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  1. franknkeene

    SF #2

    Rob E. I wish you would reconsider 1 in 10 downloads to be a recreation. My most played download of the 2 dozen I purchased is the Jamestown, NY 11/15/2013 - an early 80s recreation. I'd listen to this show 'until the cows come home".... but definitely grateful for what you do offer.
  2. franknkeene

    Tahoe show cancelled

    Stay safe Chuck, all. I encountered some winter treachery myself in the UK some weeks ago. It was so rough going, I posted this on Facebook
  3. I was 2 years old in 1965 and I'm uncertain what year the phenomenon began for me, but I listened to this song 1000s of times over and over and over and over again. Drove everyone nuts in my house. Hang on Sloopy
  4. franknkeene

    Summer Festivals

    Boulder x 2 plus Red Rocks More than my typical 3 to 5 shows on the northeast FALL tour this fall 2019.
  5. franknkeene

    Dead Characters - 1 @ a time (Part 2)

    May Lady Lullaby
  6. franknkeene

    Dead Characters - 1 @ a time (Part 2)

    Annie Bonneau
  7. franknkeene

    Rolling stones

    To begin with Aja is a masterpiece. I thought about it and did not know were to place it because I played it to death in the early years and I don't select it for play these days. I have this 'condition' with many Stones songs. As a side, this never happens with GD music for obvious reasons. Holy smokes...I forgot about Can't Buy a Thrill. I'm sampling the album now and getting re-acquainted as I type. Tuesday is a long drive day and it will be selected for sure. Brooklyn (Owes the Charmer Under Me) is playing right now - what a sweet tune with some nice pedal steel.
  8. franknkeene

    Rolling stones

    Big fan here. My top albums 6. Katy Lied 5. Countdown to Ecstasy 4. Royal Scam 3. Pretzel Logic (minus Rikki ) 2. Donald Fagen, The Nightfly .... and #1 is 1. Goucho The not-played-on-the-radio Stones songs are my favorites (deep blues) Congrats MC...what a journey.
  9. franknkeene

    Huntington NY #2

    For some of us, part of this DSO experience is reliving the past. But truly speaking in this case, the past comes up on me- so the past is reliving me. I did not attend the Long Island shows but when I saw Revolution in the setlist I was immediately transported back to the Olympic Arena Lake Placid and Carrier Dome Syracuse circa 1983. Just from reading the set list. This fall tour 2018 has been very special - four magnificent shows for me. If I ever get the nerve to share 3/25/90 experience that came around again this 11/17/18 in Albany, I will. It is ultra personal and I'd have to ask the other person involved before putting in a public forum. I'm not the first person to say, "Praise DSO".
  10. franknkeene

    Fall Tour - 2nd Leg

    Ditto. Don't like the town of Lowell but really like the venue. Lowell -> Ithaca --> NoHo Personally, I'd like to spend more time in Ithaca then just a quick in and out. So much to do, see and enjoy in Ithaca. Albany never to be missed.
  11. franknkeene


    "....collaborated with the band to...." That's what got me.
  12. franknkeene

    Red Rocks 2018

    Matt, Your post is stinging because I sense maybe I inspired it. Whether or not, I will throttle back and temper down my uncontrollable excitement about travel, experiencing new lands, and meeting new and different people. Combining those three with our music, I see my potential for self-indulgence posts. Even though it is stinging, your post is poetic and with kind intention. Definitely. A sandwich in honor and deep gratitude for Scott. Frank
  13. franknkeene

    Red Rocks 2018

    Arrived in Denver yesterday. Saturday night in the city was fun and the people are most amazing! 2 nights in Denver, 5 nights in Fort Collins, 8 nights in Boulder - excursions hikes in the Rockies, DSO in r/r and 2 Dead & Company shows at Folsom. my knees buckle with gratitude and love for this ‘time out’ from the interplay of joys and struggles of modern life. Let me be frank- if not for DSO I would not be on this holiday. It all began with a rumor many months ago that DSO would be playing r/r. Oh, and Surya Namaskar every day - for me with NO larger social agenda - is the “silver bullet” of life that eases me in. At home, I often neglect it but wouldn’t dare neglect in beautiful Colorado. ❤️🎶
  14. franknkeene

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    I tried, but I just could not resist. Everyone's having a meltdown in this one, especially Keith Moon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vgx7abJH6uI
  15. franknkeene


    I was in shock when I learned how close this show was to my daughter's college graduation and our hotel. The Friday night champagne toast at the school ended at 6:30 and I was at the bar across from the venue by 6:45 with my bro. My love for electives is growing - just look at this set list. Although the crowd was really, really into it (few talkers thank goodness), I was surprised not to see any dance circles. What a night! Thanks!