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Portland #1

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The wheel

Johnny b Goode

Loose Lucy


Mission in the rain

Tom thumb blues


We can run



Women are smarter

Touch of grey

Throwing stones




Gimme some lovin

Other one tease

I need a miracle

Standing on the moon

Viola Lee blues


C'est la vie


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Goes to show you never can tell! Glad a bunch of my friends are out west right now to do what I would be doing if I wasn't currently a committed east coaster. RV bit the dust. Bout to head out on foot again. Eagerly awaiting April and our anniversary tour- can y'all believe I haven't left Jesse for tour, yet? Usually I cry and I'd rather be with you, my DSO fam, but now..... well...... it's not July yet and...

Like I said..... goes to show....... bwahahahahaha!

keep rockin, y'all, I'm dancing w y'all in my dreams!!!!! Kiss kiss!

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Good looking strange setlist. Those are the kinds I like. Wheel, JBG to start lol. The 1st 6 are about the strangest opening I’ve seen in a Dso setlist. They must have been been feeling sporty when they wrote that list. 

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That's 3 decades of The Dead plus some JGB seasoned in.  Very cool.


Only thing missing is a So Many Roads or a Days Between for a 4 decade festival.

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2nd set is a pure 80s set until that surprising viola. Bet u guys didn’t see that one coming. 

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16 hours ago, Tea said:

Full Terrapin?


Not the full suite, Tea,,,but a TREMENDOUSLY intense Terrapin that was beautiful and disturbing and powerfully deeeep

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