (800% this month). Soon there are a bunch of ridiculous and often hateful posts. I know that some are legitimate fans and/or folks interested in DSO and the music of the Grateful Dead. Please don't let this current attack give you the wrong idea. Normally this is a kind caring community. I am disgusted at the current state of the union. To the Troublemakers you are warned Ridiculous posts that babble about nothing, posts that are hateful, that have no Social or Political import WILL BE DELETED and the offender will be dealt with in a manner in which I see fit. You are welcome to run back to whatever forum you came from, call me a dictator or tyrant or whatever - it won't be the first time. I have started the Purge!
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    Why is Black Peter special to me.... Listening to BP from Europe (I think) last night I commented to a friend how this is probably the best blues song ever... This song has a way of putting all that life and death is into its proper perspective. I had spent a couple /few years listening to BP multiple times a day because the lyrics and bluesey groove was my life... "all my friends came to see me last night, I was layin in my bed and dying" 48 staples closing me up and coming back to life while a priest is giving me last rights and the friends that came to see me. "Just want to have a little peace to die and a friend or 2 at hand" my mantra for two to three years of nothing but the horror of what I had become... Wanting to die but " one more day I find myself alive tomorrow maybe go beneath the ground" This was a comforting thought... See here how everything lead up to this day and it's just like any other day that's ever been. The pain of knowing the life your living will be the life you die from and having no hope it could ever be different... The people may know but the people don't care that a man can be as poor as me. Take a look at poor Peter he's lying in pain... poor in spirit and extreme physical pain but the physical was minor in comparison to the spiritual pain. Black Peter brings me back to a life I was dying by and forward to the grateful life I live today... See here how everything lead up to this day and it's just like any other day that's ever been... 😀❤️😀
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    theCause w/ Jeff Mattson and Lisa Mackey 3/23/19 Rex Theater Pittsburgh, PA Acoustic w/Randy Bauman on keys Dire Wolf Bird Song Monkey and The Engineer Rosalie McFall Cassidy To Lay Me Down On The Road Again Ripple Electric 1 Iko Sugaree Big River ? Country song sung by bass player Black-Throated Wind China Cat > Love The One Your With > I Know You Rider Might As Well Electric 2 w/ Randy Bauman on keys (most/all?) Shakedown Saint Etta James song (Don't Make Me Cry?) Lazy Lightning > Supplication ? Jeff Original ? theCause Original > Bertha White Rabbit With A Little Help From My Friends (w/ several guest singers) Jeff on everything. Lisa on 3/4 of it all. GREAT night. Some transitions to/from the jams within songs were a little iffy, but the raw power of it all more than made up for it. Lots of spirited play. The whole acoustic set was sublime, especially Rosalie and To Lay Me Down. Beautiful harmony between Lisa and Jill. Crazy surprise between China and Rider. Awesome Shakedown, and whatever that Etta James song was was just KILLED by Jill. Might have been my favorite tune of the night. Anyone know the Jeff original? It kinda reminded me of a Trey Anastasio composition, which is not a criticism lol just an observation theCause's original was a catchy tune as well. 15 "anymore's" to end the Bertha. White Rabbit. I've heard it a few times now, but I think this was THE one. Brought. The. House. Down. The people near me not familiar with Lisa were blown away. I was like, she's always like this! LOL No, the Rabbit was a really REALLY good Rabbit. Help From My Friends was played and even sung in that Joe Cocker at Woodstock-ish way, and was the perfect end to a great night. See you all there next year!!!!
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    My dad's favorite touring story involves the Eel in '87, more specifically the acoustic show on the bonus disk. My dad was hanging out outside the venue playing Deep Ellem Blues on his guitar when a car rolls by with none other than Jerry in it. He stops and says something along the lines of "sounds good!" to my dad. My dad then made his way into the venue and up towards the front of the crowd. He says that Jerry came out on stage, looked right at him and nodded, then jumped into Deep Ellem to kick off the acoustic set!
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    This little peanut gonna make it to her first 3 shows.
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    I going to throw in my 2 cents. First Please keep your comments in Kindness and the Spirit of the Love of the Music, life is too short to be surrounded by hate. Second. Dark Star plays in the spirit of the Grateful Dead and when I went to shows in 80's and 90's I never knew what I was going to see that night and that was part of the Magic. I honestly went for many reasons the music being one, but friends, the circus and the sense of being part of something special, thats what DSO does for me. In this day in age when everything moves fast and we have so many choices we all want it to be easier, but for me the chance of getting something different was always possible every night and that made it fun. That is why some of most memorable DSO show's have been Electives. I know many people will argue both sides and I can see their points, but I know my answer, I want it to be like it was at Merryweather Post in June of 1983 or Alpine in 89...I had no idea what was coming next and later I learned either did they. Have fun and dance and smile....while you can. Dr Vapor.
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    He died a few months ago at the age of 67, which made him a decade older than I. Since Sunday Morning at Jubilee when I heard the news I have been thinking oft about my brother and all the shit we have gotten ourseves into over the last 25+ years. If you can bare with me, I'd like to share a couple. Our relationship basically began in April of 1993, I remember the time because I had just returned from my 4th deployment and went on vacation to Lake Worth FL, Dean's home for as long as I know him. We had been fishing (my first time fishing in the blue water, now a life love of mine) caught a few dolphin, king, had a sailfish on and lost it. That night after dinner, maybe midnight or so, we were drunk and a lightning storm kicked up as we huddled under a overhang in his yard. The lightning storm was spectacular, the best I have seen even to this day. Dean, 6-2 200 at the time, looks down at me and says this would be a lot better from the golf course. Next thing I know we are meandering down the street toward the golf course, we stood at the 4 foot high fence in the rain and watched this amazing lightning storm. Dean, my other brother in law, and I were celebrating the holidays in Norfolk, VA. Chesapeake Bay Striper season ends Dec 31, so we decided to get one more day in before the season closes. Off we go about 7 PM. When we get to the boat storage to launch, the boat has about 2" of ice in the transom. Imagine this picture...3 men on a 19 foot center console in the dark chipping ICE off the boat so we can go fishing. Of course we run out there and get skunked. Well, it feels good to share these stories, and share them in a place without worries. Peace, Joe
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    Twas a great weekend, and I finally have a chance to port forth a few thoughts, in no particular order. Saturday (5/26) was GREAT music all day. Yes everyday was great, but Saturday was GREAT. Dino's Quintet and Holly Bowling were fantastic. They had a high-class vibe going on that made me drink my beer with pinky fully extended. That was one rough storm, also on Saturday, but we pulled through. Many canopies were turned into twisted metal, and some tents became kites, but everybody kept on keeping on. The Amazing Giants and the Joyful Bubbles are great side entertainment for families and well, everyone, really. Keep bringing 'em back! Those were some of the cleanest Port-o-pottys I've ever seen. Well done! Only at the end were they even the slightest bit rank. Except for Potty #2 by the GA showers that was, well, Number Two'd on top of the seat midday on Saturday, but by evening it was in tip top shape. Thank you to whomever is in charge of keeping those things clean. And to the person who layethed down the evil deed, shame!! Melvin & DSO is one potent combo. Tore Up might have been my favorite song of the whole weekend. Stage banter was hilarious. Good audience recordings are available on archive.org (thanks Toaste!) as well as a matrix of Holly Bowling. What happened to the cold nights of Jubilee '13? I've been sweating my spheres off every year since. Back in '13 I actually wore my winter coat to Night 3... It's weird, but it seems like every Sunday morning, when they're about to do the Kids Parade, the weather is perfect, maybe a little warm like I just mentioned, but the sky is blue, the sun is out, and there's absolutely no rain. Every Sunday morning at the Jubilee looks like every other Sunday morning at the Jubilee. Just beautiful. And if it's the kids that are good luck, then maybe we could have them parade around all weekend long because storms just suck. Oh, and that was one long parade. From the stage all the way thru GA, that I saw. Awesome! I'm buying the SBDs when they come out, always do, but could we also get the other DSO collaborative ensembles?? Dino's group, Mattson/friends, California Kind, and Melvin & five sevenths of DSO were all great and I'd love to hear those boards. Guess that's all I got. GREAT Jubilee '18. It's almost been a week and the memories are so vivid that it still feels like I just left Legend Valley. See ya next year!
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    After 48 hours to process the events of Dark Star Jubilee, I believe I've got a handle on it. As a Jubilee rook, it had a tough act to follow in my head having done several NLQP through the years, which is an amazing piece of land to camp and dance. The Jubilee far exceeded my expectations and living in that reality for three days is truly bliss. The combination of friendly, happy people, from staff to attendees, and a spectrum of talented musicians creates an eden on earth. My homebase in VIP was a eight minute walk to the stage, 10 minutes to my friends in General RV. Access to showers and daily coffee was worth the upgrade to VIP in my opinion. I rode solo this Jubilee and met so many good people during the weekend. Rob, Rodney, and Greg from Columbus were right next to my site and we talked all weekend. I fulfilled a goal meeting Rude and it was totally organic, we were walking down to the stage at the same time. The circus is in town. Hung with old friends, MC and crew, Scott, sudds94, met new friends, Poetry Girl, Carly and Michelle from Buffalo. I spoke with dozens of others about our shared experience, Jubilee gives us all something in common, what a great conversation starter. Of course the heart of the Jubilee is the music. Being able to hear the music from basically any location on the grounds keeps you engaged all day. The non-DSO lineup impressed. Any band including the talented Rob B. was worth the walk to the stage. Seeing Melvin after all these years was a treat. Holly Bowling had a great take. Infamous Stringdusters killed a JackStraw. Getting the point? Any we have not even touched on the three well executed shows delivered by DSO. The recreation on Friday I'm sure was better than the original. After the afternoon deluge, the Saturday original was pure magic start to finish. The energy for the Sunday original was off the charts, especially after the boys gave us a Jerry show to warm up for a Dead show. This band of talented musicians continues to push the material to higher levels. Thank you DSO for three glorious days. Praise DSO.
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    10/21/83 Music Never StoppedLoserC.C. RiderCumberland BluesCassidyRamble on RoseMy Brother EsauBig Railroad BluesPromised LandScarlet BegoniasFire on the MountainUncle John's BandPlayin' in the BanddrumsTruckin'Wharf RatI Need a MiracleTouch of GreyJohnny B. Goode filler: The Weight super, awesome, sweaty dance fest tonight
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    As far as how we do it (or I do it I guess)? I take the mix from Cotter and the Archive mix from the Monitor board (more like how Betty would have done it). Then I take 2 pairs of Audience mic’s. One from the stage facing out the other From the Soundboard facing the stage. I phase align all the sources, blend them , process them and creat one stereo mix. That’s the short version
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    Janus- STRONG 1st show of tour opener. High energy from start to finish. I was blown away by Corrina-shakedown... Super Funky Corrina perfectly segued into Shakedown! It sounded like back into Corrina jam or funkyest shakedown jam before the end. I rate this show as one of the best tour openers I've been to. For what its worth, with old battle wounds catching up to me over the years, I have not been able to dance from start to finish in over 5 years... I danced hard for at least 90% of this show! St Augustine- We knew this was special with a Spectacular Hard2handle-China-Rider open! This is why its not wise to gamble with missing the opening notes of any show. Ya never know what you'll miss! The whole show was the epitome of GD/DSO played at its finest!!! Steven Tell Eleven is never disapointing when played by DSO. The Best Doin That Rag I've ever heard... As I was dancing, I listened to the dripiest lyrics flow effortlessly from Jeffs mouth. If you don't know that this is the highest of complements, you never really experienced the genius of this song... This Ampitheater is the best !!! Later that night I literally crawled into bed and could not get my spine straight until 2 hours after waking up. Pompano- Good show played GREAT by DSO. Danced to scarlet fire and a little more here and there. This was a welcomed rest for my aching body after 1st two shows... Well fed and rested now, Thanks to Good friends Vince&Sue, for being the best of host and company in florida for 10 good solid years. Torin also... Im looking forward to HOB tonight after being pretty much healed now since St. Augustine. DSO & Crew. Y'all pretty good at do ing what ya do. (sarcasm). GREAT is better description!
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    I’ve been seeing DSO for nearly 15 years. I don’t count either but I’ve seen at least 500 probably closer to 600 DSO shows. I like Live dead music. All of it. Local. National. But nothing does it for me like DSO. Nobody else puts me in my magic space as often and as consistently as DSO. One thing I’ve learned is the bus just keeps on rolling. Sometimes I’m only on it in spirit. Sometimes I’m at the wheel but DSO does bring the bus by you can get on or off if you want.
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    Dear Diary: Scott asked me how many times I’d seen DSO. I said, I don’t know 30? 40? times maybe. I’m not really counting at this point, I don’t see the point. He asked me why? I said I just love the whole thing . The audience, the band, the music. I love Everything about it. It all just feels right. JRAD, Dead & Co, and the others I’ve seen, all sound and play great, but I only experienced the trifecta of band, music and people with DSO. The feeling of connection I get only seems to happen through DSO. At some point I may lose interest in them , which I’d thought happened after the Vegas show last month. I left feeling , OK that’s enough. But the next day I went to the Tempe show and got sucked right back in. Best show ever, I thought. Now i’m heading to Florida for 3 shots at possibly ending this obsession. But all it takes is one good song with one person enjoying that song as much as me and I don’t want to leave and I know I’ll be back. Thank you to each member of the band. 3 years for this rookie
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    I’m at 18 years myself with DSO, and have seen close to ten times more DSO than GD shows. Since I don’t see shows at all any more the numbers will be like me - static. The bus pulled over, I got off, and that’s when it all ended.
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    Just thought I'd post this thought I posted on Facebook the other night. I think I might be zeroing in on it... I’m sitting here in the wind. Post Bluegrass hangover. Decided to listen to some of the Dead shows I have been to. I’m listening to 6/21/83, Tom Schmidt and I in in a Datsun B210 in Columbia MD. It rained hard on 6/20, but a smoker just the same. 6/21 is a fav of mine too. So I ponder... Why do I love it so? I thought how would I explain in such a way to entice one give it a spin? How can I share this with as many people as possible? Truth is, I can’t. I’m a slow learner, so I have to give it a shot...lol I’ll paraphrase a quote from a band member “Grateful Dead songs are written in such a way that you can find meaning in your life. It’s yours!” I loved the arrangement of shows, no prior planning, just let the moment take you there, almost effortless while requiring enormous amounts of energy to produce. The almost blissful “and they kept on dancing” with that ever changing, ever evolving Jerry solo smacking you immediately after that lyric. Then bring you to the depths with Morning Dew lyrics sung from the soul. (Morning Dew, Brokedown Palace, Black Peter, have all brought me to tears at one time or another). Now many have sung from the soul, but NONE, (Save Jerry) let me try this again, NONE, have made me feel they were singing from their soul directly, when I say directly I mean thru all my bullshit insecurities, fears, Love, hate, joy, regrets, accomplishments, basically every part of me that matters, directly in to MY soul. To sum it up, I love it so because it’s a perfect mix of early 1900’s Chicago Blues, New Orleans Jazz, Appalachian Blue Grass all smooshed together in Memphis. A true American invention delivered with such care for the final product, AND ITS A PART OF ME. It changed my life.
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    What a time we had! It was so fun to hang with and see some of my favorite humans I have ever known. It is always a trick to push pause on life and dip out but so needed. Daily life is a bit of a grind, especially trying to balance peoples' expectations and manifest goodness and love in spite of that static getting in the way. As my husband says, I work too hard to suffer the bs. We are so lucky to experience the magic of a show where the Named has no name and the Way has no path lives full on captured in the timeless lyrics and inspired music. Island Bro and I cooked this escape up back in October, and like Venus, these February shows danced on the distant horizon with promise and delivered. So hot tubs/ springs are the ticket for the NW and erase the wear of the night before. And being the good student, I managed to hit the spa 4 out 5 days we were out there! The other day I soaked in wine!! . We landed in snow at PDX a little bedraggled and began to decompress. The first show(2nd Portland) was a smorgasbord of music and it all in its own way began to sort me out. You know- when too much of everything is just enough? A little pinch of this and that is bound to satisfy. Melvin tore up the keys across the way after the show -and thankfully Portland is a city after my own stomach. We found good company at the Roxy for a late night breakfast. The next day seemed a bit dicey because the snow all around might impact our wine tour plans. The sun was shining on us and we tasted the earth and felt the rain. I found new spaces within in Eugene and opened up for the good primal Dead in Ashland. The most perfect venue is that Ashland Armory- wide space with wood floors. I danced a while in socks. Oh, and it was heavenly. Mon amour, mon vie. Things reset, cloudy skies cleared, old crusty pizza even shone again in glory. I breathed in the goodness and my heart space filled, awashed in laughter and good times. I savor the new friendships I made and the aroma of the longer standing ones. Soul connections happen when you meet people it seems you've known already and they bless you unbeknownst through the years. Just being there at the right times to soothe your soul. This really happened....You must be on the right road when a dress you wore 5 years ago to dinner shows up in your landscape, with that dinner date standing right there! I kid you not. Floored! I have never see another wear it, even when new, much less so long afterwards!!! I will be taking that dress out there to Ashland next time for my twin. It is only 16 years old from Target but the best!! lol Love you people. Love my tribe. I carry you in my heart, that feeling, til we meet again.
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    40 years ago today. Filler ill I’ll be with thee epic week. Truly a amazing. Miss my baby so glad we made it. I may actually post a review of my experience. It was that great.
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    Sorry it took so long to take care of them. I have been out of commission for awhile (feeling a little better today, thank you). There was a total of ten spammers, three of them had their registrations flagged for review. The other seven posted a total of 237 times. All of them have been banned, their posts deleted and their Email, IP's etc forwarded to Spam DB's.
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    Just got my recording of this show uploaded to the archive if anyone wants to listen to it: https://archive.org/details/dso2018-12-01.nak300.cp1.cp4.flac24
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    In a world of conflict and division, what a blessing that a group of musicians exist to uplift an audience, take them on an exploration of every phase of the human condition, return them to the start of it all and ask did you enjoy the ride? The answer, an emphatic yes. The perfect marriage of band and venue occurred for a second time in DC last night, and the experience did not disappoint. A retelling of 6/9/73 (w/ GS and China>Rider shifted to set 2) ran through a large chunk of the library at the time, tried and true. The band exuded last show of the tour energy with every song, and flawlessly delivered all 27 songs. China>Rider absolutely killed. Eyes>China Doll>Sugar Mag close heavenly and filled with Julie Andrews space after some of the riff-raff departed. I enjoyed the evening with the best group of friends, both old and new, a person could ever hope for. The forum was well represented at the Anthem last nite. Safe travels all. Praise DSO.
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    ...in this land Well today the world is minus yet another good man. After a 10 month battle with cancer, my good friend of 25 years, Christopher set sail last night for his ultimate voyage. Our community is in grief today as we let go of such a bright spirit... Christopher was a husband, a father of two boys (6 and 8), a sailor, a juggler, a fisherman (30+ yrs seasons in Alaska), an electrician, a sawyer, a furniture maker, a dancer and lover of music, a jester, a mentor, a soccer coach, an old-school home-brewer, a kiwi grower, creator and host of annual Brewfest (still on a nearly 30 year run), a mechanic, co-creator of Juggle-Fest, friend to all ages and all kinds of people, and an open-hearted dude all the way.... And honestly, that's just the quick, short list! To say he lived life to the max is definitely telling it like it is. Christopher was always the one who would motivate you to spontaneously head out for a full moon walk up the hill on like a random Wednesday night at 10 pm in the dark of winter. When you reached the top of the hill you would witness him yell out into the ethers as loud as he could: "THANK YOU!!" to whomever or whatever was listening...to life itself, really. I learned much from him,,not the least of which was to try and return to gratitude as often as possible... Over the weekend he chose to let go of the fight and reel in the nets and call it a season--after months of discomfort in his body, dramatic weight loss etc... No more trips to the doctor, no more fight, no more cancer meds, no more food, no more being a patient. Just decided it was time for a man to die a peaceful death at home with wife, mother, and a few other family members present. At about 11:30 last night,,a couple hours after his mother told his birth story, he shipped on out... And so this morning, his wife had the tragic role of telling their two sons, when they woke up, that their father is gone forever....AAAARRRRGGGHH!!! One quote of Christopher's that I always try to keep in my back pocket that I think many of you will appreciate is,,"When in doubt, Dance it out!!" Thanks so much for listening...this forum creates family. And, THANK YOU CHRISTOPHER!!!!
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    Great show lastnight in Minneapolis! Band sounded awesome and fun crowd. Super thankful they made their way back to Minnesota and we all have our fingers crossed for a Zoo show next summer... Set 1 The weight Stranger Candyman Beat it on down the line Broken arrow Brown eyed women Passenger Way you do the things you do Corrina Aiko Set 2 Gimme some love Greatest story Uncle johns band Estimated Drums Space Cosmic Charlie Throwing stones Visions of Johanna Truckin E: Cats under the stars
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    My primary motive for going to a DSO show is to hear Grateful Dead music played live with fucking stellar execution. I really don't care recr or not, preannoun or not, damn rain or shine, DSO is going to plug a hole in my soul no matter what. I'm not going to shows because of what they do, I'm going because of how they do what they do. It's necessary. Thanks.
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    Have been getting increasingly into the Dead over the last five years or so and, knowing next to nothing about DSO, this was my first show. I didn't realize that they've often been playing original sets so I spent a good part of set one REALLY confused until I asked some folks what was going on. I think ultimately I enjoyed it more that way and the element of surprise made it a lot more fun, which there seems to be some debate about on here. Was particularly happy that they played Passenger and it absolutely smoked. Also, as a huge Donna defender, the woman doing Donna was amazing and I loved the crowd going nuts for the trademark "wailing". Anyway, couple thoughts from a first timer. Great gig.
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    I loved mango tongue in cheek introduction. So I feel obligated to say that I’m in the 2 percent thus my opinion doesn’t mean dick. This was a great topic to introduce. Thank you Steph. Many a times in private I’ve shared thoughts on this I am with Steph that I prefer that they don’t announce the shows. However I must say that the faithful and I consider myself one of those are going to go see DSO no matter what. Announce the show. Don’t announce show. Play an elective. It really doesn’t matter any time DSO plays they can take you to magic space. I would say Steph that you may want to try to make your comments grounded a little bit more in respectful discourse. Sometimes derogatory words and less than civil discourse makes people on the defensive. Matt points out that Stout was respectful whereas Rude was not. I would contend that Steph wasn’t totally respectful from the start. I also have have to agree that they haven’t preannounced too many shows here. I’m not huge on the hints but I’ve always kind of felt like regionally they lay down some regional recreations. Tipping the hand may help get people in the seats. I want to see this grow. Dso has the light. It needs to be shared. The psychedelic ritual that was the GD is now best found in the DSO experience. I think preannouncing the July red rocks shows helped sell the place out. I may be wrong. That was triumphant experience for us. The core fans. The faithful got to see our band accomplish something spectacular and they didn’t disappoint. I want to be clear. I prefer no preannounced shows. However I’m already sold and will continue to make it to as many of these shows as I can. It fills my soul. Love is real
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    Oooh, this is fun. If we're competing, i think I'm the best. I've been to more shows than 98% of you and dance harder. Therefore my opinion is most valid and i will tell you all your place. Kidding. The setlist is Always known at a dso show. Even the electives are printed on paper on stage. It's not the grateful dead. I'm no expert but I'd bet that many people are turned on by pre announcements. I don't look at that stuff anyway. When i find my groove it doesn't matter what year they are playing. The only thing know for sure is that DSO has only gotten better and better through all the changes and i doubt this time will be any different. Right? Yes, we have the right to have an opinion and to express it. We also have the choice of how we express our opinions. To have many strong opinions and be identified with them is most certainly a facet of ego. Just so that is clear... Maybe this whole thread would have gone differently if SVT had taken 20 deep breaths before posting. Maybe she would have decided to leave it alone, not make waves, tame that underwater volcano. I don't know...i don't care. She's a freak and i respect her unabashedly unique and outspoken nature. I respect Rude as well. I think We can find resolution in a best of 3 paper rock scissors. Winner gets to kick the other one in the shin and we move on. I know Steph can't actually hold a grudge for long. But seriously, from one friend to another, the fowl language Comes across angry and is not becoming of you. And for the record, i think PG is a Baddass.
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    Drama and ego..... this thread is full of It. Someone pops up because they get to brag about how devoted they are. Whatever, man. Sorry you got that to drag around, that chip on your shoulder. I llove DSO. So do you. But Let’s all get a measuring stick out and figure out who is the.coolest? NOOO.... Glad you have great memories. Let’s be thankful for when the bus rolled/ rolls by and you get on. Let’s let the mother roll. How expanded can our hearts and minds get? Well the above isn’t the way. Furthermore I don’t think apologizing for something and then making an excuse why you do it works. It’s BS. You choose to do it/ act a way and find an excuse for your behavior? Let’s all sin and then repent on Sunday. Get real., your only cheating yourself. .... Making ultimatums about someone’s character doesn’t cut it either. Throwing stones. Why? Why choose to muck up your space/ our space ? Keep your ego and hang ups out of it. Get out of reaction and see the real kernel, the real gift - it’s there. Do you feel better by comparing yourself to others - that’s empty. We are all pieces of glass in a stained glass window. Only when seen together does the picture take on a deeper meaning. While stand alone pieces or collections of color are pretty, but the glass only reveals itself when it lets light shine through. I know- you are thinking PG is on a tangent - heard it before - well - I don’t walk the regular path. Love and peace. PS- I think GD sets got predictable and kinda boring at times when I saw them live over those tour years.! How lucky are we DSO has the musical talent to play anything they want, from any time period and nail it. Some of you are already spoiled to have seen so many of the songs in the GD repertoire - varying from night to night. I love the shit out of seeing the amazing tunes I scrambled scoured and spent $$ I didn’t have on tapes, thrilled to find a live album like Shrine 1967. The wealth of music available is mind boggling!! You fuckers are lucky. Hope you see some shows this tour. I am grateful I’ll get my one. :-).
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    "I love what I love and I want it that way!" Damn Right I was/am 100% against any pre-announcement or hint about what's comin. While the DSO game is a pretty small part of what I love about the experience, it's still a little more than just a cherry on the sundae to me. Most of us are not big fans of change, and I'd say I hang on longer than most do. Given the extreme dedication of the band to the cause of this music (if there's such a thing) and what 'it' takes to continue to make 'IT' happen year after year, I've got to trust their process - even if I don't like it. While if it ain't broke don't fix it, if they feel they need to preview offerings from time-to-time (or want to try to see how it goes), I'm behind DSO and management if it keeps this mutha rollin! I hope it has the positive impact they are looking for as DSO deserves nothing but good things! Can we try not to sink each others battleships, please? We're all gonna need each other if we're lucky enough to get through.
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    Both shows were chock full of moments where we all seemed to just levitate together. The band managed to expertly communicate feelings of joy, wickedness, beauty, solemn truth, peace, love, doubt, strength, loss, and inspiration! Really, really great fun! The people - wow, the people! Put these things together and you’ve got heaven on earth The best of times ❤️
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    A few minutes? We could wait for hours, or days if necessary, Ron. Your continued efforts to keep this board up and running smoothly are not lost on us, and we are forever grateful for your tireless dedication. Thank you!!!
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    5/25/77 Mississippi Half Step, Jack Straw, They Love Each Other, Mexicali Blues, Peggy-O, Cassidy, Loser, Lazy Lightning-> Supplication, Brown Eyed Women, Promised Land Scarlet Begonias-> Fire On The Mountain, Estimated Prophet-> He's Gone-> Drums-> The Other One-> Wharf Rat-> The Other One-> The Wheel-> Around & Around, E: Johnny B. Goode Love this venue and best weather this evening with mixing clouds and sun and in 70s. Perfect for dancing!
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    Just so we have a spot in reviews for reviews of this outstanding show. Everyone knows this is a recreation of 7-8-78, also played at red rocks, surely also sold out, also featuring Donna Jean! The fillers we're box and China Rider (which smoked). Everything tonight was just exactly perfect! Every band member was on fire, the crew did a killer job setting everything up, the family drums segment was a carribean delight. Estimated other one eyes was the fucking goods! Really appreciated my dance partners tonight, they kept me churning when the tank was low. Rob E you were right, the sound on row 25 was awesome. So happy for the band and this milestone, and grateful to have experienced it! ♥️
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    I see mostly positivity on this board. Technically writing any post is indulging oneself. I def talk more than most but it’s not like I’m texting in the middle of the night or blowing up everyone’s pagers. I’m having a blast currently and sharing a few experiences as well as sharing some nonsense but I take very little in life that seriously. I’m living a blissful life atm and sharing with friends.
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    middle school koritz on drums, dino for encore Set 1: Cold Rain And Snow Mama Tried They Loved Each Other The Race Is On Hard To Handle Loose Lucy Masters Of War Beat It On Down The Line Here Comes Sunshine Big River Casey Jones Set 2: Scarlet Begonias Big Boy Pete Dire Wolf Weather Report -> Let It Grow -> Eyes Of The World -> Slipknot -> China Doll China Cat Sunflower -> Feelin' Groovy Jam -> I Know You Rider Encore: Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu
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    We will lose what we have here unless we police ourselves. This is a seminal moment. I HAVE ZERO PROBLEM walking over & getting a security guard and ending someone's rampage before it hurts others. K2 is an issue in New Haven. There were 20+ overdoses in a park this summer when someone was giving the K2 away. Evidently Fentanyl has come to town. I have arm barred several show goers in Vermont about to land face first on their opiate/alcohol mix. This is UNACCEPTABLE. But Penns Peak.... that is like a DSO Holy Ground. THIS IS A WAKEUP CALL TO OUR COMMUNITY!!!! We TRAVEL over 6 hours to Penns Peak and get hotel room because we LOVE THAT BARN.... Thanksgiving Eve precludes that usually so we go to the Spring show. We need to understand that we live on a planet of good & evil. Our music and GOOD TIME is being hijacked by the same element that hijacked the GD tour starting back in 1992. I ended my touring in 1991. 15 shows in 18 days at MSG & Boston Garden in Fall 1991. When Hornsby left the handwriting was on the wall. There is an ELEMENT that uses OUR MUSIC as an EXCUSE to GET OBLITERATED, while at the same time AS A PREDATORY TARGET to sell THEIR WARES (H, Fentanyl, Special K, MDMA, Nitrous) WE DO NOT NEED THESE PEOPLE. THEY COME FOR OUR PARTY & GOOD VIBE but do not understand it & cannot participate in it because they are SOULLESS. They do not come for the music. THE MUSIC IS A COVER for them to socialize and get hammered THEY SHOW THEMSELVES NIGHTLY..They TALK during Comes A Time, They leave in the middle of Slipknot to get a drink. They ask you after Forever Young is played, what show are they RECREATING. They go beserk when Truckin is played. (They actually know a song)By the second set. They spill & slur & bump you all second set. There are some genuine young people seeking our vibe. I engage them usually on the process that Rob Eaton has to go through to program a tour and why certain shows do not fit at a given time. BUT THE ONES WHO CARE LESS IF THEY DESTROY OUR VIBE, are always among us. I HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR IT. HIPPY DOES NOT MEAN DOCILE 24/7. TIME TO STAND UP FOR OURSELVES I walked into Lowell for Wolf. I said wow, old venue, good vibe, if it was Dead & Co. it would be a Nitrous festival. Thank god it is DSO. Then I leave show and GODDAMN. at least 3 vendors of Nitrous right outside the venue. No COPs in Lowell to care. Fender benders in parking lot in the pouring rain. GTFO on a Friday night. We went to Northampton.... PERFECTION. We choose DSO shows by venue. We NEED DANCE ROOM. Not SEATS. Capitol Theater has an inclined floor and MANY DRUNKS and SOLD OUT 1800 people..... No Thanks LET's TAKE THIS BACK!!! I KNOW YOU POSTERS. I SEE YOU IN THE FRONT AT EVERY SHOW. There are 360 degrees around all of us. Let's manage that space and NOT ALLOW THIS WE CANNOT SPREAD A GOOD VIBE TO EVIL.... WHEN EVIL is CONFRONTED.... IT RUNS... IT HIDES... THEN IT WILL BE GONE.... Mason's Child, my brother: The EVIL on this planet grows daily. There are no myths, there are no coincidences. There is only truth & reality. The uneducated & the unexperienced are their targets. All it takes is one trick, newbies hope they bought coke but.... you got H, Meth, Fentanyl as substitutes. One taste and you're hooked Shipping powders back and forth. …..White goes north. ….A whole world full of petty wars.... I have been turning the page since 1984. Now is OUR TIME.... TOGETHER.
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