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Red Rocks 2019

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Not a lawyer but I’ve paid for a number of them 


In public : does not include a privately owned property.  I can have a beer in my yard but not on the street 


The venue may have a smoking policy 


greg r u going to RR??



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No red rocks for me. My range is about a hundred miles from home, a couple hour drive. I have this theory. If you sit still, they will come to you. Granted, the tour bus has never been parked out front of my house but a couple hour drive gets me a half dozen shows a year, if I have the time and money to spare. 

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23 minutes ago, Greg from Chestertown said:

.... My range is about a hundred miles from home, a couple hour drive..... 

I'm tht way too but extend the range to a couple hundred miles, or farther for special shows like the Ohio Jubliee and Springfield.   Albany, New York is a train ride other than car and I'll go that far just to take my older brother to a show.  I don't want to fly anymore. I'm taking my father's advice who was on seven flights in a row that went bad The last one having flames coming out of the engine the whole length of the plane. But if I left today I might be able to drive to Red Rocks in time for the show....As some of you know I drive slow.

Peace and love,


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Red rocks is fortunately a hometown show for me. We live 15 minutes away maybe 20. 


However this is is a special show. RR is one of America’s live music Mecca’s. I’m sure we can all name a few others. Definitely worth the trip. If you got the time and the dime. 

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One of America’s Mecca’s, The Ryman, is one of my least favorite venues to see live music. Saw Panic Sunday accoustic and you are scrunched into a church pew with the least amount of room to move at any venue or do like me and go to the balcony and groove and get constantly hassled by security to go to a seat and get no sound or sight. 

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Got a Saturday and Sunday to hike a few miles 

any recommendations on trails around boulder ? 

Also i’ve Decided to tone down my show expectations and just let what happens, just kinda happen ... 

What ever that means... 🤷🏽‍♂️

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Mount Sanitas is a nice casual hike with good returns. Hop on along Sunshine Canyon Drive, just above Boulder. However the Flat Irons are epic. If you hike to the arch, be prepared to have noodles for legs that night. Truly a staircase to heaven. 


BTW, went to school with a crazy, "live on the edge" kinda guy who use to free climb  some of those formations. I'll post a picture later. 

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13 hours ago, stillrockinout said:

Fellow Hikers, don’t forget about the thin air out there. .........


Good point ! 

Why anyone would extreme hike i can't imagine . 

Flat Irons from Gregory Canyon on the list..and South Arapahoe peak .... enough of this hiking BS,  let's get back to the show.   

...echoing  MDW: safe travels. 

see some of you friday. 

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12 hours after getting off a

plane from BWI to Denver,

I dragged my friend to the

summit of Mt Bierstadt and

almost killed us both.

Today is a welcome off day

before Boulder 1.


Save travels all.

Praise DSO.

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    • That Lucky ‘ol Sun
      By: gr8fulpair · 06/23/2019
      A song that for me totally embodies the relationship between two incredible talents that speak to one another thru their instruments. They both really shine in this one. Heard Jeff do it last year, I think Atlanta, and he fucking killed it.  Makes me emotional to hear Jerry sing it during this era. He was awesome.
    • Deal 9/5/89
      By: Ammagamalin Crew · 05/01/2019
      I did both those jgb merriweather shows, alpine and poplar creek. Horn hat AKG 460's > dbx224(battery converted) >d5. The dixie at merriweather, the lonesome at Alpine and the let's spend at poplar were choice. Heading to Louisville this weekend for Uli jon roth , closest thing to hendrix I've ever seen. My first deal was when jg opened for fz August 1984 in Chicago. the studio version is a good listen.
    • Deal 9/5/89
      By: LangeradoSoul · 05/01/2019
      I love this song. I love the record version, and I love how it changed over the years. There were more than a few hot ones in 1983-1984, then while always good, it seems that 1989 brought out extra hot ones again. I love this one with JGB, its a toss up between this one and the Alpine Valley shows from the summer which I like best from that year.
    • Clementine - Live, 1968-02-02
      By: izaacb · 02/24/2019
      Has DSO ever played this song? I would love to hear it live
    • The Motorcycle Song -- Arlo Guthrie
      By: goganious · 02/09/2019
      I once bought a kitten and he just kept meowing and meowing. He talked quite a bit. Then I started stringing up my guitar that evening, and he came over and started pawing at the frets, meowing meowing meowing. I looked at this overly talkative creature who was now trying to play his dad's guitar, and the name was obvious at once: Arlo.  12 years later, he still talks a lot. Love Arlo Guthrie. Such a unique and funny personality. Have seen him a few times. He always puts on a great show.
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