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Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

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jj3down    123
1 hour ago, Island Bro said:

JJ,,,I think these guys are differentiating between the "will call ticket" that Mission Tix provides (like what you show above) vs. receiving an actual ticket that gets you straight into the venue...


Who's on first??

I think I understand.  I don't believe anyone has anything to worry about if they don't receive any in the mail.  I'm starting to think that regardless of ticket format chosen, making a purchase just enters your name on a will call list for tickets and the only thing that truly matters is having your ID.


If you chose to Mail them, they likely incurred an additional fee.  then they just send you out traditional printed tickets.  But I believe the purchase is still accessible through email confirmation or the MissionTix website for you to print if needed.  Or to show your ID to will call.  I'm going to try to get in the next show showing only my ID.

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Rude    981
On 10/11/2017 at 11:09 AM, Teacher Matt said:

Why would you guys just not print your tickets out so you already have them ??


Mission Tix/ fan club are for will call.  They say this is NOT a ticket.  You have to have ID and the printed mission tix "ticket" is irrelevant as you have to pick up your actual ticket at the box office and you need your ID. 


I only keep 1 of the mission tix in case they cant find my ticket under the fan club list at the will call.


If I know there will be a long line at will call or venues that suck for getting will call, I will do the venue tickets.


And JJ, you dont need the fan club ticket to pick up your ticket.  It wont get the associated ticket anyway.  You are on a list.

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