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Top 10 albums

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Dylan bringing it all back home and blood on the tracks


Beatles Abbey road


Doors self titled and LA Women


Velvet underground w/ nico and Loaded


Misfits collection 1





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And the first album (tape) I ever asked for was Michael Jackson’s thriller. Used to play it on a fisher price tape player that I left outside under a tree and it quit working once it got wet and I graduated to a jam box. 

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12 hours ago, Rude said:

Seeing the Hendrix reference, how many of you have been to Electric ladyland Louisville. I remember my 1st time in 89 when in high school. There weren’t head shops in the Midwest back then but electric ladyland in Louisville was a pioneer. I’d bet most of you midwesterners visited it in the 80/90s or later. I was thinking it closed at one point but it shows it’s still open. Bs69 I’m sure you visited and I’d bet Dino has visited half a dozen times. A Head shop to a 17yr old was like a fuck you to the conservative establishment when I was trying to figure the world out. Just the existence of that place was a beacon of hope. Prob made 5 road trips there in my life. 

We had a local place here in Cincy called the cupboard down in the Clifton area near Bogart's 

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Most of my paraphernalia from back then came from electric ladyland. Or grateful threads right down the road. Ladyland is still open and kicking too. We got a 6 footer from there that we used to carry around to party’s by putting a lampshade on it. 😂😆😂

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Allman Brothers Band - Live at the Fillmore East

Pink Floyd - Meddle

Jethro Tull - Stand Up

Stevie Wonder - Songs in Key of Life

Steely Dan - Katy Lied

GD - Workingmans Dead

Jim Lauderdale/Robert Hunter - Patchwork RIver

Derek & the Dominoes - Layla

Jiimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland

Hot Tuna - Hot Tuna


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Billy squire, don't say no

Acdc, back in black

Hot tuna, burgers

Traffic, traffic

Rush, 2112

Iron maiden, number of the beast

Black Sabbath, black Sabbath

Robin trower, caravan to midnight

Peter Frampton, Frampton comes alive

John prine, decades



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Zeppelin 3

Dark Side of the Moon

White Album

Purple Rain

Naturally (J.J. Cale)

LA Woman

Bitches Brew


Remain In Light

Live Dead




No Neil Young?  WTF

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Probably need a top 100 countdown?

Deja vu 

Frampton comes alive


Eat A Peach 

Machine Head


Big Bamboo 

Waiting for Columbus 

Sheik Yer Bouti

Joe's Garage

You are What you Is


Bush Doctor

Tres Hombres 


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12 hours ago, Tea said:


Only Neil Young Harvest Moon ?  WTF


Happy Solatice! The days are getting longer now 🙂


Yes Traffic!! 

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Top albums from high school  sophomore all on 8 track in the orange pinto played over and over again 

Bruce Springsteen -born to run

Jethro Tull - Aqualung 

Eagles - Desperado 

Cat Stevens - tea for the tillerman

Doobie brothers -Take’n it to the Streets 


Crosby Stills Nash & Neil -Deja Vu

Carly Simon - No secrets




Sure enjoyed the extra 2 minutes of sun today , and we didn’t even need to sacrafice a virgin to make it happen! 

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I suppose it IS that time of year to reflect on the best of ... 🙂 I listened to Boston over and over. That one gets props too. Truly, my sense of feeling grandeur and floating away on a feeling was born by Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker".  Specifically "Pas de Deux" and "The Waltz of the Snowflakes". Truly. Nothing gets me there faster.... 

Our paper listed the top 25 greatest live albums of the 70s. So here that opinion goes


Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys

The Who Live at Leeds

Joe Cocker Mad Dogs and Englishmen

The Stones Get Your Ya'Yas out

James Brown Sex Machine

Aretha Live at the Fillmore West

Allman Bros  At Fillmore East

BB King Live in Cook County Jail

Deep Purple Made in Japan

Grateful Dead Europe 72 

Lou Reed Rock n Roll Animal

Joni Mitchell Miles of Aisles

Kiss Alive

Bob Marley and the Wailers Live

Keith Jarrett The Koln Concert

Peter Frampton Frampton Comes Alive

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band Live Bullet

Led Zep Song Remains the Same

Waylon Jennings Waylon live

Parliament Live: P Funk Earth Tour

Little Feat Waiting for Columbus

Thin Lizzy Live and Dangerous

The Band the Last Waltz

Cheap Trick At Budokan

Neil Young Live Rust


Enjoy 🙂

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Boston was my first audiophile moment.  Summer between high school and college.  My friend's parent left for a month leaving the house to him and his older sister.  His sister had borrowed her friend's huge Advent speakers, and I'd just bought a 100 watt Onyko integrated amp to take to the dorm. We mated those two items in their big living room, and with the help of some pot, a cassette deck, and More Than A Feeling at high volume I saw heaven in sound waves. A monster had been born!

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Fast forwarding 7 years from high school I hear Beethoven’s 1st symphony for the first time and the most intelligent thing I could recall thinking  was “Holy Fuck  what was that? Incredible” . 

Thats a 5 star full course meal, whereas the dead was just plain soul food, enjoyed every day. 

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I wore the cars greatest hits out!!! Thank god for record clubs. 8 tapes/cds for 1 cent then rinse and repeat. Luckily those never sent you to a collection agency because I don’t know 1 friend who ever purchased the required amount. In college hypothetically we’d use fake names when submitting our album choices. Evidently we had like 6 roommates. Ooh and janes addiction. That was formative!!! I’d love to see them and melt my face off. 

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Anthem of the Sun - 1968 - The Grateful Dead
Abbey Road - 1969 - The Beatles
Blows Against the Empire - 1970 - Paul Kantner and Jefferson Starship
Close to the Edge - 1972 - Yes
Animals - 1977 - Pink Floyd
Wide River - 1993 - Steve Miller
Clouds Taste Metallic - 1995 - The Flaming Lips
Midnite Vultures - 1999 - Beck
The Moon and Antarctica - 2000 - Modest Mouse
Hail to the Thief - 2003 - Radiohead
De-Loused in the Comatorium - 2003 - Mars Volta
Choirs of the Eye - 2003 - Kayo Dot
Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? - 2003 - The Unicorns
No Flashlight - 2005 - Mount Eerie
Rise Above - 2007 - Dirty Projectors

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oh dear, I totally forgot the most important ones...

Tonic 2001 - 2002 - Rovo

Houkago Tea Time II - 2010 - Houkago Tea Time

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Just off the top of my head. Albums that are exquisite.


Pink Floyd - Dark Side (always the 1st album I think of when the "greatest album" talk comes up)

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

Derek & The Dominos - Layla

Jimi Hendrix - Blues (1994)

Grateful Dead - Live Dead


Easily just as good but not released as an album per se: Dick's Picks Vol. 1 (12/19/73)



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Hers a Top 21 for me...broke all the rules for this thread but kind of fun doing it...these were the albums I played so much that they are really scratched up...no real ranking order, it changed weekly depending on what I was in the mood for...still does


1. Bruce Springsteen- Darkness on Edge of Town/ The River/Nebraska (Nebraska may be my all time fav)

2. Grateful Dead- What a Long Strange Trip/ Mars Hotel/ Shakedown Street

3. Lynyrd Skynyrd- One More From the Road/Street Survivors 

4. Neil Young- Harvest/Zuma/Decade/Rust Never Sleeps

5. Eagles- On The Border/One of These Nights/Hotel California 

6. Led Zeppelin- Physical Graffiti/ Led Zeppelin IV/Presence/The Song Remains the Same live version

7. Allman Brothers- Eat A Peach/Brothers and Sisters/Where it All Begins

8. Van Halen- Van Halen/ Van Halen II

9. Bad Company-  Bad Company/Straight Shooter

10. Little Feat- Dixie Chicken/Feats Dont Fail Me Now/ Time Loves a Hero

11. Rush- Moving Pictures/Permanent Waves

12. Bob Dylan- Blonde on Blonde/Blood on the Tracks/Infidels/Slow Train Coming

13. Dire Straits- Dire Straits/Communique/Brothers in Arms

14. Willie Nelson- Stardust/Across the Borderline/Pancho And Lefty

15. John Mellencamp- Uh- Huh/ Scarecrow/ The Lonesome Jubilee 

16. Elton John- Captain Fantastic & Brown Dirt Cowboy/Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

17. Billy Joel- The Stranger/Turnstiles

18. The Beatles- Abbey Road/Let it Be/White Album

19. Tom Petty- Damn the Torpedoes/Hard Promises/Wildflowers

20. Eric Clapton- 461 Ocean Blvd/Unplugged/Journeyman


21. Rolling Stones- Exile on Main St/Tattoo You/Some Girls (these 3 are virtually unplayable I listened to them so much)




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    • Clementine - Live, 1968-02-02
      By: izaacb · 02/24/2019
      Has DSO ever played this song? I would love to hear it live
    • The Motorcycle Song -- Arlo Guthrie
      By: goganious · 02/09/2019
      I once bought a kitten and he just kept meowing and meowing. He talked quite a bit. Then I started stringing up my guitar that evening, and he came over and started pawing at the frets, meowing meowing meowing. I looked at this overly talkative creature who was now trying to play his dad's guitar, and the name was obvious at once: Arlo.  12 years later, he still talks a lot. Love Arlo Guthrie. Such a unique and funny personality. Have seen him a few times. He always puts on a great show.
    • Let´s get together
      By: Michael Doc Watson · 02/05/2019
      A few years ago I had been in seriously deep dark depression.  I was essentially a walking dead.   The various chemistry the several doctors gave me did nothing. Then one day this song came on the radio…I had not heard it since my hippy days many years ago when we would sing it around camp fires, festivals and occasional church meeting.   Hearing this song broke me out of my depression illness.  I came alive again. Peace and Love, Doc
    • The Motorcycle Song -- Arlo Guthrie
      By: Michael Doc Watson · 02/05/2019
      Arlo was in Atlanta about a week ago. It was a very good show with his daughter, Sarah, and son Abe in the band. I've been fortunate to hear Arlo many times over the years and frequently play his CDs in the car.  The last couple years his shows often start with "The Motorcycle Song" as a video cartoon played on a big screen before the band comes out for the last chorus.
    • The Motorcycle Song -- Arlo Guthrie
      By: gr8fulpair · 01/30/2019
      TR, very cool you posted. I'm a big Arlo fan. Saw him about 91 or 92 play at Queen's College in Charlotte. It was a school theater holding about 500 or so people. He came out in tattered blue jeans, holey t-shirt, and barefooted. Just came to the front of the stage and sat down on the edge with his feet dangling. I don't even remember him using a microphone. He played and told stories for a couple of hours, including the motorcycle song. What a great memory that is for me. Thanks for taking me b
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