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Mojo Hand

Franklin Music Hall -12/28/18

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So cool. Excellent 80’s Dead. Played so well. 

Highlights were sugaree, Cumberland, and sugar mags. 


Thank thank thank you Eaton for a beautiful Masterpiece.  

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Ah man, looks like such a good list! Kills me that these shows are within a few hours drive, just can't commit to them with my work this time of year. Everyone have fun 🙂

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Row jimmy was delicate, so nice. Space into the wheel was a great showcase for the band. Great playing. Bass bombs on Truckin’ and Sugaree. Masterpiece was fun. My first Eighties set list from Dark Star Orchestra in about a dozen years.  I talked to quite a few people who were seeing them for the first time. I danced my face off. Hope I live through tonight. 

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Uber has no clue what Franklin music hall is but it’s got the electric factory still in its database. Amd seems everyone in Philly still calls it the electric factory. Was so great to see 50+ smiling faces I knew at that show. Always better dancing with friends. 2 years ago we did that 1st Avondale Birmingham show and no one we knew was there. It’s just not the same when you don’t have friends to give you that spark. 

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I’ve become a HUGE fan of the Drum set .  Last night’s show was great.  Plenty of dance room right up front .  Many pockets of dancers spread out throughout the floor . 


Does anyone know if lisa contractually has to get out on stage each show? 

I’m just wondering, nothing more. 

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23 hours ago, Mojo Hand said:

Filler. That’s what love will make you do. 

 Glad you picked the recreation?

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Just when you think attending these shows

can't get any more awe inspiring, spiritual,

or magical along comes a performance like

the one our band gave us Friday at E-factory.

Imagine my surprise as the 12/28/87 setlist

unfolded, having just discussed this show

in the TIGDH page.  The magic dust just poured

over me all night long, remembering all the

memories of the original performance.  Musical

highlights for me were Masterpiece. Cumberland,

and the Truckin' crescendo jam, which was

other worldly. I shared the evening with a great

group of friends, including back of the rack

appearances (Herdy), new parents (Rick and Wendy),

tried and true (Rude, Sammi). Love sharing dance

space with like minded individuals.  Safe travels to

all and Happy New Year.


Praise DSO.



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4 hours ago, PoetryGirl said:

 Glad you picked the recreation?

Yes and thanks for asking.

So glad I picked Friday. They were just so amazing. The setlist was right up my alley.  And the dance space was plentiful. What a night. I have so much more to say about the playing.

It is so cathartic to shake dem bones sometimes. Much needed and still in the afterglow. 

Praise DSO and Happy New Year. 


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